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This story is No. 2 in the series "A Stitch in Fate". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The continuing story of Methos in Sunnydale. What will his presence change in season 2? How will he react to events on the Hellmouth?

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Highlander > GeneralDocBones + 1 otherFR151432,190310526,44412 Feb 1213 Jan 13No

Time for some thrilling heroics

I own nothing, I make no money from this. All hail the great and powerful Joss Whedon and Davis-Panzer Productions!

The presence watched as the pattern rippled away from where the thread had moved; changing everything as it flowed.

The sounds of fighting shattered the silence of the early evening. Three figures struggled in the road next to the cemetery, one with glowing yellow eyes and a deformed face. Throwing the others around like rag dolls, he growled as he prepared to savage the red-haired teen, stopped by a sharp piece of wood thrust through his chest. As he crumpled into dust a blond girl was revealed standing behind him.

“Buffy!” Xander untangled himself from the bushes he had been thrown into and brushed himself off, talking all the while, “Buffy, Buff-ster, Buff-stinator, your timing is impeccable as always! You have been greatly missed! How was your trip?”

Willow just ‘squee’d’ and hugged her. “The trip was fine.” She mustered a rather fake smile. “Dad was busy, so we didn’t get to hang out much.” She brightened. “But I got guilt shopping- new shoes! They’re red and shiny! So, how were things here? Hell-mouthy goodness?”

Willow shook her head. “Nothing. That’s the first vamp we’ve seen all summer. Giles read a lot, Angel avoided everyone, and Adam is still out of town.”

Buffy looked surprised. “Still? I thought that assignment up in Washington was going to be quick?”

Xander shrugged. “Apparently they needed him for something in Paris, too. He sent postcards, but didn’t say when he’d be back.”

“Oh.” Buffy looked disappointed.

Xander threw his arms around both girls. “We should celebrate your return. Party at the Bronze! We’ll dance; get our funk on- yay!” Buffy meet Willows’ eyes and they broke out in giggles before agreeing.

* * * *

Several days later:

As Adam walked out of the airport, backpack slung over his shoulder, his phone rang. Stopping on the sidewalk, he dug it out and answered, “Pierson speaking.”

“Adam, it’s Rupert. We have a situation here. I realize you’re jetlagged and that you were planning to spend the night down there, but it’s very urgent. Someone has taken the Masters’ bones. Willow and Miss Calendar have gone missing, and Buffy went looking for them- she’s vanished as well.”

“I’ll break the speed limit.” He hung up and started for the car park at a run.

* * * *

Adam drove slowly through the warehouse district, Giles in the front and Xander and Angel in the back. The windows were rolled down, letting in the cold night air. Xander finally couldn’t stand it, and burst out, “I don’t understand how this is helping us find them! We don’t have demon radar like Slayers do, and even if Angel can smell good, he’s not a bloodhound!”

Adam slammed on the breaks, head whipping to the left. “What?!” He put the car in park without answering Xander, opened the door and took off running.

Angel sniffed the cool air, and his eyes widened. “Buffy.” He too got out and started running. Giles and Xander looked at each other, and quickly followed. Reaching the warehouse moments behind the faster pair, they assessed the carnage.

Xander blinked several times. “Where’d Adam get the sword?” Giles just shook his head and watched as they tore through the vamps, Adam taking the left side of the room and Angel the guy on the right. Buffy had stopped fighting to watch as well, looking impressed. Grabbing Xander, Giles ran upstairs toward the controls and started lowering the girls down.

As the dust settled, everyone could hear the muffled shouts as Willow pointed up on the catwalk behind Buffy, trying to warn her. Everyone turned to look, and the Anointed One dropped the knife and fled.

Buffy looked around and spotted a large mallet in a corner. Grabbing it decisively, she proceeded to apply it vigorously to the Masters’ skeleton, reducing it to powder. Giles went and stood next to her, placing a hand on her shoulder when she let the mallet drop. No one noticed Adam lean over and pick up a small object from the floor. “Are you OK, Buffy?”

She leaned back against Giles. “He didn’t believe me. I told him the ritual wouldn’t work, that I wasn’t alone when the Master died, and he laughed. Said that if Death had really been there, I would be the dead one.” Her eyes flicked to Adam, then away. “I really want to kill that little bastard.”

Giles squeezed her shoulder. “You’ll get the chance soon enough. Let’s go home.” She nodded and followed him out the door, not looking back.

Adam caught up to Giles before they reached the car, pulling him away from the group. “Rupert, I need to talk to you, can you drop by my place later tonight?”

Giles turned and faced him calmly, pushing Buffy toward the car, then snarled quietly, “Does this have anything to do with why you have a locator spell on my Slayer?!”

Adam nodded. “Something like that. Are you willing to listen to me?” His tone was drier than a desert.

Giles took a deep breath, and nodded grudgingly. “I’ll listen. It’d better be the truth.”

Adam smiled and handed him the keys. “Why don’t you drive everyone home, and then swing by. I’ll be on the roof.”

* * * *

Adam sat on the roof of his new apartment, staring at the stars and nursing a beer. He was tossing a small object in the air repeatedly, and seemed to be humming to himself. He caught it and straightened, hearing someone on the stairs. Giles paused as he opened the door, scanning the roof until he spotted Adam sitting in the center of an odd drawing.

His angry scowl turned into a puzzled frown as he approached the seated figure, the chalk drawing eliciting a confused, “Why do we need a privacy spell?” from him.

Adam gestured him inside the incomplete circle and tossed him a piece of chalk. “Do you mind?” Giles sighed but closed the circle, causing an inaudible hum to be felt in their bones. “I need a privacy spell because I didn’t have a locator spell on Buffy.” He held up a hand as Giles started to protest. “Yes, I found her. Yes, it was very quickly. But there was no magic involved- you of all people should know how good I am with magic.” Giles winced involuntarily. “It’s about why I’m really here.” Giles sat down and nodded for Adam to continue. “I’m not who you think.”

He looked Giles in the eyes. “Well, I am Adam Pierson, but that’s not my real name. It’s a bit of an in-joke really.” He shrugged and smiled. “I’ve used Adam in a good number of my aliases, what with it being the name of the original man. I’m not quite that old, but I am pretty far up there.” He sighed and continued, “Xander was wrong, we did have demon radar during our search.”

Giles took a moment to put the pieces together. “You’re immortal.” Adam nodded and watched as Giles started cleaning his glasses. “You’re not just any immortal, are you? You’re Methos.” There was a long moment of silence.

“You are telling me that you are, in fact, Death of the Four Horsemen, and the oldest living human on the planet. That you are the person who saved Buffy’s life in the Masters’ lair.” Adam looked startled at that, but Giles kept going, “And that tonight you used your abilities to help her again tonight, knowing that you would expose yourself.”

Adam opened his mouth, but couldn’t think of anything to say.

Giles smiled at him warmly. “I owe you her life. Thank you.”

Adam shrugged, embarrassed. “I’m no hero, so don’t try to make me out to be one.”

Giles snorted, amused. “I would never dream of it. This does explain why you look the same as when we were in college.” They sat in silence for a time. “Why did you come? Despite the prophecy, you didn’t have to help.”

“Curiosity has always been my besetting sin. It’s gotten me killed several times, but I can’t seem to break the habit. A prophecy about me, and a Slayer prone to breaking the rules? How could I stay away?”

Giles rolled his eyes. “And the story about Kamilah?”

Adam winced, then quickly laughed. “I know you Rupert. You’ve been gen up all summer. Why don’t you tell me?”

“The fragments I’ve found support it, but there’s nothing out there as complete as Meth- your journal. It looks pretty solid so far, but I would like to hear it from you.”

“Every word. Her hair was dark blond, like Buffy’s.” He stared off into the distance, radiating a deep sorrow.

Giles put his hand on Adams’ shoulder and squeezed. “It’s late, and I’d better get home. Will you come by the library tomorrow?”

“Of course; we’ll need to talk about Buffy’s new training schedule.” Giles smiled and rubbed his hand through the chalk circle. Adam spoke as he stood, “Two more things Rupert. One: I would rather that the Council remains in the dark about me right now; and Two”

He tossed Giles the small object he had been playing with earlier. “You should send that to England. His bones might be mostly dust, but it might still be possible to bring him back, if all the pieces are in the same place.” Giles looked at the small finger bone in his hand. “Oh yes, we’ll make sure this is very safe.”
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