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W***? Really?

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Summary: Willow watches TV. Kennedy says a bad word.

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Television > GleejaycattFR15722,5691379,77011 Feb 1225 Feb 12No

W***? Really?

Disclaimer: I make no claim to the copyright of anyone else's creative works, particularly the TV shows Glee and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Notes: The plot isn't terribly original, I know, but I had fun. First time, please be kind.

Willow had the TV on again when Kennedy came home from patrol. Ken had mixed feelings about this—she didn't mind her girlfriend taking a break from the often scary and dangerous magics, but Willow's choice in shows...

Still, she tried to be supportive, settling next to her lover on the couch. But her silence didn't last until the end of the episode.

“That's ridiculous. No principal would let the students ridicule some kid like that.”

“Obviously we didn't go to the same school,” Willow responded.

“Yours was on the Mouth of Hell. This one's supposed to be in Ohio.”

“And how many demons did you slay in Ohio this evening?”

Kennedy pouted. “So not the point. I just don't get why you watch this show. What, do the writers sit around and go, 'Oh, you know what, it's been a week or two since we've really tortured the gay kid! Let's see what we can come up with next!'”

“You don't think it's important to explore these issues?”

“Explore, sure! But this...” she sighed. “Honestly, Willow? I feel so bad for him. Sometimes I wish we could be there to help him through it, to let him know that life after high school really does get better.”

Willow smiled at this uncharacteristically compassionate admission from the fiery slayer. “And that, babe, is why I love--”

But Willow's declaration went unfinished. “Done,” came a booming voice, one Willow clearly recognized as belonging to D'Hoffryn. “Well,” he drawled, “Not 'done' just yet. I need to gloat first, after all, and you, little Red Witch, have been a thorn in my side since you declined my offer of employment. Depriving the side of light of its most powerful mage—and her pet slayer—will be a joy." He cackled. "I'll be dining out on this one for centuries.”

“I've never really liked your evil laugh,” Willow said, readying a fireball in each cupped palm.

“Now, now, none of that,” the demon lord chided. “You'll need to mind your manners where you're going, little girl.” He waved a finger, and the flames flickered and died.

Kennedy flung her knife, but D'Hoffryn had already snapped his fingers before she could let it loose, activating the spell.

One parting shot followed Willow and Kennedy as they plummeted through the dimensional barrier. “Hope you can sing!”

“I thought Willow and Kennedy would want to be here for this,” Andrew said as he joined Xander and Dawn on the couch in the common room. “Haven't they been looking forward to the start of season three for months now?”

“Yeah,” Xander said, stealing some of Andrew's popcorn. He shrugged. “I tried to call them. I know Willow's excited. The Internet is full of rumors that the show is introducing two new lesbian characters.”

Both young men looked far away for a moment.

Dawn grimaced. “Boys,” she grumbled, turning her eyes back to the screen. “Shush, it's starting.”

The camera panned down the hallway, twisting and turning but eventually coming to rest on two attractive young women standing next to a row of lockers.

“You know, I don't think this will be so bad,” a mousy red-haired girl said to her skeptical-looking but attractive brunette companion. It was then that a tall container of purple slushie struck each girl in the face.

“Welcome to Lima, rug munchers!” a male voice cackled off camera.

On screen again: Willow's droll, “Of course, I've been wrong before.”

As they cut to commercial, it was Dawn who found her voice first. Her tone was steely, direct, and held just a hint of the coming panic. “Call. Giles. Now!
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