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The Master's Tools

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Summary: Post-mortem of the events of "Mash Off"

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Television > GleejaycattFR1312880082311 Feb 1211 Feb 12Yes
Disclaimer: I make no claim to the copyright of the TV show Glee.

Epilogue to Glee 3x06 “Mash Off” – So here be spoilers! Plus, this will make no sense if you haven't seen the ep.

Kurt found Finn in his room with the lights off, deep bass pulsing from his headphones. His closed eyes looked kind of red.

The door was open, but Finn must not have heard Kurt approach, because he jumped when his stepbrother laid a hand on his forearm.

Finn pulled off his headphones, letting the angry music pour out weak and tinny over his bed. “What,” he said, his voice catching. “Have you come to yell at me, too?”

“Should I?” Kurt asked.

Finn looked at him, startled. “Well, everybody else is. I wouldn't blame you if you wanted to, too.”

Kurt sighed. “I'm not mad, Finn. I get it—Santana's a royal bitch and she was using every verbal knife she had to cut you to pieces. She saw where you were vulnerable and she went in for the kill. I can't blame you for wanting to hurt her back.

“But...” He drew a deep breath. “I wish you'd chosen something else. You're my brother. You know exactly what Santana's afraid of, because you've seen me go through it. And the idea that you would embrace all that hatred even to use it against somebody as mean as Santana... I'm not going to lie to you. That hurts.”

“Kurt, I...” His voice trailed off.

“I don't blame you, Finn. You're a guy growing up in 21st century America. Of course there's homophobia inside of you. Just like there's sexism and racism and classism and ableism inside everybody.”

“I just wish there were some way to make it right.”

Kurt turned thoughtful. “You know, maybe there is...”

The End

You have reached the end of "The Master's Tools". This story is complete.

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