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Summary: Set up in Portland as a break from her slaying duties and helping to run the new council, Buffy comes across a strange scene. She just knew this wasn't going to be as relaxing as her friends had led her to believe.

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That Kind of Love


Chapter 4: That Kind of Love

Disclaimer: STILL don’t own anything….and chapter title is a song by Alison Krauss. I hope you all get why I chose the title. I thought it was clever….

Author Note: And also, this time around, a good more of the conversation is taken directly from the episode. I hate doing that, but it just kind of seemed to need to be done for this chapter. Nothing really happens in this chapter, it is just a bit of a bridging chapter, but it was getting a bit long, so I decided to end it here and put the rest in the next chapter (like Charlotte). I was going to put her in here, but decided to open the next chapter with her because I am going to have a bit of fun with her….

And thank-you to everyone who reviewed!! I'm sorry if I don't respond to each individually, but I am trying! I appreciate the time you all are taking to review; it makes me feel so loved!

The day after getting egged by those ice beaver kids, Nick found himself sitting in the dog park with Monroe.

He wasn’t really sure why they were at a dog park, as neither of them owned a dog, but the place seemed to help Monroe think, and even he could admit the place calmed him a bit so he wasn’t going to complain about where Monroe wanted to go.
After all, if anyone, he could explain why these creatures kept stalking his house, because he was really starting to get tired of it.
First the people in the car watching him, then the woman with the camera, now egging?
What would he do if they ended up telling something more dangerous that he was living nearby and it endangered Juliette? He didn’t know what to do about any of this, and he sure as hell hadn’t gotten any closer to telling Juliette about any of the ‘Grimm’ stuff.

And so, that left him with whatever advice Monroe could give on the situation

It really didn’t help his mental state that he had been unable to find anything else on that “slayer” who had moved in; he didn’t even know if she had been involved with those Geiers from his last case or not, but from what Monroe had said, he really doubted it, but he wasn’t going to make assumptions based on what the guy knew about her ‘race’ in general.
After all, Monroe himself was a contradiction to normal Blutbaden, so who was to say this girl wasn’t the same?

After explaining about what ‘Wesen’ were and he took a bite out of his croissant Monroe continued,

“It’s like I told you when we first met, none of us have ever seen a Grimm before, y’know? You’re not real, you’re a scary story we tell our kids: ‘Be good or a Grimm’ll come cut your head off’.”

It was a bit ironic he was the big bad wolf in the creature world, and here he was being told all of this by the real big bad wolf.

“So now I’m on some Grimm-grapevine?” It was obvious Nick was getting annoyed by all of the ‘Grimm’ stuff intruding upon the life he had built for himself. It was obvious by the exasperated tone of his voice and the almost defeated-looking slouch of his shoulders: he didn’t want any of this.

“You’re big news in the Wesen world.”

“Look, it’s not them who I’m worried about; It’s who they're going to tell and who they're going to tell.”

“You gotta deal with that before it gets any worse.”

And that’s when it hit him. If the ‘Wesen’ world knew so much about him, it was only logical they would know something about this “slayer” person.

God, he might actually have to send Monroe that gift basket one of these days.

His mood had almost even improved.

That was, until Monroe brought up telling Juliette.

That was definitely something he wasn’t ready for.

Not at all.

He wasn’t even remotely sure how to approach something like that. ‘Oh, yeah, so I am a legendary being thing that can see the true faces of creatures when they get emotional, and it’s my job to keep them in line. That is why our house got attacked and those people are watching us, oh and that’s also what I have been doing a lot of the time I tell you I am at the station. Sorry for lying to you for so long. It all happened recently and I wasn’t sure how to tell you.’ Oh yeah, that would go over so well. If she didn’t think he was crazy, which was a HUGE ‘if’, then she would no doubt be angry that he had kept it from her for so long.
In either case, he was sure he would be on the losing end, and he didn’t know what he could say right now to her that would ultimately get her to stay with him.
“I guess Grimm’s aren’t that brave after all.” Monroe had already made his opinion on the whole situation clear: she deserved to know. Him being a Grimm put her into danger, and even if she didn’t understand all of it, Monroe thought she should at least know what she was getting into before things got any more serious between them. That way if she couldn’t deal, she could get out and be safe, and though he would obviously be hurt, she would be safe and be able to live out her life.
Before he could discuss the whole matter with Monroe further, his cell rang.

Of course it did.

It always seemed to ring when he was about to get into a serious discussion.

He was really not liking this case so far. Not that he liked any cases, but this one in particular was giving him a really bad ‘Grimm’ feeling. Corpses desiccated in a night and removed fingers that still moved?

It was all just a little weird for him.

But if he was really stuck with being a Grimm, he guessed he would have to start getting used to this type of thing.

The weirdness, that is.

Not the self-moving body parts.

Looking at the art gallery footage and trying not to get a headache from the artwork, he finally spotted the victim, or what pictures in the apartment had shown the victim to look like before his unusual death. Of course, it helped that the gallery owner pointed him out on the tapes, because Nick wasn’t sure he could associate the face the man had the previous evening with the same man they had seen dead this morning.

“How well did you know Ryan?”

“He bought a few pieces from me, but I can’t say I really know him.”

So far they had followed his progress around the gallery, but then a woman seemed to draw his attention. After he ended the call they had presumed was the one from the girlfriend, he made his way over to the woman with the black hat. The hat and the angle she stood facing the camera successfully hid all of her facial features from the detectives.

“Wait, who’s the woman?”

“I’ve not seen her before. I remember the hat, but I’ve never seen her before.” The owner answered, going on to explain that yes, it was an invitation only gathering last night, but the list they used is one used my many other galleries so she did not personally know every person on the list.

Of course.

Why did he ever think finding the woman’s identity would be easy for them?

He should have known better by now.

Waiting for the owner to come back with the list of those invited, Nick’s gaze wandered back over to the footage.

“She’s leaving.” He said to Hank, almost asking him if he was seeing the same thing.

“He’s leaving too.” Hank commented, missing the slight blonde who slipped out after their victim.

Already trained on the footage, Nick noticed the flash of color that had followed the man out.

It was too familiar for him to dismiss immediately.

Not wanting to get Hank suspicious about the blonde just yet, he followed the direction he knew Hank’s mind was going.

“Could be he caught up with her on the street.” He looked up to meet Hank’s eyes, where he could see a playby of the evening was beginning to form in his head.

“Maybe they had plans to meet up later.”

“And he didn’t want to be seen leaving with her.”

“Or she didn’t want to be seen leaving with him.”

“So who was seducing who?” Nick asked, finally. Though he knew the blonde had something to do with the case, his instincts were telling him that he and Hank were on the right track about this for the time being. How the blonde was involved, he didn’t know just yet, but right now, he just had to know how the brunette played into this because at the moment (because he couldn’t just say the blonde was involved when nothing non-Grimm related pointed to her), she was the most likely lead.

“Psh, In my experience, the woman runs the relationship.” Hank added before answering a call from the station. He looked away from the screen to take the call without bothering Nick, who looked to still be studying the tapes.

Rewinding the footage a bit, and now that he knew to look for it, he did in fact see a familiar looking blonde woman uncannily close to their victim the entire time he browsed, though never quite close enough to draw in his attention or to look obvious.

She just seemed to be there.

When he spoke to the brunette with the hat, she was of course, standing not too far off.

And when he followed the woman as she left, the blonde slipped out quickly after him.

There was a chance she had seen what had happened between the two, if she wasn’t involved herself, that is.

Now he just needed to know who she was so he could figure out how she was involved.

This really wasn’t turning out to be his day.

After seeing Harper about how the victim had died and then learning about the other victim in Phoenix, when Hank read out that the substance was found to be some form of spider venom, Nick’s senses were screaming that this was a ‘Grimm’ case. Because so far, it was looking like a giant spider had killed the two men, and he was pretty sure those didn’t just wander aimlessly out and about town, meaning it could only have been some kind of creature.

Looks like it was time he hit the Grimm books.

And who knows, maybe if he reorganized the thing a bit, he could even fit a little coffee pot in the old trailer for nights like this that he knew he would be spending extended periods of time in the small enclosure.

It might just be the most modern piece of equipment in the thing if he did that, though.

But first he had some Eisbibers to pay a visit to.

So now there were eight victims he knew about, three every five years, each set in a different city.

And so far, they had a total of two in Portland, leaving them only one more chance to catch the woman responsible before she disappeared for another five years under the radar.

The worst of it was that the only thing Nick knew was that the woman was most likely a spider.

What kind, if there even were other kinds, he had no idea, but based on what he could actually read of the entry on them, spider definitely seemed to fit what he was dealing with in the current case.

...And he still hadn't found anything new out about that blonde woman...

He only hoped Monroe could shed a bit more light on the whole thing.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Atalanta" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 4 Mar 12.

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