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You've Got Mail

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Summary: After the Doctor leaves the Metacrisis and Rose on Bad Wolf Bay, he expects them to live happily ever after, but they don't. At least, not with each other. They form a bond unlike any other and she helps him find a connection with an alternate Martha.

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Non-BtVS/Ats StoriesfandomoverloadFR151013,394031,0999 Feb 124 Apr 12No

Chapter 2

It took precisely three weeks for everyone at Torchwood Tower to fall in love John Tyler. Rose could not stop the snickers. Everyone said John was what Pete must have looked when he was younger. The thing was, even though John was the Doctor and he got all his knowledge and charisma, he suffered from a low self-esteem and years of emotional abuse like Donna. He had pretty much stopped talking at work completely. He was shy, and he only smiled at one person.

Martha Jones had some labs that needed rushed right away. She wasn't busy, so she took them up herself. She hoped John Tyler was out. Brilliant mind? That was all poppycock. He was a nervous nutter, that one.

"You did what?" Rose asked, alarmed.

"You gave me her address and told me to get creative, so I did.”

"I meant for you to talk to her as you, then you could fall in love and I could plan a wedding. And Doctor, the babies! Can't you see them? I imagine lots of unruly curly hair and caramel skin," she smiled.

"What have you been watching in this universe? You are the only person I can even talk to in this place. I love it here. Why can't I work here?"

"Here? As in this room?" she asked, making sure.

"Yes. I can greet people and assist when needed. Yes, let’s do that. I shall tell Pe…Dad that I choose to work here," he asked hopefully.

"It's the ladies washroom! Come on, they already think the relationship that you and I have is weird. No one better see you leave here."

"If you are referring to last week's staff meeting, I was being a considerate brother. Sorry, it's how my mum raised me," he smiled, biting into his banana.

"How can you eat here?” she asked snatching the banana, "You are not to hand a woman anywhere in public a box of tampons, Doctor! You certainly don't add, ‘I could smell it when you got out of bed’! I mean, were you raised in a barn?"

"I was either raised by an angry woman named Sylvia or the Professor at the Academy. They both taught me to be kind and considerate," he sighed lowering his head.

Rose felt sorry about that bed comment. John still suffered from the nightmares of a Time Lord without the shielding of the TARDIS. Some nights she stayed with him in his room. She shouldn't have thrown that in his face.

"I'm sorry for saying that, but do you really think she'll answer it?" she asked, looking at the message once more.

"Yes, curiosity will get the better of her, or just to be polite. Either way, I will get an opener.”

"Well good luck, Johnny. Let me leave first and then you wait about five minutes to exit. Keep me posted." She kissed his cheek and exited the handicapped stall.

Martha Jones felt a little guilty for being thankful that John Tyler was somewhere else while she used the lab. She was his doctor after all and she had read his file. She had been in there about an hour. Where the hell was he? What if he was somewhere having a seizure? She hopped to her feet just as he entered the lab.

"Hi, John," she greeted him.

"Hi," he croaked, scurrying to his inner office in the lab.

"Did he just squeak?" she wondered out loud to herself.

She sat back down to scan her emails. The subject “It's Been A While” caught her attention. She clicked it and was very confused.

From: TenDoc@TARDi.galif

HI! You are pretty hard to keep in touch with. This is my new address. Get back to me.

"Who the hell is that?" she thought to herself.

She looked to John's door to see if he was going to come out. When she knew he wasn't, she quickly left. Poor bloke didn't seem to have one friend.

"You can't be serious!" Rose shouted at her father.

"I'm damn serious!” Pete replied, “Ianto says that when he got back to his station, tons of stuff had been destroyed. Other things that we thought were assembled correctly were reassembled, and he left notes."

"Fine, then let him work in the archives. He could be fantastic there, but you want him in the field on my team. Jack's on my team."

"And?" he asked. Pete wanted to know where she was going with this.

"Jack is still wrong in this universe. The Doctor told me what he did to him in our universe with the TARDIS shielding. There's no telling what what it might do to him. Also, I need to talk about your relationship."

"He is too skilled to be there and he hasn't had a seizure in ages. He is a nervous wreck in the lab. I'm not crazy. The two of you, always playing matchmaker; Jack and I, and a certain brilliant Dr. Jones. What about our relationship? I have lunch with him in front of everyone every day."

"Yes, but you cling to his every word. Well, when he actually opens his mouth. It’s more like you’re the son looking up to the greatest man in the world."

"But I am, Rosie. Everything you told me, everything I've seen first-hand. I know it's childish, but I feel such pride when he calls me dad. So, joining us for dinner?" Pete changed the subject.

Rose knew that her dad meant business. He called her Rosie and then invited her to dinner. "I guess. He is probably worrying mum to death, staring at his computer screen."

"Pardon?" her father asked as he shut down his computer.

"Come on, I will tell you on the way home."

Martha Jones sat in her bedroom, staring at the email. Who was TenDoc? She could just delete it. That would be rude, though. She could just tell him he's wrong, right?

"What are you looking at? Some pedo send you a naked photo?" Tish asked as she came into Martha's den.

"No! Only you get creepy e-mails like that." she told her, covering the screen.

"Oh, what is it?" Tish asked and quickly shoved her sister to see the screen.

"Martha, some poor bloke is mistaken. Delete that thing and let’s go," she shouted, heading toward the door.

Martha looked back at the computer. Her finger hovered over the delete button. She began to type, a smile forming on her face.
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