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Darling Child

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Summary: What if Angel had a daughter instead of a son? Alana was kidnapped within her first year, but instead of a hell dimension she was taken too the past. Now she is a Hunter along with her adoptive brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, but now the end is here.

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Asylum Part I

So what do you all think so far? I'd really like to hear how your liking it, suggestion, anything would be nice.

Darling Child
Chapter 4: Asylum Part I


No, but it'll hurt like hell,” Sam said as he fired the shotgun, the blast propelling Dean through into the hidden room.

Lana's eyes widened and shot forward, in her momentary worry and shock she didn't move fast enough and Sam was able to move himself and hit her with the gun across the face. She fell back gasping at the pain that tingled through her face, and lip. She may be super-girl when it came to some things but she could still get hurt and feel pain it just took a well aimed hit and enough force to do it. Sam was one of the few who knew all her weak points.

Sweet Alana, a good little solider just like Dean but you don't follow as well as you lead,” Sam said as he moved towards her retreating form. Dean groaned and sat up, narrowing his eyes at Sam who leveled the shot gun with Lana's shocked blue eyes.

It might not kill you but a shotgun blast to the face – rock salt or not – isn't gonna feel good even to a Damphire.”

“Sammy!” Dean growled out. “Leave Lana alone, it's me your pissed at!”

“Really?” Sam asked. “Maybe killing her will be just the means to hurt you then.”

“LANA!” Dean shot up in bed, his green eyes wide as he looked beside him to see the blonde locks he knew belonged to Lana. She was on her stomach, her face peaceful and snuggled into her pillow. He rubbed his forehead as he looked at Lana, his eyes a light green in his worry.

He had never been one for nightmares before but the last hunt they'd been on, just the day before was getting to him. Sammy attacking him because of Ellicot was one thing but Lana. He'd never wanted to hurt his brother more then he had in that moment. The look of terror and pain on her face as she'd stared at Sam had been enough to make Dean want to kill his brother. The thought of loosing Lana or Sam though made his heart ache like nothing before, the thought of loosing Lana like that to his own brother was worse.

“It was just a nightmare,” Dean whispered as he laid back.

“Mmm, Dean you alright?” Dean looked to his side and smiled slightly, taking in the light blue eyes which were blurry with sleep.

“I'm fine, it was just a dream,” he said. “Go back to sleep Lani.” Lana smiled her eyes having already closed and she moved closer to Dean, her head resting against his chest and drifted back to sleep. Dean sighed and closed his eyes, content where he was.


“Dean,” Sam mutters as he wakes slowly to the sound of the phone ringing.

“Lana, Dean.” He looks over at the two and rolls his eyes at their intimate position. The phone continues to ring and he sighs, grabbing Dean's phone off the end table and looks at the number for a fleeting second before he answers it.


“Son,” comes the low reply and his eyes widen as he sits up straight in bed.


“Hello Sammy.”

“Dad? Are you hurt?” Sam asks.

“I’m fine.”

“We’ve been looking for you everywhere. We didn’t know where you were, if you were okay.”

“Sammy, I’m all right. What about you, Alana and Dean?” Sam blinks and runs a hand through his hair as Dean begins to wake up.

“We’re fine, Lana and Dean haven't even killed each other yet. At this rate I expect them to kiss and make up before the years over.” Sam chuckled before turning serious. “Dad, where are you?”

“Sorry, kiddo, I can’t tell you that.”

“What? Why not?” Sam asks, his brow furrowed in confusion and annoyance. Dean sits up, Lana following his example as she begins to rub the sleep from her eyes.

“Is that Dad?” Deans asks, his eyes wide in amazement. Lana's head snaps up and she lets out a gasp.

“Dad?” she whispers but Sam ignores them.

“Look, I know this is hard for you to understand. You’re just gonna have to trust me on this.”

“You’re after it, aren’t you? The thing that killed Mom.”

“Yeah. It’s a demon, Sam.”

“A demon? You know for sure?” Sam asks.

“A demon? What’s he saying?”

“Sam!” Lana exclaims.

“I do. Listen, Sammy, I, uh…I also know what happened to your girlfriend. I’m so sorry. I would’ve done anything to protect you from that.”

“You know where it is?” Sam demands and John sighs over the phone, though only Sam hears this. Dean and Lana both watch as the conversation continues until finally Dean takes the phone from Sam who seems upset. Alana sighs, and leans close to Dean as if to listen in to the conversation which she can hear. She sighs, same ol' dad, still giving orders.



“Angel, you'll never believe it,” Fred said as she stopped going through the mail, her eyes locked intently on one of the envelopes which seemed to have a coffee stain ring on it. Angel looked up from his book and stood. Placing his book down he walked over to the brunette and raised an eyebrow.

“Believe what?” he asked. Fred held out the letter and Angel looked at her and then took it. The moment he red the return address his throat closed up.

Alana Angel. That was all it said, there was no address of return just her name and then his and the Hyperion’s address.

“Angel?” Fred asks, getting worried as a minute passed without the souled vampire moving once. “You okay?” Angel blinked and looked at the small Texan before nodding.

“Yeah, I'm just gonna go and....” He didn't finish the sentence as he retreated to his room and Fred sighed but let a small smile flicker across her face. Alana was alive, she was healthy and obviously knew where Angel was. It could only mean that before long she'd come home, maybe for good, maybe not but at least she could visit. From what Ellen had told them Alana was not the five year old they'd expect but a woman, almost twenty-four years old now.


For the fifth time he read and reread the letter. It didn't have greeting, it just began and was two pages long. The handwriting was delicate and could have been something a person from a century ago would have written like. He'd always believed handwriting told you a lot about a person and he could easily see his daughter was an independent woman, someone who had a mind of her own and wasn't afraid of the harsher side of life.

He grinned and forcing back tears at the fact he'd missed over twenty years of his daughters life he began to read the letter again.

You're probably wondering who'd be writing you, who would have the resources or ability to find you? I'm sorry, I'm not making much sense am I? So I could be blunt, and honest or I could ease you into the truth, but if you're anything like me you don't like being messed around with.

So here it goes. Around four to five years ago you lost someone, a daughter. A man took her and I'm not sure if you've been looking for her but I hope you have been. Her name is Alana Catriona Angel and I'm that girl. You're probably not sure weather or not to believe me, if this is fake or not but I swear it's all true. That man some how ended up in the past. 20 some years, and left me with a family he'd heard of. I can't tell you who or where, I don't want you to come and find me.

It's nothing against you father, but my life, it's not exactly what you'd call safe and quiet. My family and I, it's difficult to explain but the family business, it's not for everyone or the faint of heart. We can't trust everyone, my brothers, well brother - I've never been able to think of Dean as a brother – they don't like that I'm making contact with you at all.

They'll come around and maybe then we can work things out. Don't worry so much, I plan to keep writing you. Some piece of mind I guess. You can't write me I'm afraid, my job, it keeps me on the road almost constantly. We get breaks sometimes but I don't have an address.

Before I have to go I'd like to let you know I know everything about you and your condition. My family, the ones who took me me in, they know to, they're good people I just want you to know that I don't care what you are, we're more alike then you know.

I've gotta go now father, one day we can meet in person. Promise.


Alana Catriona Angel.



Does anyone else think this is a bad idea?” Lana asks as they walk around the lake. It was freakishly like the one from the movie, this small camp where people kept going missing. Dean chuckles as Sam smiles, his eyes clearly amused.

“Don't tell me your afraid of this place?” Dean asked and Lana slapped his arm annoyed.

“Crystal Lake Dean, you saw the movie too. I vowed never to set foot in a place called Crystal Lake.” Sam burst into laughter as Dean tried to keep his laughter inside.

“Lana, your afraid of bugs and wendigos,” Sam said with a smirk.

“Do you blame me, bugs are nasty and wendigos are creepy!” Lana defended and then turned as a sound reached her ears. “Guys did you hear that?”

Dean and Sam share a look and then shake their head. Lana lifted her gun and flashlight and looks around in the direction. As the light hit a spot something flashed away and she groaned.

“I hate this,” she said and turned back around to the brothers. “Something is definitely out there.”

“Lana!” Sam gasped as he raised his gun and Lana spun around only to see a large black thing hit coming at her. She gasped and duck just as Sam fired shots It hit and the figure dissolves and she shoots back up.

“It's a spirit!?” Dean exclaims as he lifts his shotgun up.

“Not technically,” Sam says. “They're like spirits but instead of salt rounds it takes silver. They take humans ever two summers and feast on them before hibernation. No one can decided on what to call them, ancient lore thought of them as vampires, others as werewolves.” Sam looks at his brother.

“Of course we know what they really are. Chimera's.” Lana groans and then looks back at Sam.

“Don't Chimera's have the ability to mimic shapes, forms?” Lana asks.

“Yeah, based on peoples thoughts and fears....” Sam's eyes got big and Dean pointed to a spot in the woods.

“Well, that would explain Jason fucking Voorhees,” Dean snaps and Lana moves back towards Dean. “I blame this completely on you Alana!”

“Me, why's this my fault?” Alana asked, offended.

“Guys, fight latter,” Sam said. “Right now we should probably regroup.”


“So that's it,” Lana said. “Chimera's dead and we can get out of this town, right?”

“Don't tell me your still scared? We've already nailed your fear to an early grave, what's to be afraid of?” Dean asks as he sits beside Lana on the hood of the impala.

“I just don't like this place, it gives me the creeps.” Dean nods.

“Hows your arm?” he asked and Lana pulled back the sleeve to show a shallow and healing cut.

“Almost healed, thank god for super healing.” Lana looks at Dean. “How about you?”

“Still have stitches but we can't all be super girl.”

“Sorry, if I had acted sooner....” Dean shook his head.

“Nah, still would have happened. Don't sweat it Lani, we're hunters, injuries are part of the job description,” he says and Lana chuckles.

“Hey, you two ready to hit the road?” Sam asks as he walks out.

“Sure,” Lana said and then plucked the keys expertly from Dean hands. “My turn to drive baby.”

“Hey!” Dean exclaims but doesn't try and stop her from getting in the drivers seat. “Bitch.”

“Jerk!” Lana calls back and Sam pouts slightly.

“Assholes...” he says not wanting to be left out. Lana sticks her head out the window to look at him as Dean turns to his brother.

“Dude,” Dean begins. “Is that the best you could come up with.”

“Weak Sammy, weak!” Lana says and Sam sighs and gets in the back, already knowing Dean would take the front seat.



“Rawhead's are pains in my ass,” Lana mutters as she places her favorite knife into the hostler on her left forearm, and an extra one in her right boot. Dean chuckles as he pulls out three tasers, and hands one to Lana and another to Sam.

“What do you got those amped up to?” Sam asks as he looks from the taser. At first glance it looks like a normal taser, none lethal but knowing Dean he knew he couldn't trust the appearance of things. Dean looks at his brother and smirks lightly.

“A hundred thousand volts,” he replies and Lana whistles. Not even she could walk away from that, at least not in good health.

“Damn,” Sam says and Dean grins.”Isn't that a bit overkill?”

“Yeah, well, I want this rawhead extra frickin' crispy,” he said shrugging. “And remember, you only get one shot with these things. So make it count.”

“Aye aye captain,” Lana says with a smile. She hadn't gotten along with Dean like this in years and she was happy that they were able to stand each other in the same room without murder again. She would never admit it out loud but she had missed Dean the most after she had left to find her birth father and hunt on her own.

Dean, Sam and Lana headed for the warehouse like building and headed down the stairs with guns and flashlights drawn.

“Dean, I don't like this,” Lana says as she notices the small pool of water in under them. Dean stopped and looked back at her and smiled reassuringly.

“It's all be fine,” Dean said and Sam nodded at Lana, who sighed and nodded. Hearing a noise, they look at each other for a moment before moving toward a cupboard.

“On three,” Dean whispers. “One. Two. Three.”

Dean swings open the door but instead of the rawhead they see a young boy and girl crouched inside, covering their ears. Lana looks at the boys and then back at the preteens inside.

“Shh, don't worry we're here to help,” Lana whispers placing a finger to her mouth as she spoke.

“Is it still here?” Sam asks and the children nod.

Dean looks around and then back at the two kids. “Ok. Grab your sister's hand, come on, we gotta get you out of here. Let's go, let's go.” They move towards the stairs quickly and Dean nods. “Alright, Sam take them up, go!”

Sam starts to take the children upstairs, but a hand grabs his legs, knocking him back down. The children scream and run to the top of the stairs as Lana moves quickly and kicks the rawhead in the head, and away from Sam.

“Sam!” Dean yells and pulls out the taser and shoots only to miss. “Shit!”

“Sam, get 'em outta here!” Lana yells as she pulls her taser and fires only to miss by a fraction of an inch. “Dammit!”

Sam throws his taser to Dean before speaking. “Here take this!”

He then runs up the stairs and moves the children out of sight.

Dean and Lana both move around the basement on high alert, shining their torch into corners, looking for the rawhead. Lana gasps as the ragged, hairy creature leaps up and shoves her into one of the walls hard before turning and shoving Dean backwards.

Dean curses mentally as he loses his weapons and flashlight as he falls. He glances around, scrambles across puddles of water to grab the taser just as Lana attacks the creature with her knife only to be swatted away a few second letter, the knife now sticking out of the rawhead seemingly having done nothing but make it angry.

He glares at the creature as Lana hits the ground, winded from the blow and releases the taser toward the creature as it moves toward him, electrocuting him. Lana stands quickly and gasps as electricity moves from the creature through the water on the ground to Dean.

“Dean!” Lana yells before screaming as she sees him and the rawhead shake and twitch. The creature falls, dead, and Dean stops moving. Lana moves forward, not caring if the water is still electrified or not and collapses next to Dean's prone body. Just as she is checking for a pulse Sam runs down the stairs and sees them in the corner, Dean unmoving.

“Dean!” he yells and runs over and falls to his other side, slapping his face lightly to get him to wake up. Lana forces tears back and looks at Sam.

“He...he has a pulse, but it's slow. Too slow,” she says and Sam looks at her wide eyed.

“Lana go call an ambulance,” he says and lifts Dean off her. Lana stares at the two brothers terrified and Sam looks back at her his hazel-blue eyes more green/hazel then blue for once.

“Go!” Lana stands and with all the speed she can muster she runs towards the stairs and then up them. It only takes her a second to dial the number but it takes a horrifying eleven minutes for the ambulance to arrive and Dean to be carried away.


“Sammy, I don't know if I can do this,” Lana said as she stared straight ahead, tears finally flowing over her eyelids and down her cheeks. Sam scooted down the bench some and wrapped his arms around the blondes waist. He had never seen her like this before, not even when she'd had to move away from her first boyfriend at sixteen. Hell, he didn't remember a time she had cried unless it was about mom.

“Dean is fine Lana,” Sam said. “He is fine.” Lana looked at him her blue eyes dark with grief.

“But what if he isn't? Sam that was a lot of electricity, that would have killed anyone else. It's a miracle he didn't get fri...” her voice gave out and she chocked on a sob. All at once the tears came and she laid her head against his chest, smothering her sobs in his chest. Sam laid his chin on her head and stared sadly ahead. He didn't know what to do, and he didn't know how to make things better.

“I love him,” Lana said. “He can't....”

“He won't,” Sam said as he moved back and made Lana look him in the eyes. “Dean's too strong.”

Sam looks up as he notices two cops walking over to them, hesitantly once they notice Lana. The first cop gives them both apologetic looks as Lana looks up and wipes away her tears.

“Look, we can finish this up later...” the cop trails off but Sam shakes his head.

“No, no, it's okay. We were just taking a shortcut through the neighborhood. And, um, the windows were rolled down, we heard some screaming when we drove past the warehouse, and we stopped. Ran in to help.”

“And you found the kids in the basement?”

“Yeah,” Sam answers.

“Well, thank God you did,” the second cops says and Sam sees the doctor walking towards them and nods to the cops as he stands, bringing Lana up with him.

“Excuse us,” he says and the cops nod, thanking them for their help before leaving the two alone.

“Hey, Doc. Is he...” Sam trails off and the Doctor gives them a grave look.

“He's resting, and I really can't say more with anyone but family,” the doctor says looking to Alana. Unlike with Sam he can tell the petite blonde was no relation to the two brothers. Sam looked at Lana and then back at the doctor.

“She is family, this is my brother's wife, Alana.” The doctor looks Lana over, stopping at her left hand and nods upon seeing the ring on her ring finger. Lana looks down as well, slightly confused but then tries to let a smile off as she notices the silver Celtic ring band on ring finger. It was delicate and studded with diamonds, it could pass as a wedding band and she'd never been happier to have slipped it on that finger without meaning to until now.

“I see, the electrocution triggered a heart attack. Pretty massive, I'm afraid. His's damaged.” Lana's heart caught in her throat and the doctor gave them hard passive faces but they were pretty good at reading people and the apology, unspoken as it may be, was clear in his eyes. There was nothing worse then bad news from a doctor after something like this.

“How damaged?” Lana asks, her voice cracking as tears flooded her eyes again.

He sighed. “We've done all we can. We can try and keep him comfortable at this point. But, I'd give him a couple weeks, at most, maybe a month.” Lana shook her head, this couldn't be happening!

“No, no. There's, there's...gotta be something you can do, some kind of treatment,” Sam says, practically pleading.

“We can't work miracles. I really am sorry,” the doctor says and Lana leans into Sam and the taller man wraps his arms around the smaller woman. He knows if he doesn't do this she'll never make it down the hall to Dean's room.

The End?

The author is currently looking for one or more beta readers for this story. If you are interested, please email the author or leave a private review.

You have reached the end of "Darling Child" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 8 Feb 12.

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