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Come As You Aren't

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Summary: The Scoobies get different Halloween costumes that are related but don't appear to be on the surface. DARK.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > GeneralcmdruhuraFR211115,35525734,5334 Feb 1216 Dec 14No

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Picking up the Costumes

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the recognizable characters from Buffy or Marvel. They are owned by those that created them. If the character has been copyrighted then it is definitely not mine.

AN: Thoughts are between asterisks - *I am thinking.*

Ethan was walking to the register, carrying the dress he'd talked Buffy into purchasing for Halloween. As he had been informed that the escorts had to be some historical character, he was talking to her over his left shoulder, offering her some suggestions. As such he did not see the two young boys just to the right of his path. The taller one was holding something above his head that the smaller one obviously wanted as he was jumping up to try and grab it. After two tries the smaller boy showed his frustration by kicking the taller boy in the shin. This of course caused the taller boy to bend down to grab the injured limb and gave the smaller boy the chance to grab the object that he'd been trying to get from the taller boy. However, the taller boy didn't let go of the object and they both wrestled for it. It was during this wrestling that the cap blew off the tube and ended up spraying florescent yellow clown face paint all over the dress in Ethan's hands.

Seeing what had happened, the two boys turned to run but were stopped when Ethan cried out in a cold voice, “Freeze!” at the same time Buffy shrieked, “Oh my god! It's ruined!”

The two boys did freeze, though whether it was in fright inspired by Ethan’s voice or he’d put actual power behind the command, they would never know. However, many more people in the store stopped what they were doing to gawk at where the disturbance was taking place.

A middle aged woman strode over to the site of the altercation and asked, “What's going on?”

Ethan, with obvious false politeness, responded, “Do these hooligans belong to you?”

Taking in the scene of the painted dress and the yellow stains on the hands of the two boys, the woman said, “Unfortunately, yes.”

“Then you have just bought this dress as it is now unfit for the rightfully distraught young woman here to whom I was going to sell it,” he stated.

The woman glared at the two boys and said, “Evan! George! You can forget about picking out costumes. You're grounded till further notice. And don't say anything or it'll end up worse for you. Now go wait by the door while I pay for the damage you've caused.”

Ethan charged her full price, unlike the hefty discount he'd been prepared to give to Buffy. Even though she didn't know what she would do with it, the woman took the dress with her.

*Maybe I'll have the boys take turns dressing in it and take pictures,* she mused as she left the store. *That just might shame them enough to be better behaved in public.*

Meanwhile, almost immediately after seeing the dress ruined, Buffy began to frantically search for something else to wear for Munchkin Patrol that wouldn’t get The Troll more on her case than he already was. The urge to slay Snyder was very strong.

It was with that thought in mind that something shiny caught her eye. There, on a manikin, was a black and yellow skin tight jumpsuit. However, that wasn’t what caught her eye. It was the very feminine armor breast plate with a single full length armored arm. There was even a plastic sword with it that when she held it, the blade lit up with a bluish-white glow, like it was covered with a purifying fire.

She turned to her friends, who had followed her, and said, “OK. 18th Century Lady is out and Joan of Arc is in.”

“Buffy,” said Xander. “One, that is a superhero costume. Two, aside from the armor, there is no way you could sell Snyder that the rest of the outfit was something Joan would have worn. And three, because of school policy, none of the costumes we wear can have even toy weapons with them. Which is why I can’t go as a soldier like I wanted.”

Looking around, Buffy spotted a pirate costume and said, “The pirate top and pants will work with the armor, and I’ll just leave the sword at home. Plus I have some flat heel black boots at home that will go great with the outfit.”

“You’re going to buy two costumes to become Joan of Arc?” asked Willow.

“To keep Snyder from ruining any more of my afternoons with detention, you bet I am.”

Willow nodded at Buffy’s point and started to look around for something she could wear. Having to go as some historical person put a crimp in her normal choice of a ‘Ghost’ outfit.

On a rack near where Buffy found her Joan of Arc outfits, there was a blue flight suit. The name tag on the suit said ‘M. Pryor’ but Willow decided she could use her label maker to cover it with ‘S. Ride’ and go as America’s first woman in space.

Xander is also searching nearby racks of costumes for something not too expensive but also fitting the theme they’d been given. He found an old fashioned suit with a tag sewn into the neck of the shirt that said 13th Century Italian but the name was smudged so he could only make out the first and last two letters – ‘B^^^^co’. However, he figured it didn’t matter since he did know that Marco Polo had done his travels during the 13th Century and he could claim to be him. Also on the plus side was the fact that he could afford it without spending too much of his graduation travel money.

The three friends headed up to the register to pay for their selected costumes, informing each other what they were going to tell Snyder about their costumes.

After they left, Ethan smirked at the thought of the chaos that would come about when his spell took effect as the enchantments on the costumes would conflict with who they thought they would be dressed as. It would be interesting to see what the end result would be. After all, you could never accurately predict what Chaos Magic would do. There were always surprises, which made it more fun.

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