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The Darkest Road

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This story is No. 3 in the series "The Gypsy Chronicles". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Part 3 in the Gypsy Chronicles: Xander and his friends continue their journey before finally heading to the Romany clans to issue a challenge for the control of the Lavelle Clan.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Other Het
Anime > Hellsing
RazialFR1841156,144615268,11327 Jan 1211 Jul 14No

Chapter 33

Chapter 33


Xander watched as the others looked up in awe at the beauty of the city they were in. Tara, Prue and Alucard also watched in amusement. He nodded as Erin appeared next to him and Thor entered from one of the adjoining rooms.

"Everyone I would like you to meet Erin and Thor," he said, indicating the newcomers and almost laughed at the look on some of his friends faces at meeting aliens for the first time in their lives.

"It is a pleasure to meet you all," Erin said in way of a greeting. "I have watched alongside my people as you have continued your journey and we have been very impressed by your actions so far," she added.

"I too have been impressed by what I have been told by Erin as well as seeing the actions of Alexander, Prue, Tara and Alucard," Thor added. "It gives me great hope for the future," he went on.

"We have a big fight coming Erin. Tara and Alex had a vision that we will be attacked as soon as we arrive in the Romany lands," Prue stated, deciding to get things moving. "It's going to be bad," she added.

"We know, we have detected the same thing the higher powers have Prue," Erin responded. "An attack by that which you call the fallen will be hard, but you will have the help of the higher powers themselves. I will monitor the situation and should any of you be hurt or badly wounded I will transport you out," she continued.

"I too will monitor this event from orbit just to make sure none of you will be killed," Thor put in. "I remember the old wars many centuries ago when the Ancients still walked this plane. The great demons were many and should not be taken lightly," he added and each of them could hear the underlying horror the Asgard had seen and that was still fresh in his memory.

"Thanks, we appreciate your help," Xander said moving forward pleased to have more support.

The entire group was fully armed and wearing the armor of the Hellsing organization. Still he was very nervous about how this fight would go considering just who and what they would end up facing. He could feel Tara was just as concerned by what was about to happen once they touched down in the Romany lands, but also that she felt a little better knowing Erin and Thor would be watching over them.

He felt the comforting feel of the magical ring of protection he had been given in Middle Earth and he knew Tara and Lilith had theirs on as well, he also had the Mithril sword he had also been given. It was not as strong as Vlad's sword, but it would do. He knew the best chance they had of surviving this was to allow Vlad to have his own sword as he knew how to use it best.

"How soon after you appear do you expect we will be attacked?" Amy inquired, very nervous about the upcoming fight which was even bigger that the one against Voldemort and his army due to the presence of the Source and the Fallen and she prayed they all would come out of this alive.

"Very quickly Amy, we will have to be very fast in how we react. So Janna I want you and Tara to work on a shield spell, their first attacks will be sudden and we will have maybe a split second to move," Alucard spoke up. "Use the ancient magic, you have both learned, to power it," he added with a stern look so they understood how serious he was and they both nodded in agreement. "As soon as their first attacks are dealt with we strike back," he continued. "Using our most powerful spells, that includes you Alexander, don’t hold back," he warned the young man who nodded.

"I don't intend to," Xander responded. "I intend to live and make sure the rest of you do so as well," he added. "This is going to be rough," he said with a shake of his head

"It will be, but we have three ways to deal with the Source, the Charmed Ones have their power of three spell and I and Cole both know we can harm him," Alucard responded with a grim smile. "We should ignore the Fallen as much as we can as he isn’t something we can kill and the powers themselves have stated they will intervene when he shows himself," he advised them.

"Maybe we should keep the shield up until the powers show up so we won't be overwhelmed," Jessica suggested just wanting to get this over with so they could head to the Lavelle tribe and find out what had happened to her first husband.

"How long do you think you can keep the shield up?" Sir Integra inquired, concerned how this battle would turn out.

"Long enough," Janna shot back. "I'm much stronger now than I was when we started this journey," she added. "With Tara's help it should be simple to keep the shield up until our backup arrives," she explained.

"Do not underestimate the power of the attacks the shield will be under Janna," Lilith warned her friend. "The demons who will likely accompany the Source for this attack will be of the same type who attacked us in Sunnydale," she warned them all. "And you remember how one of them went through us," she pointed out.

"This time will be different," Xander said in way of reply. "We are better prepared, and the best tactic, as was seen during the fight with Voldemort's army, is to team up against them so we stick close to one another and don't get separated," he advised them.

The others all nodded their heads in agreement seeing the sense in what Xander had said.

Thor was impressed by the way they were planning to face such a powerful threat and he hoped they would come through this intact. He beamed up to his ship and prepared to monitor the area where Alexander and his friends were planning on appearing. He made sure the transporter was working correctly before settling back and thinking of the days of when he fought side by side with the Ancients.


(Lower Realm)

The Source smirked as he watched his assault force assemble. They were some of the best demons he had left at his control right now. Malek and one other fallen power were in the room hoping to avenge themselves against the boy and their former comrades in the higher powers.

He noticed the First was watching from one of the upper platforms and he could tell the First didn’t agree with his plan, but he didn’t care he just wanted to kill the boy and his friends and finally strike a blow against the higher powers. He laughed just imagining soaking his hands in the blood of his enemies. He was looking forward to finally getting his hands dirty once again.


(Other Realm)

Cassandra watched as her lord prepared for battle alongside a corp of their best guardians. Tanith was also preparing for battle having insisted to be allowed to accompany them to make up for his past errors in trusting Malek. She hadn’t been allowed to accompany them and she felt a little annoyed at this, but knew she could trust her lord to make sure nothing happened to Alexander and his friends.

She was just very unsure how this would turn out and how it would change the war in the long term. This kind of event had not happened for a hundred years and to know it was about to happen again sent shivers down her spine as she imagined it happening more and more often. She hoped that wouldn’t be the case but if her lord was correct and the Source had indeed allowed his anger to rule him she would not be surprised if it did happen again.

"My lord the tremor is getting worse," Jonas informed them as he entered the chamber.

"That is not a surprise, the last time this happened the closer the time to the fight the worse the tremor got," their lord responded as he finished putting his armor on and faced them. "This will not be easy, no matter what happened the last time our forces faced off in a direct confrontation," he stated.

"We know my lord, I wish you luck," Cassandra responded with a small smile.

"Thank you and don’t be too concerned about Alexander and his friends. They have planned well for the initial contact as we have seen," her lord reminded her. "They are strong and they also have Erin and Thor looking out for them should they injured and Leo is on hand at Atlantis ready to heal them should it be necessary to pull them out," he continued.

"My lord what will happen once this fight is done?" Jonas asked. "It will change how this war is fought will it not?" he asked again.

"It will, but we cannot change that," their lord answered. "We deal with that once this attack has been beaten back," he added as he waved his hand over the viewing pool to show Alexander and his friends making their final preparations. "It is almost time," he stated as he grabbed his sword which crackled with power.



Xander sat cross legged as he prepared for the battle, knowing he had to have his concentration at his best. He had to be focused only on what was about to happen and couldn’t allow his nerves and fear to get in the way as that would only get him or someone else injured. He looked up as Tara sat across from him and stared at him. He opened himself up to the bond fully and he felt her confidence and love flow through him, causing him to smile.

"Alexander, Tara are you ready?" Alucard inquired, looking over at them.

"We are now," they replied at the same time as they pushed the bond between them to its fullest and the stood up and joined the others.

Alucard nodded and then pulled his own sword from its resting place, ready to face the coming threat. He had fought many battles in his long life and defeated many powerful enemies however he had never fought either the Source or a Fallen and he felt a certain thrill at having the chance to do both. He could already feel his power pulsing within himself waiting for the battle to begin. He looked around at his family and friends and knew they would prevail.

"Are you ready?" Erin inquired having watched them prepare to the best of their abilities.

"We are Erin, we'll see you soon," Xander said as he tightened his grip on his sword.

She nodded before activating the transporter and watched the group vanish from the city once more, knowing when they returned they would be once again be changed by the events of their lives, but it would be value experience they would need for the future.


(Romany Tribes)

As soon as Janna and Tara felt the ground beneath their feet they chanted the spell to raise the shield and smiled as it quickly snapped into place. A few seconds later twenty demons appeared alongside three very imposing figures and they all quickly began hurling energy bolts at the shield and Xander could see the strain appear on Janna and Tara's faces.

"Amy, Jessica, help with the shield as best as you can," he ordered as he stepped forward and hoped the powers would turn up quickly.

"We have to separate the fallen from the demons," Adrian said as he stepped closer to him.

Before he could ask how there was a bright flash of light and suddenly he saw Cassandra's lord standing before the three figures who seemed to be the leaders of the assault force. He was surrounded by a large group of warriors who quickly jumped on the demons while he and the figure next to him engaged the two figures Xander believed to be the fallen.

Xander shouted for Janna and Tara to drop the shield as Cole transformed into Balthazar and prepared to engage the Source. The shield dropped and he followed Alucard and Balthazar straight at the Source who seemed to smile at them as they approached.

Lilith led the others at the demons making sure to stay clear of the very fast paced and deadly fight between the fallen and what had to be the higher powers. Xander jumped out of the way of the bolt the Source sent at him as he approached, but before he could approach again one of the demons attacked him. He backed off as the demon tried to rake him with his claws and then lashed out with his sword just missing the creature's side.

Prue and Phoebe worked together to take down one of the demons alongside Lilith, while Adrian and Seras worked with Sir Integra to take down another, using everything they could weapons wise to stay out of the demon's reach. The guardians were easily able to match the demons strength and speed and made sure to keep them away from their lord and his aide. Alucard almost smiled as he unleashed a bolt of magic at the Source who easily deflected it. The Source sent one back which Alucard jumped over. This was the kind of fight he had not had in a very long time and he loved the challenge even as he knew he had to make sure it ended with the Source defeated.

Tanith snarled as he fought the energy his former comrade sent at him as they both tried to kill each other. He could hardly believe he was even here taking part in this fight. He had never thought he would see the day he would end up fighting one of his own people. Now he had seen half of the powers banished to hell for treason and he was now fighting against two of them alongside his lord who seemed to be doing everything in his power to kill Malek.

He pushed back again swinging his sword as wide as he could and managed to cut deep into the side of his enemy, he followed up and shot out with a back kick which almost made the man who he had known as Ben stumble, but he quickly launched an energy strike which caught him in the chest and knocked him to his knees. Ben raised his scythe above his head ready to bring it down and end his life when he was suddenly flung backwards by a very powerful blast of magic and he knew his lord had saved him. He got back to his feet and ignoring the pain attacked Ben again who had just regained his feet.

Xander groaned as he pushed himself back to his feet and just managed to block the claws of the demon that he had been fighting. He knew he needed help and so he tried to push the demon back to where he could just make out Piper and Tara and Janna. He concentrated on the bond and warned Tara what he was doing while channeling his power and unleashing a bold of magic which knocked the demon backwards and into reach of Piper and Tara, who both unleashed their magic and were joined a second later by Janna who even pregnant still seemed to be able to call on her full potential of magic. He raised his sword and took the head of the demon before it could recover. He took a deep breath before running over to help Prue and Phoebe.

Balthazar growled as he exchanged blows with the Source wanting nothing more than to rip the demon apart so he could never threaten Phoebe again, beside him Alucard launched his own bolts, managing to wound the Source just slightly. They both knew this fight was not going to be easy, but they were both prepared for a long battle and so they both began to launch more power into their spells as the fighting began to spread out.
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