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Summary: Aidan, Josh, and Sally get new neighbors and the fear of having to act even more normal than usual are abated quite quickly. Just how much more complicated can things get when another vampire & a vampire slayer enter the picture? MUCH.

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Chapter One: Moving In

Note: This idea just hit me hard today, so I couldn’t say no to it! I have no idea of the overseas version of Being Human is at all identical to the US. If not, I hope you’re not too confused…. :/

Title: Complicated

Summary: Aidan, Josh, and Sally get new neighbors and their fears of having to act even more normal than usual around them are abated quite quickly. Just how much more complicated can things get when another vampire as well as a vampire slayer enter the picture? MUCH.

Rated: M, this IS Being Human people, and mixed with Buffy it’s just gunna be gory and sexy as hell ;p
Spoilers: Takes place during S2, post 2x03 of the U.S. version.
Genre: Will have a little bit of everything. Mostly drama/action not sure about romance yet….
Dis: I don’t own Being Human


Sally was on edge, has been since her little sleeping experiment. She was certain there was something, a dark entity, after her because she saw it again not too long ago and she’d been wide awake. She cursed Stevie for telling her that they could sleep, cursed the new desire to be inside a human so that she could feel, and once again cursed Danny for being the catalyst in this mess she called life.

Sighing from her familiar spot on the window ledge she glanced up at the full moon, cheek resting upon her bent knees. Josh was wolfing out with Nora in the storage lockers and Aidan was MIA so not only was she on edge: she was beyond bored. Don’t get her wrong, she was happy she didn’t have to hear the sexcapades like the night before, but she wasn’t happy that she was alone. She was about to rise from her perch on the window seat when a U-Haul pulled up in the alley next to their home, followed by a car with a tint on the windows so dark that Sally was certain it was illegal. Curious, Sally looked out the window to see two figures. One was a woman that seemed pretty normal with her faded jeans and sleeveless red shirt. The other was a guy with platinum hair that was probably a bleach job wearing black jeans, black boots, and a black shirt.

“Hello Billy Idol,” she said with a snort. She phased out to the other side of the house in Aidan’s room to look out the window. From the looks of it they were moving next door. “Little do you know you’re living next to something out of a sci-fi movie.”

She watched them for a moment, noticing that they both seemed strong to be able to lug in the furniture without taking a single break. Sally wondered if they were newlyweds, friends, or even family. Wanting to get the dirt on them some more she moved out to her front stoop then calmly walked down the stairs to snoop. She nearly dissipated in surprised when the woman stopped to stare at her. Sally looked behind her, to make sure no one was standing there, before looking back at the woman.

“Hi?” said Sally unsure.

“Yo,” said the woman, giving her a nod while casually holding onto the cardboard box she held. Sally barely gave it a glance but heard the slight rattle of something wooden in the box when the woman set it down on the set of stairs leading up to the neighboring grey stone building.

“You can see me?” asked Sally excitedly. “I mean, uh…”

“’ello Luv, what’s a spook like you doin’ out this late?” asked the male who was lighting up a cigarette while sauntering down the stairs. Sally stared at him, once again surprised, and was only taken out of her dumbfounded state when a car passed by on the street.

“You can see me too?” asked Sally. “And you know I’m a-”

“Spook?” asked the woman with a raised brow to her companion.

“No pulse, doesn’t feel like a vampire…” The mystery male brought out his hand and it passed through Sally and while she protested
the woman laughed. “Spook.”


“Name’s Spike.”

“Hi…” said Sally uncertainly. “Usually only vampires or werewolves can see me. So which one are you?”

“Vampire,” said Spike. “Faith here is neither.”

“I’m just special,” said Faith, giving Spike a warning glance.

“So like a medium? I met one of those… didn’t like her much,” said Sally, sniffing and looking like a girl that was told she couldn’t have any candy.

“Not a medium. SO… You haunt next door?” asked Faith, hands going into her back pockets.

From the way Faith spoke, what she was was a topic that she wasn’t going to speak of. Sally could respect that, they’d just met her. In turn, she wasn’t going to tell them what Josh and Aidan were because she respected their privacy as well. Well that and she was a little scared they’d perform an exorcism just to spite her for announcing their secret to the world.

“Yeah,” said Sally, crossing her arms over her chest, pulling her sweater tighter against her. “My ex-fiancée killed me in that house and I’ve been there ever since.”

“Harsh,” said Faith. “You make his life hell?”

“He’s in jail now,” said Sally. “He tried to burn the house down. He confessed to everything else after getting arrested.”

“Remind me not to get on your bad side then,” said Spike with a smile, blowing smoke out from the corner of his lips.

“Oh don’t worry I’m over the whole vengeance thing,” said Sally. “So… where you from?”

“I’m originally from Boston,” said Faith. “Grew up a ways from here. Moved to California and met Spike, he’s from London.”

“Oh cool! I’ve always wanted to go overseas,” said Sally who then looked down at herself. “Instead I’m a ghost haunting the house she was murdered in.”

“Easy there, Luv, being a ghost isn’t half bad. You don’t have to use doors. Oh! No one can hit you no matter how annoying you’re being,” he said with a smirk, making Sally smile.

“I do tend to get on Josh and Aidan’s nerves,” she said without thinking.

“Who?” asked Faith before pointing to the house with her thumb. “The people that live there?”

“Yeah, you know, moving things. Flickering lights,” said Sally trying to cover her tracks.

“Right,” said Faith and Spike, sharing a look.

“So… are you two…” Sally pointed between the two of them. “Together?”

“Hell no!” laughed Faith.

“Oi! Don’t make it sound like it’d be awful!” Spike flicked his spent up smoke into the street, giving an indignant sniff before continuing. “Faith and I have history but none of it in the sweetie pie sense. Just friends and all that. We’re here to escape our exes. Start over.”

“Be normal?” asked Sally, the story sounding familiar; however it earned a laugh from the duo.

“No normalcy in the cards for us, Pet,” said Spike. “We just needed… space.”

“We’re going to do our thing here,” said Faith. “See how it goes, the whole… healing process thing or whatever. Honestly I’m already over it but Spike here is still pining over B.”

“Oi, we promised no ‘B’ or ‘R’ mentioning while in Boston!” protested Spike, making Faith raise her hands up in surrender.

“Sorry. I’m done.”

“Anywho, we’re gunna finish moving in before the sun comes up and I burn to a crisp,” said Spike.

“Wait,” said Sally as Faith picked up her box and Spike went into the U-Haul to grab a chair. “You can’t go into the sun? All the other vampires here that I’ve met can. In fact a lot of them have day jobs.”

“We’ve been made aware that there is another breed of vampire,” said Faith while Spike muttered something about ‘Cullen ponces’ while going up the stairs. “We’re actually looking into it. Trying to see what makes Spike and others of his breed of vampire so different.”

“Huh…” Sally filed it away for a conversation piece with her roommates later. “Well, welcome to the neighborhood. I’m sure since you can see me, I’ll be over more than you’ll like.”

“Feel free to stop in any time, Luv, just make sure we’re not in our birthday suits.”

“Right…” Sally waved. “Bye!”

As soon as she was gone, Faith and Spike shared a look.

“She’s hiding something,” said Faith.

“I’m bettin’ there’s a vampire in that house,” said Spike. “The way she carried on about knowin’ them an’ all.”

“What should we do?” asked Faith, biting her lip in contemplation.

“Well, we mainly came here because of it. Let’s… make friends. See if they’re as bad as Angel and the others said they could be.”

“Who knew that a ghost would be the one to give us our first lead,” said Faith, chuckling while carrying a box of stakes up to their home.


Next chapter, Sally tells Aidan and Josh about their new neighbors! :)
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