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Xander's Dogma

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Summary: A lost soul, a shattered life, and Murphy's glee. Xander finds out the Hellmouth is the least of his problems nowadays. (Read inside for more.)

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Chapter 12: A New Beginning

A/N: Sorry for the wait but i had to reread everything to make sure i remembered it all. Here is a new chapter and i hope you all enjoy.

A/N 2: And just to stop any questions, this story is AU and that means that everything you know about the Charmed universe is in question so if werid sh*t happens, just enjoy the ride.

Chapter 12: A New Beginning

"So what now, I got the sisters their powers and now what do I do. I can't lead them in this fight." Xander spoke to Magda as they sat in front of a small fire and rock outcropping in the quiet of his mindscape.

"Fate has dealt you a very, very tough hand young one, not only are you housing a primal inside you, but now you are one of few champions for the next era of witches, and the very magicks they protect." Spoke Magda as she lay by the fire with her head in Xander's lap as he stroked her pelt.

"I may be of help in that field." Said a voice that the two didn't recognize that had them both on guard, since if the voice was here in the mindscape it had to be a strong presence.

"Whoever the hell is in my mind this time, I swear to every deity above that you have a good goddamn reason or I will show you terrors so bad that you will wish for death." Xander growled out as he formed a broadsword in his hands, Magda at his side brimming with power.

From seemingly nowhere a tall man came strolling up to the duo while looking around Xander's mindscape. "Hello young Alexander, I mean you no harm but I bear a message for you and Magda." Spoke the man in a smooth English accent as he brushed off the jacket he wore and sat at the fire.

Xander and Magda still on guard just looked at the man before Xander got a weird look on his face. "…" After a few minutes of Magda growling and the newcomer just sitting as if nothing was going on, Magda sniffed the air before freezing and quickly looking into the man's eyes, and saw pure darkness but nothing remotely evil just an endless void that seemed full yet empty. Magda saw the man give her a brief nod before she looked at Xander to let him know what she saw but Xander stopped her by letting his sword flow away and letting out a long breath.

"Let me guess he's not evil and whoever he works for is not only someone I should listen to but has my very life and soul in their hands, am I right?" Xander questioned quietly before moving to sit in front of the man by the fire.

"You seemed to have come too that theory fairly quickly young one." Spoke the unnamed man.

"Well a random british man just seems to stroll into my mindscape of all things and starts off with he means me no harm, and that he has a message for me and the primal that is stored in my body yet he seems to this whole thing to be beneath him, and the cheery on the sundae that is my messed up psyche is that that very primal seems to hold you in high regard." Xander spoke as if he was talking to Giles.

The man seemed to nod in Xander's favor before speaking. "Well young man it seems that I have once again doubted her for nothing, I am The Metatron otherwise known as the voice of God herself." The now identified man spoke as a glow seemed to emit from his body at the very statement before dying down.

"…..Ok that I did not see coming." Xander said.

"We have been watching you for a while now Alexander and I must say that she is impressed with you so far." The Metatron spoke.

"So you mean to say that 'God' has been impressed with me, and that you speak for her, If all that is true why are you here and why me of all people?" Xander asked still not sure about any of this.

"As I said before im here to give you a message from the Creator, one that may help you decide your next moves, the message is. 'Beware the holders of the guardian angels, for they hold malice unneeded. Train yourself and keep your heart, and any choice you make will be true.' That is all she said as of now but I must warn you that unlike those 'Powers that Be' you know of there is no hidden meaning to this message just truth." Metatron spoke.

"So what do I do now, huh." Xander spoke still kinda caught up in all of this.

"You listen to her and do as she say, But she is right keep your heart Alexander it is very strong for one so young." He spoke before looking to the silent primal. "And Magda you too have been watched and she is smiling down on you too, please keep watch over this soul for her and she promises that when the time comes you too will be at her side." The Metatron spoke with a light smile before vanishing as if he was never there.

Xander and Magda without saying a word resumed their positions of sitting in front of the fire and just sat and thought about what just happened before they just let time pass and awaited the start of the next day.


Xander awoke the next day unsure about a few things, out of all the weird shit that has been going on this kinda takes the cake. God is not only watching him but is rooting for him and to make the 'Xanderness' complete God is another woman who seems to take the game of 'let's mess with Xander to a whole new level'. "Oh well might as well get this day started."

As Xander walked into the kitchen and went about making himself a nice bowl of cereal he thought over the last month that had passed since the trio awakened their powers and everyone in the house started to undergo some form of training. Everything was quiet for the most part except for their first demon attack that is, Xander grew a smirk when he thought about that night.

Flashback: One week ago

The trio of sisters stood in front of Xander in a line doing the katas that Xander had them do every night as a cooldown from their workouts. As he watched them with the thin Katana he seemed to favor sheathed at his side, he called for them to stop and take a break.

"Im glad to say that while not perfect you girls seem to be picking up on this very quickly." Xander said with a smile on his face and a gleam in his eyes that the girls learned not to trust. "Especially you Prue you seem a lot more flexible then you let on."

Piper and Phoebe just shook their heads at this, since it was almost a daily thing with Xander since almost a week and a half ago Prue walked into the bathroom and saw more of Xander than ever, and for a few days she couldn't look him in the eyes. Since then Xander would mess with Prue whenever he got the chance. And just like every other time Prue just arched one of her eyebrows and stared at him.

"Ok, ok since Prue seems to be in need of a show I wanted to show you all what we would be working on in a few weeks, or when I think you all have the moves I showed you down." Xander spoke with his ever present smirk as he drew the katana while asking the sisters to take a few steps back. "I know im training you to fight as a fallback for your powers, but I want all of you to learn how to handle a blade or other similar weapon just in case something is nearby and you can use it because let's face it everything out there that's evil is not a demon." With this Xander started to seemingly dance with the blade in his hands, flowing from standing in a downward slash to a low sweeping kick and spinning to his right and coming up in a open palmed strike, just to bring his other hand up in a slash with the back of the blade, and spinning one last time back to his left with a slash that really brought the demo to a close, because when Xander brought his blade to bear a figure of a man seemed to simmer into the empty space where before anyone could stop it his left arm was cut clean off just below the shoulder.

Time seemed to stop for the room as everyone stop moving, it was a few seconds before all hell broke loose. Xander realizing that it was a demon pulled his blade back into a ready stance to strike, before Prue lashed out with her power and tossed the demon flying into the wall behind Xander. That impact seemed to let the demon know of his current situation as he took a quick look at where his arm was and started to scream more from shock then pain. Before his could scream for too long Piper froze him and as everyone caught their breath, before looking back and forth at each other for a minute, Phoebe ran from the room before coming back and throwing a small vial with a blue liquid in it, upon hitting the demon and causing a wave of fire to spread over him from the point of contact. After this everyone just stood there for a few minutes before bursting into laughter about the whole thing.

"I guess that is a good way to get my 'point' across." Joked Xander.

End Flashback

Xander sat at the table eating his breakfast as Prue and Piper walked in dressed and ready for work. Piper turned to Xander as Prue went about making two thermoses' of coffee for herself and Piper.

"So any plans for today or are you just going to hang around the house?" Piper asked.

"Not much to do today other than to do a little handiwork around the house, oh and did you call the plumber I can do a little but I don't know anything about pipes, unless im beating something over the head with it." Said Xander.

Piper giggled. "Yeah I called a few days ago someone should be here today sometime after 10am." Piper told him before walked over and after telling Xander good morning she and Piper left to go to work.

Later that day we find Xander sitting on the couch watching something on tv when he hears Phoebe come down the stairs.

"Hey there Xander." Phoebe says as she leans over the back of the couch and looks at him.

"Not much, what about you what have you been up to this morning." Xander asks.

"Not much I slept in today. Figured today was a good day do the inventory for all the spell ingredients and make a list for the next time me and Jessica go out." Phoebe said.

"That's fine oh yeah sometime today the plumber going to stop by so can you tell Dru when you go that way." Xander asked.

"Yea I'll let her know." Phoebe said as she went into the kitchen.

Xander sat around for a little while longer before he heard the doorbell, and went to see who was there. Xander open the door to see a youngish man with dirty blonde hair, and green eyes, and wearing a pair of blue jeans and an open flannel shirt with a white shirt underneath. "Hello might I ask who you are?" Xander asked the man.

"Good morning my name is Leon, im here about the plumbing for a Ms. Halliwell." Said Leon as he held his hand out to Xander.

Xander nodded his head before shanking his hand. "Ah good I was waiting on you, my name is Xander and the Halliwell your looking for is at work at the moment but I can show you where we need you." Xander said as he stood to the side and motioned Leon to enter the house, and as the man made it a few steps pass him Xander closed the door before turning to Leon. "Hold on one moment. Phoebe the plumber is here im going to show him upstairs ok." Xander yelled out, and after hearing her response he asked Leon to follow him.

As Xander and the new plumber were checking things out upstairs Phoebe was in the basement talking with Drusilla.

Seated at a small table sat Drusilla and Phoebe with a tea service in between them and a plate of cookies.

"Soo, how have you been Dru?" Asked Phoebe.

"Im good, I only wish I could do what im supposed to do, but I can't until the shiny men make a move." Pouted Drusilla as she sipped her tea.

Phoebe didn't question Dru about what she just said and instead relayed Xander message about the plumber, to which she just shrugged.

"I just hope he knows not to let the shiny man into the attic or it could make grams mad." Dru said before reaching into her bust and pulling out a doll.

Phoebe was about to ask her about how she seemed to keep pulling things from her bust but realized that Dru has mentioned 'shiny' men twice now so she asked her about them.

"Oh the shiny men don't like my kind and they watch over witches like you, but their bosses are mean, mean people." Dru said before scolding her doll.

Phoebe's eyes opened wide before she went to go tell Xander about what Dru just told her.

As Phoebe ran from the room Drusilla let out a small smirk before moving to her bed and laying back waiting for her time to act.

Xander was talking to Leon about a few different things while he was working on the pipes in the bathroom, when he saw Phoebe waving him into the hall. "Hey Leon I'll be back im a little thirsty, what about you, want anything?" Xander asked and at Leon's nod he walked into the hall and followed down the stairs into the living room. "What's up Pheebs." He asked.

"Well I was talking with Dru and she mentioned something about 'shiny' men and I didn't ask about it, but when I told her about the plumber she said that she hoped that you wouldn't show him the attic because he was one of those 'shiny' men and that grams would be mad.

Xander stood there for a minute before he spoke. "Did she say anything else about these so called 'shiny' men?" Xander asked.

Phoebe got a weird look on her face. "Yeah and that's the weird thing, she said that the 'shiny' men protected witches like us, but that their bosses were mean people. It's like the 'shiny' men are good people but they work for some bad people, and if they protect witches how is that possible." Phoebe said.

While Phoebe was standing there a little confused, Xander's face went from his smirk to a hard set as warning bells were set off in his head. Xander looked at Phoebe at stopped her thinking. "Phoebe you remember when we went over the crystal cage and how to use it on both demon and anyone else in case of emergencies." At her nod he continued. "Well I need you to go into the attic and get the crystals and place them in the right places to seal off the whole attic and hold the last one with you. Im going to lure our guest into the attic and when I do I want you to spring the cage for me and then run and get Dru, can you do that." Xander asked starting into her eyes.

Phoebe was going to object but after looking at Xander she knew he could handle himself and just nodded, and walked off to the attic.

Xander let his face morph back into his smirk and got the two bottles of water from the kitchen and went back upstairs to see about the resident 'shiny' man.

As all this was going on Drusilla was looking into a mirror and for once was primping her image, happy that she could see herself again in what seemed like soo many years. "I can't wait to meet the 'shiny' man." Dru giggled.

Xander handed the bottle of water to Leon and after taking a gulp of his own he looked to Leon. "Hey I was just wondering im hearing a weird sound in the attic and it sounds like a backed up pipe but I can't find a sink or anything up there. Do you think you can check if what im hearing is right or am I just going crazy?" Xander asked with his goofy smirk in place while rubbing his neck.

Leon looked at him for a minute before smiling. "Sure I can check it out im about done here so let's check it out.

When Leon walked into the attic and started to look around Xander landed a kick to his back, sending him forward as he called out to Phoebe. Phoebe came from behind the door and dropped the last crystal into place before going to get Dru.

As Leon got back up and turned to Xander he was meet not with the goofy young man he met before but with a stone faced man with a fire burning behind his dark eyes and a fierce power that seemed to flow from him, and Leon was wishing that Xander's gaze wasn't focused on him. He tried to orb but only managed to glow blue for a second before something cut him off, and before he could try again he found himself pinned against the wall by Xander's hand around his neck and his hard gaze piercing into his own.

"You only have one chance to answer this question, or I will make sure leave this place in sooo many tiny, tiny chunks." Xander growled. "Now tell me who and what you really are, and what you have planned for the women of this house."

Leo gulped as he looked into Xander's eyes, this wanted supposed to happen he was only sent to meet the 'Charmed ones' and see how they were coping with their powers while he posed as the handyman. But things took a turn for the worse when he met this young man at the door and now said man was holding him against the wall and something was keeping him from orbing, he had no choice but to answer Xander's questions.

Leo took as deep a breath as he could with Xander holding his neck. "M-my name is Leo and im a whitelighter sent here by the elders to watch over the 'Charmed ones' to make sure they stay on the path of good and to keep them safe." The man now known as Leo said, and watched as Xander seemed to think over what he said.

Xander stood there with Leo in his grip while he spoke with Magda. 'He's telling the truth right.'

{Yeah he is, and I think this is one of the ones Metatron was telling us about, one of those guardian angels. Let him down but be careful with him.}

Xander looked deep into Leo's eyes before letting him down and taking a step or two back, never losing the hard set of his face Xander went about closing the blinds in the attic and turning the lights on. "Now in a minute or two Phoebe and Dru will be here and you will answer everything I ask or I will make sure 'bad' things happen to you." Xander stated coldly.

A few minutes later and everyone was standing around in the attic with the cage in place no one was leaving yet. Xander started in on the questions. "So what is a whitelighter and why the hell did you lie about who you were?" Xander asked.

"A whitelighter is a kind of angle, to become one you have to have lived a very good life and upon death someone will come for you and offer you ether the chance to pass on or become a whitelighter. Once you become one you are assigned witches or potential whitelighter's to watch over to make sure they stay on the road of good." Leo spoke.

"What can you do and how do you help?" Phoebe asked as she looked at Leo.

"Well we help by making sure our charge makes the right choices and if they slip and use their powers for evil we steer them back to the side of good, and we also have the abilities to orb, which lets us move from one place to another almost instantly, we can heal mostly any wound our charge suffer, and we know a good amount of info about most demons, and we can hear a call from our charges at any time and can orb to them to help them." Leo said. Just then the whole room seem to gain an unbelievable pressure that almost brought everyone to their knees.

"Now If you would kindly tell me why are a few young upstarts such as 'The elders' think that they have the power to do what they have been doing, these past few years." Said a new voice the Xander was familiar with, but this time there was nothing calm about it.

The Metatron stood near the book of shadows and pinned Leo down with his gaze.

"W-who are you?" Leo asked, more scared of this newcomer than he was of Xander.

"My name is 'The Metatron' the very voice of the creator and she asks you to speak now angel or your bosses will be the last people you fearpunishment from." Metatron's voice boomed.

/End of Chapter 12/

A/N 3: Hope you all enjoyed it, more coming soon so read and review and let me know how the story is going. :)
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