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The Darkest Road

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This story is No. 3 in the series "The Gypsy Chronicles". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Part 3 in the Gypsy Chronicles: Xander and his friends continue their journey before finally heading to the Romany clans to issue a challenge for the control of the Lavelle Clan.

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Chapter 39

(Lavelle Tribe)

Xander looked up from talking with Janna and Tara as Alucard and Sir Integra entered, he smiled in greeting as Prue and Lilith joined them from where they had been talking on the other bed.

"You wished to speak to us Alexander?" Sir Integra stated as she sat down as did Alucard.

"I did but hold on. Cassandra… if you can hear me I wish to talk to you as well," he said, looking up hoping she would hear him. They waited for a few minutes and finally Cassandra appeared before them with a smile on her face.

"Hello Alexander I’m pleased to see you awake and on your way back to full health," she said in way of greeting before greeting the others, including a small kiss with Alucard, before sitting down. “I was worried you wouldn’t survive, but thankfully Leo and Mandy pulled you back from the brink,” she admitted. "What do you wish to discuss?" she asked deciding to move things onto less emotional issues.

"Once I’m healed fully I will begin to try and build our alliance however I’m concerned of doing this while Travers and his cronies are still running the Watchers Council," Xander answered, knowing this was going to be tricky. "I remember everything Sam Zabuto told us about him and what Giles added to it, he is a danger waiting to happen," he added seriously. "He does not care for the safety of any of his underlings and he especially doesn’t care about Buffy and Kendra. He treats them like weapons instead of people and wouldn’t even blink were he to be told they had been killed," he went on with a growing frown. "He and his followers have to be removed before he gets them killed," he continued. “He would try and gain control of any alliance we made, more than likely causing us to fail in our efforts and cause us major problems with the other organizations out there,” he finally finished.

Silence met his words and he waited as the others digested what he had just told them. He knew he was walking a tight line here, but he truly believed that if the alliance was to work people like Travers could have no part in it. Travers was to him just like Radrik and Voldemort wanting nothing but power and wealth, not caring who they destroyed as they went about acquiring it.

"I agree with what you are saying Alexander, but it will not be easy" Sir Integra finally spoke up. "Travers is the duly recognized leader of the council, he like myself serves the Crown and Parliament or at least those in the know about the real world. I doubt they would sanction such a move without proof he was no longer fit for the post," she added with a shake of her head.

"I somewhat figured that, and I know what I’m about to suggest sounds evil, but I truly don’t think the alliance will work with him and people like him involved as he will either do everything he can to control it or everything he can to block its creation," Xander replied, repeating his last statement.

"And what are you suggesting?" Janna inquired in interest.

"We assassinate them in a manner that can’t be traced back to us," Xander answered, shocking some of them bar Alucard who was impressed he could make such a request. Clearly he had learned far more on his journey than some had believed. Tara had known his thoughts before this meeting, while she agreed with him that Travers and his ilk needed to be removed, she had hoped there might be another option available to them. She didn’t want too much blood on their hands. "I know how you feel and I don't really want to do it, but I can see no other way to remove him from power," he quickly added.

"I take it you asked me here to gain permission for this?" Cassandra asked finally speaking up.

She wasn’t to surprised by this move by Alexander, yet she was surprised he had made the request so soon, she knew he was right about Travers and his followers and she even agreed about the problems they would bring about when he tried to form the alliance, but still it wasn’t something she believed her lord would go for.

"I'm afraid so Cassandra, I wanted your input into this and that of your lord," Xander said with a sigh. "This has to be a joint agreement," he added to which Cassandra nodded and vanished to talk with her lord.

"I do not believe you are wrong Alexander," Alucard said, knowing even though he had made the request that didn’t mean it sat well with him. "Travers is a madman in love with power. He has tried to gain control of the Hellsing organization before only to be stopped by the crown," he explained. "I don't doubt he would try and gain overall control of the alliance once it was formed and that can’t be allowed to happen," he continued as Sir Integra agreed with his statement. "He is also one of the main problems we have had in the past when we tried to form an alliance ourselves," he said.

"If it is agreed by Cassandra and her lord then this must be kept from the crown and parliament as they would never agree to this," Sir Integra said as the waited for Cassandra to return.

"That shouldn’t be too hard, master. I have many human servants I can use which are not known by them," Alucard said in response, knowing the slippery slope this could turn out to be. "They can remove the men we know are like Travers and make it seem they were taken down either by demons or maybe a crime syndicate," he added with a small smirk to which the others nodded which stopped as Cassandra finally returned.

"While my lord has reservations about this he has agreed Travers needs to be removed if the alliance is to succeed and he has given the go ahead for you to proceed," Cassandra said, surprised by her lord’s choice. "But please be careful and don’t kill anyone who doesn’t deserve it," she added, directing the last bit at her husband who just smiled at her.

"I promise Cassandra I will only remove those who pose a threat," Alucard stated while taking her hand and then he kissed it. "You have my word," he added to which she smiled and nodded. "I will get to work on this immediately. Adrian you are with me, Lilith you will continue to bring the new council together in our absence," he ordered before he and Adrian left.

"Alexander I have to report the Hellmouth has become the new target of the First. He has already attacked it three times and wounded some of your friends, including Buffy and Kendra," Cassandra said moving on to a different topic. "He is looking for a weak spot to hit," she added.

"Prue I think it's time you and your sisters went and brought Paige in. I don't like that she is alone right now," Xander said. “I would go with you to help, but I still need to recover,” he added. "We'll catch up with you once I’m back on my feet, the manor has been warded so you should be safe there," he added, hating to see her leave on her own but knowing they had to do this if they hoped to keep Paige safe.

Prue looked at him for a few minutes before finally nodding, knowing he was right, she leaned forward and kissed him as hard and as deep as she could before getting up and heading out to find her sisters.

"Leo, Cole?" Xander called out and watched as the Whitelighter and the half demon appeared in front of him. "You guys are heading back to San Francisco with the girls to bring Paige into the fold,” he explained. “I want you to keep an eye out as it seems the First is looking to hit at any weak spot in our forces right now and once he learns about Paige he will try and remove her as quickly as possible," he explained to them both. "We will join you once I’m fully healed until then do not let them take any risks, okay?" he asked.

"You have our word Alexander," Leo said with a smile, knowing why he was asking this. "I will work with Paige as much as possible so she can orb at will," he added.

"Don't worry, we'll make sure they keep their heads down until you can join us," Cole said with a smile. "With the Source out of the picture I think we'll be okay, but the First can be just as much of a problem so I make sure they understand they can't risk Paige until she is fully ready," he added.

Xander nodded and watched as the two men left in search of the sisters, feeling better knowing they would be protecting them until they could join them. He felt Tara assure him over the bond that the sisters wouldn’t do anything reckless while they were separated and he silently agreed with her.

"I think you need some sleep Alexander, you look tired," Cassandra said as she watched him put plans into motion. "I will visit again when I can," she added, before she vanished and Sir Integra left to find Seras and Amy to fill them in on what was happening.

Xander got comfortable and began to try and fall asleep as Janna, Tara and Lilith all lay next to him and joined him, as they had since he had been injured and it was something he was beginning to get used to and it made him feel more secure.


(San Francisco, a day later)

Paige Matthews walked into her flat after a rather stressful day at work only to come to a dead stop as she noted four people waiting for her. The real shock was she knew these people. They were her suspected half-sisters, ever since learning she had been adopted she had searched for her birth family and the few pieces of evidence she had found pointed to the Halliwell’s. But she had never had the nerve to approach them, when she found out their Grandmother had died she had stayed at the back of the church during her funeral and for reasons beyond her cried as hard as Prue, Piper and Phoebe. Now they were here in her apartment, although how they got in confused her.

“Hello Paige,” Prue said stepping forward with a smile, already seeing the similarities between her and her sisters. “We need to have a very long overdue conversation,” she added.

Paige took a deep breath before asking the most important question in her life. “Are you my birth family?” she asked.

“Yes Paige, we are, you are our sister,” Piper answered with a smile, still wondering what could have been had they known about Paige.

Paige couldn’t stop the tears as they fell as she finally got the answer she had long sought, as one the sisters moved and embraced their lost and now found sibling. Prue knew this was only the first step in bringing Paige into the family, but right then she felt a serene feeling engulf her.

After ten minutes had passed Paige began to calm down as Leo stepped forward and orbed them to the manor, without Paige been aware until they reformed. She looked around wildly wondering how they were no longer in her apartment. She glanced at her sisters who smiled reassuringly at her.

“We have a lot to discuss Paige and some of it might sound like a joke at first, but it is the truth,” Prue told her as they led her to a sofa. “First I want you to know we did not know you existed until a few months ago, and it was a shock to say the least,” she explained. “We knew Mom had an affair with someone, but we never knew a child had been born out of that affair,” she added. “The only reason we didn’t come and get you then was because we were involved in something important which you will learn about once you’ve learned some other stuff,” she told her to which Paige just nodded.

The fact her sisters had clearly wanted to come and get her once they knew about her made her feel giddy, this was turning out better than anything she could have imagined whenever she had thought about trying to reach out to them.

“Now the first of the major shocks,” Prue said after taking a deep breath. “Paige… we are not normal people and neither are you,” she told her much to Paige’s confusion. “We are witches and before you laugh I’m not talking about fake Halloween witches or TV characters, I’m talking honest to god witches,” she stated as calmly as she could as this was where things could go wrong.

Paige glanced between Prue, Piper and Phoebe but not one of them cracked a smile or gave any hint that this was a joke. She wondered what to say in response, but nothing came to mind.

“Our entire family line right back to Melinda Warren has been witches,” Piper spoke up. “And that is not all, every myth and legend you have heard of exists as well or at least most of them,” she added. “The supernatural exists, and we are a part of that world, a world I’m sad to say is at war between good and evil,” she admitted much to Paige’s shock. “We are called the Charmed Ones, the combination of a prophecy concerning our family line,” she said carefully. “We are destined to be the most powerful white witches alive,” she went on.

“Our job is to protect the innocent,” Phoebe picked up the story. “We’ve be through some crazy adventures, but a few months ago we were visited by someone who not only revealed your existence to us, but also that we are not alone in the fight,” she explained.

“How did he know about me?” Paige asked as her mind whirled trying to get a grasp on everything she was been told. Yet she believed what she was been told, maybe it was instinct but she believed them.

“Well that is where things get a bit crazier,” Phoebe answered sharing a smile with her sisters. “It seems our new friend was ambushed by a cult and was sent on a trip through various dimensions. In one he met our alternate selves, but in that reality Prue had been killed by a demon and we had already learnt about you and brought you back into the family to rebuild the power of three,” she continued. “He brought back a letter signed by us and this,” she added before she moved to a remote control and pressed play.

Paige was stunned as a video began playing showing herself, Piper and Phoebe although a year or two older if she wasn’t mistaken. She listened carefully to what these people on the video said. She felt her world tilt and yet something inside her responded to her other self’s words, she did not doubt anything she was been told. There was no way this tape could be fake and the world was bigger than she had ever suspected.

“Oh wow,” she whispered as the tape finished.

“Alexander and his friends helped me survive the attack that would have killed me in this reality as he had promised to do,” Prue told her after she allowed her younger sister to absorb what she had learned. “We then went to help him fight a war in magical Britain, the who’s and what’s of that we can leave until later, but that is why we couldn’t come after you then,” she told her. “We stayed with Alexander even after that, as he dealt with some other problems which affect us all. During that time we actually defeated the Source which gives us time to welcome to the family and to train you,” she added.

“Train me?” Paige said suddenly very alert.

“You are a witch as well Paige, but not just a witch,” Prue admitted. “Mom did not just have an affair with any old guy, she fell in love with her Whitelighter,” she told her.

“What’s a Whitelighter?” Paige inquired.

“I’m,” Leo said, stepping into the conversation for the first time as he orbed back and forth. “A Whitelighter can heal and is assigned to witches to help advise and guide them,” he explained, smiling at Paige’s awed look. “You are half witch half Whitelighter which means you have the ability to heal and orb, which is not something your sisters can do,” he explained with a calming smile that made Paige feel safe. “You are unique, there is no other like you, although I do hope that will not always be the case,” he added with a hopeful look at Piper who blushed, but met his gaze and nodded her head in agreement.

“Piper took after mom and bedded our Whitelighter,” Phoebe said just for kicks and wasn’t let down as Leo went red in the face. Prue burst out laughing and Piper looked shell shocked, but at least it removed any tenseness. “Well she did more than that, she married him,” she added as Piper finally slapped her on the back. “Of course Prue couldn’t take that and went one more, she bedded her white knight. She and Alexander are now a couple as well,” she went on as Prue stopped laughing and started to glare at her.

Paige was now laughing as she watched the back and forth between her sisters, she was still getting over been able to actually call them that now. Laughing also helped calm her as she took in all that she was been told, it was huge. Never had she imagined anything like this when she finally found her blood family, and yet she felt a sense of peace and contentment within her from just being around them.

“Well at least we are not dating a half demon,” Piper finally shot back with a glare. “Granted Cole is on our side, but still,” she added with a smirk as Phoebe glared back at her.

“Ok enough,” Prue called. “We’ll get back to that later, Paige needs time to take this in, but before she does we have someone who wants to say hello,” she told her and at this each of her sisters and Leo began to smile.

Paige was startled as a flash of light appeared in front of her, she blinked rapidly a few times and when she could see clearly she was instantly on her feet as she saw a woman standing before her. But this wasn’t any old woman, it was Patricia Halliwell. She began to feel faint as the woman quickly moved to embrace her with tears in her eyes. Paige almost felt this was a dream, but as Patricia pulled her into a hug she quickly realized it wasn’t. She broke down in her mother’s arms, still trying to grasp how it was possible she was here.

“Welcome home my baby,” Patricia whispered into her ear. This was the moment she had been waiting for so very long, her little baby was home. Her daughters were reunited and whole, she thanked whatever had brought Alexander into their lives because not only had he saved Prudence, but he had brought her missing daughter back to her as well.


(Britain, Travers Manor, a day and a half later)

Quentin Travers sat smiling in pleasure as he drank his wine alongside his fellow council men, each had supported him since he had become head of the watchers council and like him had used their titles to gain more power and wealth. Most of them didn't even care about the fight against the demons and vampires anymore, to them it wasn’t important and he slightly agreed with them but he did believe they had to be kept at bay so he made sure to keep an eye on what was happening in the world.

Around him was the full complement of supporters on the council, he usually held dinners like this every month so they could discuss their personal business and then council business. They all made plans to keep their control over the council and complained about those who were causing trouble for them, such as the current slayers and their watchers and friends. As he leaned back in his chair he was shocked as the doors to the dining room was thrown open and a bunch of men dressed in Special Forces type gear and black balaclavas to hide their faces stormed in.

"What is the meaning of this?" he shouted as he stood as did some of his friends, while others stayed seated looking nervous about what was happening.

The men did not reply and suddenly open fired on them, Travers had only time to look surprised as he was hit in the chest by three bullets and thrown backwards into his chair as the rest of his supporters were cut down within a few minutes before the guns stopped. Travers stared at the strangers as blood coated his chest. ‘How could this have happened? He was the head of the watchers council, he had power. He could not die,’ before he could think anything else one of the men raised a silenced pistol and put a bullet into his head, snapping his head backwards. The man stared at the corpse before spitting on it, having read up on his target he felt nothing but disgust as he looked at the dead body.

"Remember to plant the drug and money evidence before you leave," he ordered before he and two men left, while the others quickly set about planting the false evidence to cover who had eliminated Travers and his men, similar evidence had already been planted in the other men's homes to support what would be found here before they too left.


(Sunnydale, a day later)

Buffy sat down next to Kendra as she and the others arrived for this quickly ordered meeting, all Giles would say was he had some very important news to discuss with the whole group and that it had changed things.

"Thank you for coming on such short notice, but I’m afraid this couldn’t wait. I got a phone call this morning from the council as did Mr. Zabuto and the news we received shocked us," Giles began as he removed his glassed and polished them before putting them back on.

"What news, Mr. Giles?" Kendra inquired with interest.

"Travers, the head of the council, and everyone of his supporters were killed yesterday. It seems they were consorting with drug syndicates and money launderers and something went wrong as they were all killed while having a dinner party at Travers's manor," Giles reported watching the shock appear on all of their faces.

"Giles, is it possible that is not what happened?" Buffy asked, not really believing it was possible.

Before Giles could answer they were shocked by the appearance of Xander and his friends, bar his mother in a bright flash of light. They looked grim and Xander seemed slightly unsteady on his feet as they watched as he quickly took a seat at the table.

"Xander, are you okay?" Willow asked quickly, concerned by how her friend looked. "Where is Jessica?" she asked a second later.

"I’m okay Willow. I’m just recovering from my fight with Radrik who I would like to report is finally dead and dealt with," Xander replied. "Mom is fine as well Willow, she stayed behind in the tribe to rebuild her relationship with my real father who was alive and a captive of Radrik," he added and smiled as the Scooby gang congratulated him on his success, especially Willow who almost hugged the life out of him.

"So what is going to happen now with your group Xander?" Kendra asked, pleased to know her friend had finally succeeded in his mission and found his real father alive and well.

"We still have things to do, one of them being to begin to form our alliance," Xander replied. "Which is why I’m here, we will be holding our first meeting in three days, and you are all invited," he added.

"Xander I somehow doubt the council will be willing to discuss such a thing at this time, considering what has just happened," Giles interrupted before Willow could say something.

"They have already agreed to the meeting Giles, their new leader seems to think it is a great idea," Xander shot back. "I know Travers and his supporters are dead," he added.

"Xander, you didn't have anything to do with this do you?" Sam Zabuto asked, very suspicious of the way the young man and his group were acting.

"Somewhat, sadly it was necessary to remove Travers and his supporters before we brought the alliance to life and you both know that," Sir Integra spoke up before Xander could say anything. "We had the support of the powers in this before you try and argue how wrong it is and before either Miss Summers or Miss Hawthorne can point out how wrong it was we most likely have helped protect their lives as the new council head and the new council has agreed to remove the Cruciamentum from this point on," she added.

"What is that Giles and why does it sound so bad?" Buffy inquired, pushing away what she was going to say.

"The Cruciamentum is a test all slayers are forced to partake in once they reach their eighteenth birthday, their watchers are forced to strip them of their powers and then they are forced to fight a master vampire," Giles sighed as he replied, while Sam Zabuto looked ill. "If the watcher fails to do as he is told, his is either killed or removed from the council. If the slayer wins the fight the council believes them to be proper slayers," he explained.

"And if they lose the fight?" Kendra asked, angered by what she was learning, she may have soon been facing had Travers and his supporters not been removed, although she wished there had been another option to remove them instead of killing them and Buffy seemed to share her thoughts.

"The council usually just claims them to be failures. It is a barbaric test many watchers have tried to have removed for years, but the old guard would never allow it," Giles answered. "I’m pleased to know neither of you will have to go through this and that Travers and his cronies will never be around to threaten either of you," he added.

"I agree, while I regret the loss of life involved I have to agree they were all dangerous to our future, all they loved is money and power," Sam Zabuto put in

"You can't tell anyone else about this," Xander told them, pleased they were not to angered by this news. "It has to be kept secret," he added and smiled as they all nodded in agreement.

"So where are we meeting?" Cordelia inquired, not really liking what she was hearing, but she understood the need for it.

"Don't worry about that Cordy. It's a surprise and you will all arrive at the right time," Xander said with a smile. "I think you'll love it," he added, watching as she and the others exchanged confused looks before shrugging and just accepting his words that they would find out.

"Can you please fill team Shadow and the Hellsing team in on the meeting plans, but tell them only Blake and Vincent are coming to the meeting as someone has to keep an eye on the Hellmouth, especially with the First moving his attention here," Janna told them to which Giles nodded in agreement.

"Are you staying?" Oz asked.

"We can't, we have to alert our other allies about what is happening before the meeting," Amy responded before anyone else could. "We will see you in three days," she added before she and the rest of the group vanished.

"That was interesting," Oz said with a raised eyebrow. "I wonder if that is how we will arrive for this meeting," he wondered while the others just looked confused.


(Hogwarts, England)

Harry was sitting in the great hall with Fleur and Susan when he noted the flash of light that indicated Xander was paying a visit. Smiling, he quickly got up to greet them. While most of the school was still on holiday while new plans and other things got sorted out, some had remained in the school, including him. As he had told Alice and Sirius, if anywhere was home it was Hogwarts. He had however stayed at the Longbottom manor of and on over the last few months. He had become great friends with Neville in that time. Having his parents back had clearly given Neville a huge boost in confidence, he spent quite a bit of time with his father in his new job as head of the Aurors. Alice visited him often at the school. He found having her in his life the missing piece of the puzzle that made his life feel complete. Of course with Voldemort dead, his life felt so much freer now.

“Hey Harry,” Xander greeted him as they finished forming. “Fleur, Susan,” he added. The others all followed him in greeting them.

“Nice to see you, is everything okay?” Harry asked as he shook his friend’s hand.

“Yes actually everything is great, we finished our mission and Radrik is dead,” Xander told him with a grin. “Even better especially for mom is the fact we found my father alive. He was been held captive,” he informed them.

“That is great news,” Harry said. “I bet your mom was over the moon,” he added with a smirk.

“She does seem much happier now,” Tara pointed out before Xander could reply.

“Wouldn’t you?” Xander teased back.

“So what is going to happen now?” Fleur inquired, sensing they were here for a reason.

“We wanted to update you on things and to tell you in three days there will be a big meeting on Atlantis to discuss an alliance and you are all welcome,” Xander replied.

“Oh we are so there,” Harry shouted with glee. “I can’t wait to see Atlantis” he added.

“I take it you want us to inform Dumbledore and Aunty Amelia?” Susan inquired, watching her boyfriend jump around in high spirits. It was times like this that the differences in Harry really showed, the weight of the world was no longer on his shoulders and he was taking full advantage of that.

“It is probably best they be present as well to represent the magical world,” Sir Integra suggested to which Xander nodded.

“Can Alice come?” Harry asked finally turning a bit more serious.

“Of course and Sirius too,” Xander agreed with a nod of his head. “Now how about we trade updates?” he inquired.

They all sat down at the Gryffindor tables and began to discuss how things had gone since they had last seen one another. Xander relaxed feeling rather peaceful in the ancient castle. He was pleased to see his friend seemed to be well on the way to putting his past behind him, even more he seemed to have put having Voldemort and his forces out for his blood as well now that they were all dead. Janna leaned her head on his shoulder as she felt slightly tired, but foremost on her mind was her baby. Soon she and Alexander would be parents, and everything would change. The one major worry was that if they both went out to fight the darkness and neither returned who would look after their child? Xander seeming to sense her worries pulled her a little closer and dropped a kiss on her head, this made her smile and she pushed her worries away for another day.


(San Francisco, a while later)

Xander quickly moved to pull Prue into a deep and passionate kiss which she eagerly returned once they had reformed. The others just watched and shook their heads. Xander only pulled away when the need to breathe became an issue, he ran a finger down her cheek before stepping away.

“I missed you,” Prue said with a smile.

“Same here, how is Paige?” Xander responded as he looked for the fourth sister before finding her beside Phoebe. “Hey Paige, good to see you again,” he said with a smile.

Paige could see the teasing look he was giving her and knew he was hoping she would be confused by his question, but she remembered everything that had been said about him. “Nice try, but I know you’ve met an older version of me,” she shot back before sticking her tongue out at him which made him chuckle.

“I take it things went ok in explaining everything?” Xander inquired glancing at Prue.

“Most of it she took in quite quickly, but seeing Mom come to welcome her home pushed things, it took a while to explain about summoning spirits and of them being able to visit us,” Piper answered. “Watching them was heart breaking, I cried,” she admitted.

“I think we all did,” Phoebe said in response. “It is not every day you watch your lost half-sister come home and be greeted by your dead mother,” she said only half kidding.

“It is good to see you all happy,” Tara said, already feeling the effects of Xander’s joy at seeing the family reunited and his promise fully fulfilled.

“So how are things going?” Leo inquired as they all sat down.

Xander let out a brief sigh before he launched into updating them on everything. He really hoped Prue and her sisters would understand the need to remove Travers and his cronies. After he finished he sat and waited.

“Leo already told us about Travers and his followers,” Prue admitted, taking Xander’s hand in hers and giving a quick squeeze. “He sounded like that twit Fudge who threw Harry in Azkaban,” she spat. “Plus we were there when you originally brought up the plan remember,” she reminded him.

“It is a good comparison,” Amy said with a smile. “At the end of the day he was dangerous and while we all wished there was another way of doing things, this had to be done,” she told them.

“We have all agreed on that, even Cassandra and her Lord saw the need to remove them,” Sir Integra reminded them all.

“So this big meeting is the first step in forming the alliance we’ve all be hoping for?” Prue inquired.

“Yeah,” Xander said with a sigh still nervous about pulling the whole thing off. “Hopefully things will run smoothly now that Travers and his ilk are out of the way. The other organizations don’t have anyone like that that we know of,” he added.

“Still it will take quite a bit of back and forth I’m sure,” Leo mused as he felt Piper cuddle up next to him. “While some tried to pull an alliance together before, the different views and beliefs have always been a problem and usually they fall out because of that,” he told them.

“Yes that is true,” Alucard agreed with a nod. “But what you forget is this is the first time the call has come from someone who has allies in all of the major organizations as well as friendships with the major champions,” he pointed out, indicating Xander who shifted a little under the suddenly scrutiny. “Alexander has not only the will to pull this off, but the support to do it as well,” he stated.

Xander shifted again causing Tara to start running a hand up and down his back to quiet his nerves. She understood he was nervous and that he still felt a little overwhelmed by being in the driving seat in trying to pull an alliance off. But he had to know they all had faith in him to do this, more than that, they all believed in the idea of an alliance.

“Have you visited Harry?” Phoebe inquired, deciding to change subjects sensing the topic of conversation was getting a little tense.

“Yes we’ve already seen Harry and his friends before we came here. He is doing great now that the war is over and Voldemort is toast,” Xander answered. “He is looking forward to the big meeting, but I think he is having more fun having a family of his own. He has Susan and Fleur as his lover and wife respectively and Alice and Sirius as his godparents,” he explained. “Plus he and Neville have been getting on like brothers, and let’s not forget Hermione is as close to a sister to him as you can get,” he finished.

“He deserves it,” Prue said as she leaned against Xander, enjoying having him back. From there the group fell into silence as they each drifted off into their own thoughts.
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