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Summary: Aidan, Josh, and Sally get new neighbors and the fear of having to act even more normal than usual are abated quite quickly. Just how much more complicated can things get when another vampire & a vampire slayer enter the picture? MUCH.

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Chapter Three: Feeding

Note: Thanks for all the reviews! I wasn’t expecting it! I won’t keep going on and on about how great you all are and instead just get the story going…
Dis: Don’t own BH nor BTVS
Faith sat on the kitchen counter of her new home eating Captain Crunch out of the box while Spike stood at the microwave waiting for his blood to heat. The feeling in the room was so domestic Faith’s inner fears had to be squashed to run and hide from such a feeling of contentment. No, her and Spike weren’t together, but the aspect of having a family unit together was still a little high on her creepy scale. She put all those thoughts to the back of her head while she contemplated and chewed at the same time. She was expecting the vampire at any moment, having told him to arrive at sundown. Looking behind her, out the window that faced the street, the last hues of orange and pink were fading from the sky. It was going to be a cold night, she could tell, and would have to change from her simple black tank top and jean shorts into jeans and perhaps a long-sleeved shirt before going out on patrol.

A thud at the door had Faith tensing, and then sharing a look with Spike who raised his dark eyebrow in question. Placing her box of cereal to the right, she hopped off the counter then went to the door, bare feet silent. She frowned when seeing an extremely pale, sweating Aidan looking up at her with eyes that were one large mass of pleading chocolate brown.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered, voice hoarse. “I had no one else to go to. I need…” He wrapped an arm around his stomach and winced, teeth gnashing together. “Blood. I get it at the hospital usually but they changed security and I have no live donors to ask unless I go to Suren and I don’t…”

“So, what, you think I can be used as an open tap?” asked Faith, uncaring at the moment that he was doubled over, desperate for a feeding. She wondered who Suren was. Maker? Lover? Boss? Perhaps all three? She propped her hip against the doorway and crossed her arms over her chest, fixating a glare in his direction.

“No! I mean, you have a vampire here and… please. I don’t want to hurt anyone.”

Faith sighed long and hard. This wasn’t how she pictured their negotiations starting but damn, he did look like a total mess. She twisted her head around to stare at Spike, who happened to be standing in the entryway, mug of blood in hand.

“Well?” asked Faith.

“Let the poor sod in,” said Spike. “Will give us an edge in finding some things out.”

“True.” Faith looked at Aidan. “Come in.”

Aidan practically fell into the house and Faith brought out her arms to catch him. She rolled her eyes as his nose trailed up the length of her neck, ignoring the sharp arousal that hit her insides before dropping him unceremoniously onto the floor. Aidan grunted at the impact but didn’t move as Faith closed the door. Spike offered her his mug before bending down to haul Aidan over his shoulder to the kitchen floor where a mess of blood would be easier to clean up on the linoleum instead of wood that would absorb it.

“Let’s get this over with, yeah?” said Spike, placing Aidan to the floor a little gentler than Faith had, then propping him up while Faith bent down and offered the cup to Aidan’s lips, tilting it back, Aidan quickly opened his mouth but then spat out the blood like an infant who’d been force-fed peas, spewing some of the blood onto Faith’s shirt and arms.

“Hey!” protested Faith.

“What IS that stuff? It tastes awful,” said Aidan, voice sounding funny thanks to his protruding fangs.

“Pig’s blood,” answered Spike.

“How can you stand it?” asked Aidan, lips pressed together, once again reminding Faith of an infant. “Live off it?”

“Oi, I’m not the one on the ground lookin’ like death now, am I?” said Spike.

Aidan gave him a look that clearly said: touché.

“We’re different,” said Aidan. “If it isn’t human it could make us sicker.”

“Seriously?” asked Faith.

“It’s why I stole from the hospital. Still isn’t as potent as a live ‘tap’, but you get the drift,” said Aidan before he screamed through gritted teeth, body arching. “We feed off of life, THAT stuff screams death.”

“Well fuck,” said Faith, putting the mug down before having an inner debate in her head. Should she let him feed off her? It was a vampire they just met, and she didn’t know the extent of consequences she could suffer from it. She could go to the hospital and break into the supply but that was also a lot of work. Hardening her resolve she looked up at Spike and he seemed to get what she was thinking and opened his mouth to protest, so she cut him off. “Hold him down; make sure he doesn’t go crazy. Remember Angel and B? Last thing I need on my first week back in Boston is a trip to the hospital.”

“Bloody hell,” muttered Spike, bracing his hands on Aidan’s shoulders then looking down at him, his blue eyes almost turning black. “You owe us for this, mate, not to mention if you try to hurt my girl I’ll stake you myself.”

Aidan merely nodded. The bloodlust taking over he wasn’t sure how much more time he had at being lucid. Faith’s wrist was suddenly at his mouth and he inhaled deeply, tongue tracing the veins before his fangs sank in through the skin. Aidan moaned in delight. This wasn’t blood, it was spiced heaven on his tongue. He could feel the power restoring him and he hadn’t taken much at all but the vampire in him wanted as much as it could get. He could feel it moving through him, strengthening him, and if it wasn’t for the hands holding him down he MIGHT have wrapped himself around this Slayer. He almost whined when her wrist was taken away. Then, Aidan laughed, tongue licking his lips to get the excess blood. The room was spinning, his insides churning, and he was certain his dick was hard as a rock.

What a rush!

“Is he… high?” asked Faith, cradling her already healing wrist that had a black hand towel around it.
“Looks like it,” said Spike, easing off his grip. Aidan remained on the floor, black eyes blinking up at them before he started laughing again. “I’m almost jealous.”

“Didn’t you get high after draining two Slayers?” asked Faith.

“Key word, luv, DRAINING. All he had was a couple sips from you.”

“Hmm…” Faith peered down at Aidan, who looked up at her with his still black eyes. “You ok?”

“I’m fine!” he said, sounding like a drunk who’d been questioned whether or not he should drive.

“Right.” Faith looked down at herself. She knew she had blood on her shirt, her right arm was smeared with it and she saw flecks of it on her left. “I’m going to take a shower. Maybe he’ll be calmed down by then.”
Faith managed to shower and changed in less than ten minutes. Wearing a different black tank top she pulled a thin, blue shirt over that then donned her favorite pair of dark denim jeans. With a pair of socks and her ass-kicking boots in her hands she went down the stairs and paused when hearing laughter coming from the kitchen. Rolling her eyes she walked in to see Aidan sitting at the table with Spike, both with beers in their hands. Spike had a smoke tucked behind his ear, saving it for later, and both turned to look at her when she entered.

“You ok?” asked Aidan, face turning somber while his gaze went to her wrist.

“Peachy,” said Faith, holding up her wrist to show the perfect white bandage. “By the morning it’ll be gone.”
Faith went back to her perch on the counter, grabbing her cereal and eating a handful before talking.

“So, what’s the deal with you needing only human blood?”

Aidan spoke of the origins of his ‘people’. Two brothers, wanting immortality, made a deal with a demon, and in exchange for the immortality they would have to drink the blood of a human. Aidan was told that who the demon was, was a mystery be is a lower class demon or Lucifer himself. They retained all of their memories from being human, and rather than having a demon shoved up his ass and his soul taken away, Aidan transitioned into being a vampire. The blood itself doesn’t quench the vampires' thirst, but the life that is drained from the human. Blood older than a few hours has little effect on satisfying a vampire's hunger, and is not seen as a viable alternative.

“That’s a lot to take in,” said Faith.

“Bloody hell,” said Spike, downing his beer then going to the cabinet to grab something stronger.

“How about you?” asked Aidan, looking to Spike.

So then it was Spike’s turn to share and by the end of the story, Aidan had a pensive look on his face.

“All this time we’ve considered all the brutal killings to be the work of Orphans only. Orphans are turned vampires that don’t have someone watching over them, teaching them how to feed without being caught or killing. Some if not most of these deaths could have been caused by your kind of vampire.”

“Me and another have our souls back, so we are able to control our urges more,” said Spike. “The demon takes over, leaving almost nothing left of your humanity. It doesn’t care who you kill, often going after your family or loved ones first. Angel without his soul is a complete arse. Me, however, am quite loveable.”

“Yeah,” said Faith sarcastically. “Especially when you’re shoving railroad spikes through people’s heads.”

“I’m not saying I was perfect either,” said Aidan. “My vampire side has… taken control before.” A flash of guilt came to his eyes. “I’ve fought in wars and have killed ruthlessly. Innocents even. It’s after the blood-high is gone that you feel any sort of remorse.” Aidan cleared his throat. “So, what is it that you want from me?”

“Well what you’ve told us has already doubled our knowledge of you.” Faith sighed. “We’re here to see if we should be focusing our gaze upon you.”

“We control our people,” said Aidan confidently. “Some of us even hold human jobs. Bishop, the last leader of Boston, was a police officer. I’m a nurse at the local hospital.”

Faith snorted. “Seriously?”

“Yeah,” said Aidan. “I am. As well as a second in command of sorts to Boston.”

“Who is the first?”

Aidan bit his lower lip. “I don’t want to spill all my secrets out. What if you’re here to just kill me?”

“Look,” said Faith. “You’ve said that you and your vampire friends have been living with the humans for the past however many years. You want to remain hidden. A secret. Yes?”

“Yes,” said Aidan.

“So the kind of vampires I’ve hunted, the kind like Spike but without the control, you’d look down upon. Correct?”

“Yes,” said Aidan, he then looked to Spike. “No offence. You seem like a… good guy?”

“I am. The other vamps out there? Not really,” said Spike.

“If you have nothing to hide,” said Faith. “Set me up a meeting with your leader. No weapons, no killing. Just to talk… If she can convince me that you should be left alone, I’ll report back to my people and we’ll go from there.”

Faith slid off the counter. “In the meantime. Want to have some fun?”

“Fun?” asked Aidan, tilting his head to the side. “What kind of fun?”

“The dusting kind.” Faith winked at him before bending to retrieve her boots. “Time to show you what a slayer can do.”
“Holy crap,” said Aidan as he watched Faith perform an aerial kick to the head of one of five vampires she was fighting. They WERE different. He felt no familial bond to them like he did the orphans and even Suren. These were true monsters with deformed faces and the need to kill something. They didn’t just want to feed, they wanted to end life altogether, and Faith was one of the many warriors that have been called by some power to kill them. “She’s good.”

“She’s just warmin’ up,” said Spike. A match was struck and the platinum blond vampire brought the flame to the end of his smoke, molten light filling the darkness as he inhaled. “Vamps aren’t the only beasties out there. There are demons too. Some good, and some bad.”

“There’s a lot YOU can teach US,” said Aidan as Faith dusted the last vampire. It wasn’t as messy as when you staked one of them. POOF. Gone. No blood. The only thing you needed to erase their existence was a dustpan.

Was it wrong of him to think of Josh after that thought?

“We may not have known of this breed of vampire, but as for demons we’ve been knowledgeable of them, but not really putting a lot of time into learning more about them. They left us alone, and we left them alone. Perhaps it’s time to rethink that notion.”

“So,” said Faith as she walked toward the exit of the cemetery. “You talk to your people, I’ll talk to mine.” Faith felt a tingle at the back of her neck but Spike was already sprinting toward a mausoleum and within a few moments the sounds of a fight erupted. “Do you still truly wish to be freed of them?”

“Don’t get me wrong. We may be more controlled than your breed of vampire, but we’re still monsters.” Aidan closed his eyes. “Vicious, killing, unmerciful monsters.”

“Well then,” said Faith, making him open his eyes to connect with hers. Aidan heard the sound of a vampire dusting, then of Spike cursing about getting a hole in his shirt, before Faith continued, “I think this is a start of a wonderful relationship, Aidan.”

All he could do was smile in agreement.
“Well, well, look who has finally decided to show up,” said Suren, lip curled in slight disappointment. She wore a simple dress that looked gray from a distance but up close one could see the multitude of colors stitched into the fabric. “Mother would be displeased to know of your inability to advise me as you should be.”

“Well, now, Suren, is that any way to speak to a guy that’s been negotiating with a Slayer all night?”

Suren’s eyes widened, arms falling to her sides while Aidan came to her. He put his hands on her shoulders and she looked up at him. He’d just recently fed. The Slayer? She could only hope. A Slayer was the only thing her Mother was afraid of and when her mother was afraid… Suren was terrified.

“Did you kill her?”

“No.” Aidan walked away from Suren then. “Her and her people were attracted to Boston because of the reports of our kid of vampire in the past. More so now, of which the Orphans could be blamed for.”

“I told you it was imperative that we got rid of them!” she hissed, fisting her hands to keep herself from scratching a path down his face.

“She has offered us… help. With the Orphans. Apparently there is another breed of vampire out there… One that is demon possessed and-”

“Yes, yes, I am well aware of those pests,” said Suren, smoothing down the skirt of her dress.

“What?” asked Aidan in an almost growl. “Why wouldn’t you tell me?”

“It was something only the highest ranked vampires were told of,” said Suren, raising her chin to show her superiority. “I didn’t owe you a thing. In fact, Bishop knew of them as well. Perhaps that was where he got the lame-brained notion of having an Orphan army.”

Suren smirked when seeing the conflicting emotions in Aidan’s eyes. It was his own fault for not knowing of these other vampires. He’d been at a status long ago to learn more of the vampire world but had left, according to mother, and so Suren didn’t feel an ounce of guilt for keeping him in the dark. In fact, she wanted to claw out the Slayer’s eyes for telling him something that Suren should’ve divulged.

“The Slayer lives with one of them. One with a soul.”

“Interesting,” said Suren. She knew of no vampires with a soul. Then again, she’d been in the ground for a long, long time. “So a Slayer wants to work with us? To defeat the Orphans as well as those pesky ants that shouldn’t even have the title of vampire… why?”

“To know if we pose a threat to humanity.”

“And if we do?” asked Suren, raising a delicate eyebrow.

Aidan offered a humorless smile. “She’s the Slayer.”

Suren tapped her lower lip in thought. “I wish to meet with her.”

“Do know that her loss will upset her people and we’ll then have more than one or two Slayers in Boston.”

“Duly noted,” snapped Suren. “Enough talk of the Slayer. We have other urgent matters to discuss like the police force and what to do with that mobster in the sitting room.”

“Excuse me?” asked Aidan.

“I was going to have you turn him, but with a Slayer on our side… Well, she’d prove more useful against the Orphans. Don’t you think? Maybe I’ll just feed on him later.”

Aidan waited for it. The jealousy that always came when Suren was around another man… when it didn’t, he frowned. Suren took his frown of confusion for one of jealousy and he fought back the urge to slap her hands away when she slid them up his chest.
What was wrong with him?

“We could enjoy him together… you and I…” she said seductively.

“I already ate,” he said, gripping her wrists gently and pulling them from his body. “But you enjoy him, then we can speak about politics when you’ve had your fill.”

Suren’s eyes narrowed before she turned on her heel and walked from him. The screams of the mobster were heard moments later. Suren wasn’t being delicate in her nightly feeding. Thankfully that was what it was… Aidan liked Cecilia; he couldn’t imagine what that mobster would’ve been like. Which made him also wonder what Faith’s people would do if they knew there were humans that willingly took the change to better their status in the community?

Only time would tell.


The End?

You have reached the end of "Complicated" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 17 Mar 12.

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