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Fall into Darkness

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Summary: Buffy Summers finds herself pulled out of Heaven and into…. Victorian England?

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The Fall

Title: A Fall into Darkness Part 1/?
Author: Lora Darcy
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Buffy Summers finds herself pulled out of Heaven and into…. Victorian England?
Crossover with…. Well, you can’t expect me to tell you *now*, can you? Trust me. It will be more exciting this way. But don’t worry, I promise mucho crossover fun. And I guarantee you’ll figure out what all this will be crossed with. And be very happy. It’s a promise.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Nada. Zilch. Everything belongs to someone else. People who are richer, more talented, etc than this lowly, broke college student.


Panic. Blinding panic. Her peace had been broken. For the first time in a long while she was feeling. Feeling things dangerous and hard. Something was going wrong. Her contentment was slipping away. Panic turned into pain. Unbearable pain. She had to make the pain go away. She had to stay. Desperately, she tried to fight and regain the unending calm. But the darkness wouldn’t stay away. It was growing. The peace was shattered, beyond repair.

She was falling, tumbling out of control. The light was dimming. And still she fell. It couldn’t. It wouldn’t. Something was forcing her out. The pain grew. She couldn’t think. Couldn’t react. She could only fall. Fall out of the light.

Chapter One

Buffy Summers was wet, which didn’t make any sense. She was supposed to be elsewhere. In the calm-happy place. But something had gone wrong. Horribly wrong. And she distinctly remembered falling. She’d been tumbling away from the goodness.

Disoriented, Buffy realized that she was indeed wet. And still falling. Her eyes jerked open, fright and confusion again conquering her person. She was wet because she was surrounded by water of a lake or river. Panic returned. Buffy’s arms flailed, desperately trying to find the surface. One of her feet gave a desperate kick, trying to remind her body of its presence. Struggling, Buffy found herself remembering her past. Air. She needed air. Buffy’s lungs clamored for oxygen and Buffy found herself breathing in water. There was a nagging thought in the back of her head. The entire feeling seemed somehow atrociously familiar. Buffy searched into her past, trying to remember what was wrong. Horribly, a memory returned. A visage of a hideously demonic vampire took over her mind. The Master. He had made her drown once, a long time ago. That had been her first death. Unless she reached the surface, Buffy was drowning again.

Buffy’s legs tried to fight their way to the surface, but a long and rather heavy dress refused to comply. Despite her best attempts, Buffy was still sinking. Trying one last time to stop her descent, Buffy frantically raised an arm, battling against the water’s current. She felt it reach the surface, cool air hitting her hand.

The feeling of the air sent a jolt through Buffy’s body. This was wrong! All wrong. She wanted to go back. She could go back. Stop fighting, she silently told her body. Stop it! A small smile crept across the drowning girl’s face. If she did nothing, she could go back. They would have to let her go back. She’d find that peace again.

But then, something was going wrong—yet again! The light was not coming back. It was refusing to come back. They weren’t letting her return.


Daniel dipped his oar into the water, moving his small rowboat down the river. He smiled, enjoying the beauty of the late summer day. He looked ahead, pleased with the stillness of the river. Suddenly, his smile faded. His deep grey eyes widened in puzzlement. He could have sworn he saw a splash in the water up ahead. Daniel shook his head, certain he was imagining things. He looked again, concern etched into his face. He was not imagining things. An arm was definitely thrashing in the water. Gritting his teeth, Daniel dug his oar into the water, urging his boat to travel faster. The oar entered the water, each movement bringing him closer to the small hand. Daniel’s muscles screamed as he reached the source of the splashes. He cursed under his breath. The hand had disappeared under the river water.

Don’t be Daft, Daniel though to himself, pulling both oars into the boat. There is probably nothing I could now. Except manage to drown myself as well. Still, despite his rational thinking, Daniel’s body refused to stay in the boat. He had to go in. He had to see if he could save the person. His conscience would not let him act otherwise. Trusting to luck, he took a deep breath and dove out of his small water craft and into the river. This is insanity, his brain screeched at him. Daniel ignored his mind’s logic and searched for a sign of the drowning person he had spied moments earlier.

Success! His hands found a thin, cold wrist. Urgently, he pulled the wrist up towards the surface, kicking with his feet. As his head reemerged above water, his arms found the girl’s waist (for he could now see that he was, indeed, rescuing a girl) and dragged her to the side of the boat. As awkwardly as humanly possible, Daniel somehow managed to thrust the light-weight girl into his small boat, while miraculously managing to keep his dinghy afloat. Anxiously, Daniel clamored into the raft himself. He leaned over the petite young woman, whose blonde hair clung to her face and neck. He didn’t know how he could help her. Helpless, Daniel used his fingertips to gently brush the soaking hair away from her mouth. He just hoped his rescue hadn’t been too late.


Drops of water fell from Daniel’s hands and hair, splattering against Buffy’s eerily still face. At last, Buffy opened her eyes as her body began to shake, racked by coughing. The coughs continued and Buffy vomited up water. Following a final deep hack, Buffy managed to look up, her eyes staring unseeingly at the young man leaning over her. Overwhelmed for the first time in her life, the recently resurrected Buffy did something she had never done before: she fainted. As she faded into temporary oblivion, her last conscious thoughts turned to Sunnydale. She just hoped Spike would never hear that she’d passed out. She’d never be able to live that down….

End Part One/Chapter One. Please send me reviews—pretty please?
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