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The Legacy of the Xel'naga

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Summary: An ancient being tries to fix the mistakes of the past through the people of the present, so there could be a future

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or plots from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Stargate franchise, Starcraft, or Heroes. This is just a work of fanfiction.

Author's note: This story takes place into a universe that is a fusion of BTVS and Stargate; the only thing that is going to be used from Heroes are some of the powers of the evolved humans. The story will be roughly divided in three parts, the first one covering the Scoobies and Sunnydale, then will mostly switch to SG-1/Atlantis, and only in the very end will be the mostly Starcraft part. This will be a multi - crossover; it may contain other fandoms as well


Invisible to all, an incorporeal entity observed the remnants of the gateway that had formed by its passage into this universe, its mind filling with guilt and regret as it remembered.

It remembered how their creation, the one that held the second key to the renewal if its species, suddenly turned on them. It remembered how it panicked under the vicious assault, and had used its considerable psionic powers to attempt to escape, only to make a mistake and instead of opening a pathway to the Void aspect of its own reality, it opened a hole to the true Void between realities. It remembered all too clearly the agony from its transition, as well as that it had retained enough clarity to see the truth about what had transpired. To see that one of their own had been corrupted by the great enemy of all, the one who was there in the beginning, from whom all evil originated, and was now attempting to alter the cycle in order to pervert their people's newest incarnation into a mockery of what they truly were.

It also remembered how, desperate to leave the void, it had burst through the first reality where he had sensed the dimensional barriers had been weaker, paying no heed to what it might cause. The First had managed to exploit the rifts created by the entity's passage to send forth some of its agents, who in turn unleashed a plague that destroyed the flourishing galactic civilization.

But not everything had been lost. To the entity's utter astonishment, some of the creatures, with whom he had not been particularly impressed despite what they had built, managed to permanently transcend their physical form, becoming beings of far greater power. By observing them, the entity learned enough to do perform a similar feat, and while it did not make it virtually immortal like them, the process greatly extended its time in this reality.

But no matter the reality, everything passed to time... eventually. And the entity knew its time was coming to an end. During that time, the planet he was now observing had made more than five million cycles around its star. Several new sentient species had risen after those who gained permanent energy forms finally grew strong enough to remove the agents of the First from this reality, then had reseeded the galaxy with life. One of those new species had grabbed the entity's attention, as they were almost identical to those who had created them, and had just as much potential. Seeing an opportunity, the entity had taken advantage of its mastery over matter to create a vessel with which to send a number of specimens across the void to its home reality, to a planet looking remarkably like the one they were taken from, in a hope that they would grow strong enough to help thwart the Fallen one.

But now, as it felt its strength fading for the last time, the entity was close to despair. It had an ability to peer into the future, and had seen a possible one where its actions had created a chance for victory where previously had been none. But in doing so, a chance had been created that if the Fallen one grew strong enough in its own reality, it would be able to track these... humans to this one. If it did, it wouldn't even be a war. It would be just slaughter, as those who would be willing to protect the humans here would be, for one reason or another, too weak to succeed. If there was any hope for the future of this reality, it lay into the humans themselves.

But while they held great potential, enough to surpass even their creators, their evolution was slow. The way things were going, they could easily end up destroyed before having a real chance. This could not be allowed. If agents of the Fallen one were allowed to gain foothold in this galaxy, and by extension in the local galactic cluster, then no place in this reality would be spared from the flame, no matter how distant it was. There was only one way to go, seeing that the so called 'Ascended' were too set in their ways to make a move before it was too late, the fanaticism of their rivals, the Ori, and the controlling nature of the other 'higher beings', ruled them all out as possible allies. He needed to speed up the evolution of the species somewhere. And nowhere was a better choice than the planet they originated on. Not only the genetic diversity was the greatest there, but the planet but the unique evolutionary pressures that would help refine a greater variety of abilities than any other known species.

And if the humans did realize their potential, then there would be hope that the final legacy of the Xel'Naga would be one of life and prosperity, not death and destruction.

Fifteen hundred years later, 1st of October 1997

Rupert Giles let out a grunt of exertion, and picked up a large duffel bag containing odd near flat objects. He really hoped that they would help him solve the mystery Cordelia Chase had presented him with when, with her typical bluntness, she had all but dragged him to her home, to investigate the robbery that had taken place just the previous night.

Now normally, such a task would be for the police, however, the manner in which the thief had gained entrance placed the whole affair firmly into the 'supernatural' category. The Watcher had been completely baffled to discover that every door that had been locked had ended up somehow melted. There were bizarre shapes all over the place that resembled puddles. It was as if someone had turned the doors to water, and when that water had spilled on the floor, it had been transformed back into its original material, be that metal or wood. It made absolutely no sense! What could possibly a magic user having the ability to do that want from the Chase's? It couldn't be money, despite the girl's belief that only cash and jewelry had been taken. Anyone with this kind of ability could have easily found employment on either side, employment that was at the very least paid well enough so they didn't have to resort to petty, small – time burglary.

The Watcher sighed. Even if the Chases had unwittingly acquired something mystical that was valuable enough to steal, why this way? There were many ways to steal things while making it appear ordinary, as he knew all too well, as as the Ripper he had done his share of thievery. Why do it in a way that would announce 'I was there and used magic!' like this?

The whole thing reminded the man about an incident a few years ago, with a young man living in a small town in Germany. The foolish child had dabbled in magic without supervision and somehow had succeeded into giving himself an ability to turn invisible at will... which he had then put to use, mainly for shoplifting and peeping on women. An elderly woman aware of the supernatural had seen him become visible after leaving a shop, and had confronted him, only for the teen to deny any knowledge of the occult. With the boy refusing to see reason, measures had been taken to ensure he didn't hurt anyone. Was this another amateur meddling with things better left well enough alone? Unlikely, this time the magic involved was way too complex. He had picked up several of the 'puddles', or parts of them, in hope of discovering more.

Pushing the library door open, the man grimaced. As if there wasn't big enough a problem to deal with already, in the face of Spike. He had already tried to kill Buffy once, and had come disturbingly close to succeeding before the unknowing intervention of her mother. Now, they had a thief with probably considerable magical prowess to deal with.


Seeing the pained expression on the Watcher's face, Xander rushed to help him with the obviously heavy bag.

"Jeez, what do you have in here, G – man, rocks? Books?" he quipped.

"I wish." Giles muttered, cracking a smile. "What are you doing here at this time, Xander?"

"Trying to make myself useful." the boy answered, gesturing at a disassembled crossbow lying on the table. "Last night, a vamp hit it trying to get to me, and something broke."

Giles gave the boy a dark look, and Xander sighed. "OK, OK, I know that you are the one who usually fixes these things. It was Snyder. He is convinced that I can't get an A unless I'm cheating, so I had to come to redo the Physics and Biology tests. After that, I figured I'd just wait here, instead of going home and back."

"I see." The Watcher nodded. "How did this little man get assigned to this position is beyond me. A school principal is meant to work towards improving the conditions in the school and encouraging better performance from students, and not..." Giles trailed off, his eyes stopping at the mess on the table for a few moments. "Xander, may I ask what possessed you to disassemble that crossbow completely?" the Watcher said, exasperated. "The parts that can break aren't that much, you should have been able to see what was wrong almost immediately.


"Never mind." Giles said grumpily. "Clear up the table. Put the parts in a bag and leave them in my office if you have to."


Xander sighed in relief as the library door closed behind him. The Watcher was in foul mood, and the boy very much doubted that would be improved if he tried what he'd planned to try in front of the man... or the fact the boy had swiped one of the crystals Giles had used in order to try and follow the traces of magic from the bizarre objects he had brought in. There had been none the man could pick up, and it didn't take a genius to see that the Watcher was growing increasingly worried about it. And as much as the boy wanted to help with the investigation, he had found himself unable to focus on the subject, instead feeling a strong desire to try the simple - looking magic – tracing spell Giles had tried. Because of that desire, he had been unable to stop himself from taking the crystal as he had walked past it, on his way to leave a completely repaired crossbow in the weapons cabinet.

As she felt the teen's hand wander, Cassandra grinned inwardly, these clubs were really like buffets for the vampires like her, who had been turned while in their early twenties. It was so easy to draw the attention of the teenagers (and the occasional older man) and make then think they were going to get lucky in the dark alleys, where she could feed on them without interruptions. And sometimes, her victims actually looked good enough to have a little 'fun' with them before draining them.

With this one, however, the fun would be only for her. She pulled away from his embrace, turned to face him, and her face shifted into the vampiric visage, enjoying the sudden look of terror on his face.

"W-what are you?" the boy stammered, stepping backwards, only to realize there was a wall behind him. "Stay away from me!" he cried, raising his hands up, as if he could keep her away. Then his hands glowed.

Wait, glowed? The vampiress' yellow eyes went wide when she looked again to the boy's hands, then to his face. Every inch of skin not covered by clothes now shone with visible, reddish light, and if the look of terror on the boy's face was any indication, he was just as surprised by what was happening as she was. The glow grew brighter and brighter, first yellow, then white. Suddenly, she felt hot, very hot, and her clothes caught fire. The next moment, everything went black.

A/n:An unlucky vampire gets a taste of the induced radioactivity :D
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