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Everybody Loves Luna

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Summary: "She clearly likes me more. We're going to Paris next month." "I think you mean you're paying to drag her to Paris. The week after? We're going to Norway to look for snorkacks, and… she wants me to get to know her father." "…grr."

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Harry Potter > Multiple Pairings > Romance(Moderator)JoeHundredaireFR1523,7690183,5186 Feb 126 Feb 12Yes

Everybody Loves Luna - Kennedy

Title: Everybody Loves Luna - Kennedy
Author: JoeHundredaire (
Rating: PG-13/FR15
Disclaimer: Right, I actually went and checked to be sure this time… Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel: the Series, and all associated characters belong to Fran and Kaz Kuzui. And of course, Captain Fangirlhumper… err, J.K. Rowling owns the world the Harry Potter series takes place in. Wish the characters were mine so I could do utterly retarded things to them and watch my bank account get steadily larger, but sadly not mine either. Not mine, don't sue, and so forth and so on.
Summary: Kennedy finds out that when you don't know your girlfriend nearly as well as you think you do… well, it makes planning successful vacations a bit difficult.
Joe's Note: This and the other three pieces of Everybody Loves Luna will be released - and therefore play out - in logical order. Which means that obviously we're going to get to see Kennedy and Luna's Parisian vacation first, followed by Vi's trip to Norway with Luna, and then… actually, Satsu's stuff fits both between and after those two chapters, but her ficlet and the climactic final story in the saga will come third and fourth respectively. Also, just as a head's up, this series is somewhat related to Wand of Uru; I don't know if you can call them 'omakes' because they might be the true future course of the story depending on how things go. Suffice it to say that there's a bit of drift from the canon Harry Potter universe in them, but it's completely intentional.

     "Wow. The Mona Lisa. I mean, it's one thing to know it's here, but to actually come face to face with it and look a piece of history in the eye… I wonder how many famous and important people have stood here." Charisse Kennedy paused for a few seconds, expecting some sort of response, only to receive nothing. Turning her head curiously, she bit her lip to avoid laughing as she found Luna engaged in a stare off with another Parisian intrigued - or perhaps offended - by the blonde's unique sense of style. Finally, the stranger sniffed and looked away before wandering off. "Having fun?"

     Luna Lovegood offered a little shrug before looping her arm through Kennedy's, her expression unreadable as her silvery gaze wandered the crowd in search of her next victim. "It's not a bad way to pass time while you enjoy standing there staring at very old things by very dead people. So far, I'm outscoring Paris nine to nothing. I do believe I'll be the undisputed staring contest queen of the city by the time we leave, especially if you're still planning to take me to Musée d'Orsay tomorrow."

     A muffled snicker escaped Kennedy at that, and then she processed the rest of the blonde's statement and suddenly the idea wasn't quite as funny anymore. "You're… bored?" Kennedy looked around incredulously, wanting to make sure Luna hadn't apparated her away without her noticing. No. She was still at the Louvre. Denon wing, first floor. Paintings by some of Spain and Italy's greatest, including the aforementioned Mona Lisa. And Luna was… bored? Did not compute. "But we're at the Louvre. The. Louvre. Fifty thousand pieces from ancient Egypt, six thousand paintings, thousands of pieces of Greco-Roman and Islamic art, sculptures, prints, drawings…"

     After looking from Kennedy to the Mona Lisa and back several times, Luna made a puzzled noise. "But the Mona Lisa doesn't even talk to you, Charisse. How interesting can standing around staring at it possibly be?" Ah. Right. Despite experiencing it herself several times over the past few months, Kennedy still wasn't used to the idea of interactive art, something Luna had grown up around. And so the more she thought about it… yeah, traditional paintings probably were a bit boring from a witch's perspective. But still. The Mona Lisa was a piece of history… for a culture that Luna wasn't really a part of.

     Mind whirling, Kennedy thought back to each of her dates with Luna and how successful they'd been. She'd always worked hard to be the 'classy girlfriend', wanting to paint a stark contrast between herself and Vi, but she'd never really noticed that the dates Luna seemed to enjoy most were either outdoors, involved being physically active, or both. Nature hikes and picnics? Good. Photographic scavenger hunts? Very good. A few minor red carpet events? Noticeable decrease - at least now that Kennedy was actively thinking about it - in enjoyment between the 'arrival and schmoozing' phase and the 'sitting around the theater' phase. Fun dinners? Always a hit. Fancy dinners? Hit or miss. Fancy dinners with an element of fun? Far more hit than miss. Art galleries? Luna tended to snack and mingle, but her interest in the displays themselves tended to be minimal at best.

     Well shit. Why exactly, apart from her own personal desire to see this place, had Kennedy thought this would make a good day out for them? And another art museum tomorrow? Selfishness pretty much summed it up, to be honest. Which meant that now that Luna had made her feelings known, either their plans for the rest of today and all of tomorrow were shot to hell or she'd have to live with the guilt of turning 'them' days into 'her' days. Sure, she could always come back on the 'separate day' they'd built into their trip, Kennedy consoled herself, meaning she wouldn't be entirely Louvre-deprived by the end of things… but that did little to refill their calendar for the next thirty-six hours or so. "…all right, so is there something else from our itinerary you'd rather do today? Or ideas for activities that you haven't shared?"

     "Well, is there somewhere you'd like to visit in the rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré?" Judging by the little smile tugging at the corner of Luna's mouth, she was well aware of the answer to that question and so Kennedy didn't even bother dignifying it with a response. "What do you think of doing a little shopping on the muggle side, you can take my picture in front of Number 35, and then we can pass through Le Faux Sein Bourré and see what Parisian witches are finding fashionable this summer. Remember how much you liked Madam Malkin's selection of dress robes?"

     Hmm. Not an… entirely horrible… alternative to an afternoon in the Denon wing, Kennedy had to admit. Especially the witchy shopping part; she adored the dress robes she'd bought in Diagon Alley to the point that she'd taken to wearing them to random formal functions, much to her peers' consternation and Luna's amusement. It was like taking a step back in time and then jumping a foot or two sideways to boot. They were just… fun. "Deal. Well, as long as you take my picture in front of the American ambassador's mansion so we have a matched set. I'm guessing you want to walk?"

     Luna nodded before slipping her hand into Kennedy's back pocket, wrapping her fingers around the Slayer's iPhone and tugging it free. It took the witch a few seconds to recall how to wake it, a few more to remember Kennedy's four-digit security code, and then she was in and swiping one finger downward to show Notification Center. "It's sunny and sixty-eight degrees outside, Charisse, and I have a great big bag of chevon jerky that literally has my name on it. Walking sounds like a positively delightful idea."

     "You know, one of these days I'm going to figure out where all that jerky of yours goes." As they left the Mona Lisa behind, Kennedy watched in amusement as Luna opened the flap of her grey messenger bag, stuffing her hand deep inside and pulling out the aforementioned snack. It wasn't the storage aspect she was curious about; she'd been the one to buy Luna her 'Bag of Holding' from ThinkGeek as a joke, only to watch in disbelief as the blonde turned around and cast an 'extension charm' on her present to turn it into an actual Bag of Holding. No, she wanted to know where it went after disappearing into Luna's mouth. "You're a big girl and all, sure, but you eat more than Vi and I put together. Where do you put it? Hollow legs?"

     Biting down on a piece of jerky, Luna tore it in half with a sharp turn of her head before stuffing the other half into Kennedy's mouth. "You wouldn't believe me if I told you, Charisse…"

     …the hell? Absently swallowing the last bit of jerky in her mouth, Kennedy blinked a few times and then peered over the top of her sunglasses. The strange sight that had caught her attention was still there, albeit considerably more brightly lit. "Luna? Am I hallucinating, or is there a girl walking down the street in a hundred-year-old dress?"

     "According to my sources, the Ministère de la Magie just finished an intensive extermination campaign against the blibbering humdinger and so hallucinations should be at an all-time low…" Luna followed her line of sight, silver eyes eventually coming to rest on the dark-haired young woman wearing a pale blue and gold silk brocade dress that dated back to the turn of the century… the twentieth century. An umbrella held in her right hand was thrown back over her shoulder, the iPod Touch in her left hand her sole concession to the fact that it was indeed the year 2012. Breaking out in a wide smile, Luna began to walk a bit faster. "Oh. No, you're not hallucinating, Charisse. We have found a witch."

     Breaking into a jog to keep up - and holy crap could a six foot tall girl move fast when she wanted to - Kennedy decided to indulge Luna in her obligatory Monty Python geek moment in hopes that it would lead her to a real answer at some point. "How do you know she is a witch?"

     Luna let out a little giggle at that before gesturing to the woman in question. "She looks like one." Oh really? Well if classic pieces from the House of Worth were what passed for magical couture in France, Kennedy was more interested than ever in a trip to Madam Malkin's French counterparts. It soon turned out that not only had they spotted a witch but that Luna happened to know said witch, the blonde bounding away and pouncing on her from behind. "Gabby! Comment ça va?"

     "Ack! Descendez moi, vous brutale anglais!" Waiting until after Luna released her, 'Gabby' straightened up and huffed before dipping her fingers into her cleavage, retrieving an amulet that she pressed against her breastbone until the stone flared to life with inner light. When she spoke again, it was in perfect - albeit British-accented - English. "Luna! It's been years! How's England? How are your friends? Did Hermione ever catch those twins of hers?"

     Luna nodded, looping her arm through her friend's and leading her back over to where Kennedy was waiting. "Jasmine and Rose are hoping to add two new members to the House of Potter any day now. I'm still not quite sure how they managed it; Hermione had a presentation but I fell asleep after the third slide. Everyone else is… well enough. Still no end in sight for Carina's punishment; it's getting to the point that Harry is actually starting to read the offers coming in for her hand. He and Tara and Tracey and Daphne are still one strange but happy little family. Oh! Speaking of happy, I'm being terribly rude. Gabby, this is a girlfriend of mine, Charisse Kennedy. Charisse, this is Gabrielle Delacour."

     Even as she cringed at the usage of the phrase 'a girlfriend', Kennedy extended a hand in Gabrielle's direction. The lithesome witch took her hand and held it without shaking it, staring at her curiously for a moment before looking over at Luna. "A Slayer. You do enjoy living dangerously, don't you?"

     "At least I don't have to worry about breaking her bones…"

     "No, just her accidentally stabbing you if you try sneaking up on her. Which is why I'm going to stay right here in front of her where she can see me, might I add."

     Pulling her hand back as Luna and Gabrielle began chatting about their mutual friends, Kennedy sighed and downgraded the day from 'recoverable and informative' to 'lost cause'. Trying to separate Luna from her friend so they could press on with their plans could backfire on her spectacularly, especially if it came off as her being jealous of the younger - and admittedly prettier - woman's presence. And so instead Kennedy opted to pull out her iPhone and went to work on Google, searching for new activities to fill their remaining days in France with. Given she could surf the web in her sleep these days, it wasn't hard for Kennedy to break off part of her mind to dedicate to the analysis of the odd exchange between Gabrielle and Luna.

     Unlike most witches and wizards Kennedy had met - but exactly like Luna - this Gabrielle girl exuded a subtle feeling of 'offness'. Nothing as 'wrong' as a full-blooded demon or even a halfbreed, but significant enough to make the back of her neck tingle. The first time Kennedy had attempted to get an answer, Luna had demurred and promised to explain 'when it was time', and even the threat of being dumped hadn't swayed her. Kennedy had quickly dropped the matter, not wanting to risk Luna actually calling her bluff on something like that. But here was another girl who was either the same as Luna or at least very similar, and who openly feared Slayers because of it.

     What was Luna hiding from her?

     How badly would the truth affect their relationship?

     And most importantly… could she use it to scare off Vi?

The End

You have reached the end of "Everybody Loves Luna". This story is complete.

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