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Love is never easy,but neither is saving the world

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Summary: Buffy and Dean try to deal with living a normal life and be the slayer and hunter

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*****Disclaimer*** I do not own anything all rites go to the amazing people that created these two worlds, I love those two men by the way

Chapter 1

Laying there on the ground of a rundown crypt with her long blonde hair collecting dirt she couldn’t help but feel comfortable. After all she had been doing this since she was 15 years old, the feeling of the cold air and smell of death all around had became a normality in her life. She pushed herself up from the floor and continued fighting the vampire that she came here to dust. She threw a punch to his face and a round house kick to knock him onto the ground, as he hit the ground she brought out her stake and plunged it into his heart. It took mere seconds for the him to turn to dust and be blown away with the wind. Buffy stood up straight and brushed off the dust and dirt on her trousers; she put the stake into the back of her waist band and walked out of the old crypt. The moon was lighting the sky and the stars were shining, she looked out over the rest of the cemetery and scanned the area for more vamps. When there were none to be seen she decided to call it a night.

She couldn’t believe how far she had come in the last nine years, from burning down a gym to owning a six bedroom house and having a normal day time job. Ever since Sunnydale had been swallowed up by the big bad she had felt free. She was able to follow her dreams and not have the weight of the world on her shoulders; most importantly she had met the man that she wanted to be with for the rest of her life. She always thought that it would have been Angel that she would turn into cookies for, but once she met him there was no going back. His amazingly beautiful green eyes and the strength he would show where others would have crumbled. The thing that made her fall completely in love with him was his heart, he would do anything for the people he cared for and he would always put them before himself. It made her ache sometimes to know how much pain he had been through in his life and knowing he had to carry it all himself, she knew that feeling oh so well.

As she walked down the dark street she thought about all of the different things she had to carry on her shoulders since she was called. Living in secret never being able to tell people who she was and what she could do, losing people she loved because of some stupid destiny she had to fulfill. At least with Dean she didn’t have to hide, he knew exactly what she would be thinking and feeling before anyone. When she first met him she could see there was a world of pain in his eyes, once they exchanged stories she realized how similar their lives were and it gave them this amazing connection that no one could break. Her eyes gazed across the street at her home to see that familiar black car parked outside, a smile instantly spread across her face.
She put her key in the door and walked into the hallway the kitchen lights were on, she walked through to see dean sitting at the breakfast bar eating a burger he probably picked up while on the road. While stuffing his face he still managed to put a smile on his face.

“Hey princess.”

Buffy smiled back and placed the stake in a draw, “Hey baby, you got home early.”

“Yeah finished up sooner that we thought, Sammy’s just taking a shower.”

“Ok ill have to jump in after him get this cemetery dirt out of my hair.” Buffy Lent down to place a kiss on dean’s lips and he grabbed her around the waist and pulled her close. She let a small giggle escape her through her lips and then deepened the kiss; she always missed him so much when he went out on a job.

“Might join you in there.” His eyebrows rose suggestively and a huge smirk grew across his lips. Before he could kiss her again she put her finger on his lips and looked into his eyes.

“I don’t think that would really be fair on Sammy do you, after all he’s already scarred from the last time he stayed over.”

Dean laughed at the memory of coming down stairs to find Sam sat on the couch with the TV blasting and his head stuck under the pillow. Sam glared at his brother which just made him laugh even more.

“Sorry dude was we a little bit too loud.”

“You are such a dick.” Sam threw the pillow at Dean’s head and the laughter just got loader

“Oh that would just make it even better.”

Buffy laughed a Dean’s need to wind up his brother all the time; they had been through so much together. Losing their Dad and Bobby, stopping the apocalypse, dying on numerous occasions and then losing each other. It was amazing how close their bond is, she looked at dawn and knew exactly why Dean felt he always had to protect Sam and put him first. She thought back to the day she had opened the door to find a broken down Dean crying after Sam had jumped into the cage to save his brother and the world. Every day she would wake up to find him not lying in bed next to her and walk down the stairs to find him crying with a glass of whiskey and a picture of his Dad and Sam. She had tried so hard to be there for him as much as she could; she knew nothing she said would make it any better. But she would always put her hand on his shoulder just to let him know she was there.
Just as Dean was about to lean in again and grab Buffy, Sam walked through the door, he still had a towel in his hand trying to dry his long shaggy hair. Buffy smiled up at him and went over to give him a hug.

“Hey Buffy” Sam smiled down at her and squeezed her back, he was so happy that Dean had Buffy. After everything they had been put through in life she made him happy, and there were no secrets or lies between them.

“Hey Sammy it’s good to see you, I’m gonna go have a shower. Wash the dead vamp out of my hair.”

“You get lucky tonight then princess.”

“No just one vamp, no big deal. Kinda wanted a bit more of a fight to get rid of some of this energy.”

“Well I can always help you with that baby.” Dean’s smile spread further across his face and that smirk had reappeared. Sam rolled his eyes and then walked over to the fridge to grab a drink.

“Maybe later honey, I’m gonna go upstairs leave you two to it. I’ll make up the guest bedroom for you Sam, can’t have you sleeping on the coach again.”

“I don’t mind Buffy coach is good for me.”

“Don’t be silly, besides your family.”

Buffy smiled at Sam and gave Dean one last kiss and walked out of the room, she walked up the stairs and couldn’t help but think about the fact that she had this huge secret and she hadn’t told Dean. She went into her room and reached for her purse, she brought out the small pregnancy test that said positive and then placed it back in her bag. She had to tell him at some point, but how. She was a slayer and patrolling and pregnant definitely do not mix, she shouldn’t have even gone out tonight but she had to blow off some steam. All she could think about was what would his reaction be, would he be excited like she was or would he completely freak. She knew he loved her but when someone even brought up the word marriage he would get all stuttery and clamp up, what would he do about a baby. As she let the thought flood her brain for the sixteenth time that day she walked into the bathroom and put on the shower. She had to tell him she just didn’t know how.

Down stairs Sam and Dean had gone into the living room to sit down they both sat there with a beer in one hand. Sam gave Dean an excusing look.

“Are you going to tell her?”

“Yeah man just not now.”

“When Dean you can’t keep putting this off.”

“Sammy I will ok, I just got back let me spend some time with her at least.”

“And then what just tell her oh by the way I’m gonna have to be on the road for the next few months maybe even a year.”

“Sammy ill do it.” Dean brought the drink up to his lips and took a swig the idea of telling Buffy he would be away from her for the long killed him. He knew he had to tell her, he just didn’t know how...

I hope everyone likes this just a little taster for now, have loads more of ideas for this story. Please Read and Review would love the feedback :)
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