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Xander's Dogma

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Summary: A lost soul, a shattered life, and Murphy's glee. Xander finds out the Hellmouth is the least of his problems nowadays. (Read inside for more.)

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Chapter 11: The Awakening

Im happy to everyone who is reading this Fic and i thank those who have left reviews or started to track my stories, and even more thanks to the few who have recommend my stories.

Chapter 11: The Awakening

The next week for Xander was a tricky one. While the sisters were not as freaked out as he thought and he thanked his mom for that, without her the sisters might have thought they were just dreaming.

Xander cracked his neck as he stood from the roof where he sat watching the sunrise and enjoyed the relative peace of a new day. ‘You know since leaving the Hellmouth life has been going a little better for me.’ Xander thought.

{Well I would hope so} Came a purring voice.

‘Good morning to you too Magda.’ Xander said with a smile on his face.

{yea, right. Now that you have met the sisters, you all need to get tighter and start learning what you all can do.}

‘But that means that we have to awaken the girl’s powers. And im not sure if they want that.’ Xander said while looking over the city.

{Thy may not want it but we both know that without their powers they are just walking corpses with beacons for demons.} Magda spoke.

‘well you’re right, let’s go and tell them better now than later.

40 minutes later finds everyone in the kitchen with Jessica and Piper cooking while Phoebe, Prue, and Drusilla( who is seated in a chair in the shadow.) are at the table looking at a Pacing Xander.

“Does anyone know why he’s doing that?” Asked Prue.

“All I know is that he woke us up, so he better start talking soon.” Phoebe said, still a little sleepy.

At that point Xander stopped pacing and looked around, seemingly satisfied with something. “Ok since you all now know of the dangers that this world truly offers, you all need to be trained to protect yourselves. Now for you three.” He said
pointing to the Halliwell’s “That means that your sealed magical powers need to be awoken as soon as possible. Now I know that is a tough decision to…”

“It’s ok we all have chosen to do that any way.” Piper started to say but was stopped since Xander never stopped talking.

“Make, and since I can’t be everywhere at once and demons are not at all willing to wait for me, and well I think it’s a good idea, but then again im not known for my good ideas, but I do have a good one every now and then. I mean im the one who decided that putting glue on Cordelia’s seat was a good idea, after she teased Willow a few months back. And that was a really good idea cause when she stood up her skirt ripped, and that was the day she was wearing those red..OWW!”
Xander was stopped when his mom smacked him in the head with a spatula.

Xander looked around at the faces of the females in the room while he thought back to everything he just said.

“Soooo, about your powers.” Xander said with a tomato red face.

“Yes Xander they have decided to awaken their powers, we all talked about it last night. The spell for it is up stairs in the Book of Shadows. Which we’ll tell you more about later, it’s full of some fun things.” Jessica said as she brought a big platter of eggs, bacon, and pancakes to the table with Piper behind her bring some orange juice. “For now let’s all get something in our belly’s to wake us up.

The rest of breakfast was spent eating and making small talk to pass the time, even Dru decided to eat a little here and there without anyone noticing.

A little while later found everyone in the attic with Patty there to oversee everything. The three sisters stood in front of a giant musty old book that would make Giles drool.

Piper, Prue, and Phoebe stood there just looking at the book before Piper reached forward and slowly opened the book, but had to quickly pull her hand back when the cover flew open and before her and her sisters was the spell that would change their lives even more than Xander saving her life in the alley.

The sister stared for a few minutes before they all started to read out loud "Hear now the words of the witches, the secrets we hid in the night, the oldest of Gods are invoked here, the great work of magic is sought.“ After that line an unknown wind started to pick up in the attic, before they continued. “In this night and in this hour, I'll call upon the ancient power, bring your powers to we sisters three, we want the power, give us the power!” After that last word the wind picked up blowing around the hair of every female in the attic, before everyone but the three sisters felt a huge pressure explode from the trio pushing them all back a few steps, even Patty had to back away from the burst of pure power.

When everyone looked to the sisters what they saw were three girls, no women with a fire in their eyes.

Before anyone could ask Phoebe started talking. “Oh my god, I feel so full of energy right.” She said as she seemed more like a hamster on a sugar rush.

Patty spoke next. “Yes that’s just the feeling of your magic getting used to being unbound, it will calm down soon.”

Xander was thinking. ‘If this is their power, no wonder demons want them dead, if their trained the demons wouldn’t stand a chance.’

Jessica and Magda were thinking the same things.

Prue and Piper were feeling the same things as Phoebe and while they weren’t as jumpy they both felt how different they were. Prue spoke after a minute or two. “So now that we have awoken these ‘powers’ of ours what can we do.” She said still not used to all this magic talk.

“Well according to the tales passed down in our family you three should have certain powers once awaken the oldest, that’s you Prue should have the power to move things with your mind or telekinesis as it’s called nowadays. Piper as the middle sister should have the power to freeze things. And Phoebe as the youngest you should have the power of Premonition. But over time it is said that your powers will grow and change so im not sure but we can test it out.” Patty said to everyone as she started to wonder what she could do to find out their powers.

Everyone in the attic was quiet. That is until all of a sudden Phoebe put her hand down onto Prue’s shoulder and after seeming to freeze for a minute she pushed Prue down while she ducked. Before anyone could ask her what’s wrong they all saw a small picture frame sailing through the air like a Frisbee towards Piper’s head. Said witch put her arms up to guard her face from the pain, but it never came. A few seconds she put her hands down and there in front of her face was the frame seeming to float in thin air.

Everyone watched as Piper walked around the frame looking at it, then they looked toward Phoebe who was helping Prue up from the floor.

“Let me guess when you touched Prue you saw the frame hitting her didn’t you.” Stated Patty. Phoebe nodded. “So she has the power we thought, which means Piper froze the frame. And Prue can you try to focus on the frame and move it for us.” Patty asked while scratching her chin.

Xander and Jessica watched as the frame seemed to shake for a second before shooting across the room at a high speed before crashing into the wall.

“Yeeeah, I guess everyone needs some training first.” Xander said as everyone else was staring back and forth from the frame and a wide eyed Prue. “Now Phoebe where did the frame come from?” Xander asked.

Phoebe just looked at him for a minute before pointing behind him. Everyone turned around to see Drusilla sitting down on the floor playing with a set of dolls as if she hadn’t a care in the world.

Without looking up at them Dru spoke. “The stars spoke so I threw, now let me and Ms. Buttons enjoy our party with James. Before she ignored them all and went back to her ‘party’.

Everyone decided not to question Dru any further and they all left the attic to grab something to drink before making a training chart.

While the other inhabitants left the room alone sat a brunette woman forgotten by everyone for the moment.

Drusilla looked around noticing that she was alone, but she didn’t seem to care so she turned back to her dolls and continued their talk.

“So as I was saying Ms. Darren, do you really think that the rate of economic exchange is needed in the demonic world?” Dru spoke while sipping an imaginary teacup. After a few moments she spoke again.

“Well, while I agree that in the underworld there are no human banks the money that the demons take there is unneeded. But to say that 1 dollar is worth more in demonic Abo is crazy.” Dru shot back to the small doll in front of her before her eyes shot over to the other doll and she spoke. “I can’t believe that you agree with her Mr. Furoc.”

Dru stood then and picked up the dolls and shoved them the brassier of her dress. “Well since you both get along so well, you can both stay in there.” Dru spoke as she patted her chest before walking over to the Book of Shadows losing the dazed look in her eyes that marks her as crazy.

“Well, well we meet at last Lauren Kor.“ She said as she ran her fingers over the now closed book.

As she ran her fingers across the book it seemed to shiver before Dru heard a soft voice speaking. “It’s nice to meet you once again, and nice to talk with you without the mindspeak,”

“Yes that is true, so I guess my role will soon be revealed to my Kitten then?” Dru spoke a little sad.

“Yes Dru, but don’t worry im sure he will still want you after he finds out about the real you.” Lauren spoke.

“Yes my Kitten is a great man isn’t he.” Dru swooned.

“Yes he is, and he will soon be much greater.” Said a happy Lauren.

“But do I still have to drink the blood now that I don’t need it anymore?” Dru asked with her nose scrunched up cutely.

“Just sip it when you can and dispose of it later, and watch how much actual food you eat around them so they don’t catch on that you need it as much as them now. Lauren spoke trying to soothe Dru.

“Ok fine, but for now I have to go and see what everyone is doing. We’ll talk more later, and please make sure that the girls are strong, I don’t want to lose my Kitten any sooner than I have too.” Dru said before she gained a slightly dazed look in her eyes and swayed out of the room.

“She’s too damn good at faking the crazy role for her own good, but oh well soon it won’t be needed.” Said Lauren before she settled down and started thinking about what spells she would show the witches first. ‘Maybe a spell to make them more careful of my pages, I mean I know im a book but turning them to fast is uncomfortable.

Xander was watching as the sisters were meditating with their mom telling them how to grasp their magic without it overwhelming them. He was with his mom looking over some notes on physical training that Giles gave them trying to come up with something that the sisters could use.

“So I think that if we use this method that we all could benefit the most.” Jessica said.

“Yea that would be best for the moment, when they improve then we can up it.” Xander said as he glanced at the plans that him and his mom worked out.
Xander stood up and letting Patty bring her daughters out of their work they came over to him.

“Now I just wanted to let you know that we will start working on your physical training to help you fight when you need to or your powers are messed with.” Xander started. “So starting now every day we will test your limits by making you do 200 pushups, 200 sit-ups, we will jog around the neighborhood, all before breakfast. Then after we shower and eat we will work on teaching you how to fight, the fight training will change depending on your work schedule. But every night after dinner your mom will put you through at least 2 hours of spell knowledge and workings. “Xander looked at the sisters a moment before he dropped a bomb. “And I will be teaching you everything I know about close quarters combat and I won’t go easy on you.” As he thought and as Magda said Piper blushed, Phoebe got a
weird smirk on her face, and Prue seemed unaffected.

“Well girls let’s all go clean up and get ready Piper needs to head into work and so does Prue. Im just happy you both called your bosses last night and got late shifts for today.” Jessica spoke as she led the girls upstairs.

Xander stood in the living room a moment before he noticed another presence behind him. “Yes Patty, Is there something you needed?”

“Yes Xander it’s about your mom, I think that I could train her to use potions.” Patty spoke.

“What do you mean my mom’s not a witch?” Xander was wondering where this was going.

“No she is not a witch, but you don’t need to be a witch to use potions, just aware of what the ingredients do and the effect the potions should have. A true witch can enchant her potions for a greater effect but it’s not needed for most things.” Patty said.

“So you mean that you could teach my mom to make potions that could help us or if the girls are not around?” Xander asked to be sure.

“Yes im sure of it, she’s a smart woman now that she’s free of ‘that man’ and she seems to like being a part of things. So I want to add her to the girl’s lessons about spellwork and I want her to learn about potions during the day.” Patty said.

“Alright Patty you have yourself three new students, I hope we won’t be too much trouble.” Xander said with a smirk.

“Wait three, what do you.” Patty asked.

“I mean did you think I would let this chance pass up I want to include myself and maybe Dru in on this it would be a new thing to have for emergencies.” Xander said
Patty laughed and after a moment Xander joined in.

//////////////////////////////////////End of Chapter 11/////////////////////////////////

A/N: The next chapter will be a little slow coming since in a few days im going out of town but I promise that it will be longer than most of my chapter have been.

A/N: Any questions you have about the story so far leave a review and i'll answer what i can.
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