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The Darkest Road

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This story is No. 3 in the series "The Gypsy Chronicles". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Part 3 in the Gypsy Chronicles: Xander and his friends continue their journey before finally heading to the Romany clans to issue a challenge for the control of the Lavelle Clan.

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Chapter 29

Note: My thanks again to Hawklan for helping out. By the way… you really should visit his author page. He has quite a few fics of his own you should check out.

Chapter 29

(Other Realm)

Cassandra frowned as Alexander, Tara and Prue vanished from Hogwarts and she quickly began a trace wondering what it was that had taken them. She looked up as Leo orbed into the room looking worried, but so far she had no news for them.

"We are trying to track them Leo, but all we know at the moment is that they are still on Earth and in this dimension which is something," Cassandra told him when suddenly her lord and Fate finally returned. "What news my lord?" she asked.

"Thankfully what has happened is not as much as a threat but a starting point," their lord replied. "It would seem Alexander and Prue both have genes in them from the ancients which is why they have been taken. It is up to them to save Atlantis which lies at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean and its power is about to fail completely," he explained. "It will be up to them to recharge the city and bring it back into the fight," he stated.

"Tara was taken as well my lord," Tanith informed him.

"Because she is bonded to Alexander, the ancients know this," their lord responded. "Most likely the rest of their group will be transported to the city once Alexander and Prue accept their roles. The city will become their new base in this war, as it was in ages past," he said confidently. "The problem is recharging the city and the only way they can do that is by contacting the Stargate program, which is a very big risk as they believe they have found Atlantis in the Pegasus galaxy which is actually the second city the ancients named Atlantis after they hid the first one," he continued. "It will not be an easy task, but I’m sure they will be successful," he said with a smile.

"May I inform the others of this?" Leo inquired.

"Yes Leo you may as I said the others will most likely be summoned once everything has been explained to Alexander, Tara and Prue," their lord answered to which the whitelighter nodded and orbed out. The others watched as Leo explained what had happened to the rest of the group who were in the headmaster’s office.



"You are joking right Leo?" Piper asked her husband with a disbelieving look on her face.

"No Piper, I’m been quite serious, you have to understand our history goes further back than the people believe," Leo responded. "Atlantis really did exist and now Alexander and Prue have the genes of the ancients in them it would seem and that made them the heirs of the city," he added.

“If Prue has this ancient gene then why didn’t we get taken as well?” Piper asked with a frown. “I mean we are sisters, so wouldn’t we have it as well?” she added.

Leo shrugged a little at that with an unsure look on his face. “I’m not sure if you do have the gene Piper, even as a sibling that does not mean you have the complete same DNA chain,” he explained as best as he could. “Plus Prue is the eldest sister, hence she would be the one chosen out of the three of you if you did all have the ancient gene,” he told them.
“Prue always get the cool things in life,” Phoebe complained half-heartedly. She did not actually begrudge Prue the things that happened to her, because they were not always good things. But complaining made her feel better, as well as ignore her concern about what her sister faced.

“She’ll be fine Phoebe,” Cole assured her. “Prue is the strongest witch of the age, even the Source fears her on some level,” he told her. “You’ve seen a possible future which showed you just how powerful her magic will become,” he reminded her. “And whatever it is she faces, she has Alexander and Tara backing her up, she is not alone,” he stated calmly.

His statement helped calm not only Phoebe, but Piper as well, both remembered the future they had been sent to, even if the reason they had seen it wasn’t a pleasant memory. Prue’s power had grown as had all of their powers, but as the eldest Prue’s had truly been a sight to behold. And they knew Tara and Alexander would not turn their back on her, she would be fine.

"And you say if they manage to save Atlantis it will become a base for us to use in our fight?" Alucard inquired very curious about this new twist in their journey as well as moving the conversation back on topic.

"Yes it will. It once was the main base of the ancients in their own wars against the demons and vampires and other threats," Leo answered. "My lord suspects the rest of us will be taken there once Alexander and Prue accept their new positions," he told them.

"All of us?" Harry asked, relieved it would seem that Alexander and Prue were not facing more trouble.

"I don't know about you and your group Harry, but the rest of us I do think will go," Leo said carefully. "You have a lot of work still to do Harry remember," he pointed out to which Harry nodded a little let down he would not see the supposed mythical city.

"I wouldn't be to disappointed Harry, if Alexander is successful in building his alliance I think you will see the city," Sir Integra said with a smile. "At least they are not in any real danger as far we know," she told the others. "For now I would suggest we continue doing whatever it was we were before this happened and if anyone asks we should say Alexander, Tara and Prue have gone to visit some potential allies," she went on. "Until the city is back to full power it will be vulnerable to attack should the enemy discover this new threat to their plans," she finished to which everyone nodded and soon broke up into groups.



Xander, Tara and Prue looked around as they suddenly found themselves in what looked like a city, but unlike any they had ever seen before, the room they found themselves in was huge and looked very futuristic and strange.

"Where are we Xander?" Prue asked as she looked around. She was tense and ready for a fight if necessary.

"I have no idea, but I think the better question is how did we get here when we were just at Hogwarts where they have wards to prevent such things as this?" he responded thoughtfully.

"Do not fear, you are in no danger," a female voice said from behind them.

They all turned to find a woman behind them bathed in a glowing white light, she almost seemed to be transparent, but she was unlike any ghost they had encountered so far.

"Who are you?" Xander asked. "And why did you bring us here?" he added a second later.

"It is a long tale Alexander and one you will find hard to fully grasp, but it is the truth. Please sit and we will begin," the woman replied with a smile. "You can call me Erin and now I will tell you why I have brought you here, but please keep an open mind," she added and then began to explain the true history of the world.


(Other Realm)

Cassandra smiled as the viewing pool finally relocated Alexander, Tara and Prue and noted they were filled in on what was going on and what was needed of them. She was actually very surprised by this turn of events, but at least it would give them a huge advantage as well as a base of operations which the darkness could not invade or spy on due to the power of the ancients.

Finding out that Alexander and Prue were both descended from the Ancients was a surprise because they were both now being introduced to a much bigger view of the world and just how far reaching the war against the darkness is. Somehow she doubted Alexander would just ignore what he was learning and if he found a way to help, he would do so. She just hoped he would be careful should he be forced to make contact with the SGC.

Having to deal with the SGC and the government would be dangerous, especially if they found out about the city. They had seen how much the main governments had argued over whom should control the ancient outpost in Antarctica as well as the Stargate even as they were facing the forces of the Goa'uld and Replicators. It was the major problem with human nature, their urge to argue over who has control over the most deadly weapons, even when facing a combined threat. Alexander and his friends didn’t need their interference in their quest and she knew without a doubt that should they learn about another Atlantis on Earth all of them would lay claim to it and try and take it by force so they could plunder its technology.



Xander sat back in his chair completely stunned by what he had just learned and he could tell from the look on Prue and Tara's faces they were no better, to know that there really were such things as aliens and considering the dangerous nature of some of them according to Erin brought his view of the war into a bigger focus. He was even more surprised to learn that the Americans had control of one of the Stargate’s the Ancients had created to travel to other worlds as well take control of a second Atlantis which resided in another galaxy and an outpost on Earth.

He was worried about having anything to do with any government, because they were all power hungry and if they ever knew about this city they would want control of it and he was already thinking there had to be a way to bring this city back to full power without alerting those in the know about the Stargate as Erin said was the purpose for her bringing them here.

"Erin, you said the ancients were once part of a great alliance, right?" he asked and when she nodded he continued. "Then can we contact one of them to aid us?" he wondered.

"It is possible although activating our Stargate even to send a message will drain power," Erin replied as she led them to a rather large room where in the middle stood what had to be the Stargate and its control room.

"How did you ever come up with something like that?" Prue asked as she looked at the giant ring.

"With time and the combined effort of some of our best scientist," Erin responded with a smile. "In both, the Milky Way and the Pegasus galaxy, we seeded Stargate's on as many worlds as we could as well as our home galaxy which is lost to us," she informed them. "Our empire in Pegasus fell when we went to war with the Wraith as I told you, so we returned here and while most of our people ascended some stayed and built up the alliance I told you about and began to integrate into your culture leading to most of your race having the genes to operate our technology," she finished.

"How much power do we have left in this city?" Xander asked as he walked over to the controls of the gate and looked them over.

"There is enough power to continue to power the shield and clock for another three weeks at best," Erin answered. "If we use the gate to contact one of our former allies it will take the power down to two and a half even if the gate is only used for a short time," she added.

"It can't be helped we can't risk getting involved with the government, as soon as they knew about this place they and their allies who are in the known would fight over who has control of this place and they would plunder it for advance tech," Xander replied with a shake of his head. "Plus they would lock us up as security threats for knowing about all of this and that is not something I’m willing to risk," he added. "Erin, who would be the the best to contact?" he asked.

"The Asgard," Erin replied understanding why Alexander did not want to contact the SGC. She had seen much of the arguing and power plays of the governments of Earth who knew the truth about the Stargate. They argued over everything from Atlantis to a single piece of alien technology, apart from SG-1 and General Hammond they could not be trusted. "They are the most advanced race now and their ships are fast and capable of traveling to Pegasus in half the time it would take one of the Earth ships," she told them with a smile. "I would suggest first you come with me to Janus's lab where there is something you can trade with the Asgard for their help," she added and began to lead them out of the room.

"What could the Asgard want if they are the most advanced race these days?" Prue wondered.

"The Asgard are a race of clones Prue, having long ago believed it was the best way to keep their race alive however we long ago saw the downside of their choice," Erin answered. "The more they clone themselves the more their new bodies begin to degrade as the new bodies are weaker and do not survive as long," she added. "Janus managed to find a way to prevent their destruction as well as stop the degradation of the clones, but things came to a head before we could offer the Asgard the information," she went on as they entered a rather large laboratory.

She began to instruct Xander, Tara and Prue in the workings of their technology as they downloaded the research they were after from Janus's computer.

"This should be enough to guarantee the Asgard's help as well as their silence when they have dealings with the SGC," Erin told them. "Now you will need the list of addresses where you can find power modules that will bring this city back to full power please follow me," she said and led them back to the gate room where she instructed them how to download the needed addresses. "This list contains addresses for planets in both galaxies. However I would suggest you concentrate on those here in the Milky Way first," she suggested.

"Before we go anywhere we better contact our friends and let them know what's going on and that we're okay," Tara suggested, finally speaking up having stayed quite for the most part and just listened as things were explained to them.

"Good point, is that possible Erin?" Xander asked turning back to the ancient.

"It is, I could also beam those you wish here to this base," Erin replied. "However until power has been raised I would hold off on the second option as the more people are in the city the more power will be expanded to power certain systems," she explained.

"How do we send them a message?" he asked.

"I will beam you back to them for half an hour so you can talk to your friends and prepare for your journey and then beam you back if that’s alright?" she answered.

"That's great, but I would suggest you bring Alucard with us as he may be of great help especially if we run into trouble," Xander responded.

"I will remember to do so when I bring you back," Erin said before they vanished in a flash of light, leaving Erin to think over the meeting she had just had.



Janna looked up as there was a bright flash and she found Xander, Tara and Prue standing before her. She smiled as she quickly walked over and kissed Xander, pleased to see him back. He pulled her closer for a few minutes before asking her to help bring the rest of their group together.

Ten minutes later the group met up in one of the classrooms along with Harry, Fleur and Susan who seemed relieved to see them back and that what Leo had told them had been true and they were not in any real trouble.

"So Alexander what is the situation?" Alucard inquired. "Leo informed us of why you were taken, but you might have learned more," he added.

"We have been charged by the ancients to save Atlantis from being destroyed when it runs out of power in three and a half weeks," Xander answered. "We intend to contact the Asgard, an alien race, who were once allied with the ancients and get their help in this, so that we don’t have to contact the government who has control of another working Stargate," he explained.

"You mean real aliens?" Harry asked with wide eyes.

"I know what you mean Harry, it put me through a loop as well," Prue said with a smile as she noticed her sisters were looking just as shocked as Harry was. "It seems that the ancients ruled a vast empire well before written history and they managed to create a technology called the Stargate which allowed them to travel to other worlds and meet other races," she added. "Eventually they evolved into a higher being of pure energy and left our plane, although some stayed and basically integrated into our race which is how some of us now have the ancient gene which allows us to use their technology," she informed them.

"So how long is this going to take us?" Jessica asked her son, still trying to get her mind over the fact that aliens existed.

"Not long, once the city is back up to the power we will begin using it as a base. However once we have completed this task we are heading straight for the tribes," Xander answered. "It's time we deal with Radrik," he added.

"I suggest we travel to the Kalderash tribe and gather some allies first," Janna stated, amazed at some of the things they had learned during this journey.

"Good idea, considering what we hope to do at the end it might be wise to send a summons to all the tribes to meet at the Lavelle grounds," Jessica responded.

"What do you plan to do?" Susan asked wondering what their plan was.

"We're going to ask Alucard to take up the mantle of king again and stop the infighting," Xander said to which Alucard nodded his head having already seen this in the young man's head as well as his conversations with Lilith and Adrian.

"Do you think that would actually work? I mean from what you've said the tribes have been fighting each other for years," Piper wondered as she recalled what Janna and Jessica had discussed with her and her sisters.

"It should. Alucard is the only one who can stop the infighting," Xander said, hoping he was indeed right. "There are legends and myths to this effect in all the tribes and once Radrik is dealt with the others should listen to him," he went on.

"And if some of them refuse?" Cole wondered as he and Phoebe leaned against each other.

"I will remind them why I’m their king and what happens when they go against my wishes," Alucard said with an insane grin. "Only the most corrupt will refuse my orders, the rest should obey as they were raised to," he added.

"As long as you do not go overboard Alucard," Sir Integra said, knowing some kind of fight would come from this, but she knew it was necessary.

"Of course master," Alucard said smiling at her, hoping the most dangerous of the tribal leaders would challenge him so he could dispose of them and stop them from becoming a danger when he started to pull his people back together.

It had been a long time since he had set foot in his native land, but he had always known he would return one day and do this as he knew one day one of his people would find him and ask this of him, just as Alexander had done.

The time for his people to become one once again was upon them and he would not allow anyone to get in the way of that. The infighting had killed millions, including children, and it was time it stopped. He knew his former wives would have been horrified by what had become of their people and in their name as well as Alexander's request he would put a stop to it.

"Anyway back to what we were discussing. Alucard you will be coming with us in case we run into any trouble while we are recovering the power modules," Xander said, bringing the conversation back on track. "Once the city is back to full power I will bring the rest of you there," he added. "And then once we've dealt with Radrik we can take a break and then turn our attention to building our alliance," he finished with a smile.

"Will it be dangerous collecting these modules?" Lilith asked, not liking having to stay behind but knowing her father was more than capable of protecting Alexander, Tara and Prue as well as the fact they all had their own skills and weren’t defenseless.

"If we run into the Goa'uld yes, but if the Asgard agree to help then we can just beam into the abandoned ancient outposts and bases without alerting them to our presence," Tara answered, shivering as she recalled what Erin had told them of the Goa'uld and hoped they didn’t run into them.

"Is there anything else Alexander?" Sir Integra inquired.

"Not right now," Xander replied. "We only had half an hour to talk so we should be teleported back to the city in five minutes," he added. "We'll be back as soon as we can," he said as he stood and went to say goodbye to Janna and Lilith before he, Tara, Prue and Alucard vanished from the room.

"That is so cool," Harry said to which the others could not help but agree.



Alucard looked around the city he now found himself in and could not help but be impressed by the beauty of it, it was clear the ancients had been a very advanced race.

"Welcome back," Erin said. "Are you ready to proceed?" she asked.

"We are Erin. I'll dial up the Asgard home world now," Xander responded making sure he picked up the two pads they would need for this mission.

They all watched as Xander dialed up the address Erin had given him which would take them to the Asgard and were impressed as they watched the gate activate leaving a glowing shimmering pool of blue light.

"Let's go," Prue said wondering what kind of aliens these Asgard were, but she trusted Erin when she said they were not a threat to them.

They all walked into the gate and vanished from the city. Erin watched them leave and prayed they would be successful in their mission to save the city before she slowly faded away to report to the others.

Author’s notes: Just in case someone has a problem with having a second Atlantis on earth it is necessary for the plot and as with most fan fiction a little change in certain series is needed. So for this story the Atlantis seen in the Stargate series in the second city to bear the name and the one I have created is the original ok.
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