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Waiting for Sunrise

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Summary: The Initiative arrives in Sunnydale a little early

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-CenteredOlBearFR18714,48434519,8553 Feb 123 Oct 14No

Chapter 6

Disclaimer: All recognisable characters belong to someone else. I can only claim ideas that come from sleep deprivation and overdosing on caffeine and nicotine

Chapter Six

Washington DC

Craig Shannon, formerly a Major in the United States Army and until recently head of the military contingent of a Black Ops group known as the Initiative sat in a corner booth of the hotel bar nursing a drink.

A waitress walked up to him and asked if he was ready to order another drink but he just waived her off. He was not in the bar to have a few drinks and relax. Tonight he was hoping to meet with someone, someone who needed to know what it was that Walsh and the Initiative were doing in the supposedly quiet little town called Sunnydale.

The doors to the bar swung open to admit a dark haired, middle aged man, obviously very fit, in the uniform of a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army. Walking up to the bar the Colonel took a seat and waved the bartender over and ordered a drink.

Craig waited till the drink was in front of the officer before standing up and walking over to the bar, taking a seat beside him.

“Hey Tom.” He said, unobtrusively slipping a flash drive into his old Ranger Buddy’s pocket. “Belated congratulations on your promotion.”

Lt Col Tom Ryan blinked in surprise as a man he had thought dead these last few years calmly sat next to him.

Demon Bar, Albuquerque, New Mexico

It was a quiet night in the bar which the local ‘Night Life’ frequented in the city of Albuquerque. A Farnik and a Trelnac demon where having a semi-friendly knife fight in one corner, watched avidly by a table of ghoulnocs who were laying bets on who would be the winner and which one they would get to eat.

At the bar a human who looked disturbingly like Willy, owner/operator of ‘Willy’s Alibi’, the demon bar in Sunnydale placed two tankards of blood beer and two shots of whiskey in front of the vampires who were sitting at the bar.

“Heard the latest?” He said, dropping the vampire’s change on the bar. “Garry the Gruesome and his crew got themselves dusted down in Vegas.”

The two vampires looked at the human and the bartender was about to say something more when another demon started calling for the ‘House Special’, Crème de Methe mixed with yak bile and a kerosene chaser.

“So who do you think took out Garry?” One vampire asked, picking up a shot glass and downing the hard liquor before washing it down with a gulp of beer. “The Greek Freak or Wolfram & Hart?”

The second vampire toyed with his tankard for a moment. “From what I heard it was neither.” He took a pull from his drink before reaching into his jacket for a packet of smokes, shook one out and lit up. “I heard that a new Slayer was called up in Boston and immediately started putting the hurt on Kakistos’ organisation.” He took a drag of his cigarette before continuing. “Kakistos eventually caught her and her Watcher but the girl was able to escape after taking one of his eyes. Now Kakistos is tracking her across the country to make her pay for what she did to him.”

Stubbing his cigarette out in an ashtray the vampire took another drink before continuing to speak. “As for Wolfram & Hart, if they were involved they would have made sure that everyone knew that they had done it and why.”

The other vampire nodded and finished his drink, waving the bartender over for another round. Just as the drinks arrived there as a gurgling scream from the back of the bar and they turned to see the Trelnac demon strutting around in triumph with an ichor stained blade in his hand. Behind him the ghoulnocs quickly settled their bets before dragging the body of the other demon to a dark corner for an impromptu feast and the bartender called for a bucket of sand to soak up the blood before it stained the floor.

It was just another night in the demon bar known as ‘Never heard of him!’

Las Vegas

In a darkened office lit only by a desk lamp a man was reading through the police report on the incident that cost the lives of three teenagers and left one still alive but traumatised on top of the physical abuse she had suffered.

So far the Las Vegas Police Department was saying that the teenagers had stumbled onto a drug deal and then things went south for them. But the man knew better. The children had stumbled onto a vampire lair and those foul beasts had reacted instinctively when a free meal appeared on their doorstep.

He made a note to talk to both Detective Brass and the girl in the morning. Jim, so that the LVPD wouldn’t look too deeply into the affair and the girl to see if she had any more information about the person that saved her and disposed of the vampires.

Putting down the file he considered the information that he had just read. A lone individual had burst into a vampire lair and taken out at least four of the blood suckers on his own and unless someone turned up at a hospital emergency room he had done so without suffering major injuries himself.

“Impressive.” He thought as he reached across the desk and picked up the phone. Quickly dialling a number he waited patiently for the connection to be made.

“Yes?” The voice on the other end of the line asked.

“This is Crowe. I believe that there is a new hunter active. Whether they stay here in Vegas or move on is not known at this time.”

“Understood.” The voice on the other end of the line said. “Send me all the information you have.”

“Acknowledged, I’ll send by courier first thing in the morning. And I request that the Team be placed on standby for operations in the Nevada region.”

There was silence on the phone line for a moment.

“I shall consider it once I’ve received and reviewed the information. God bless you and keep you safe.”

“And the same to you Sir.” The man who identified himself as Crowe said before hanging up the phone.

Quickly gathering up the file he locked it away in his desk before standing up, the light from the desk lamp reflecting off the badge on his belt that identified him as a Deputy US Marshal.

Grabbing his jacket he checked his watch. With a little luck he should make it home in time to have dinner with his family and then a little later, put his daughter to bed and read her a bedtime story, one of the highlights of his day. Switching off the last light he closed and locked the door behind before heading downstairs to the garage where his car was parked.

A car cruised down the highway. In the driver’s seat, Xander Harris, or as his licence said, Jessie Stirling, smiled slightly as the car headlights illuminated a billboard that welcomed him to Texas, the Lone Star State.

After he had dealt with the vampires Xander had decided that it might be a good idea to head off to greener pastures. He was worried that if he stayed too long in one location the Initiative might be able to track him down though he had enjoyed his job working construction even if he was only a day labourer.

Still the money that he had found in the lair, thirty thousand dollars in cash as well as some watches and jewellery, should keep him going till he found another job where ever he ended up and hopefully the next time he talked to Giles the Englishman might have some good news for him.

“Maybe I’ll visit The Alamo while I’m here.” He thought as he drove on, the sound of Georgia Satellites “Battleship Chains’ coming from the radio.


Author Note: just a quick update. Happy New Year everyone!
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