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Summary: Aidan, Josh, and Sally get new neighbors and the fear of having to act even more normal than usual are abated quite quickly. Just how much more complicated can things get when another vampire & a vampire slayer enter the picture? MUCH.

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Television > Being HumanDrusillaFR1836,0811184,33310 Feb 1217 Mar 12No

Chapter Two: The Slayer

Note: wow thanks all I wasn’t expecting such great reviews for the first chapter, it made me want to finish this second one faster… enjoy!
Dis: Don’t own BH or BTVS
“Well you look like crap,” said Sally as Aidan came into the kitchen the following morning more pale than usual. Sally was really starting to worry about her friend. Were vampires supposed to sweat?

“Thanks,” said Aidan sarcastically while practically ripping the fridge door open to snag one of the few bags of blood he had left.

Instantly he attacked it, the vile liquid seeping into his mouth and doing almost nothing to satisfy his hunger. Once again he was cursing his weakness, his hunger for fresh blood. He would have to return to his human supplier later on in the day as well as deal with Suren’s inability to cope with him not feeding like the way she wanted him. Not only that but he had the Orphans to deal with as well. As of now, his life was hell.

“So, interesting news,” said Sally and Aidan grunted, indicating he was listening while feeding. “We have new neighbors.”

“Oh yeah?” asked Josh, making Aidan tense. They were still off kilter thanks to the whole Julia debacle but it helped Josh to hear that he’d broken it off. “Some poor sap attracted to the historic preservation of the building and hoping to renovate the place it to its previous glory despite of the monsters that live next door?”

“Hey,” protested Sally. “I’m not a monster. Just a lost spirit trying to find her way.”

“Face it, Sal, you’re one of us,” said Josh, always the ‘Debbie-Downer’.

“Whatever,” said Sally. “I was just trying to say that they can see me. Oh, and one of them IS a vampire.”

“I’m sorry, what?” asked Josh, almost dropping his coffee cup. “WHAT?”

“A vampire?” asked a tense Aidan. “You’re sure?”

“He told me he was,” said Sally. “He was really nice, actually. He’s from England. His roommate isn’t a vampire, but she can see me. Totally weird cause she said she wasn’t a werewolf or medium either so, like, what else is there?”

“You didn’t tell them about us, did you?” asked a now panicking Josh.

“What? NO!” Both Josh and Aidan sighed in relief. “You really think I’d do that? Tell someone I just met about you two?”

“Well, Sally, you do tend to talk a lot when you’re nervous,” said Josh, now hurriedly drinking his coffee as if knowing he’d just picked a fight.

“Whatever, Josh. At least I TALK when something is bugging me instead of sulk and brood about it,” said Sally, the house trembling slightly due to her irritation.

“I don’t brood!”


Aidan’s superiority kicked in and both Sally and Josh were silenced while he pinched the bridge of his nose. A vampire next door could be both a good or bad thing. He’d have to investigate, it was his duty now. As for the female, he’d cross that bridge when he got to it.

“Obviously we have to go over there,” said Aidan.

“Um, no, obviously we don’t,” said Josh.

“Josh. There’s a vampire next door. He’s going to be able to tell there’s something off with the both of us. Vampires can sense each other and I’m a little uneasy that there’s an Unnatural next door and we don’t know what it is.”

“Is that what we’re calling us now?” asked Josh. “Unnaturals?”

“For Christ’s sake, Josh, they could be friends!” said Sally.

“Look. I don’t have time for this. I have to go meet Nora. You two go ahead and make buddy-buddy with the freaks next door. Just leave me out of it.”

The front door slammed making some of dishes in the kitchen rattle on the shelves.

“Apparently I’m not the only one that can make the house shake when angry,” muttered Sally, making Aidan smile. “Honestly Aidan they seem like nice people and before Josh had his fit I was going to tell you something else.”

Aidan lifted a brow, indicating he was listening.

“Apparently, this vampire can’t go in the sun.”

Aidan rubbed a tired hand over his face before knocking. Sally stood beside him, bouncing around like an eager five year old about to go on a play date. She stilled at the movement on the other side of the door and soon the brunette woman answered the door, coffee cup in her hand that had steam rising from it. Aidan inhaled sharply at the call her blood was having on him as well as the pure power he felt from her. The woman tensed as well, and then smirked before turning to Sally.

“This is Aidan,” said Sally. “He can see me too.”

“Uh huh,” said the woman.

“Nice to meet you, uh…”


“Faith. Right,” said Aidan. “I just wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood. Sally’s been talking nonstop about you and the, uh, vampire that lives here.”

“What? Vampire? What do you mean, vampire?” asked Faith in a slight panic.

Aidan met Sally’s eyes, panic welling in his own.

“I thought you-” Faith’s chuckle had him feeling like a moron before turning to her, his own smirk on his face at the joke. It wasn’t something Josh would’ve appreciated and Aidan was half thankful the Were wasn’t around for the initial meet. “Hah. Right. You got me.”

“Spike is resting,” said Faith. “Do you need an invite?”

“Ah, yeah,” said Aidan.

“Good.” Faith walked out onto the stoop and casually sipped her coffee, closing the door behind her. “Although Sally seems to be on the up and up I don’t know you. Wouldn’t be smart to invite a vampire I just met into my home.”

“Smart,” said Aidan and the three off them were soon standing on the sidewalk. Faith and Aidan were leaning up against the railings of the front staircase while Sally was sitting on one of the steps. “So what brings you here?”

“You,” said Faith, getting to the point, making Aidan tense. “I’m involved with a large group of people that are very interested in your brand of vampire.”

“Sally mentioned something about your friend being different.”

“Hmm… yes. We have information, but need more…”

“To make sure we’re not a threat?” Aidan gave a humorless laugh. “And how it is that I don’t know YOU aren’t the bad guy?”

“I haven’t killed a human in over ten years,” said Faith. “And that was an accident. How about you?”

At this, Aidan paused, she had him there. He remembered those he’s killed in the past couple months both by his own hand and inadvertently by the choices he’s made. He could tell Sally was looking a little nervous especially when Faith stepped closer to Aidan. It was as if she was facing off against him and his inner vampire bristled at the audacity this woman had.

“Look we’ve gotten off to a bad start. We just want knowledge on your kind. In turn, perhaps, you could gain knowledge from us and maybe even an ally depending on how this goes. Do you like killing humans, Aidan?”

“No,” he said, closing his eyes as if he were in pain. "Others don't care but I... I do."

“You’re being sincere. Meet me later tonight, after the sun has gone down, and we can talk more with Spike present.”

“I need to know what you are,” said Aidan, wondering if this was the chance at freedom he’s been waiting for. “Before I work with you.”

“Me?” Faith walked back up her stairs, opening her door before answering him. “I’m a Slayer.”

The door closed, leaving Aidan and Sally outside.

“Aidan? What’s a-” He was gone in a flash. “…Slayer?”


“A fucking Slayer,” muttered Aidan as he rushed through the hospital to find Josh. It was a damned emergency and before he announced it to Suren, IF he did, that they had a Slayer in Boston, he needed to find Josh. She was one of many, according to the rumors, and the name Faith sounded familiar. Finally finding him mopping up vomit that had Aidan holding his breath he grabbed Josh by the collar of his shirt and dragged him into a room that had a man that’s been in a coma for about two years. It wasn’t like he was going to talk.

“Aidan what the HELL?”

“We have a problem. I met our new neighbor today. She’s a Slayer.”

“A what? And you met her? Even when I said it was a bad idea?”

“Josh. SLAYER.”

“And I’m supposed to know what that is because…”

“Are you kidding me? You’ve never heard of them?” asked Aidan.

“No…” Josh swallowed, now getting that his friend was worried. “What are they?”

“Hunters, Josh. Hunters against things like us.”

“But… Sally said she was in company of one of you,” said Josh, now panicking.

“Apparently he’s different.”

“Ok, ok, I’m freaking out!” said Josh, almost hyperventilating.

“Don’t freak out.”

“You just told me someone that kills people like us moved in next door. How am I NOT supposed to freak out?!”

“From what I heard from the brief conversation we had, her people just want to know more about my kind of vampire.”

“Yeah so they can kill you easier,” hissed Josh.

“She wants to talk more tonight.”

“It’s the moon, Nora and I… oh God, NORA. I have to tell her to stay away.”

“You do that,” said Aidan. “And I’ll meet with the Slayer.”

“Make sure you tell her we’re the good guys,” said Josh at Aidan’s retreating back. “Oh man, we’re so screwed.”
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