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The Robotech Invasion

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Summary: What if Xander dressed up as something from one of his favorite childhood shows, something that will change everything in the fight against the Darkness.

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Anime > RobotechdeathzealotzeroFR1513,4030163,70812 Feb 1212 Feb 12Yes
Disclaimer: I hereby declare that I do not in any way own the two TV Series known as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or Robotech, they are owned by their respective owners. I only own my story’s plot, and anything that I have created for the purpose of this story therefore please no lawyers for I have no money to give to them.


The Robotech Invasion

A Buffy and Robotech Crossover


Brought to you by,


William R. Woods


Brief Foreword:


I like to welcome everyone to this bit of chaos and craziness. Basically this is an idea I had for a long while, crossing Buffy the Vampire Slayer with one of all-time favorite anime Robotech.


First of all let me mention that I am not all that much a fan of Buffy I have seen a few episodes here and there, most especially the famous Halloween Episode, but never really got into it as much as some of my friends had. However I really enjoy reading the various Yet Another Halloween Fics out there for they are a fun way to bring Buffy into a crossover with some of my favorite TV shows, comics, cartoons, anime series, and mangas. As for Robotech I have been pretty disappointed to see hardly any crosses with this series, granted they are a few good ones on Twisting the Hellmouth and elsewhere on the internet, but hardly any are YAHF therefore I decided to make my own.


Moving on, I have long been a lurker/reader on Twisting the Hellmouth, but I never had a chance to write out any story of my own. Therefore I hope everyone will enjoy this little bit of insanity from yours truly.


-          William R. Woods

February 12, 2012AD


Summary: What if Xander dressed up as something from one of his favorite childhood shows, something that will change everything in the fight against the Darkness.


Story Opening is the Main Title from the Shadow Chronicles Soundtrack

Story BGM is Cyclone from the Robotech Original Soundtrack




That single night changed everything in the fight against the darkness, a single man’s decision to bring chaos to this small town would be blessing to the fight not only against the darkness here in this town but elsewhere as well. It changed everything…


-          Watcher Rupert Giles, of the New Watcher Council




In the busy shop known as Ethan’s a young man stood looking over the various Halloween costumes on display in the store. This young man Alexander Harris or better known as Xander to his friends cursed to himself as he watched a young kid got the last of the toy weapons on display. The only weapons left where those that went with some of the costumes themselves, and now his idea for his Halloween costume was no longer possible. Granted he could just wear the military fatigues themselves he had waiting at home, but honestly it wouldn’t look good unless he had something to use as a weapon.


‘There went that idea,’ Xander thought with a sad sigh before he turned to find anything else he could get for cheap. He may have to dip into his road trip savings but he had little choice unless he wanted to be in detention for the rest of the school year from that damn troll that calls himself a High School Principle. As he looked over some of the cartoon heroes costumes Xander spotted something at the corner of his eye making him turn and gasp in surprise. For hiding behind a Red Power Ranger and He-Man costumes was a complete set of CVR-3 Body Armor, including a holstered H-90 Gallant Pistol. As he started to step up to the mannequin that displayed the costume, Xander started remember various memories of watching a show known as Robotech with his best friends Jesse and Willow during their younger years. Other memories had Jesse and Xander playing the role-playing game that had come out a few years after the show been removed from the air. As Xander stood in front of the costume he could even hear the catchy theme music for the show in his head.


“I see you found your selection young man,” a voice mentioned behind him making Xander jump with a slight manly scream before he turned see an older man standing behind him a creepy looking smile on his face.


“Don’t do that!” Xander said with a sigh before turning back to the costume and sighed for he was sure he couldn’t afford it.


“I want it but I couldn’t afford this,” Xander mentioned turning away from the costume and back towards the man as well as the other costumes around the store.


“Well that is a shame, for you look really interested in it. Honestly though I can understand for this isn’t really a cheap Halloween costume but a costume for a movie that was going to be produced which was cancelled before it even started production. I bought it along with many other failed movie costumes for I thought that they would be better to sell in here then these other cheap costumes made for Halloween thanks to the quality of the costumes. I sold every single one of them but this one, and with Halloween tomorrow I honestly don’t think I will be able to sell it,” the man mentioned with a sigh eying the costume while Xander listened with rapt attention to the story for it was interesting.


“Tell you what young man since you are one of the only ones who have been interested in this costume I shall give to you for say fifteen dollars,” the man mentioned with that same creepy smile again. Xander didn’t see it for he stared back at the costume with a small smile on his face for he couldn’t believe his good fortune, a part of him wondered about the catch, but his excitement won out against that part.


“Then it is sold my good man,” Xander replied with a large smile on his face while the man just chuckled evilly behind him which Xander didn’t hear at all as he started to take down the costume from the mannequin.




At the front of the store Xander meet up with his friends Buffy Summers, and Willow Rosenberg who started to go through the store for their own costumes. As he approached them the two girls where looking over a fluffy noblewoman’s dress which made his mood go downhill for he was quite sure the reason for them to look it over. At his approach the two girls turned to look at him with grins, which made him sigh and paste a similar grin of his own on his face.


“Yeah Xander what did you get it for your costume?” the red-headed Willow Rosenberg asked with a bright smile waving at the two large bags he held in both hands while Buffy continued to be enthralled by the noblewoman costume. With a happy grin on his face he put one of the bags down and reached inside to take out the costume’s helmet showing it to Willow who looked confused for a brief moment before her eyes widened in understanding.


“No way! I didn’t think they made Halloween costumes for Robotech,” Willow mentioned excitedly making Xander laugh in response.


“They don’t but this is apparently a costume from a canceled movie project for Robotech that the owner bought for cheap with a bunch of other costumes from canceled movies and put them out thanks to their better quality of materials. This is the last of the group and he sold it to me for cheap thanks to that. Pretty great isn’t it,” he replied with a large grin on his face. 


“Well good for you Xander,” Willow mentioned with a smile before she turned back to the dress and the still enthralled Buffy making Xander’s mood drop once more. However before he could anything else the shop’s owner popped out of nowhere and started to convince Buffy to buy it.


“Alright guys I have to get together a few more things for my costume, therefore I shall meet you guys at Buffy’s house,” he said turning away and started towards the door not noticing the worried look on Willow’s face or the evil grin on the owner’s face.




Once he was home and safely in his room Xander set down the bags that contained his costume before he started to go through some of his old stuff that he had shoved into his closet. After a few moments of looking he found a small box and set it on his bed with a wistful smile on his face. Reaching into the box he pulled out a bulging folder and start to leaf through the various notes and character sheets from the Robotech RPG Game he once had played. Finally he pulled out a wrinkled character sheet, and a few pages of notes before pulling the folder back into the box which once again was placed into his closet. Chuckling he eyed the character sheet and the notes before turning to go through the bags on the floor.


Quickly he unpacked the costume and set out the various pieces of armor on his bed. That done he spread out an old blanket of his before turning back to the bags and retrieving a few bottles of paint along with a brush. Turning back to the armor he start picking up the armor and starting painting markings onto the armor, markings that where drawn onto the notes on he had retrieved. After several minutes he was finished and leaving the armor to dry on the old blanket he left the room to get a shower and maybe some food. As he left he did not notice the armor’s new markings glow slightly before returning to normal.




About an hour later found Xander standing at the door to the house belonging to Buffy and her Mother. After checking himself over once more he smiled and knocked on the door with an armor encased hand. A moment later saw the door opening with a dress wearing, black-wig wearing Buffy looking at him confused.


“Lieutenant Harris reporting for…” he started to say before he got a good look at the dress and really couldn’t believe how good she looked in it. Granted he knew why she was wearing it and didn’t like it, but at the same time she did look very good in it.


“Buffy, Lady of Buffedom, I am in awe. I hereby renounce spandex,” he mentioned a wide grin on his face while Buffy just chuckled lightly as she eyed him in his costume.


“Thank you kind sir,” she replied with a curtsey while Xander bowed.


“Anyways just wait till you see…Casper…” she started to say as she looked up the stairs just in time to see Willow wearing the long white sheet over her making her look like a ghost. Xander just shrugged knowing that she always wore a ghost costume though he admitted that this was a bit better then ones she previously worn.


“Xander that looks so awesome! I can’t believe you managed to get that,” Willow mentioned with a smile behind the sheet.


“We better get going I don’t know about you girls but I don’t want the Troll to have any excuses to go after us,” Xander mentioned with his usual roguish grin on his face. The girls could only nod and before long found the three of them where on their way back to the High School.



In backroom of the darkened store the owner of Ethan’s stood in front of a two-faced bust adjusting his robes for the final time before he knelt in front of the bust with a large crazed smile on his face.


“Its show time!” he mentioned with an evil laugh as he started the ritual making the bust start glowing.




With the ritual over a wave of magic washed over the small town of Sunnydale turning the various young costumed trick-or-treaters into their costumes. All over the town various children turned into trolls, goblins, and other such monsters while others turned into helpless princesses, fairies, ladies, and such. The handful that didn’t get their costumes from Ethans where helpless against these Halloween spawned monsters. However the young Alexander Harris something completely different happened for he wore one of the special costumes that the owner of Ethan’s created. With a scream of pain the young teenager fell onto the ground as the magic went through him turning the CVR-3 Armor into the real thing and his holstered H-90 into a real weapon. One tendril of the magic from the spell engulfed the folded character sheet that Xander had in a pocket turning him not into a generic Robotech soldier but what was displayed on that simple piece of paper. A surge of magic left his prone body briefly and started to shape itself into a custom-built VR-041E Cyclone with attached side-car. As quick as it came the magic left leaving behind the armored soldier and armored motorcycle that is the VR-041 Veritech Cyclone.




With a groan Lieutenant Alexander “Alex” Harris of the United Earth Expeditionary Forces Combat Engineers started to get up from the ground with one hand on the side of his helmet and the other hand pushing off from the ground. The young engineer wondered what the world happened, and why his head was ringing like a bell.


“I haven’t felt this bad since that party on Tirol,” he mentioned with a wince of pain as he finally stood up. Looking around he quickly located his Cyclone which looked beat up slightly but still active. However he was shocked to see what surrounded him for he only had one word for it: chaos! Shaking his head he briefly wondered if he was still back at that party on Tirol and was just imaging stuff. That thought soon proved incorrect when something race past him clipping him in the side making him stumble slightly. Turning towards whatever hit him the engineer quickly un-holstered his Gallant and took another long look around.


“Well Alex old buy what have I gotten myself into this time,” he said with a shake of his head eying the monster that was standing in front growling at him. With a lunge the monster tried to tackle him to the ground but Alex calmly shot it to the ground with a green beam from his H-90.  


“Alright let’s see what in Haydon’s name going on here,” he said holstering his Gallant before throwing a leg over the seat of his Cyclone and started it up. As he did so he eyed the side-car knowing what was in it and sighed before turning his attention to driving the Cyclone. With a squeal of tires he was gone trying to find what had happened and where he was.




A few hours later found the armored form of Xander, having go back to his ever-lovable self, slouching on a chair in the High School Library looking up at the man he considered his mentor and even maybe even a father. The man one Rupert Giles the High School Liberian, and Watcher to Buffy in her persona of the Vampire Slayer, rubbed his glasses with a cloth as he shook his head. With a sigh he turned his attention to the three teenagers sitting in front of him. First there is his Slayer who looked normal even in the horrid pink dress she wore, then there her best female friend Willow who looked slightly pale thanks to her brief stint as a ghost, and finally Buffy’s only real male friend Xander who looked quite different from the other two. First he was slightly taller, and bulkier second he kept rapping a knuckle on the armor he wore, and last his hair was lighter then normal.


“So both Willow and Buffy didn’t really get anything left from their costumes but you Xander managed to keep almost everything from the possession?” Giles asked eying the young man who sighed as he fiddled with the helmet of the armor that that was placed in front of him.


“Yes I got all of the Lieutenant’s memories, his engineering experience, and maybe a bit of his personality too, and that is not even thinking about the armor and the Cyclone,” Xander answered with a sigh as he rapped a knuckle once on the thigh plate of his armor making sure it was still real.


“Speaking of the Cyclone Xander, what did you find in the side-car?” Willow asked with a frown for she was worried for her Xander-shaped friend. The young man actually managed to smile slightly at this for the sidecar of the Cyclone was one of the rare engineer sidecars which mainly sported extra cargo space for tools and such along with a mini-diagnostic and repair unit to help an engineer repair a Cyclone in the field. However this particular sidecar didn’t have any of that instead it carried something far better.


“Looks like someone up there is throwing us a bone finally, for I found three H-90 Gallants, a few spare canisters of Protoculture, a complete field med-kit, and the most important of the lot a Robotech Foundry SEED Module,” he reported with a large grin on his face while the others looked confused, even Willow who at least had some knowledge of what he is talking about.


“What is a Foundry SEED Module?” Willow asked with a frown for she didn’t remember anything like that in the old RPG Books she read during Xander and Jesse’s Robotech RPG phase. During their games Willow was always the one who had the info for them as for she had been the one who had read all of the books cover to cover.  


“Basically the SEED Module, or the Self-Engineering Evolving Deployment Module, is a small module that can used to build a small Robotech Foundry anywhere it is needed using anything from scrap parts to ore ingots. Apparently it had just been developed by the time of Battle of Reflex Point and the end of the Third Robotech War. Therefore using this I can create everything in Robotech up to a full Veritech Fighter using this thing,” Xander explained with a large grin on his face at the shocked looks he was getting from the three others. Xander could just imagine what he could build using the SEED Module. The forces of darkness where about to get a little surprise, a surprise called Robotech!



Post Chapter Notes

Well there we go! Now originally this was going to a complete multi-chaptered story which introduced Robotech into the world of Buffy. However honestly with not really a big fan of the series in the first place and not watching the full series I wouldn’t know where to take it. Granted I could introduce a third crossover like Stargate SG1, similar to some other stories which gives the Scooby Gang futuristic weapons which they end up using when they help the Stargate team later on, but honestly it has been done before and done very well. Also I would like to apologize if any of the characters are out of character for like I mentioned I haven't really watch the series all that much.


Another note the Robotech Foundry SEED Module is a creation for an old Robotech RP I was running for a while. Basically it works just like I mentioned in the story it starts out as a small module before taking in junk or scrap parts to start building itself into a larger Robotech Foundry/Factory like those said to be used on the SDF-1. Therefore I state that I own this and no can use this without my express permission.


Also I would like to mention that if I kept this story going, the issue of Protoculture would be brought up. For the protoculture cells using by the Gallants, Cyclones and anything Xander would have built using that Robotech Foundry wouldn’t ever deplete only if they stayed in Sunnydale for the magic of the Hellmouth kept it the cells charged with Protoculture. Similar to another YAHF story I read which had the ammo of a laser gun or something like that never running out for some reason thanks to the magic.


Anyhow that said I hope you all enjoyed reading this, for it was fun to write. Now I need to get back to my other projects. Ciao!











The End

You have reached the end of "The Robotech Invasion". This story is complete.

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