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Return To Carbon Creek

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Summary: Summary: This takes place after the Enterprise episode called Carbon Creek It may be considered AU as I played with the names of some of the characters. It will indirectly tie into the IDIC Series. What happened to Mestral after first contact? This is his

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Chapter One

By: FireStar

July 04, 2006

Disclaimer: Star Trek in all its forms belongs to the corporations and others. No profit will be made by this fan fiction by others or me. It may not be bought or sold. This is just for our enjoyment and to tie up loose ends that drove me crazy.

Summary: This takes place after the Enterprise episode called Carbon Creek It may be considered AU as I played with the names of some of the characters. It will indirectly tie into the IDIC Series. What happened to Mestral after first contact? This is his story.

Authors Notes: Thoughts or Telepathy

Archive: Selek yes if you want it. Anyone else sure just let me know where it is.

Rating: NC-17

Return to Carbon Creek

Part One (Bonding) NC-17

Mestral walked along the mountain trail. He shivered with the cold but kept moving. Soon he would be at the temple. He had visited here a year ago and found the monks to be good honest men. In his Four years on Earth, he had seen the best and worst of humanity and he was still fascinated by them. He shivered and kept moving. Soon it would all be over and the monks would bury his body and no one would know that a visitor from an other world came to visit. He would leave his journals and observations to be picked up by the next science team. He had to leave Carbon Creek before the need to bond with Maggie became overwhelming. He knew he wanted her for his bond-mate but he would not subject her to Vulcan passion. He shuttered as he recalled his first Ponn Farr .His bond-mate was T’ Jin and they had been friends. Yet, when the fires came, he had been brutal and he had hurt her. He still could see the look of betrayal on her face. Soon after, she had joined the Adapts and Gol. Their bond had been broken and he had time to find an other. For a while he had considered T’ Mir but he had not said anything because in the end he could not bear to have an other friend look at him as if he was a monster. He stumbled against the door. A young Adept came running out. He called for assistance and Mestral was carried in unconscious.

Maggie Cochrane put her foot to the floor. She had no idea why she was in such a hurry to get out of town. Ever since Zephraim had graduated college, she had been edgy. Maybe it was the fact that she had seen him again, Mestral, the first man she had feelings for in years.

She still recalled how he and T’ Mir had wondered into town one day lost and confused. She could see them so clearly in her mind’s eye. There was trepidation and curiosity in their faces as they sought out assistance. A pride and almost noble bearing in both of them that screamed privilege and power. Yet, Mestral had gambled to buy groceries and they had taken simple jobs to pay their way. Maggie had known that T’Mir did not approve of her being friends with Mestral.

At first, she had thought it was because she was divorced or because the woman had designs on him for herself. However, as time went on, she realized it was not that but rather that for some reason T’Mir had actually been trying to protect her from something.

She had actually grown to like T’ Mir despite her almost coldly logical approach. She had been delighted to watch Zephraim sit down and study with her.

T’Mir had spent her few free hours helping her son study physics and mathematics. She had encouraged him to dream of new ideas and supported him in his theories. Actually all three of them had done this. The other companion the one they nicknamed Curly had helped her son build a glider for his science project. Mestral had helped him create the design and T’Mir had worked out the math and physics to help him explain why his modifications would fly better then standard gliders. She smiled as she remembered the shock on the teachers / judges faces at the county science fair when a poor boy from Carbon Creek out shined the best and brightest from the private academies in the city. He had won first place and an additional 250-dollar scholarship.

She then remembered that they had left one day as quickly as they had come. She also remembered the jar full of money she had found. It had paid for the first year of school and Zephraim had gotten a full academic scholarship the next year. She had to stop and get out a moment. She shivered and took a drink from her thermos. She shivered and climbed back in the car. Then every month an envelope would appear with money in it. It was usually 50 to 100 dollars with a typed note addressed to her telling her to use the funds for her son’s education. At first, she had thought perhaps the money was coming from her Ex-husband but the sheriff had looked into that for her and she found out Hank was in Prison and had been for the last 15 years. There was no way he had been sending funds her way.

Then there was the day of her accident. She been driving home from Carson City when a delivery trucks breaks went out .It has forced her off the road and she had slammed into a tree. Mestral and several others had been on the bus coming home from the mines when the crash had occurred. She had been rushed to the hospital unconscious and near death. She did not remember any of this but Joe and Pete had told her how distraught Mestral was. He had paced and looked devastated when the doctors had come out and said there was nothing they cold do. They had said that they should call Zephraim home to say good-bye because she would not live the night. Mestral had left then and returned latter cleaned up and he waited. Joe and Pete and their wives had also come back to wait because they were her friends and had not wanted her to die alone. Pete and Patty had left to pick up her son from the bus. Mestral had sent the others to get dinner preferring to wait at the hospital. Here she had vague distant memories of Mestral coming to her room and taking her hand in his. She remembered him running a device over her body and then placing his hands on her temples. She been lost in deep fog unable to find her way back from the abyss. She had been walking toward a light until she heard his voice call her. He called her in a language she did not know at first so she stopped curious. Then understanding flooded her and she saw him holding his hand out desperately to her.

“Attend Margaret. “ He had demanded. “Come back to me.”

He had never demanded anything of her and was always being kind and gentle taking care of her needs. The fierce desire and longing she saw in his eyes drew her back. Maggie had taken his hand and been pulled back to conciseness by his will alone. She had woken to find him holding her hand and tears running down his face. He never showed emotion so it touched her deeply.

“I thought I had lost you.” He said as he knelt at her bedside. “OH Maggie I could not bear that.”

He had stayed until the others came back and the doctors called it a miracle. Maggie however knew she been healed by Mestral. When she tried to speak to him about it, he simply said, “Miracles are illogical and I am no god to heal you. Though I wish I could have spared you the pain.”

A week after she left the hospital he had said goodbye. “I must leave Maggie. I …I cannot stay here. I will return but for now I have family business to attend to.”

She had been crushed but let him go thinking he had not wanted her. She cried for a month. Then the envelops had began to arrive.

She wondered then where the money was coming from until one day an Air Force Officer had arrived to ask many questions about the comet that had crashed several years ago. Instinctively she knew that she could not and should not answer the questions. He had wanted to know if any strangers had been in the area. Pete had laughed and said no. That it was just the same old gang. She had played host at the hotel for a week while the Air Force searched the area. She could see their frustration when they left. Shortly after that she moved into town not wanting to be so easily found.

Now three months latter she was heading after Mestral. She shook knowing he needed her and she had to find him. She had no idea how she knew where he was heading but she knew. She pulled up to the temple and sighed. She climbed out and wrapped her coat around her tightly. She entered the sanctuary and went to the alter lighting a candle and incense.

She knelt at the alter and prayed for a chance to see him again. She loved Mestral and she was terrified she would lose him. Pride meant nothing if he was lost to her. She looked up and saw a priest.

“Why are you here child?” He asked.

She swallowed hard. “A friend of mine, he may have come through here. I…Mestral I fear he may be ill. I thought to pray I feared I would not find him in time.”

The priest looked at her. Maggie felt as if he was measuring her very soul.

“Come with me Maggie.”

She gasped and stumbled after him wondering how he knew her name. They entered his office. He faced her. “You are right Mestral is very ill. We can do nothing for him.”

She blanched and paled. “Oh God No.” She almost collapsed from those words “I have to see him.”

“I can not allow that. He made me promise to keep you away.”

“What! I am his friend. I will not abandon him. Where is he?” She said fiercely. “Take me to him now.”

“Do not misunderstand, he wishes to protect you.”

“What! I will not leave him alone. We need to get him to a hospital.”

The priest took a breath. “A hospital could not help him and would likely do more harm then good.” He went to Maggie’s side. “He saved your life and you feel you owe him. He said you might think this way. Nevertheless, he wants you to go and be happy. He knows you care but if you go to him you endanger yourself.”

“Why? Is he contagious?”

The priest smiled. “Not to us, to you perhaps. “He took her hand and helped her to a chair. He looked away and weighed his options. His promise to Mestral against the anguish and need in this young woman’s face. He saw the tell tale signs of fever. Mestral was wrong she was suffering the Ponn Far “Maggie Mestral is …. He is not as we are. He is different. He is sick because of a fever his kind suffers ever seven years.”

She looked at him not understanding. “How can this harm me?”

“Mestral is not human Maggie. He is a different species. He must mate or die.”

Maggie swallowed hard. Suddenly so much made sense.” The comet. No, it was a ship. A space rocket ….a ship of some sort?”

“Yes, Mestral stayed when his fellow officers returned home. He is your friend and does not wish to harm you. He ….He is afraid he would force himself on you. He is not rational Maggie. He is barely able to refrain from harming us when we set food and water in.”

“He has to make love or die? Then why did he not come to me? I would never refuse him. I love him.” She was anguished.

“He knows this but because he is out of control he fears he would harm you. If you resisted even a little…Maggie he was afraid he would rape you or worse. He cares to deeply to risk that. Soon it will be over and we will bury him with honor. He would want you to leave. He wants to protect you.”

“No….No damn it take me to him now.”

“He will take you Maggie and we can not interfere or he would kill us and perhaps you. Be certain because once this starts it will last a week or more.” The priest knew Mestral would be angry when he came out of the fever and he knew it was the only chance his friend had. He also knew that Maggie needed Mestral as much. She was now fevered her nostrils flared. “Take me to my mate.” She demanded in Vulcan.

The priest started but nodded because it was clear Maggie had made her choice.

He started and led her to his rooms. He worried but knew that Maggie would tear the place apart to find him. He opened the cell door and Maggie entered the room. She saw him curled on the ground in agony. She stripped off her clothing and went to his side. Dropping her knees, she touched his fevered flesh. “Mestral beloved I am here.”

He rolled over and was staring at her. His eyes fevered and she froze. He was wild and his hair was back off his ears. She saw them for the first time and swallowed hard. “Mestral?”

He began to stalk her and she backed away instinctively afraid even as she looked him over and swallowed hard. He was the most beautiful man she had ever seen.

“Maggie?” He whispered. He turned away “Go….Please Go…Safe… You …no safe here.”

She went to him and wrapped her arms around him. She suddenly felt his fear, need, and his desire to protect her from this madness. “Mestral help me….I burn.” She said in his language not knowing how she knew it. She slipped around him and held him. He shook for a moment and then dragged her to him. She felt herself pushed against the wall and with no warning, he drove into her.

Maggie gasped in shock and relief. She was on fire and only he could ease the burning. Her fingers dug into his neck and back as she cried out for him. Time lost meaning as they battled for release.

An hour latter he held her panting. His eyes seemed clearer as he looked at her.

“Maggie I am sorry.” He said shuttering rolling her beneath him once more. “I did not wish this for you.”

“Take me now.” She demanded meeting him. “Oh God more.” She cried. “Mestral I need you.”

Mestral felt her climax and followed her over. He was shocked when her lips fond his and she kissed him with passion. More please. He heard her cry in his mind.

I need you. I love you Mestral

He surged and kissed her with passion. She was his and he was never letting her go. He looked down on this human and knew he would never leave her again. Mine He said as he bit her shoulder marking her as his mate. His hands found her temples and he completed the bond. Maggie gasped as she felt his mind claim hers even as his body took hers. You are mine. She heard words in Vulcan but she could only feel, as their minds became one.

Hours latter, she lay in his arms exhausted and sated, as she never had been. She stoked his smooth chest. “I love you. You should not have left me.”

“I wanted to keep you safe.” He said stroking her hair. “I hurt you.”

She smiled and he felt it. “I am sore but Mestral it was worth the bruises. I love you and if you need me that way, I am honored to serve your need. I do not know what makes you different and I do not care you are the man I want and need.”

He rolled so he could look into her eyes as she stroked his ears. “Maggie I am not a man. I am not human.”

“I figured that part out. But I would say you are hardly a little green man.”

He cocked a brow, as she giggled. “I am sorry I could not resist.”

“I do not understand? What does size have to do with anything?”

Maggie roared with laughter. ‘Trust me Mestral size matters. “She had tears in her eyes she was laughing so hard. “Oh I love you so.” She stroked his face wanting a lifetime to learn him.

“Then you will be my wife?”

She froze. She could see he looked vulnerable and afraid she would reject him.

“I would be honored to be your wife.” She said, “Is it allowed?”

He looked at her “I am dead to my people Maggie. I can never go home. I chose to stay here on Earth with you. I would spend my life with you.”

She swallowed hard” Then I will marry you.” She said as he kissed her.

“I am honored Maggie.” He felt the fever begin again and he looked at her apologetically. She smiled as she drew him to her.

“Oh God this is to good.” She said, “Who would have thought we would have the honeymoon first?”

“What is a honeymoon?” He asked but before she could answer, the fires burned once more.

Then neither spoke as the flames claimed them once more. Maggie’s last thought was she would explain later.
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