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New Path

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Summary: Unwanted by his only living family Harry is left on someones doorstep for the second time. But this time Fate has decided to rewrite the boys story so that he gets his happy ending.

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Chapter Two

When the Cullens returned from hunting the household went into a flurry of activity. Esme explained what had happened and Carlisle used his influence and connections in the area to quietly bring the matter to the polices attention. And while discreet inquires about missing children went out nothing came back. So upon Esme’s insistence they became temporary legal guardians of little Harry and when the right amount of time passed petitioned the court for adoption; it was granted swiftly. So just six months after landing on a doorstep for the second time Harold Carlisle Cullen, affectionately called Harry, had a family. A family that not only loved but also adored their newest son and brother.


Five year old Harry giggled as he raced through the house at breakneck speed. He knew the layout by heart so the chances of him actually hurting himself were rather slim and didn’t cause his parents any concern. “Can’t catch me!” He chanted as he skidded through the kitchen and into the living room with his sister, Rosalie, following more sedately behind him. With a burst of speed he dived onto the couch and subsequently his mothers lap where he wrapped in a loving embrace. “I win!”

Rosalie shook her head and reached down plucking the boy from their mothers embrace. “You, little snake, cheated.” She informed him before attacking his belly with her hand making him laugh.

Carlisle who was seated on the other side of the couch lowered his paper and raised an eyebrow. “Is this true Harold?” He questioned his youngest.

Harry struggled to catch his breath and finally managed when his sister stopped tickling him. He took a moment to bask in the feeling of acceptance and family before answering his father. “Yes papa.” He buried his face in Rosalie’s neck. Harold instead of Harry was only used when he was being chided.

“And what have you been told about cheating?” Carlisle asked.

“That cheating isn’t fair.” Harry mumbled as he turned his head to face his father. “But I gotta cheat or Rosie will win!” He protested then pouted. “I wanna be fast too.”

Carlisle held out his arms and wrapped them around Harry when he deposited in his lap. “Better to compete honestly and lose then cheat and win.” He pointed out.

Harry sighed and nodded. “I know but it’s still not fair.” He mumbled as he laid his hand on his fathers sweater clad chest. “When are E and Ed coming home?”

Esme smiled as she reached over and ran her hand through his raven locks. “Couple more days little one. You miss your brothers don’t you?”

“Little bit.” Harry admitted. “I love Rosie and Alice but they’re girls.” He whispered out the corner of his little mouth.

“But I’m a girl.” Esme told him with a wide smile.

Harry seemed to think about that for a moment then shook his head. “Nuh-uh! You’re not a girl you’re my mommy.” Child logic at its greatest.

Esme continued to run her hand through his hair. “I think I can manage being both.” The feeling of being called mommy was indescrible and Harry had been doing it since he learned how to talk.

“Harry’s got you two wrapped around his little finger.” Rosalie informed them with an eye roll as she sat down in one of the overstuffed chairs adjacent to the couch.

“As it should be.” Carlisle said with a small smile. On the day his wife had told him about Harry and the state he was in they had made a vow then and there to give him a proper loving family. And it wasn’t without its bumps but they had been doing a pretty good job of it thus far.
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