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This story is No. 2 in the series "Contrary". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Chapters that should be read with "Contrary to Popular Belief" but are more focused in the buffyverse

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Supernatural > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Dean Winchester(Past Donor)pinkhairedharryFR1524,195074,06530 Jan 121 Feb 12No

Chapter One

Disclaimer: i don't own anything.

This is meant to be read with contrary to popular belief. it takes place after the fourth chapter and before the fifth chapter. it's focused on the BtVS side of things more than the Supernatural.

The Sunnydale survivors had spent a month recovering at the Hyperion while Willow and Giles tried to gain access to the funds of the old council. They eventually managed it with the help of Wesley. He had also recommended using a former hotel as a base of operations.

Xander had latched onto the idea and swayed all the rest. A former hotel would have enough rooms so no one would have so share. The kitchen would be able to produce enough food for all the people that would eventually be living there. There would be large rooms that could be converted into gyms or libraries and bathrooms for everyone. Willow managed to find one that would work with the budget Giles decreed. Their funds were not unlimited. It was old and hadn’t been used in twenty years but the base was solid. It would only need superficial remodeling.

Xander with his experience working construction was put in charge of making it inhabitable again. He put the minis as well the two senior slayers to work though he did keep a closer eye on them after Buffy ‘accidentally’ nailed Kennedy to a wall.

Xander had laughed until he couldn’t breathe. Faith, Dawn and the minis not named Kennedy joined him. It was the first time that anyone had heard Xander really laugh since the collapse of Sunnydale. When he had gotten control of himself and sent Buffy to stand in the corner until she could behave herself like an adult, she pouted but did so. Kennedy had mocked Buffy until Xander sent her to the opposite corner.

Kennedy spent the next week building up to a tantrum of epic proportions. She almost got Vi killed during a simple patrol by ignoring orders from the senior slayers. Vi was taken to the hospital and left with Andrew and Rona to protect her. When they got back to the hotel Xander snapped in front of everyone. He grabbed her, turned her over his knees and spanked her like the misbehaving child she was behaving like. After fifteen solid swats with the flat of his hand she was in tears.

While everyone was staring at him in shock he growled, “Don’t even start! Buffy was wrong to nail you to the wall but honestly you deserved it. You treat everyone like shit and I am personally sick of it. You’re not better than anyone else. You don’t know half of the shit we’ve been through. You’re high and mighty attitude needs a rewrite. Do you see anyone else complaining???"

He didn't wait for an answer he just continued yelling, "Everyone has been working their asses off and the only one bitching is you! Here’s your reality check. You’re not special and with your attitude you never will be. You don’t get to put anyone down to make yourself feel more important. You want us to respect you but how can we when you don’t respect any of us. Buffy has been the Slayer since she was fifteen. She’s died three times for humanity. We ripped her out of heaven, we kicked her out of her own home, we fucked up big time and she’s still here doing her part without complaint. Faith messed up yeah, we all have but she’s still fighting the good fight."

He pause then continued in a deathly calm tone, "Do you realize how much it takes to pull away from the Dark? How much it hurts to have that kind of regret. How strong she is to live with that kind of pain? You are not better than them your just lucky enough not to know the kinds of pain we live with. I regret a lot of things from the last seven years. Choices I hope you’re never faced with. One thing I don’t regret is my eye. Your life for my eye is not something I’m ever going to regret it. I would do it again without hesitation but you need to grow up before your attitude gets someone killed and you learn the hard way. Enough is enough you’re not a child anymore so stop acting like one or go home. You will apologize to Vi when she comes home. To the rest of you, anyone who purposely endangers a fellow slayer by disregarding orders will get the same punishment. Lecture included with full audience.”

Before anyone could react to that he was out the door. Everyone stood around in silence for a few minutes before the minis scattered to their rooms. Kennedy had tear tracks on her face but looked contemplative instead of angry as she headed up to her room. Giles, Buffy, Faith, Robin, Willow and Dawn were left alone in the lobby.

“Did that just happen?” asked Dawn looking around in shock.

“He just spanked then lectured Kennedy,” answered Buffy. She hadn’t really talked to Xander much since Sunnydale became a crater. She hadn’t realized how much he regretted until now.

“He just gave everyone a needed lesson on respect,” added Robin. He’d never given much thought to the usually immature construction worker. He hadn’t really bothered to get to know him and until tonight hadn’t planned on it.

“You know I’ve never actually apologized to him,” admitted Faith. While they weren’t best friends she did consider him a friend. Surviving Sunnydale had forced them into a working friendship but she hadn’t thought that he would defend her like that.

“Me neither,” added Willow shamefully.

“Has anyone actually talked to him lately?” asked Dawn. “I mean about Anya and how he’s been dealing because I don’t think he has. He distracts me every time I ask. He’s never snapped like that before. Not that he was wrong about Kennedy. She needed to hear it but I’m worried about him.”

Willow and Buffy exchanged a guilty look before shaking their heads. They hadn’t even thought about how much he was probably hurt by Anya’s death.

“Honestly no. He’s been so busy fixing up the hotel and working with the girls that I just assumed he was okay,” answered Giles polishing his glasses.

“We are pretty shitty friends ya know,” announced Faith.

“Maybe…” trailed off Dawn.

“Maybe what Dawn?” asked Buffy

“Maybe he talked to Dean,” answered Dawn.

“Dean who? We don’t know any Dean’s do we?” asked Willow confusedly looking at everyone else. They all looked just as confused as she did.

“Dawn who’s this Dean person? Why would Xander talk with him? And how do you know him?” asked Buffy.

“He’s Xander’s friend. He taught me how to get out of handcuffs. They’ve been friends since Xander’s road trip,” answered Dawn with the minimum of words.

“I thought Spike taught you that?” asked Buffy.

“Nope that was Dean. He also taught me how to pick locks,” answered Dawn with a grin.

“Xander didn’t tell us he made a friend then,” pouted Willow.

“That’s cause Dean’s a bad influence. He dragged Xander across the country hustling pool and playing poker. He even taught Xander how to hotwire a car,” explained Dawn.

“I wondered how Xander was able to hotwire my car last week,” commented Giles.

“Wait how do you know this?” asked Buffy.

“Xander told me about his road trip but Dean was the one to tell me all the good shit,” answered Dawn.

“Dean’s last name wouldn’t happen to be Winchester would it?” asked Faith with an amused grin.

“Yeah. You know him?” questioned Dawn.

“He lived next door to me for a while back before I was Called. His dad had the coolest car in existence, 67 Chevy Impala. Dean taught me to drive it when his dad was gone. He taught me how to hotwire a car too,” answered the smirking Faith.

“Dean still has the impala. He loves his baby,” said Dawn. “Xander’s car really did break down in Oxnard. Dean and his dad were staying at the same motel that Xander ended up at. They ended up hanging out for a few days and Dean decided to drag Xander with them for the summer. They stayed in touch by phone ever since.”

“But why did Xander lie to us about that?” asked Willow sadly.

“Mostly because I wasn’t ready to admit to you guys that I was kinda sleeping Dean at the time,” answered Xander with a smirk making everyone jump in surprise.

Buffy and Willow were doing excellent impressions of a fish out of water. Giles was polishing his glasses like there was no tomorrow. Robin just shrugged he didn’t know Xander well enough to be surprised by his admission. Faith was full out smirking.

“What??? Why didn’t you tell me???” squealed Dawn.

“You were way to into writing slash fanfiction for me to give you any incentive. Plus you were thirteen and I doubt Joyce would have approved of me telling you about my sex life,” answered Xander with a shrug.

“Why ya admittin’ it now?” asked Faith still grinning. Dean had been hot as well at fifteen. He was probably even better looking by now. Her and Robin hadn’t worked out but they managed to work together just fine. It might be possible to work a threesome in if she could talk Xander into it.

“I kinda invited him here yesterday. His dad kicked his little brother out for getting a full ride to Stanford. He kinda needs a place to go that’s away from his dad so I invited him to stay here,” answered Xander.

“You gonna introduce him to the night life?” asked Faith with a frown.

“He already knows. A demon killed his mom,” answered Xander.

“I thought she died in a fire?” questioned Faith.

“A yellow eyed demon did it. His dad’s been hunting it since then. They haven’t had much luck,” replied Xander sadly.
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