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Flipping channels...

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Summary: In honor of Dogbertcarroll's 'Flickering Lights', a bunch of mostly Xander centered one-shots.

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Multiple Crossings > GeneralCrazyDanFR187074,13440986607,51116 Feb 1230 Oct 14No

Hey, nice hat....

I don't own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or related characters or anything from the Pokemon franchise save for a few of the games on my old gameboy. So please, don't sue the pants off of me. Especially seeing as how I'm not wearing any at the moment. ;)

/You are progressing well, Traveler/ Caine sent to Xander as the man blocked the endless assault from a traveling Machoke.

“Thanks.” Xander grunted before ducking and giving a mean uppercut to the fighting Pokemon who'd agreed to be his sparring partner today.

The Pokemon took the hit and was launched towards the treeline.

Xander sputtered as the Pokemon began glowing midflight.

When his opponent landed, it was a fully evolved Machamp.

With four arms.

“Dammit!” Xander yelled loud enough to startle some nearby Pidgeys into flight.

The Machamp looked at Caine who nodded at it. The Machamp smirked at Xander as it slowly removed it's belt and let it hit the ground. It's muscles suddenly increased slightly in size and it thumbed it's nose with one of it's hands in a move Xander had seen in more than one Bruce Lee movie.

“Wait...doesn't that belt help regulate his.... SHIT!” Xander said before dodging the oncoming attack.

/You must stop holding back the power within you./ Caine told Xander. /The potential is there, much like how you helped this Machamp unlock his, you need to find yours./

Xander growled as he leaped over a tree stump his opponent threw at him. “I am not Terry Bogard! I'm just me!”

/Then use your power./ Caine told him. /I cannot help you with this. You have to want it./

Xander wanted to scream in frustration and he did. He charged his opponent with a slightly glowing fist and the fighting Pokemon was sent through several trees.

"Whoa.” Xander said in awe as he stared at the golden glow surrounding his fist.

/Good./ Caine said. /Now we can start your real training./

The was a loud yowl of pain in the distance.

/But first, let's heal our friend./ Caine said as he picked up the Machamp's belt. /Gather the needed berries./

“Yeah.” Xander said with a sigh. “That guy was tough.”

/As a fighter yes. But there are many breeds of Pokemon capable of defeating him in one blow/ Caine stated. /Most Pokemon have vulnerabilities that can be exploited in battle./

“Like Psychics are vulnerable to physical attacks.” Xander said as he remembered some of their earier conversations. He still had so much to learn about this world.

/Most of us are yes./ Caine said with a nod as they walked towards the fallen Pokemon.

Much later.....

“I still don't see what's so special about this valley.” Ash Ketchum said to the local Officer Jenny that had 'recruited' him to help solve the local mystery of the evolving Pokemon.

“We don't know either.” Officer Jenny said. “All we know is that Pokemon of all types have been migrating here. They go in as mere hatch-lings and when they come out they're fully evolved. It isn't just the wild Pokemon either. Some of the local town's Pokemon have disappeared for a few days before coming back much stronger.”

“They've been wandering off on their own?” Ash asked as he scratched his head. “Really?”

“That or something has been calling them.” Officer Jenny said. “Where are your usual traveling companions?”

“Brock is home visiting his family and Misty had some work to do at her own Gym.” Ash shrugged.

“Pika!” the Pikachu on Ash's shoulder said as it pointed at the valley. “Pika Pika!” It said as the two humans saw a large tree suddenly topple over.

“What was that?” Ash asked his Pikachu.

Both Officer Jenny and Ash stared as another tree suddenly sprouted up where the previous one had fallen.

“I think the better question is what was that?” Jenny said. “Let me call in for some back-up. I've got a cousin or two that are vacationing nearby.”

There was a large explosion within the valley causing several trees to topple over before they too were replaced.

“Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.” Ash said as he shared a nervous look with his Pikachu.

That afternoon....

“It's still happening.” Officer Jenny said to her two cousins and Ash. They were currently walking towards what sounded like a fierce Pokemon battle.

All three Jenny's were wearing what was considered tactical gear and each had their main Pokemon out of their Pokeballs. Each of them had an evolved Evee variant.

They were ready for just about anything that came their way.

What they found was unusual to say the least.

There were at least seven types of plant Pokemon including all states of Bulbasaur attacking a.... human?

The Ivysaurs and Venusarus were using What looked like a mix of Razor Leaf and Solar-Beam attacks while the Bulbasaurs were using vine whips against the human who was either dodging or blocking the attacks with incredible speed.

When the Weepingbells used a pollen based attack, the human started glowing with a golden aura, apparently either blocking or canceling out the attack against him.

There was a brief pause from on of the attackers as that particular Bulbasaur evolved. It then switched from using Vine Whip to Razor Leaf like the others.

“So this is what's been happening.” Ash said as he whipped out his Pokedex to scan the area. There was a possibility that there was some hidden Pokemon causing all of this.

“Huh.” Ash said as he stared at the readout. “He's human but I've also got a Kadabra up above us.”

“There are stories of an unusual clan of Psychic Pokemon in this area but no one has ever captured one.” The local Officer Jenny said as she continued to stare at the young man who had stopped just defending and started attacking with what looked like energy attacks of his own.

In what seemed like seconds, all of the Pokemon surrounding the teen were defeated. Most were too injured to continue while others had been rendered unconscious.

The teen looked around at the fallen opponents and nodded to himself before a small leather bag floated down from above him. He grabbed the bag and started feeding whatever the contents of it was to the injured Pokemon.

The Pokemon were quickly recovering.

“Wild Berries.” One of the Jenny's said. “He is using the Berries to heal them.”

“Huh?” Ash asked.

“They're the basis for the potions we use to heal our Pokemon in the field when we can't get to a Pokecenter.” Another Jenny explained. “He has somehow found a really potent strain of Berry.”

“Nevermind that, how is he capable of fighting like that?” The local Officer Jenny asked. “No human should be capable of defeating a veritable army of Plant Pokemon on their home turf.”

That a human shouldn't really be capable of defeating most Pokemon went unsaid.

“It looks like they're going to start again.” Ash said as the teen fed the last injured Pokemon a berry.

“Well, that solves part of the mystery.” One of the visiting Officer Jenny's said. “Just what this guy really is is the other part. We're gonna have to call in a Joy to examine him and all of the Pokemon here. Berry consumption like this can't be healthy.”

“Pika!” Ash's Pikachu called, causing all of the Plant Pokemon and the teen to look in their direction.

“Crap.” Ash said as all of the Pokemon literally Glared at them.

“It's okay.” The strange teen said softly, causing the Pokemon to stop in their actions. “I figured something like this was going to happen eventually.” He said before laughing a little. “It actually took longer than I thought it would.”

“Venusaur.” One of the largest Pokemon said as it nudged the teen with it's nose.

“Go on back pal. I'm sure your trainer misses you. Thanks for the workout.” The teen said as he patted the large Venusaur.

“Saur.” The creature said before it started sinking into the ground.

“What?” Ash said.

“It's a living, mobile plant.” The teen said. “With the right encouragement it can move through the Earth. It's a good way to travel if you don't get lost.”

“Who are you?” All three Officer Jenny's demanded.

/He is Protected/ A voice intoned inside all of their minds.

“Don't.” The teen called up to the Kazam. “Don't do it Caine. I don't think they're here to hurt me.”

“He's right.” Ash called. “We just wanted to know what was happening to the Pokemon who came in here. Having so many evolve isn't normal.”

“I didn't force any of them to come.” The teen said. “They were invited and they came. Simple as that.”

“Who are you?” Ash asked.

“I'm called The Traveler by that guy.” The teen said as he pointed at the floating Kazam. “But my name is Xander. Xander Harris.”

“So what have you been doing here?” Ash asked.

“Training.” Xander said. “I'm still working on it but I'm getting there. It helps having so many varied opponents to fight.”

“How long have you been here?” The local Officer Jenny asked.

Xander shrugged before looking up at Caine.

/Two Seasons/ Caine stated.

“Yeah, that long.” Xander said. “I think you are the first humans I've seen in a while. Triplets?” Xander asked Ash.

Ash shook his head.

“Interesting.” Xander said. “Do all the women on this world look like them?”

“No.” Ash said. “Just the Jenny's. You don't really notice it until you actually see them together.”

“What is he talking about?” One of the Jenny's asked the other two.

“That thing where people say we look alike.” Another Jenny said with a shake of her head.

“I don't see it.” The third Jenny said. “Sure, we're cousins and there is some family resemblance, but not that much.”

Xander and Ash started at the three women before looking at each other and then back at the women.

“What?” The three Jenny's asked.

“Nothing!” Ash and Xander said together before laughing nervously as they both adjusted their hats in a similar manner.

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