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Darling Child

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Summary: What if Angel had a daughter instead of a son? Alana was kidnapped within her first year, but instead of a hell dimension she was taken too the past. Now she is a Hunter along with her adoptive brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, but now the end is here.

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Also the paring is Alana/Dean. Please recognize that while they were raised together and she considers Sam her brother they are by no means related by blood which means I expect no flames from this cause I've given you fair warning.


Darling Child.

MAY 2002:

“She's gone,” Angel whispered and a solitary tear ran down his face. He'd promised himself he'd be a better father then his own had been and yet not even six months latter he losses her.

“We'll find her Angel,” Fred whispers knowing that even if the others don't hear her Angel will.


“I don't know, but we will,” she promised.

“Fred's right man, we'll hunt down everything until we find her and when we do we'll make Holtz pay,” Gunn assured him and Angel nodded, his face hard.

“We will.”

20 years earlier: Lawrence, Kansas:

“John someones at the door!” Mary yelled as she finished washing dishes.

“Sure.” John sat Dean back in his play pen and walked to the door before opening it. His smile vanished upon seeing the ragged looking older man standing there with a baby who looked upset. Tears were drying on the babies pale cheeks.

“Who are you?”

“You're a Hunter are you not? A John and Mary Winchester?”

“My wife...she was anyways. What do you want?” John asked, narrowing his eyes suspiciously as the man grinned.

“Take her, I have my revenge, Angelus will never see his daughter again. Beware though she is the daughter of two demonic vampires. You may want to kill her yourself.” He practically shoved the baby into Johns shocks and appalled arms. How could anyone suggest killing a baby?

“Goodbye John.”

“ stole her from her parents?” he whispered looking at the baby girl who stared up at him with clear blue eyes.

“I did, and now she is yours. Don't try to take her back to Angelus. She won't be home for another twenty or so years.” John watched as the man left before he entered his home, shutting the door behind him. As he wondered why the man would steal a baby from her parents, child of two vampires or not, he tried to calm the baby down. He'd read of Angelus in a book of Mary's but Mary had also told him he went by Angel these days and had a soul. An oddity for demonic vampire since unlike the demons they called vampires – close relations of the demonic vampire, the true vampires – the real variety lost their soul after turning.

“John were did you get a baby?” Mary asked as she entered the living room, Dean now resting on her hip. Their son was three years old now, with dark blond/brown hair and Mary's green eyes.

“Uh, there was some guy at the door. He knew who we were....Mary he said he stole this baby from Angelus..that she wouldn't be born for another twenty odd years.” Mary's eyes widened and she moved forward, sitting Dean onto his feet before taking the baby girl into her arms. She was angelic Mary noticed, with pale cheeks and big blue eyes. Her hair seemed to be pale in color, blond and around her neck was a circular necklace with a Celtic symbol. On the back of it was a name and date.

B. NOVEMBER 21ST, 2001

“My god,” Mary muttered. “John look at this.”

John looked to the necklace and read the inscription, and sighed. “So it's true.”

“With everything that's happened in the past, I don't see why time travel can't be. It's unlikely that a human or someone without a lot of power could pull it off but vengeance is a powerful emotion,” Mary said and then smiled down at the now smiling baby.

“Hello Alana, I'm Mary and this is John.” John smiled at the girl as she giggled reaching up towards the two new people she'd just met. She liked them a lot more then that stinky old man.

“Mommy, whose that?” Dean asked as he pulled on his mothers skirt.

“This is Alana, she's going to be staying with us for now,” Mary said as she let Dean look at the baby who giggled and reached for Deans hair.

“She's pretty.” John and Mary laughed.

“She is,” Mary said. “Why don't you go play honey. Daddy and I have to talk.” Dean nodded and walked back to his toys and Mary turned and smiled at John.

“We were talking about having more kids and if she really is from the future, which all evidence points to then we can't take her back to Angel.” Mary sighed. “Angel saved me from one of his type of demons a long time ago, I owe him and taking care of his daughter is the best way I can think of.

“What about her vampire side. If what that guy says is true she'd at the least super-powered, at the worst she's a damphire.”

“We'll have to wait. Can you really turn this face away though?” Mary asked as she held the baby up to John who sighed and smiled as h took the girl back into his arms.

“Okay, we'll raise her. We always did want a little girl.”


“This could be fun,” a female voice mutters as she walks with a taller man with light brown/blond hair which seemed to stick up at angles.

“Glad you think so Lana.” Dean says as he pries a window open and one at a time they enter the apartment. They walk around, past the strings of beads at the far end of the hall. Unaware of it Sam moves to another part of the apartment and waits.

“Dean...” Lana whispers just as they enter the room and Sam lunges forward, grabs the mystery man at the shoulder. Dean knocks Sam's arm away and aims a strike at Sam, who ducks. He grabs Sam's arm, swings him around, and shoves him back. Sam kicks and is blocked by Lana who throws him back and into another room.

“It's Sam!” she gasps out just as Dean elbows Sam in the face.

Alana or Lana as she went by most the time, sighs as Sam kicks at his head. Dean ducks and swings and Sam blocks. Dean knocks Sam down and pins him to the floor, one hand at Sam's neck and the other holding his wrist.

“Whoa, easy, tiger.” Sam's eyes adjust and he narrows his eyes in confusion before his eyes widen.

“Dean?” Sam asks and Dean laughs as he stand up.

“It's about time,” she snaps.

“You scared the crap out of me!”

“We know, it shows,” Lana says with a smirk and he looked over at the other intruder. She's average height, 5'4 with pale skin and long wavy blonde hair and bright clear blue eyes.

“Like she said but that's 'cause you're out of practice,” Dean says as he reaches out and Sam grabs Dean's hand and yanks, slamming his heel into Dean back and he slams onto the floor.

“Or not.”

“Play time is over boys,” Lana says as she pulls them both up. “Now kiss and make up.”

“I hope you don't mean that literally,” Dean says making a face of disgust.

“I hope your not that stupid,” she shoots back and Sam chuckles happy to see they're still fighting.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Sam asks after a second.

“Well, I was looking for a beer.” Alana rolls her eyes.

“What Dean means is we've got to talk.” Sam looks at his adoptive sister and sighs. This couldn't be good, especially if Dean and Alana were working together.


“So Angel still doesn't know where is daughter is?” The Senior Partners questioned. Lindsey shook his head.

“No sirs, we've been keeping close tabs on both Angel and Alana Winchester-Angel. Both are unaware of each other, though we do know Alana does know who her father is and what just not where he is.”

“Good Lindsey, let's keep it that way until we are ready to put the plan into action. Has Azazel rang?”

“Not yet, but he plans to strike within the next year. The Winchesters won't know what hit them. Neither will Angel, his team or his daughter,” Lilah said with a coy smile.

“Good. Good. You're both dismissed.”
A/N: So here is the first chapter. So here is how it is, Connor was born a girl instead, named Alana and like in canon she was taken by Holtz. Unlike in canon she was taken through a temporal rift back to the past and given to Mary and John Winchester a year before Sam was born. Unlike Connor she is a little more vampire then Connor was, a little less human, a Damphire for lack of better word. That will be explained as the story progresses.

Season four of Angel happened but Cordy survived and it was Wesley used not Connor since Connor does not exist. Cordy is dead, I'm just not the best at writing her so...yeah. Wesley is alive but doing some serious therapy. Season 5 never really happened, without Connor and Cordy already dead Angel kicked Jasmine's ass and never agreed to take over W&H. Oh and Season 3 went a bit differently since without Connor most the season is bland, Justine and Holtz did reappear to gloat and kill Angel but Angel killed Holtz but did find out his daughter was alive and had been taken to the past to grow up. Justine was the one who sunk him to the bottom of the ocean but everything else is canon.

As for, but we'll be exploring some of the episodes with Alana's involvement. Also Angel won't find Alana she'll find him but not until after Castiel has pulled Dean out of Hell so Angel is pretty down and out right now.
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