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Project: Amalgam

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Summary: Cross/AU; Ranma is captured and has his mutant powers awakened, due to their nature he is further enhanced against his will. Once freed he finds himself wielding great but uncontrollable powers and must seek out help to remedy this. This is his story.

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Chapter 1

Project: Amalgam.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything, I’m just borrowing the characters from the authors in secret…don’t tell anyone or they’ll skin me alive.

This was inspired by the Fic called The Evolution; it was a shame that the story wasn’t continued it was a very good as far as Ranma crossovers go.

Now most would think why I am doing another story and the answer would be because I am going through wirters block for my BTVS fics they are not abandoned, i am simply waiting for my muse to inspire me. I ask you simply be patient, nothing more or less.

This among others works I have under my sleeve have been stewing for some time and they won´t let me be until I finally put them on “paper” so to speak and see where it takes me.

Now please take in mind that this story is not Beta read, my regular Beta is going through some technical difficulties and cannot aid me right now. My search for a secondary one have not gone well as of several weeks.

If anyone would like to help please feel free to contact me, but know that it may not be permanent.

As far as this story goes Ranma will be powerful and be a bit OOC like in the fics that inspired me, if that is not your cup of tea then please do not make a scene. I get enough of that with a certain anonymous reviewer who doesn´t realize just how little his flames and critics mean to me in the long run.

Now let´s see how far down the rabbit hole I can take you folks, ´kay?

“Character speaking.”

*Sound effects.*


--Transmissions or Media—


Chapter 1:

Azabu, Juuban…


“Another rainy day it seems…” a middle aged woman spoke, which it seemed time had treated well as she maintained her beauty even today whose most noticeable feature was her vibrant red hair. She looked forlornly at her gardens filled with lush bushes and cherry blossom trees in full bloom of spring.

Yet this serene look did not fill her with pride, as the weather seemed to match her disposition. Who is this person you ask? The answer once was Nodoka Saotome, though after her divorce it was now Nodoka Gunshin.

“Are you all right mom?” She heard from behind making her turn and look at her daughter. A long brown haired girl with a well-kept figure, she was quite the looker and could easily gain any man’s attention…if they overlooked the giant spatula on her back.

This was Ukyo Gunshin…formerly Kuonji and adopted daughter of Nodoka.

“Fine dear…it’s just…”

“It’s about Ran-chan isn’t it?” She asked glumly.

Giving off another sad filled sigh, Nodoka turned to look at her step-daughter with a sad gaze.

“Yes…today marks a year since he returned from China and disappeared.” She said to her.

Ukyo remembered well the circumstances by which he left and returned. He had received a letter from some person named Herb who Shampoo later informed her was a prince of a rival tribe to the Amazons, and apparently someone he had defeated before.

According to what he told her, Herb owed him a life debt for saving his life despite them being enemies at the time. To the Musk life debts were something no member could deny, much less if you are a member of the royal family.

In the letter was a plane ticket to China, first class much to Nabiki’s shock. It said it was time to reward him for his actions.

Cologne had explained that he should go since it would be considered disrespectful to the Musk Dinasty not to heed a royal summons. After what happened with the Phoenix, which to this day no one would tell her what happened there; Ranma was in no mood to gain such powerful enemies.

He did show some reluctance to leave since after the wedding fiasco he was starting to make some progress with getting his life in some semblance of order.

He was doing better in school thanks in no small part to the combined efforts of Miss Hinako and his mother, who figured he would understand better if they made educational problems using the Art as an example for him.

He quickly picked up on the lessons with his amazing learning curve and was giving Nabiki a run for her money in the brains department, much to the chagrin of Akane and the mercenary.

The first out of envy that her unwanted fiancée had shown her up in yet another area while the second because he got better at finances so she couldn’t swindle him anymore.

He was making tremendous progress in his Art as the Old Letch and Cologne began to train him, the first because he recognized that Ranma was now far beyond what Genma could teach and the latter because news came from the Amazon council that they should not antagonize him.

The only place that remained the same was the fiancée debacle, or at least it was for Shampoo, Akane and Kodachi as she bowed out. It wasn’t easy for her to admit but she was turning into someone she didn’t like.

After the incident he confronted her and told her how disappointed and ashamed he was of her, he expected that kind of behavior from Kodachi or Shampoo but not her. She had cried deeply that night when he threatened to end their friendship.

Ukyo had kept her distance for a while as she thought over his words and found them to be right, she was acting that way and she did not like it one bit. She apologized deeply for that and realized that her engagement was destroying their friendship.

Ranma may not have been the most sensitive when it came to male-female interactions, but he was there for her when she needed him as a friend even if it got him a ride on the Mallet express.

It took her a while but she confronted her father and demanded he let go of the engagement. He was not pleased by this and cast her out of the clan and forbade her from practicing their art.

It was a heavy blow that nearly destroyed her…but Ranma and Nodoka came through for her as Nodoka adopted her and placed her in the family registry. Ukyo was not pleased with the idea of calling Genma father but Ranma said she could call him whatever she wanted since he only called him pop because he was all he had at the time. 

Ranma challenged her father to a duel for her to have the right to use her style since he felt responsible for her. It was a very short battle as her father never once faced eight headed dragons, princes of foreign lands and demi gods.

He made a better brother than a fiancée in her mind, as he watched out for her and helped her out in the restaurant. This earned him several trips from Akane Airlines as she still saw her as a threat regardless of what she lost and gained.

Shampoo seemed to change tactics with the council’s decision, she backed off her usual attempts…meaning no more late night visits in a skimpy nightie or free shows in the bath. Nodoka never did mind the Chinese girl’s antics as she saw them as Ranma being manly with one of his lovers.

But now she tried the friendlier approach by helping him spar as out of all the girls she was the strongest in the art.

Mousse however still got on his case regardless of the Chinese matriarch’s warnings to leave him alone. The same could be said of Kuno and Ryoga who still faced off against him occasionally which was starting to really annoy him since they weren’t a challenge anymore.

Then there was Akane, she had seemed to change after the wedding attempt but after a month she reverted back to her old ways, in fact if Ukyo was honest with herself the youngest Tendo seemed to have gotten worse.

Akane was convinced SHE had been the one chosen by him after the end of the Phoenix debacle. He admitted to her in secret that he HAD felt something once but her increased outburst of anger and jealousy had broken him out of whatever feelings of love he could develop.

The girl simply did not trust him…in fact she was threatened by him as he had proven time and again that he was the better martial artist, and lately she spent a lot of time with Ryoga who rubbed it his face constantly.

With a free trip to China, he took it as a chance to get away from his tormentors. The father’s tried to convince him to take his “one true” fiancée with him, but she repeatedly said that she would no longer set foot in that place and much less spend time alone with the perverted freak.

Nodoka did not take kindly to that comment and denied them their demand at sword point and a wicked tongue lashing.

Nabiki tried the monetary approach but his mother reminded her that she was owed nothing after her hand in the wedding disaster two months prior or the destruction of her home as she sold false information that led to that particular event.

Nabiki Tendo was not one to bow down to anyone but even she knew when to let sleeping dogs lie and backed off as well. Ukyo hoped she could learn more from her as she could tell there was more to Nodoka than many gave her credit for.

So after making sure he had all he would need for his long trek through the mountains and saying his goodbyes he left for China. Once he arrived he had begun to send letters that explained that his reward was none other than an actual cure for his curse!

He explained that the Musk used water from untainted Nannichuan water, boiled in the Kettle of liberation and applied with the locking ladle. Needless to say there were many reactions to the news.

Genma, Ryoga and Mousse cried out in anger that Ranma be the one to get a cure and not them. Nodoka and Ukyo were joyous for him as he seemed to finally free himself of one of his burdens.

He then explained the Herb wanted to train with the “Godslayer” so he would spend a couple of months with them while he learned. However at the end of the second month the letters had stopped, the last one saying he was arriving by sea.

A week passed and still there was no sign of him, they had reported it to the authorities who began an extensive search in all the ports that made trips to China. All they could confirm was that he had indeed returned as set off to return home.

The days that came after were hard indeed.

The Amazons tried to track him down…or more precisely Shampoo tried since she missed him just as much as Ukyo or Nodoka, however one month and no clues to his whereabouts finally took their toll on the poor girl.

They left Japan soon after though not before Cologne made sure to sign over the deeds to several properties to Nodoka as both an apology and a show of gratitude for tolerating her granddaughters antics and acceptance as a potential spouse for her son.

She also left a scroll she discovered that could have help the boy with his Neko-Ken should he ever turn up, it was to be a peace offering to him for all the times Shampoo got overzealous.

The Kunos remained the same, that is to say stark raving mad. Kuno resumed hounding Akane while Kodachi attacked her thinking she had Ranma sequestered. 

Nodoka soon divorced Genma when she could no longer tolerate his constant reprisals of her son. Soun and Genma tried to protest based on the pact but unfortunately for them it was revealed that Akane had been seeing Ryoga behind Ranma’s back after the wedding. Nabiki was aware of this and blackmailed them to keep it quiet.

To say that Nodoka was livid would be an understatement since she vowed that no one of her line would ever wed a member of such a dishonorable family. She emphasized her point with her family blade, not even Kasumi could tame the woman’s anger for such callous disregard.

She was easily granted custody of both Ranma and Ukyo thanks to Genma’s criminal record. The two moved to her home in Juuban where Ukyo learned that her step-mother was actually well off monetary wise.

When asked why Genma leaved all this in the first place, she simply replied sadly that circumstances she was involved with required she hide it from him. Thankfully she had notified Ranma in one of her letters before he went missing so there was a chance he would find them there if he ever turned up.

From them on it was just routine for them as they hoped that he was all right, they would often distract themselves as best they could. Nodoka started to make progress with Ukyo as she embraced her womanhood once more while also regaining her skills with a sword as it once held a passion for her.

One of the things that surprised the former Kuonji was that Ranma’s female side got her vibrant red hair from her mother who for some reason dyed it, again for mysterious circumstances.

Still no matter how much they tried they still thought of him, was he all right? Did someone capture him? Was he even alive? These questions would often plague them at night, yet they also maintained hope that he would find his way back to them.

Any more mental wanderings by the chef were cut off by the arrival of her friend and servant.

“Gunshin-sama…the meal is ready for you both.” Konatsu her effeminate male kunoichi spoke.

“Konatsu I have told you that there is no need for formalities with me.” The Gunshin matriarch spoke kindly as she knew of the boy´s upbringing to his…sisters, if she could even call them women.

“Ah yes you have…” He replied “…but I feel I must show respect for helping my mistress in her time of need.”

Nodoka simply gave a sigh and an amused smile, before she and Ukyo headed for the dining room and ate their dinner in silence. However midway through they were interrupted by a series of loud knocks from the gate.


“Who could that be in this weather?” Nodoka asked as she got up from her seat and headed for the door.

The knocks repeated once more, only this time a voice was heard with it, one they had not heard in a while.

“Nodoka! Nodoka! It´s Doctor Tofu! Are you there!?” The doctor´s shouts were slightly muffled by the rain and the distance, but all three occupants could clearly hear the urgency in his voice.

Forgoing the need for an umbrella the three got up and rushed to the gate. Nodoka quickly opened it and saw a soaked Doctor Tofu Ono, a nervous Happosai and a young man in a black leather trench coat hanging from the doctor´s shoulder, from the looks of things he seemed to be unconscious.

“Tofu-san…what is going on? And who is this?”

Before the either man could reply, their unknown companion seemed to slightly tilt his head up, his long and unkempt hair block his face but his eyes…they could be seen clear as day.

*Those eyes! Could it be!?* Nodoka thought with both anxiety and wild hope as the stranger lifted his right hand weakly to her face and whispered a single word to her before exhaustion claimed him.



“Ranma!?” Ukyo yelled in shock.

“We´ll explain inside but we must get him in before someone sees us.” Happosai ordered.

“He´s right…Konatsu please help me.”

“Yes…of course.” The cross-dressing Ninja replied as he moved to help the doctor carry the formerly missing martial artist.

“And be careful around his…” Tofu began to speak but Konatsu had already grabbed his upper forearm when…


Nine, one and a half inch curved blades erupted from it as well as three foot long blades burst from between his knuckles.

If not for his great reflexes he would have come off with a few fingers short.

“What…What the hell!?” Ukyo exclaimed in shock.

“Careful! Someone has done something to him.” Tofu chided.

Konatsu wearily took hold of the arm and put it over his shoulder before letting the weight settle on his shoulders.


*Kamisama! He weighs a ton!*

The four moved inside with a worried Ukyo in the lead.

Nodoka however was still paralyzed by what she had seen; only one thought…one name came to her mind when she saw the blades.


Secrets long since hidden had deemed now to surface, her past had come back and her child it would seem would bear the consequences.

She quickly ran to be with her son, she knew questions would be asked and she would answer them as best she could. She only prayed her son would not hate her for hiding something as the identity of his TRUE father.


In a room of the house a young man dreamed…


Always there was Darkness…

Within that darkness was pain, pain inflicted on him by a man…

*NO! NOT A MAN! A MONSTER GIVEN THE FORM OF A MAN!* His mind screamed with a mixture of anger, pain and fear as he saw pale flesh, soulless eyes that glowed blood red when pain was to be administered…and that smile…a fanged maw of teeth that showed cruelty and madness.

How many days he spent on a table with that…creature looming over him, smiling as he injected substances into his body…laughing as he screamed in agony…mocked his vows of vengeance.

He was to be his weapon to use against his enemies…he would be his slave…he would be used as breeding stock for an army like no other….


So many tries to escape…so many times he spat in his face…his defiance kept him sane…gave him hope that he would be his family…

Except the sick bastard kept taunting him that he would see to his family…


These and so many more terrors plagued him.

His mother watched as he tossed and turned as he was assaulted by nightmares. What´s worse was that she could swear that she was seeing the cause of them in her mind.

*What has been done to my child?* Her mind and heart cried as once more she brave the danger by placing a comforting hand on his head and spoke soothing words to him.

They seem to hold whatever nightmares he had at bay but only until left his side to fetch more water or when Tofu dressed him in some baggy clothes she found.

It had been two hours since Tofu and Happosai had arrived with him and explained how they came by him…


Happosai was on his usual panty raids, though he did it now more out of habit ever since Ranma disappeared. It was no fun without the challenge of facing his erstwhile student to stand in his way.

It soon began to rain again as if sensing his mood.

*Again? It never rained this much even when Ranma was here.* the 300 year old pervert thought to himself as he prepared to return to the Tendo´s.

However as he passed by an alleyway he stopped as he felt a presence he had not sensed in a year.

Ranma…?” He whispered as he rushed to the area.

He stopped in front of an alleyway and peered inside, the shadows obscured his vision but a stray bolt of lightning showed a figure half sitting on the wall near a dumpster…his senses told him that it was the boy but upon closer inspection he discovered that something had changed in the boy’s physique and aura.

He seemed taller and more muscular, he appeared to be wearing a black trench coat and if his bare feet were any indication nothing else.

*This feeling…Kami could he be one of them?* the wizened old man thought to himself *I have to get him out of here before the others find him!*

He grabbed the boy to carry him but did not expect him to weigh so much.

*Ugh! What have you been eating boy!? He weighs as much as a horse! I’m going to need help.*

With that thought in mind he hid him in a blanket of ki to hide his presence and raced to a payphone.


--Ono Clinic, Dr. Tofu Ono speaking. –

“Tofu it’s Happosai ”

--Happosai? Well this is unexpected, how did you get my number? –

“Never mind that right now, I have an emergency that requires discreet assistance…it involves a mutual acquaintance of ours….a certain wild horse.”

--You found him!? –

“In a manner of speaking…but we can talk about that later, I need you to come to the following address quickly! I’m afraid something has occurred only you can relate too and possibly help with.”

--I…I don’t understand how can…? –

“Sonny if you think I haven’t lived long enough to know WHAT you are hiding and why you really left Nerima than you better get your head in place.” The old man snapped.

*Young people today simply think they know better, no respect to their elders.*

The good doctor remained silent for a minute that the 300 year old man imagined he was gaping like a fish.

--How long have you known? –

“That can wait for another time, but Ranma can’t!”

--You mean he’s...? –

“At this point I’m not sure but what I am sure is someone has…done something to him, I know you understand what I am speaking of.”

--Oh no…I-I’ll be there immediately.--

“Thank you I shall flare my Ki when you get close, we cannot afford to let any of his enemies find him in such a state.”

--Yes of course, I will see you soon…should we tell his mother?--

“…Yes, they have a right to know. But be ready for anything should things become… unpleasant.”

End flashback…

She was thankful of them and understood their weariness regarding her possible reactions to the claws her son now sported…of course she had previous experience when it came to mutants since Ranma’s father was one.

*Oh Logan…I wish you were here, I fear for our son’s safety.*

Any further thoughts were cut off as Ukyo stepped inside.

“Has there been any change?” She asked with some worry.

“He has yet to wake up, and I fear to leave his side.”

“You should rest mom, I can take over for you.” Ukyo suggested as she saw that her adoptive mother looked tired.

*She isn’t the only one, I’ve had more coffee than that time I worked double shifts.* She thought.

After confirming that the young man the two men had brought was indeed her former fiancé turned stepsibling, she found her emotions running all over the place.

She was overjoyed he was found, but shocked by the blades that came out of his arm.

It was obvious that something had been done to him because she clearly recalled he did not look like he did now or sported a mean set of knives under his skin.

Her thoughts ranged too many possibilities; one was if he was a mutant. Personally she wasn’t biased, her time in Nerima and her many adventures with her friend had desensitized her to the strange and bizarre.

Mutants could be good or bad just like regular people; she had seen on the news how some abused their powers while others such as the government sponsored heroes Big Hero 6 used them to help the country.

*If he is a mutant than it’s a good thing he didn’t end up at the Tendo’s.* She thought as recalled their particular sentiments on them.

Genma, Soun and Akane thought of them as freaks who could never measure up to true martial artists. Nabiki only saw them as a means for profit whenever a reward was offered for the capture of one…Kasumi was the one who caught her off guard when she expressed that mutants were evil demonic aberrations.

Ryoga went with whatever Akane went with so he naturally hated mutants too.

*Bet he’ll hate Ran-chan even more now…though I wonder how sharp his claws are?*

“U…Ucchaaann…” Ranma slurred through his sleep, for a moment he thought he was awake but he shifted back to sleep.

“Ran-chan…” she spoke with worry.

*Sigh* “He’s been like that for some time…” Nodoka spoke as she quietly got up “…take over for me please; I must see Tofu-san and Happosai.”

“Yes mom.” The girl replied as she sat in her place and put a comforting hand on his head.

Nodoka was thankful her son found his adoptive sister’s presence equally pacifying as her own.

She quietly slipped out of the room and headed to the living room where she had left the two.

“Konatsu.” She called out to the ninja, who quickly and quietly appeared.

“Yes my lady.”

“Prepare some tea for our guests…I seemed to have distracted myself with the night’s activities.”

“At once my lady.” With that said he vanished as quickly as he appeared.

She continued toward her objective and found them both lost in their own thoughts. Happosai smoked his pipe in the balcony; the rain having diminished seemed to soother him. The doctor’s expression was of interest to her as he read a leather bound book the found within the coat her son came in.

He seemed caught in a mixture of horror, disgust, rage and sorrow. Whatever it was he was reading it had to involve her son.


Her voice seemed to break him out of the state he was in.


“Are you all right?”

He gave off a ragged sigh as he took off his glasses and rubbed his face.

“No…no I don’t I think am or will be for some time after reading…this thing.” He spat venomously at the book before calming down and placing his glasses on.

“Ranma seems to have been captured by someone named Sinister, who learned of his dormant X-gene and proceeded to subject him to dangerous radiation treatments to activate his mutation. He goes on to write that he would be the perfect candidate for a project where he would have used Ranma as a living weapon after erasing his mind.”

“*GASP!* Nodoka let out in horror.

“I know…whoever this Sinister is he clearly has no remorse for experimenting on innocent living beings, human or mutant.”

“But what made Ranma the perfect subject and what did he do to him?” Happosai asked.

“That’s where things take a surreal turn, but it mentions something about his father and that he would splice several other mutant abilities to make him more powerful as well as other operation that could very well have killed him.”

“His Father? What does Genma have to do with this?”

“It isn’t talking about Genma…” Nodoka said softly but both men heard her.


“Somehow…I find that both very reassuring and very confusing.” Happosai spoke.

“Does he know? Does Ranma for that matter?” Tofu asked.

“No…I was pregnant when I married Genma, and…I had to keep it a secret from Ranma…to protect him.”

“Then it is safe for me to assume the father is the one responsible for his mutation?”

Yes…” she whispered.

“Will you please tell about him?”

“Not yet…I would rather Ranma be awake for this, it is time he learned the truth, though I wished it had not come about in this way.”

“Agreed, in the meantime I believe I shall try to call a friend and see if he can find out anything about this Sinister.” Tofu spoke as he got up to make the call though stopped when Nodoka took his hand.

“Thank you for bringing back my child.” She said with a beaming smile

“That boy has brought me some fond memories as well as being my friend…I just wished this had never happened to him.”

“I will return shortly as well…” Happosai spoke as he doused his pipe “…I must make sure his presence was detected by anyone.” With that said he jumped away.

Two days later…

Ranma found himself in darkness, surrounded once more but at peace, he knew those around him were worried for him…strangely because he could hear them, just not in the traditional way.

*Oh Ran-chan, please wake up…*

*Please awaken Ranma-sama…mistress Ukyo needs you.*

*Oh my poor child…why did he do this to you?*

*Come on my boy, I’ve seen you take worst beatings than this and laugh them off.*

*Come on Ranma, I know you…you’re a survivor.*

He knew these people, he cared for them…

*Ucchan… Doc…Happosai…Konatsu…*

It was the last one that brought him back from unconsciousness.


“He’s waking up!” he heard the old pervert speak.

“Ugh!” He groaned as he slowly woke up…

“Easy Ranma…you’re safe and with friends.”


“Yes Ranma…it’s me, let me help you a bit.” He spoke to the young man.

Before he could ask he felt a warm feeling envelop him and started to feel reenergized, just as quickly it ended as it started.


“How the hell did you do that!?” Ukyo shouted.

“Ukyo! Manners!” Nodoka chided.

“Sorry mom…”

“Better, now then I believe the doctor will tell us how he did that.”

“I will…but first how do you feel Ranma?”

“Better…hungry though but better.”

“I shall bring food then.” Konatsu spoke as he dashed out.

“Mom…?” He asked hopefully that this wasn’t a trick.


“MOM!” He shouted as he hugged her waist and started to cry.

“MY SON!” she cried with him as she returned the hug, the others were quiet yet Ukyo got in on the action and hugged them both, they reciprocated and held each other.

“It’s over…you’re safe…you’re home.” Nodoka muttered through her sobs.

After what seemed like an eternity they released each other.

“Ranma…what happened to you if I may ask? What do you remember?”

The boy processed the question and was soon coming up with the face of his tormentor. The anger he felt picturing his face sent them reeling as the images flowed into their minds. Happosai took notice that the boy’s eyes turned into slits before…


The metallic claws appeared again…except he now sported half a foot long claws on his feet and curved blades on his shins, his body then did something even more unexpected by shifting into a metallic form, this had the strange effect of causing everything metallic to vibrate and lighting to arc around him.

“Ranma! Calm down before you hurt someone!” Tofu yelled.

Thankfully this had effect and he let go of his rage…he took stock of his looks.

“Oh dear kami…what have I become?” He asked, his voice now taking a metallic tone, as he looked at his hands and claws.

“Ranma…?” Ukyo asked with worry as she could tell he was in a bad place right now.

“I…I remember making a stop near a forest on Hokkaido…then I trained a bit when I fell into a hole…something attacked me, some kind of machines…I fought them off as best I could when I was knock out, and then…HE appeared.” He snarled at the end and clenched his fists.


“He calls himself Mr. Sinister…he took some blood and when he came back…he looked like he had found a piece to a puzzle…then pain…injections…more pain.”

“Enough Ranma…I shouldn’t have asked, I read what he did.” Tofu spoke sadly.

Nodoka and Ukyo approached him slowly to comfort him…

“Wait…Let me…” He closed his eyes and concentrated; slowly the claws sank beneath his metallic flesh before it to recede and left him as he once was.

“Guh…” He felt tired; shifting from that form was taxing since he hadn’t eaten yet.

“It seems that my scans confirm what I read was correct, this…being wrote about combining several mutant abilities in your body since you stood a better chance to survive than his other subjects.”

“He did this before!?” Happosai asked in shock that was mirrored in Ukyo and Nodoka.

“Many times, he never could find a subject that could survive the first phase of the procedure.” The doctor said in disgust.

“What do you mean scans Doc?” Ranma asked.

“Well Ranma…like you I was born a mutant.” He spoke as he held out his hand which suddenly glowed red and his skeleton could be seen.

“I have the ability to sense anomalies in anyone’s body as well as boost their healing to an extent, that’s how I sensed several X-genes in you, one natural and the others implanted.”

“So Genma is a mutant? That psycho was right?”

“No Ranma…” her mother spoke before giving off a tired sigh “…there’s something I’ve been hiding from you…”

“Genma isn’t my real father is he?” He asked quietly.

“You knew!?”

“No…not really but when that…thing told me about my claws, he said I got them from my dad, but Genma never showed claws even when we were chased…and now since you look like you have to tell me a big secret then I figure…well, you know.”

“I understand if you hate me now.” She said with her head bowed down.

“Mom! I could never hate you!”


“I’m just so confused and have so many questions…who was he? Why wasn’t he there for me? What does that make me? Does it change who I am?”

“Sugar…you are still the same knuckle headed lug I met when I was little.” Ukyo spoke up, lifting some of the tension in the room.

“Heh…same ol’ Ukyo, always there to cheer me up.” He smiled.

“You know it!”

“Well Ranma, your real father was a mutant, he had claws also except that I recall they came out of the center of his hands and were the only set he had, though they were also metallic…Adamantium I believe he called it.”

“Yeah? Someone probably covered them in that.”

“What do you mean?” Happosai asked.

“Well when I woke up I had this bone claws, then that asshole cut me opened and poured some metals on my bones…Kami I screamed my lungs out for hours when he did that.” Ranma growled as he ignored the looks of horror.

Konatsu returned at that moment and saw that maybe it was a good time to bring in food but before he could leave a gust a wind appeared and the tray he brought was gone.

“What the…?”

The sounds of someone gorging themselves made everyone look at the teen.

“How..? When?” The male kunoichi tried to ask as he never saw him move.

“Super speed, it was one of the abilities he was spliced with.”

“Just how many does he have?” Ukyo decided to ask.

“According to the notes, he can manipulate the weather, super human speed, the ability to transform in to a metallic form as we just witnessed and grants him super human strength and endurance, telepathy and telekinesis, the ability to control magnetic fields and enhanced healing, senses and the claws.” Tofu replied.

“Whoa…that many?”

“Yes but he can’t control them all at the same time.”

“Guys… will get back to that later; I need to hear the rest first.”

“True, now as I was saying your father was a mutant who I met many years ago under…less than desirable circumstances.”

“What do you mean mom?”

“Well son…I was walking home after finishing my classes at college when I came upon a brutal scene involving him and the Yakuza.” She spoke as she thought back on that day.

“He was bleeding terribly form many wounds…and I was honestly shocked when I saw him and his claws yet could not tear myself away, unfortunately the Yakuza saw me and would have killed me had it not been for him.”

“Why did they attack him?” Ukyo asked.

“He had returned to visit the grave of his deceased fiancé when he was attacked; he and the local crime lords had a history and attacked him upon seeing him. Naturally I owed him my life so with the help of some of my father’s servants I took him home with me and nursed him back to health.”

“I realized that he healed at an astonishing rate, so during the times he was awake I spoke with him…he was reluctant at first but as time passed I overrode his defenses and he opened up to me.”

“In time…the more I learned of him the more drawn to him I was and when he was healed we both decided to pursue a relationship.”

*Sigh* “How romantic.” Ukyo let out, earning a chuckle from Tofu and Konatsu and a pair of eye rolls from Happosai and Ranma.

“Your father’s name is Logan, no last name since like you he was…experimented on except it erased his memories of his past. He was a very unique person, wild and passionate yet brave and honorable; you are so much like him Ranma.” She said with a warm smile as she caressed her child’s cheek.

“I take it something went wrong then?” The old man asked.

“Yes…It was the third month when we got together and things were going well, I was so happy and he was finally finding peace. My father actually approved of him, no easy feat mind you since he was quite traditional but Logan never backed down from any man, I was on my way to the hospital when I was attacked by some men in red ninja robes who were targeting him.”

“Fortunately Logan was near and a battle ensued, he slayed them all in a rage the likes of which I had never seen…however this just showed him I was in danger by being near him. That night he packed his things and as he left…I begged him not to go…that we would find a way but he could not let me live a life of constant danger, so we went our separate ways.” Nodoka spoke sadly and let some tears fall.

“I later found out I was pregnant with you…my father feared for me and arranged a marriage with members of a minor clan…”

“Genma I assume?” Ranma asked.

“Yes…when I met him he was a great martial artist and would not ask too many questions, I also knew he would make you strong though I was not aware of his horrible methods.”

“Well Genma was always the more overzealous of the two when I met them.” Happosai spoke.

“Yeah…but maybe this time his idiocy saved me.”

“How so my son?” His mother asked.


“How did that help you?” Tofu asked as he was baffled how something that turned him into a berserker could possibly help his situation.

“Well…the pale faced asshole was done cutting me open and giving me powers so he decides it’s time to mess with my head and be a good little attack dog…” He speaks with anger and hatred in his voice “…so he weakens me somehow so I can’t use any powers and that’s when I feel like my head is on fire…long story short I blackout and wake up under some rubble with no sign of the freak or his goons, just a lot of blood and limbs.”

“Pardon me for saying this Ranma but usually when you go into that state of mind you aren’t usually so…” Tofu paused as he tried to find the words.



“Don’t know what changed Doc…maybe that part of me just wanted to go home, wanted the pain to end or just wanted some payback.”

“It doesn’t matter now…” Nodoka spoke as she got up and sat next to her child “…you are home and safe with us.”

“Maybe…” Happosai said suddenly earning everyone’s attention.

“What do you mean… maybe?” Ukyo asked.

“Think about it, this Mr. Sinister went to a lot of trouble to make Ranma into a weapon he could use and quite frankly he could have survived the destruction of his hideout and if he did he will want to reclaim his…tool.”

“Kami! He’s right!” Ranma shouted as he realized that he just left without checking the area.

“Which means he isn’t safe here, he may send people after him and if they are as ruthless as him then you can expect a serious fight.”

“I can take him and…”

“Ranma…listen to me very carefully…” Tofu started “…did he train you to use the powers he grafted onto you?”


“Can you use them all at once?”


“Does the metal affect your combat style?”

*Sigh* “I get it Doc okay? …I’m useless right now.” The young man muttered.

“I’m only pointing out the problem Ranma, I have no doubt that you can learn to control these powers as well as adapt them to your style but that will take time, something we may not have in abundance.”

“Damn it…” Ranma cursed as he dropped his face into his hands.

“Ranma…there may be something we CAN do…in the journal it spoke of a man named Xavier, he is a mutant who is trying to help normal humans and mutants coexist and teaches mutants how to use their powers.”

“You think he can help me?”

“Possibly…though he does have enemies, according to the information there is a man who calls himself Magneto who thinks that mutants should take over and a group called the Hellfire Club with powerful individuals with a desire to rule everyone in the world.”

“…don’t matter Doc, I need help…if this maniac comes I can’t fight him and protect everyone if my powers go haywire or I lose it again.”

“Let me make some inquires, see what I can learn of the man, in the meantime rest and regain your strength so you can readjust your body to its new abilities.”

“He’s right Ranma…” Happosai spoke up as he got up “…I’ll be here helping you train your body, I may not know a thing about mutant powers but I can help you with the style.”

“You do know I can’t turn into a girl right?” The raven haired teen asked with a smirk.

“I have found acceptable substitutes; besides that old bat Cologne left you a scroll that may help you control the Neko ken. The way I see it you are going to need every edge against this man.”

“Thanks you old perv.”

“Heh, this place got boring without you around my boy. I’m just glad you’re back and safe, relatively speaking of course, now if you will all excuse me I must be off and see what those two bumbling fools are up too.” The Grandmaster said before leaping out of the window.

“I’ll be leaving as well to check some leads and read more of that journal…maybe I can piece together what else was done, I shall return tomorrow.”

“Take care Doc, I’ll be here for a while.” Ranma spoke to his friend as he nodded before leaving.

“Are you still hungry?” Nodoka asked.

“No just want to rest…don’t feel like sleeping for a while, too many damn nightmares.”

“Well we should get you up to speed on what happened while you were… um away.” Ukyo said with a wince.

“Not all will be pleasant so we can do that later if you want.” His mother said in turn.

“No…I figure things might have changed while I was gone so I might as well get it out of the way beside…I missed you and I want to make up for lost time.” He said, smiling a bit when he did.

“We missed you to son…very well where to begin?”

With that the four spoke for hours while leaving whatever dangers lurked for another day, today was just for them and them alone.


Happosai words spoke true as from the rubble where Ranma was kept, some activity could be seen.

“Ugh…Argh!” Someone grunted as he threw of a slab of concrete.

“Boss! You there!?” A man yelled, his voice carrying a noticeable Australian accent.

“Over here you twit!” Was the harsh reply.

The mutant known as Gorgeous George, a living being made out of tar arrived to stand over a man who looked like he’d seen better days. He’s right arm and left leg were broken; his left hand was gone as was his right foot and he had several slash marks across his chest.

“Damn boss! You look like you went ten rounds with a blender and lost every one.”

“Get me out of here fool!” Mr. Sinister yelled before biting back a scream as his bones were still knitting themselves.

*That whelp will pay! It took forever to crawl out of that hole he left me in!*

“Right boss, sorry.” The mutant spoke as he scooped up his employer.

“Argh! Easy!”

“Sorry boss.”

“Who else alive?”

“Well…aside from you, me, Arclight and Hairbag…no one…that kid went bloody postal on the others, he went specially hard on Scrambler and Ruckus.” He spoke as he recalled how Ruckus had his throat torn out and Scarmbler got beheaded as he tried to shut the kid’s powers down once more.

“Blast it all, I’ll need to clone them again…is the plane still usable?”

“Yeah…Hairbag is there healing as we speak.”

“Take me there, I need to heal as well, and contact Scalphunter and tell him to assemble the rest of the Marauders.”

“We’re going after the kid?” George asked a bit fearfully.

“Of course we are!” Sinister snapped “…that boy was the first successful subject for my project, had I known his mind was had THAT kind of defense in him I would have taken measures to prevent this fiasco. I will not let months of work be lost because you are afraid!”

“What if Magneto, the Hellfire Club or the X-men find him? Or worse…HIM?”

Sinister had to admit the man had a point.

*If the X-men find him the boy would likely go with them, Magneto will try to recruit him and if that fails kill him and Apocalypse…I will be damned if I let him usurp MY creation!*

“Get us to the plane now!”

“Okay! Okay! No need to shout boss.” The tar like being spoke as he hurried to the plane while his benefactor began to think strategies.

*You are mine Saotome! You will serve me or I will make sure the hell I put you through will be like nothing you’ve ever seen before!* the mad scientist thought darkly.

To be continued…

And now… an entry of the Sinister Journal…

Sinister Journal Log entry 030100…

It has been some time since I have made a log entry; I believe it was in September of ´86…I will have to confirm later since it would not do to lose track of my research.

I find it soothing to write in my Journal´s since today’s high speed world demands often seem to take most of my time. Yes the technology does make my work easy but after so many centuries one learns to enjoy those few moments to slow down, especially in my line of work.

Speaking off…I believe I may have finally hit a breakthrough regarding a project that has vexed me for so long.

It started while I was working in New York base, I was currently researching my latest sample of Summers DNA I managed to obtain…I am sure the right combination of their DNA with another equally powerful sample shall yield a mutant without equal.

But I digress…all my hidden bases are connected so naturally when I saw that my base in Hokkaido was breached my pre established protocols went into effect. Those being capture the intruder, run a basic DNA analysis and if nothing is found that could be useful to me liquidate the subject…This was not the case this time as I was alerted it required my immediate attention.

I took two of my Marauders with me, Arclight and Harpoon, as well as Slab and Hairbag. Call me paranoid but I cannot run the risk of letting anything get in the way of my work. With Magneto searching for powerful mutants for his ridiculous war I can´t afford to be caught off guard.

We soon arrived and immediately I reviewed the security tapes…I found myself surprised for two reasons…

- A mere boy managed to battle and destroy one of my security droids…taking into account they are built to withstand and attack by a beta level mutant I find myself impressed. - He fired of a sphere of bio energy…without an active X-gene, how is this possible? A human with such of ability is unheard of. I began a battery of tests that yielded many discoveries and several questions.

He is male, approximately 17 to 18 years of age, though there are signs of stunted growth, malnourishment most likely through early childhood, and physical abuse.

Faint scars along his body and callous hands show a rigorous training regime that has yielded a lithe yet powerful body that could rival many gymnasts.

His bone and muscle density are much higher than the average human his age indicating that he has had his body trained since early childhood…possible cause of stunted growth.

There were signs of a dormant X-gene… I decided that I would activate through the use of experimental radiation treatments I had been planning on using for some time, how fortuitous of me to find such an appropriate test subject.

I addressed the boy when he regained consciousness; he is very…lively to say the least. Since I wished to see him live long enough to see his mutations I took the liberty of correcting some problems.

By stimulating his Thyroid gland I was able to correct his height to a now 6´2”. I reversed some damage done to several sections of his brain which showed signs of being struck repeatedly with great force, though for some strange reason his libido was damaged…curious.

The time came and soon gave him the treatment…It was a shame I could not anesthetize him for fear of causing a chemical imbalance, his screams were most annoying.

It was after two days of recuperation that his mutation was activated…I can honestly say I have not experienced shock in a while but what I had in my hands was the key to Project Amalgam. To think that Wolverine would have a son was a surprise to say the least! I ran test after test to confirm it and indeed it was true.

I began to ran tests to see how close his mutation was to his father´s, his senses were on par with his, but that was a given I very much expected. His healing factor is twice as potent as his father´s as when I amputated his hands they regenerated in half a day´s time where his father took a full day if I recall my days in the Weapon X facility correctly.

His claws on the other hand…that is where it became interesting, he has several sets located on his hands, forearms, shins and feet. The one located on his hands are one foot in length and do not appear on the center of the hand but between his knuckles.

They are wider by three quarters of an inch max which explains their location, also they are single edged at the bottom but serrated at the top in a wave motion with one centimeter separation between each wave.

This would mean that should the subject stab someone it will easily sink into the flesh but cause greater damage pulling out…Marvelous!

The claws at his feet share the same design but are 6 inches long and can bend at a 45 degree angle, allowing the subject to walk and possibly run with the claws out. The claws at his forearms and shins number 9 in total with an inch of separation between them and an inch in height, they curve backwards towards the body.

This all confirmed one thing for me… all my attempts to create a mutant with multiple power sets from birth have failed because their bodies simply cannot adapt from such a young age…but what if the body within a certain age is strong enough?…if it carries with it a healing factor powerful enough to allow its survival…what if instead of starting from scratch…I modify an existing body and splice the genes into it?

This boy is the key I have been searching for…I shall begin immediately, if all goes well I shall soon have in my possession a warrior that not even Xavier´s X-men, Magneto´s Brotherhood or Acolytes and dare I say…Apocalypse shall be able to defeat!

End entry.

If this story was to your liking then I shall continue it, I am just going with what I feel is right so don´t hold it against me if things seem out of whack or take a turn for the crazy and violent.

It is set in the X-men: Evolution, though it will sometimes branch out into other aspects of the Marvel U. Apocalypse, Sinister and the Hellfire Club are in this to add some extra juice to the story, pray that it works.

Don´t know who should be used pairing wise but I’ll figure it out as I go along. It is AU so anything can happen.

That is all for now Peace out…
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