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New Path

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Summary: Unwanted by his only living family Harry is left on someones doorstep for the second time. But this time Fate has decided to rewrite the boys story so that he gets his happy ending.

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Chapter Seven

The Cullens arrival in Forks wasn’t met with much fanfare. The town was curious, of course, but most were too polite or too cautious to actually approach the newcomers. The first to actually show interest was the Chief of Police oddly enough. Perhaps he was just trying to prepare himself for the influx of six new teenagers into his relatively quiet town. Or maybe he was just a nice guy trying to offer a little bit of friendship to the new Doctor and his family.

Harry’s birthday came and went. True to his word he burned the single envelope, no pictures or trinkets this time, that had arrived from Dumbledore without so much as opening it. He didn’t even think about it again.

The family slowly acclimated themselves to their new surroundings. The forest surrounding their isolated home was teaming with wildlife; big and small. So there was no issue about keeping seven mouths fed. A small, locally run, grocery store in town also meant that Harry wouldn’t starve anytime soon regardless of what he said.

School arrived quickly, too quickly in Harry’s opinion, and soon the Cullen children were meeting and getting to know the under eighteen population of Forks. The youth of Forks didn’t seem to have their parents caution when it came to the Cullens. And soon everyone of Carlisle and Esme’s children had their own group of admirers. All the boys were either smitten or hopelessly in love with Rosalie and Alice. And the girls seemed to drool whenever Emmett, Jasper, Edward, and even little Harry entered the room. The admiration got to the point that everyone but Harry withdrew into their own little group. They left their brother to handle the masses but it didn’t seem like he minded much.

While his siblings were quickly becoming antisocial Harry wasn’t. He even made friends with a handful of the kids down on the Reservation much to the chagrin of his brothers and sisters. And once he joined the swim team his popularity seemed to grow but so did his unease. He knew how he was suppose to act so that uncomfortable questions weren’t asked but sometimes he just wanted to be himself. Maybe sit with his family at lunch instead of the throng of kids that vied for his attention. And some days were harder than others like when he’d catch Emmett out of the corner of his eye motioning with his hands, telling a story, a story that caused his family to smile. He even felt like he was losing touch with Alice and her spending more and more time with Jasper wasn’t sitting well with him. Freshmen and Sophomore year passed in a flash of homework, dances, and awkward encounters.

Just when he thought he was going to exploded into a puddle of youthful anger and angst something happened to turn everyone’s attention from him. Chief Swan’s daughter, Isabella, came to live with him. And Harry could breath easily once more.


It was a couple of months into Junior year that she appeared. Harry first met her at lunch when she was forced to sit at his table by Eric.

“Who’re they?” Isabella Bella Swan asked her new friends as she caught sight of the most beautiful people she had ever seen entering the cafeteria.

Jessica lowered her voice. “That’s Doctor and Mrs. Cullens adopted kids. Well all except Harry.”

Angela chimed in as they passed the table. “The big guy and the blonde are Emmett and Rosalie. Um the little black haired girl and the blonde guy are Alice and Jasper. And that’s Harry.” She waved to her friend who was following behind his family with a tray full of food.

“Yeah their kinda a creepy family.” Jessica continued on when Harry didn’t sit down right away. “Rumor is Harry is the Cullens bio kid but the creepy part is their like all together. Like together together.”

“Their not related Jess.” Angela reminded her. “Emmett and Rosalie are a couple and have been since they moved here a couple years ago. Harry and Alice are a couple or were a couple.” She frowned. “I dunno about them really. Alice used to spend all her time with Harry but now her and Jasper are like never apart.”

Bella was careful not to stare but the last person in the door caught her full attention. “And that?”

Jessica seemed to get a dreamy look on her face when she looked over her shoulder. “That’s Edward Cullen. But don’t waste your time there he doesn’t have time for any of us.” She tried to feigned disinterest but failed miserably.

Angela gave her friend a sympathetic look then nodded in agreement. “None of the Cullens really give any of us the time of day except for Harry.” She smiled when said person finally sat down at the table. “Hungry?” She asked seeing how full his tray was.

“Starved!” Harry took a big bite of his sandwich and blinked when he noticed the new girl. Wiping his hands down his jeans he offered his hand. “I’m Harry and you’re Isabella right?”

“Er, yeah, but just Bella please. Isabella makes me feel old.” Bella shook the hand then blushed.

The girls went back to their conversation which now included Eric, Tyler, and Mike.

Harry chuckled as he took another bite. “Believe me I know how you feel.” Seeing her confused look her hurried to explain. “Harold…that’s my given name but nobody calls me that except my parents and only if I’m in trouble.” He took a sip from his milk box. “So what class do you have next?”

Bella chewed on her lip as she tried to recall her schedule. “Science I think.”

“Cool I’ll walk with you if you’d like?” Harry offered. “Me and my brother both have it but Ed only shows up when he feels like it.” He motioned over his shoulder towards the table his siblings claimed as their own and then rolled his eyes.

“Doesn’t he get in trouble for that?” Bella asked curious as to how things worked here compared to Arizona.

Harry shrugged and finished his sandwich then moved on to attack his cookies. “Not really. Ed’s really smart so he passes the tests regardless if he was there for the material or not.” He shoved a cookie into his mouth and chewed. “Aren’t you going to eat?” He noticed that she didn’t have a tray.

Bella shook her head. “Nerves.” She explained. “Plus I’m a vegetarian so I don’t know what I can eat.” She noticed the smile on his face. “What?”

“I’m Veg too!” Harry exclaimed in delight. “They have a wide selection to choose from. They didn’t when we moved here but my mom made a fuss about my special diet and dad donated some money and here we are.” His smile widened. “Small world huh?”

“Yeah.” Bella felt herself smiling and for the first time since arriving, not counting Jacob, she felt like she had a friend.

Harry finished off his lunch in silence then motioned for Bella to follow him. “So this is our marvelous science wing.” He made air quotes as they entered the room. “Well you can sit with me if you’d like? Or Ed doesn’t have a partner.” He motioned towards a table off the side and in the middle of its row. He took a seat at the table right beside it and pulled out his science book.

Bella considered her options. She could sit with the hot Cullen that her heart race when she looked at him or the cute Cullen that had been extremely nice to her. “I think I’ll sit with you.”

It was that moment that a friendship was born between Harry and Bella that would last a lifetime and beyond.

The End?

You have reached the end of "New Path" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 9 Feb 12.

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