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Project: Amalgam

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Summary: Cross/AU; Ranma is captured and has his mutant powers awakened, due to their nature he is further enhanced against his will. Once freed he finds himself wielding great but uncontrollable powers and must seek out help to remedy this. This is his story.

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Chapter 7, part 3

Project: Amalgam.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything, I’m just borrowing the characters from the authors in secret…don’t tell anyone or they’ll skin me alive.

“Character speaking.”

*Sound effects.*


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Chapter 7 part 3:

On the way to Ranma’s apartment…

The ride to the home of their newest friend was silent as each of the car’s occupants were lost in their own thoughts. The revelations that had taken place earlier stayed firmly in the grasp of the X-men; never would it have occurred to them that the young man they had befriended would be related to the one of the faculty much less Logan of all people.

He never seemed the type to have a family less to sire a child…but this knowledge was tempered by the fact that much of the man’s past was a mystery even unto himself.

*Could he have had a family before coming to the school?* Cyclops asked himself as he looked at the martial artist out of the corner of his eye *I mean Logan knows his mother, but why would he leave her? Was he even aware that Ranma existed before he left? It doesn’t sound like something he would do, I mean he looked torn up about it.*

Jean was on a similar line of thought though naturally she was wondering how Ranma was taking everything in.

She gave a discreet look in the mirror to see him watching the road in a pensive manner, for a moment he turned to look at her reflection making an indirect for of eye contact that startled her.

Deep down she knew that he was in turmoil over this, and despite not knowing him for long she and the others found to be rather likeable so naturally she decided to start a conversation with him.

“So Ranma…” she said as she looks at him “…how did you find out about the School? We really don’t publicize its existence for obvious reasons.”

Ranma knew what she was doing and silently thanked her for it, his minds was going miles a minute as he recalled his feelings as he faced his father.

*Why did I do that? I can’t be mad at a man who only did what he thought was right in order to protect my mother, so why did I lash out at him…am I mad at him for leaving her or because he wasn’t there for me?*

He thought before turning towards Jean.

“A friend who has associates in high places helped out, he found that this city has its fair share of weird happenings as well as mentioning a team of mutants, with one member having claws like mine.”

“Yeah but how did he figure it was here specifically?” Since he figured something more was going on.

“It’s a long story, one I will tell but only when we get back…it’s going to take a while to explain a few things and you aren’t going to like some of the things I will have to tell you.”

He explained to her gently while looking into her eyes to convey honesty and regret. Regret because she was also mentioned in the journal as well as Scott, whatever that madman wanted with them Ranma vowed he would not allow it to happen, as far as he knew, Jean was a good sort and had a kind heart, having drop dead good looks just added to the whole package. Scott also seemed all right if a bit stiff, but unlike a certain Blue Blunder he head dealt with, the guy was not thick headed and seemed to be on the level.

Jean took his comment as for why he had metallic claws like Logan, she like many other students had at one time wondered how the gruff mutant instructor had come by them. The answer came when Kitty and Kurt confided in the team before the arrival of the New Mutants; they did so because the experience with Weapon X left them frazzled and worried.

*Does that mean that Ranma was also part of some experiment to make living weapons?*

She thought with worry, unaware of how exact she was in her beliefs. Jean decided to move to something else to talk about that could ease things for them all right now…

“Ranma…do you hate Logan?” she asks in hopes to get him to open up.

“I…I don’t know him personally to come to a decision, my mom only told me about him but whenever she spoke about him she always got sad, it’s why I lashed out at him I guess.”

“That’s a pretty normal response to this situation, or that’s what I think at least…are you and your mom close?” Scott asks in the end.

“Yeah, or at least we were getting there before I got these powers.” The martial arts prodigy replied.

“If you mind my asking…What do you mean by getting there?” Jean asks as she that odd.

“Remember when I said I was on a training trip?”


“Well the man I thought was my father at the time took me from her since he thought that she would make me soft if I stayed with her.”

“What? That makes no sense!”

Scott pointed out as it seemed such an extreme measure just to train someone in martial arts.

“Genma was not a man who thought on the repercussions of his actions, trust me I have the scars, bone cracks, and memories to prove it. It also doesn’t help that he has this whole women are weak mentality either…boy the trouble I got in because I thought he was right, thank the Kami mom set me straight the second she found out. How he managed to stay alive with such a backwater mentality amazes even me.”

“No offense Ranma but your stepdad sound like a pretty big idiot.”

Jean said harshly as she did not like what she was hearing about him.

“Jean, he doesn’t sound like an idiot…he IS an idiot though I think even calling him one makes even other idiots look smart, not to mention he’s a mutant hater to boot. Not the healthiest combination if you were to think about it.”

Ranma said in turn with equal harshness.

Did he try to hurt you?

Jean asked quietly as it was one of the things that they as a race had to deal with, parents who often lashed out at their children.

Scott’s hands tightened on the steering wheel, he knew full well how adults acted when they found out their child was a mutant and didn’t like it one bit.

“He doesn’t know I’m a mutant or that I’m not his son for that matter, his marriage with my mother was something done out of necessity or that’s what she told me. Besides he got his shots in when I was kid during training, now the tables are turned and he has to go all out just to keep up with me.”

Ranma replied with a smirk as he imagined how easily he took on his former father figure after training with Happosai and Cologne.

“Still you should be careful, normal people can still find ways to hurt us when they really put their minds to it. Like when they let loose the Sentinels.”

“After facing a group of them in Japan I don’t blame you wanting to stay away from them, those things were a nightmare, I had to go all out to take them out when they came gunning for my hide.”

Ranma replied with a grimace.

“You faced off against the Sentinels?” Jean asked in surprise as she did not expect to meet the one who had decimated the area fighting against the machines.

“Yeah…” the teen replied with some discomfort and bitterness in his voice “…didn’t help I was fighting some goons sent by the bastard who liked to cut me open to get his jollies while he experimented on me to boot.”

“What!?” Scott yelled as he was not expecting to hear something so barbaric.

“I’ll tell you back at your place…better not eat anything because the story ain’t pretty I can tell you that much.”

He finished before he closed his eyes to rest for a bit, leaving to very curious and uneasy teens to think over his words.

Back at the Mansion…

While the students were sitting in the common room awaiting the return of their peers and guest, the adults stood in Xavier’s study…or at least two of them.

Hank was pouring over the journal trying to find some logic to the man responsible for such morally reprehensible actions against a teenager no younger than their charges.

“Oh my stars and garters, this man is both a veritable genius and sociopath all rolled up into one…”

Hank spoke as he removed he rubbed his forehead to stave off an impending headache along with the feelings of anger and disgust at the man’s absolute lack of morals and a conscience. He thought dealing with Magneto and the ones who started Weapon X was bad; this Sinister was of a level he had never dealt with before.

“…we are out of our element here Charles, I can’t even begin to fathom what thought process went into this abhorrent project let alone how Ranma could still function mentally after being subjected to such trauma. Anyone else would have either been driven to a catatonic state or rendered irreversibly mad.”

“Yes, I’m afraid it is not so simple old friend, from what I can tell from the boy’s actions describe during his abduction the men under the employment of this… Sinister’s had no qualms in beating and mutilating him for their own amusement or under his orders to see how he would react.”

Charles spoke with a false calm as he looks towards the window and rubbed his hands together. He never tried to show anger lest he did something he regretted, but Sinister’s actions were REALLY pressing his limits.

“Young Ranma responded with defiance every step of the way and meted out an equal amount of violence on his captors every chance he got.”

“Are you saying he’s a danger to the children?”

Storm asked with both concern and denial as her caring nature refuse to believe the boy who had come to Kitty’s aid and Rahne’s discomfort would be capable of hurting them.

“To all them and us in particular? No I certainly do not believe he is since he does not have any negative history with us and he seems to show that he is willing to trust us thus far…but should he encounter anyone else who works for Sinister or should share the same disregard for life he has…”

Charles left the last part unsaid as two names came to their minds

“Like Magneto or Sabertooth for example?” Hank said as more of a fact than a question.

Charles reluctantly nodded, his estranged friend had already shown how far he was willing to go to “save” their kind with any method he deemed necessary to achieve his goals, though he had yet to demonstrate such complete and utter disregard as Sinister he came close with Kurt and the Summer’s duo. Sabertooth had already marked himself as an enemy in the boy’s eyes with the way he enjoyed hurting him, needless to say the savage fighter now had both Logan and his son out for his blood and nothing would stop them from claiming it.

*Speaking of Logan…*

“How is Logan handling the situation?” The professor asks Storm who was one of the few people able to get close to the man despite his abrasive behavior.


“He’s sequestered himself in his room as has not yet come out.” She replied.

“Ranma’s appearance and reaction have left him drained, understandable of course given the situation he finds himself in. Still…”

Hank’s voice softened as he continued to speak

“…I hope the boy does not lash out needlessly against him, I mean in all fairness he did not know he existed.”

“That might be true Hank, but I don’t think that was why Ranma was angry.”

Ororo said as she turned to face him

“…I believe it has more to do with him abandoning his mother than himself, from what I can tell, Logan was not present for his childhood and one must conclude that his mother would have been the one to show him love and kindness.”

“This must mean that speaking of him to Ranma showed she still had strong feelings for him and thus great regret and sadness for losing him, this combined with his imprisonment and torture may have what drove him to lash out at Logan.”

The Nubian woman finished sadly as she felt for both father and son and what they must be going through.

“You raise a valid point Ororo…” Charles began as he turned to look at them

“…however I feel this must be something both of them must work through on their own, despite the circumstances they are still family and like any family will have obstacles along the way, but we will be there to offer any help they need should they wish for it.”

That was something they all agreed on quite easily, they were family in their own unique way and if anything they stood by each other.

Meanwhile with Logan…

The man in question sat in the only piece of furniture to survive his wrath after watching Ranma be burned alive by his nemesis. In his hands he held a bottle of whisky he kept stashed for when he really needed a stiff drink to tide him over…the news of a son he had never met, as well as the torture and experimentation of said son would constitute such an occasion

“Like father like son…” He muttered as he took a drink of the liquid “…Christ, am I so fucked up and cursed with enough bad karma that even a child of mine is cursed to suffer through the same things I did?” He questioned himself.


“Go away!” he let out loudly as he wanted to be alone right now before his son came back and grilled him on why he had abandoned the second woman to ever love him despite his many flaws.

“Mr. Logan?” The voice the belonged to none other than Katherine “Kitty” Pryde asked from behind the door.

“Now is not a good time sprout.” He spoke more calmly.

“Please Mr. Logan; I just want to talk to you real quick…it’s about Ranma.”

*God…that’s the last thing I want to talk about before seeing him again.*

He thinks as he gets up, as much as he denies it he likes the girl for the simple fact that she has seen him at his worst yet still trusts him. That’s one of the reasons that he was very protective of Kitty, anyone lays a hand on her with ill intent, they were going to lose said hand, along with any body parts he deems they did not need. Opening the door he finds her there nervously chewing her lip until he sees him.

“What is it?”

“Well…it’s like…um…” Kitty stutters as she tries to convey why she is here.

“Listen kid now isn’t the…”

“It’ll be okay!” She speaks suddenly to him.


“With Ranma, I know everything will be okay with him.” She says more assuredly.

“Kid…” Logan tries to let her down gently but he sees that she is quite serious about this.

“I know that you feel it won’t…but I think Ranma will forgive you. He talked to me and Kurt before you met and he’s a very good person who had bad things happen to him for no reason…but he’s strong and brave like you.”

“Maybe I don’t deserve his forgiveness.” Logan spoke with melancholy in his voice “…I let that maniac Creed hurt him… I let a lot of people hurt him…” he whispered at the end.

Kitty just quietly hugged him, whether she heard the last part or not he didn’t know but he let her hold him, she and Ororo were part of a select few he allowed to be that close.

“Then just do better, that’s what you do right? You get stronger and better whenever it gets tough.” She said in all honesty as she gave him a warm smile, one he couldn’t help but mirror.

“Yeah kid, that’s what I do best.” He replied as he ruffled her hair.

“Hey! No messing up my hair!” She pouted cutely as she said that before smiling again “…feel better?”

“Yeah, yeah I do sprout…now I should go with the others before he gets back. I got to sort out my thoughts first before talking to him.”

With that said the feral mutant left his room and headed towards the professor’s study, he was going to need some advice on how to handle the afternoon’s coming events.

Later that afternoon…

After making a quick change in clothing and reassuring his landlord that he was not aware of the last night’s earlier events, as the owner heard some ruckus outside but did not chose to investigate out of fear, he left with Scott and Jean to tell his tale to the converted Mansion’s residents.

The two led him to the large dining room where they often shared a communal meal together with the faculty and the new students when they could. There he saw the senior students on his right with Storm, Beast and his father as well as two open seats. The professor was at the head of the table and the New Mutants on the left and a free chair that stood opposite of the professors.

“Welcome Ranma, I hope you have had ample time to rest and refresh yourself, if not we can have something made for you if you like.” Charles offered.

“I thank you for the offer professor Xavier but I must decline, besides…” Ranma spoke with utmost seriousness

“…I doubt anyone will be able to keep their stomachs under control after what they will hear today.”

“I see that you are set on this decision, and given the circumstances behind it…” the professor spoke as he glanced at the journal in Hank’s hands “…I can hardly say I blame you, but just know that you are safe here Ranma and that we will do all we can to help you.”

“I thank you for that but after what I have experienced I don’t believe I nor will anyone else be safe until that psychopath is dead and buried, and every means is used to make sure he STAYS dead.”

Ranma growled as he thought of what he would do to Sinister if he got his hands on him.

The others teens were caught off guard by the tone they felt from him, this made them question what could have been done to him that could warrant such a response. The adults however knew had had occurred and some found it sad that such innocence had been torn away from the boy.

“But that’s for later, I need answers from you…” Ranma spoke up as he pointed at Logan “…before I speak about myself.”

“Yeah…yeah you do.” Logan replied with a tired tone as he remembered that day.

“Why did you leave her? I know it had something to do with a group of ninjas but that’s about it. What EXACTLY happened?”

The young martial arts prodigy spoke while ignoring how Ray mouthed the words ninja in confusion.

“Not just any band of ninjas kid, this was a group of Hand ninjas. I and they have a history, bad to the bone marrow history, they go after anyone who gets in their way or they want in their ranks…”

Logan scowled as he recalled all his encounters with them, none of them were the least bit amusing in the slightest.

“…and I fell in both categories, since I ran afoul with the Yakuza they naturally blew the whistle on me being in Japan and worse they knew about me and your mom.”

“That day she went to the doctor to get checked when was attacked by them, I trailed after her because she forgot her money. When I got there they were planning to kill her to send me a message…”

Logan and Ranma growled at that idea “…I took offense to that little gem and took it out on their hides. No need to explain that part since it’s better off that I let you fill in the blanks.”


“The thing about the Hand is, they don’t forgive or forget unless you make them…”

Logan spoke with tired resignation

“…so I had a chat with her old man and told him I was leaving and that he needed to hide her somewhere safe while I dealt with these undead bastards.”

“Undead?” Evan asked in clear confusion when the older man said that “…what do you mean undead? You don’t mean that they are like zombies or something?”

He asked with humor thinking it was some kind of joke…it wasn’t in the slightest as he and everyone else was about to find out.

“No, their people are brought back from the dead with some ritual they perform or at least that what some folks in the know tell me, I tend to believe them when you take into account the fact that they disappear in a cloud of green smoke as you stab’em in some place important along with a few other places.”

“Logan please! They do not need to hear this.” Ororo chided the man.

“Darling, the sooner you stop babying them the better, I know we ain’t here to make them into soldiers but I’ll be damned to hell before I let them go out into the world without knowing about everything and everyone out there capable of gutting them or using them…”

He said in all seriousness despite the teens looking on, most were surprised to hear that from the man who was such a harsh taskmaster on them “…and we know that it’s true, ain’t it junior?” Logan spoke seriously as he looked at Ranma, Ranma glared a bit at that remark, he felt that Logan was still way too far off to be calling him that..

“Okay first off don’t call me that, you have not earned that right nor to call me your son nor given me reason to call you father without me feeling anger…”

Ranma replied tersely though taking no pleasure in seeing the man flinch at his words. They were going to have to work on that, and at least he now had some idea on what made his father leave. If this Hand were that bad then meeting them was going to be inevitable.

“…you hurt mom, I know that you didn’t mean too but I have not seen her so sad since that damn Panda I used to call Pop took me on that damn training trip and made me sign a seppuku pledge as a kid.”

“He made you do what!?” Wolverine shouted in anger and shock. Hearing his kid being used as an experiment was bad enough, but hearing him being forced to agreeing to a pledge of Seppuku was really asking for a beating.

“Later, now I need time to process before I can come to a decision about where you and I stand, can we both at the least agree on that?”

“…yeah, I can respect that but could you at least let me talk to her?” Wolverine asked calmly and respectfully to his estranged offspring.

“I will give you the details of where she is staying before I leave, and as far what you just said about these guys knowing what’s out there? I believe you are right, they do need to know, especially now more than ever given the fact that the bastard who did this…” He spoke as he raised his arms for all to see.

*SNIKT!* the claws slid out surprising the New Mutants given how more menacing they looked in comparison to Logan’s

“…is still out there and is both looking for me and is interested in some people who live here for his own personal game of play God with the people.” He finished gravely.

Naturally his last comment started a chain reaction of panic and shock.

“WHAT!?” Jean

“OH MY GOD!” Kitty

“Are you shitting me!?” Ray

“Oh man!” Kurt

“What do we do!?” Amara

The adults tried to calm them down with little results.

“Children please remain calm!” Hank spoke out as the shouts grew louder.

“We are taking steps but please calm yourselves.” Ororo said as she saw their charges worry grow.

Charles and Jean felt their fear and it was interfering with the professor’s attempts to psychically pacify them. This was also having an effect on Ranma and his telepathic abilities, as evidenced by his head being held in his hands, not even the Soul of Ice was working for this level of psychic backlash.

“Everyone please…calm down and SHUT UP!” He finally yelled as he looked up to find his nose bleeding slightly.

Everyone turned to look at the raven haired teen as he panted and refocused on the Soul of ice to soothe the pain he felt.

“Better…” he spoke as he finally reduced the noise to an acceptable level

“…sorry about the yell but, it was practically melting my brain…stupid mind powers one of these days I should get me a mental blocker or something before my head cracks.

He muttered at the end.

“Ranma? You’re telepathic?” Jean asked as another piece to the puzzle that was their new friend revealed itself.

“Not originally, I was supposed to only have his powers…” Ranma motioned towards Logan

“…but like I said before, I’ve been tweaked up to the forehead against my will. Can I please continue to explain what happened to me and how it affects you and others?”

After a few minutes were the young mutants found their centers and once more awaited the words of their possible new member Ranma began to speak once more.

“I get that I have disturbed you with what I have said but trust me the more you know the better you will be to deal with the situation. I cannot stress that enough, I have lived through enough harebrained, off the wall, life threating situations to know this…and this was before I got my powers so trust me when I say I have experience in his situations.”

Ranma finished speaking and turned to look at the faculty.

“Now, when I came here I brought a journal with me to show you what happened to me and give you an idea of just how dangerous this…man is, I assume you read it right?”

“Yes…and let me say that I’m…” Charles began to speak but was cut off by Ranma holding up his hand to stop.

“You weren’t there to stop it and you weren’t the one cutting me open, so don’t say you’re sorry. I have had time to deal with some of it, not all of it since I still get nightmares from time to time and feel the anger grow when I remember but… while I appreciate the gesture it won’t change anything, all I can do is try to move forward and if the time comes when him and I meet again there will be a reckoning.”

He finished in a tone that said he was not to be swayed or deterred, he was going to fight this with every fiber of his being, he was NOT going to go down, lay there and die. No way, he was going to fight and while the understanding and sympathy were expected, he did not want to be beholden to that.

Logan had to give him his due, the young man acted like he would have done though with more control than he had. He had to agree mentally that his…son had more balls than he did when it came to sucking up the nightmares.

“Very well Ranma though still we hope to help you if you so desire it, whether by teaching control of your gifts or simply by giving you council. I founded this institute to teach young men and women like you that they are not alone in this world and their burdens can be shared with those who are willing to bare them.” Charles replied with a warm smile.

“Thank you Professor Xavier I am honored by your offer and hope to be worthy of your teachings.” Ranma spoke as he would a Sensei who deserved the utmost respect.

“Now we must move on to less than pleasant memories, so please Ranma tell us what information you have so as to better prepare ourselves against this man.”

Charles requested from the knowledgeable youth.

“Well he calls himself Mr. Sinister and trust me when I say he is just that and more, he’s smart, immoral and sadistic to the extremes which he loves to show every damn chance he gets. He’s deathly pale man who wears a black segmented suit with a red gem in the center of it as well as a smaller one on his forehead, on the back seemed to be strips that arched before falling, blood-red eyes and a fanged maw. He makes Dracula look like a washed out actor in a dirt cheap suit and tacky makeup.”

“Any chance you can project his image with your telepathy?” Jean reluctantly asks as from the sound of things the man was the perfect image of a vampire or ghoul.

“Can’t control it, it takes all my concentration not to hear other people’s thoughts and when someone else tries to get in they are block of by…something I’ve had in my head for a while now.”

The ponytailed youth replied with his head bowed down.

*So that’s what occurred when I tried to enter his mind, another presence was there already…strange.* Xavier thought as he processed that information.

“So what else can you tell us?” Scott requested.

“He has henchmen working for him, one group call themselves the Nasty Boys and the other is called the Marauders, they’re the ones who are the most dangerous.”

“Can you describe them for us later? I feel it would take too long to focus on each individual that make up both teams.”

Hank replied as he could tell it could take too much time from the boy too describe them in detail, besides he wanted to spare the boy any more needless grief by remembering who was responsible for his torture.

“Yeah sure, tomorrow after school if you’ve got no problem with that.”

“Tomorrow is fine Mr. Gunshin, now please continue and if you feel the need to stop only say so and we shall pick off some other time.”

Beast spoke as he wanted to convey that he was among friends here, after all he had endured by that hands of this madman, he deserved to know he had friends.

“Thanks, anyway I met him a year ago when I came back from China…”

“You were experimented on for a year?” Kitty asked in shock as she could not imagine what pain he must have went through for a year.

“Yeah…I can honestly say that despite every crazy ass training Genma put me through; nothing equals the pain I went through with this bastard.”

Ranma spoke in a hollow tone as he refused to meet her eyes.

“I did some light training in a clearing when I fell literally on top of one of his secret labs and was attacked by these robots he kept there to protect the place. I fought as hard as I could but I was knocked out and next thing I know I’m strapped to a table and then the son of bitch was right there saying how interesting I was and I would help him achieve his goals.” The young man said with a grimace on his features.

“What are his goals?” Scott asked as the more he heard the more angry and worried he got.

*What are we dealing with here? A guy like him can’t possibly this monstrous…can he?*

“When he found that I was like him…” He motioned towards Logan again

“…only with a better healing factor, he said I would be the key for a project he had been trying to fulfill called Amalgam.”

“Amalgam? Isn’t that like a combination of metals?” Evan asked as he looked towards Hank.

“Actually the term is used in more than just metallurgy Mr. Daniels…and in this case it applies more towards genetics and biology.”

The ape like mutant spoke in a subdued tone as he let them draw on their conclusions.

Jean and Scott had an idea of what that meant from their previous conversations as well as what Ranma had demonstrated to them but Jubilee was the one who voiced it out loud.

“Then that’s what you meant when you said he modified with your body! You have multiple powers don’t you?”

She spoke in shock as despite not being the sharpest knife in the proverbial drawer, she was quick enough to guess the implications.

“That’s correct Jubilee, Ranma has multiple X-genes in his DNA that give him multiple abilities that make him one of the most powerful mutants on the planet.”

Charles said to them all causing the students to look at him with awe and surprise. Unfortunately Ranma was well aware of what that meant and he was not going to let it be taken the wrong way.

“Trust me…” Ranma spoke bitterly as he did not think it was as cool as they thought it was “…it isn’t all that’s crack up to be and considering I had to be cut open, beaten and mutilated to get them takes out any redeeming features about them. Sure they saved my hide but they don’t know when to shut down when I don’t need them.”

That brought the kids back down to earth as they realized the cost for having such power; once more they wondered why this Sinister needed to have such a being in their service. Sensing their curious thoughts Ranma beat them to the punch.

“From what you’re feeling you want to know why he decided to screw with me right?”

“Did you read our thoughts just now?” Rogue asked with a bit tersely as she never liked it when that happened.

“No I felt them, and don’t give that look okay? I can’t control want I can do with these stupid powers, you think I like knowing what other people think? Hell if it weren’t for a martial arts technique I know I would go mad hearing their thoughts.”

Ranma replied in the same tone towards the girl who had the decency to look shameful for her comment.

Sorry…” she whispered back as she forgot why he had that ability in the first place.

*Way to go you moron! Yet another reason why I should have learned by now WHEN to open my bloody mouth!*

He thought to himself before calming himself.

“Ah geez, look I’m sorry if I overreacted and snapped at you, I just don’t like it when people think badly of me for no reason or for something I can’t control. I had enough of that in Nerima with some people I’d rather soon forget.”

“Was it because you were a mutant?” Bobby spoke up.

“Nah, that was before all this happened but I’ll tell you about that later, anyway where was I?”

“You vhere about to tell uz vhy you vere experimented on Ranma.” Kurt supplied for him.

“Right, so the reason he wants me to become this super powerful mutant is because he basically wants a mindless machine to be his enforcer and guard dog in one. He knows that people like you and others would stop him from his work so he wants some insurance just in case, he never succeeded in creating one from scratch and when he tried other test subjects they all died in ways better not discussed. All of which frustrated him but made him smile at the same damned time to boot.”

Mãe de Deus…” Both Amara and Roberto spoke in Portuguese at the same time before she decided to speak, her voice laced with horror

“…You mean he did this to others?”

“Yeah and they all died, don’t know how many since that thing…

Ranma spat with venom as he looked at the journal that described his torment, he wanted so badly to burn that accursed book, but he knew that he could not. This was the only link he had to avenge not just himself, but the others who died by Sinister’s hands. He had every intention to make sure that those mutants who died by the man’s hands got their justice when he met him again.

“…doesn’t say for how long he’s done this but I can he has plenty of experience fucking around with people’s lives like they were his own personal playthings. He sees others as mere test subjects and he does not care if they live or die, only as long as they serve his plans.”

“He doesn’t even care about his own goons lives since he always brought them back whenever I killed one of them by accident or on purpose. To him they were easily replaceable; he would just get annoyed and move on or let them beat me all they wanted as payback. They got their jollies off of it too so I have no doubt in my mind that they did not care one bit about using me as their personal target board.”

The young man spoke quietly as he kept his head down looking at his claws before he spoke again…

“The worst thing he did was when he covered my skeleton and claws with metal, he…he used snake poisons to knock me out and…and then cut me open to pour the metal on them, problem was my healing was too strong and I woke up just as he cut opened my left leg and held it open with hooks…”

He now looked at them with empty eyes while his hands shook, though whether from rage or fear they did not know. But there was no doubt the memories were tearing into him and it was taking a lot of his mental will not to react negatively to the memories.

“…Kami I screamed for who knows how long…I think I did it until my voice was gone, but I still felt the pain while that thing smiled then I felt my heart stop, I later woke up and he told me I was dead for six minutes on the table…and he did it was a sadistic grin, as if he KNEW I was coming back and found the whole episode of me being at death’s door absolutely funny….”

“…I screamed at him, cursed his very existence in every language I could conjure up in my pain addled brain as well as every expletive I knew. And when I saw how my claws looked and felt the pain from them cutting my skin as they came out I screamed even more at him…”

Now anger was clear in his voice as he recalled that day

“…he simply answered that the second coating would be much worse because this time he wasn’t going to even bother with poisons or if I was awake and hope I learned some discipline from it as well as to know how to show proper…respect for my new master, him of course. All the while he was grinning like he enjoyed the whole thing and no doubt did.”

By this point there were many visible reactions from them all after hearing about that procedure.

Amara, Jubilee and Rahne were holding each other as they cried; Ray’s powers were firing off sparks while Roberto shifted forms, Bobby, Sam and Jaime looked positively nauseous. The X-men fared no better Jean and Kitty were openly weeping, Scott, Rogue and Evan looked like they wanted to punch someone and Kurt was shell-shocked, Hank was comforting Ororo, Charles was sorrowful and Logan was clenching his fists so tight they were bleeding.

The feral mutant was given a hell of a lot more incentive to find this Sinister and gut him alive. The images of what this sociopath did to his kid made him see blood red and it was taking all of his mental will not to lose it and give in to hunting down the bastard. No way in Hell was he going to let Sinister get his hands on Ranma or anyone in this school!

Ranma looked down and pulled back his claws, he hated that memory more than all the others. His meandering thoughts were soon interrupted as he was tackled off his seat by a small quivering form, looking down at his chest he sees Kitty holding him in a tight hug as she sobs into his chest.

How could he do that to you? What was the point?

He hears her ask, though he’s pretty sure it isn’t towards him she’s asking. He sees movement and can tell the others are watching them and trying to listen. He stares up at the ceiling trying to find an answer for her but like before there doesn’t seem to be one.

He had asked himself those questions and more during his captivity coming up with many denials and theories and never letting go of his hatred of the creature known as Sinister.

“Honestly?” He replies making her look up at him with red rimmed eyes that cause him to chide himself for causing her this pain through his words

“…I don’t know Kitty, maybe it’s because monsters don’t need reasons to do what they do, maybe he likes to get off on the pain he inflicts or maybe he just wants a new toy to play with like the sick fuck that he is.”

“But it isn’t right! You didn’t deserve that!” She cried out before the tears resumed. Ranma cursed his lack of knowledge when it came to women and the situation that brought them here. He reluctantly hugged the girl and patted her back in order to calm her down.

“Kitty I can’t change what happened only live with it, and there’s more you guys need to know about what happened to me and how it affects you and your friends.”

“How so?” Kurt asked him wondering what else he would reveal.

“It’s whose powers I was given…” He spoke as he looked at Kitty once more “…let’s get up now okay? We can talk more later if you want.”

The girl gave a shaky nod before they both got up and she went into Ororo’s arms.

“Okay now…” Ranma began “…like I said before Sinister wanted the ultimate weapon so to do that he mess with my body and put some other’s people’s genes in me…two of them are X-men, one is a member of the silver blunder’s gang and the metal guy from last night and three others I don’t know about.”

“Two of us!? Dear God who?” Scott asked with alarm.

“Miss Munroe and Rogue.”

Quick and to the point was his reply since he saw no point in lying to them or beating around the bush. He KNEW this was going to come back to bite him in the proverbial neck, but no sense letting it fester.

All eyes turned towards the two in stunned silence, Storm nodded her head as she knew she was one of his donors thanks to the journal…Rogue on the other hand was side eyed and slack jawed.


“He used your DNA with someone else called Mimic to make it so the other powers would stick, Ms. Munroe’s was one of the others, someone called Quicksilver was used to give me super speed, the Metal guy from last night gave me a metallic body and super strength, Someone named Elizabeth Braddock gave me psychic powers and they gave that Magneto guys magnetic powers.”

Rogue ignored all that as she collapsed into a nearby chair with the same look of shock, Storm relinquished her hold on Kitty and laid a hand on Rogue’s covered shoulder, the professor did the same on the opposite end.

“Rogue?” the Nubian woman spoke gently to her.

“Rogue, please talk to us.”

Why me? Why did he use me?” She asked her mentor with growing tears “…wasn’t Mystique enough? Did I do something to deserve this?

“No, no you didn’t Rogue…” Ororo spoke gently as she carefully drew the girl into a hug while making sure she did not touch her unprotected skin “…I too feel the same revulsion and violation you are feeling child, you are not alone in this.”

“No Rogue you are not…” Charles added as he maneuvered himself opposite of Storm and held her covered hand into his own like a father would a daughter. “…we are here for you and I promise you we will do all we can to see you, Ororo and Ranma you deserve.”

Rogue simply nodded while her friends looked on sadly, Ranma for his part felt terrible for causing this mess here he was trying to warn them and all he was doing was scaring them and causing them pain.

“It’s not your fault.” He suddenly turns towards Jean who is looking at him with kindness and sadness.

“What?” He asks in confusion as he looks at the red headed girl.

“You’re thinking this is your fault aren’t you?”

“I thought you couldn’t read my mind.” He says as a joke to hide his discomfort.

“I can’t but doesn’t mean I can’t tell from your face…Ranma, I know that we haven’t taken all this well but you did right by telling us this, can you imagine what would have happened if you hadn’t and we ran into this Sinister and his men?”

She asks him hypothetically.

“We’ve be lock up and cut open before we knew what was happening…”

Evan spoke up as he stepped next to him

“…this guy sounds like a real piece of work, the kind I do not want to meet alone in a dark alley or anywhere else for that matter.”

“More like a living nightmare, you my friend have suffered greatly yet you have come to our aid by revealing this information…thank you for that.”

Kurt said with utmost gratitude as he laid a hand on his shoulder.

The other students nodded in turn and smiled at him.

“Besides the way I see it you being here means he can’t plan for everything right? It means he can be beat.” Scott added with an air of confidence.

“And with your help…” Beast approaches along with Logan who has managed to calm down after hearing about his son’s procedures “…we shall be ready for him and his men.”

“And when the time comes that he and you meet again…” Charles spoke as he, Storm and Rogue approached with the girl having been calmed down for now “…you will not face him alone.”

“Yeah! The guy will be begging for mercy when we’re done with him.” Evan said as he smacked his fist into his palm.

“You are one of us now Ranma…” Scott added as he laid a hand on the raven haired teen “…have been when you helped out Kitty, and we look after each other no matter what.”

Ranma is silent for a moment before he smiles at them and they return it.

“Thanks guys, I really appreciate it and I hope to be worthy of your friendship.”

With that done they returned to their seats and spoke well into the night about their new opponents and their agendas. Whatever trials that would come they would face together…perhaps sooner than they think.

Unknown time and place…

“Boss?” Malice spoke as she approached the mutated scientist as he sat in front of a large screen where DNA strands were moving and splicing as well as data being relayed back to him.

“What is it Malice?” The pale faced man said as he turned to face her.

“Got news on our escaped little lab rat.” She replied earning his full and utmost attention. That could be a good or REALLY bad thing depending on his mood and what she said in the next few minutes.


“Kid ended up in Bayville, and from what I caught when I was snooping around Magneto’s was he had a tussle with his faithful rabid mongrel and that walking battle tank…”

“DAMN!” Sinister snarled as this was the last thing he wanted.

“Gets worse, Sabertooth set him on fire and he landed smack dab in Xavier HQ.”

“ARGH!” The man let loose an energy blast at a nearby table and reduced it to rubble.

“First Arclight turns up missing and now this!?”

“You want me to round up the guys and make a grab at him?” Malice asks as she knows just how easily he could turn his anger out on them and not the furniture. Furniture can be replaced, well so could they, but they were more useful alive than dead.

“…no, tell them to pack up and prepare to move to the closest base we have to the eastern seaboard, we must proceed cautiously now that Amalgam is in the clutches of the X-men and has been revealed to Magneto.”

“Not to be a bother but you do realize that the kid will squeal about us right? We won’t have the element of surprise and numbers no more, add the fact that Lensherr will have his people on the lookout for us and well…”

“No matter, we will adapt and regroup, in the meantime Malice take Scalphunter and keep searching for Arclight…something is afoot and we’ve had too many setbacks to be distracted further.”

“On it Boss.” The parasitic entity spoke before leaving him alone.

*Too many pieces on the board now…have to change strategies and seek out other venues if I am to both reclaim my property and acquire new test samples.*

Sinister thought as he sat in his chair and began to plan his next move, for the moment patience would be the better part of valor as the field was rearranged for the new variable that had been introduced. He hated new variables, but he also thought that this would give him more ideas and also viable options when he executed his own plans.

To be continued…

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