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Flipping channels...

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Summary: In honor of Dogbertcarroll's 'Flickering Lights', a bunch of mostly Xander centered one-shots.

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Multiple Crossings > GeneralCrazyDanFR187074,13440986607,90116 Feb 1230 Oct 14No

A Titanic Mistake.....?

Joss Whedon created Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 has so many different characters and licensing issues that I'm just going to ask people not to sue since I'm not the owner of any of the characters in this story. This is a piece of fanfiction written for hopefully the amusement of the readers.

“Oh hell yeah!” Xander said as he walked into the lobby of Sunnydale's Multi-plex. He'd just managed to sneak out of his umpteenth attendance of the movie 'Titanic' with Cordelia and found a new video game nestled next to the photo-booth he and Cordelia had spent some 'fun time' in.

“S'up.” Said the little kid who was playing the game at the second player's controls . He was wearing a halloween mask that was held in place by an elastic band on the back of his head.

“I didn't know the sequel was out already.” Xander said as he looked at the gameplay. “Marvel Vs.Capcom was awesome.”

“This one is way better.” The kid said. “Wanna play?”

“Let me get some quarters.” Xander said. “Then you're going down kid.”

The kid snorted. “Yeah right.” He said before landing a thirty-two hit combo against his computer controlled opponent.

Xander headed to the change machine and switched out his next to last five dollar bill for quarters.

Two hours later....

“Where were you!” Cordelia demanded as she stormed out into the lobby to find Xander still playing 'Marvel Vs. Capcom 2'

“Right here Cordy, getting my ass kicked by a kid half my age.” Xander said as he continued to furiously tap buttons. “When did you notice I was gone?”

“Five minutes ago.” Cordelia admitted. “But that isn't the point. You left me in the middle of our date!”

“Sorry but reruns bore me.” Xander said without looking away from the screen. “I mean, I like watching DiCaprio die and all but it takes forever for that to happen.”

“Ohh!” Cordelia swore as rage of near biblical proportions built up in her. “Sometimes I wish....”

“What do you wish?” Two different voices asked at the same time.

Cordelia turned to see two girls glaring lightly at each other before looking at Cordelia expectantly.

“I wish that if he loves video games so much he'd get stuck in one.” Cordelia said as she crossed her arms.

“Done.” The two girls said together as their faces morphed into disfigured demonic ones.

“Hallie”. The redhead said with a nod to the other demoness.

“Anya.” Halfrek said with a grin.

Both girls vanished from sight and Cordelia was left standing alone in front of the video game.

“What the hell just happened?” Cordelia asked as she looked around.

No one answered her as Sunnydale Syndrome kicked into full effect.


D'Hoffryn paused mid-sentence as he looked around. “Did everything just... dim for a second?”

“Umm... Maybe?” One of his minions ventured.

“Huh. That hasn't happened since.... Uh-oh.” D'Hoffryn said before vanishing from his throne room.

“Was that a good 'uh-oh' or a bad one?” One of the minions asked another.

“I guess we'll wait and see if he comes back.” The other shrugged. “Dibs on his sandwich.”

The higher realms of Earth....

“Janus!” Jupiter shouted from his throne.

“You rang?” a little kid wearing a Halloween mask on the back of his head asked as he walked into the room with a little bit of a swagger.

“What did you do now?” Jupiter demanded.

“I may have coaxed two vengeance demons to create a small pocket dimension within a video game.” Janus said with a grin.

“That pocket universe is tapping over half of Arashmahaar's ambient magic. What did you do?” Jupiter sighed.

“Well... you know last scion of Discordia right?” Janus grinned.

“That Harris boy?” Jupiter asked. “What about him?”

“He's one of my favorites and things really aren't going to get much better for him over the next decade before he dies. So I... tweaked things a little.” Janus said.

“By pulling a Tron?” Zeus demanded. “Magic and technology don't mix well. You know that.”

“Please, they mix all the time. Where do you think Cupid got his recent power boost from? Internet porn that's where.” Janus groused. “He'll be in that game till he wins. He'll either break or conquer. Either way, it's a better thing than what's waiting for him down the line.”

“He's currently weaker than Dan Hibiki.” Jupiter cautioned.

“I know. That's what the training mode is for.” Janus said. “Dhalsim will get his Chakra's aligned and we'll see where it goes from there.”

“You just want to see him geek out over fighting Wolverine don't you?” Jupiter sighed.

“Maybe.” Janus grinned.

In the game.....

“Can I say... ow?” Xander asked as he was once again slammed into the floor of the training simulator.

“Kid, you suck.” Wolverine stated flatly.

“I know. Believe me, I know.” Xander sighed. “So... what are my options?”

“Let Dhalsim or Akuma pop your back.” Wolverine suggested. “Your energies are out of alignment, even I can tell that. Hell, your balance hasn't improved and you've been here for two weeks.”

“Man... everybody hates me don't they?” Xander said as he scratched the back of his head.

“Hibiki doesn't.” Wolverine grunted. “Now go eat. I want to fight the me with bone claws.”

“Fine.” Xander grinned. “The mess hall is calling me anyways.”


“Has anyone seen Xander?” Willow asked as she looked around the library.

“I haven't seen him since our last date.” Cordelia said as she looked at her nails. “He left me there. The jerk.”

“He left you at the movies? Really?” Oz asked.

“Well he was there and then he wasn't. That counts as leaving even if those weird faced girls were there before he took off.” Cordelia said with a dismissing wave of her hand.

“What... weird faced girls?” Giles asked as he looked up from his scrying spells he was researching to locate Buffy.

“I don't know... they were all veiny and off colored. They were also fondling weird necklaces.” Cordelia said.

“Oh dear.” Giles said as he started cleaning his glasses. “Two of them... oh dear.”

“That's not good is it?” Oz asked Willow.

Willow just shook her head. “Wherever he is, Xander's probably boned. We should try to find him.”

Elsewhere in Sunnydale.... a video game continued to have an 'Out of Order' sign on the front of it as it was stuck in... 'demo mode'.

Two months later.....

“Dude, that game over there is smoking.” One of the concession stand attendants said to the other.

“Think we should call the manager?” the other asked.

“He's busy having sex with the ticket girl... so no.” The first one said with a shake of his head. “If it gets worse we can pull the fire alarm.”

The two debated whether or not they should do something when a fist broke through the monitor.

“And I'm clocking out early.” The first attendant said.”

“Fuck that, I'm on break.” The second one said. “Wanna go get high?”

“I already am man.” The first one said. “What, did you think this is a nicotine patch? It's acid. It's what I have to do to keep from setting things on fire.”

“You're a pyromaniac?” His coworker asked.

“Pyrokinetic.” The first one said. “Without the drugs, everything would be on fire.”

“I really hate living here sometimes.” The second one said. “If it weren't for the cheap rates and the fact I have a two year lease I'd leave.”

The fist coming out of the video game's screen pulled back and two hands grabbed the edges of the hole in the monitor and split the entire console in half. Standing the the wreckage was a man and two strangely dressed women.

“Whoo. That was a hell of a trip.” The male said. “Glad I picked you two for my team this round.”

“Me too.” The woman with the cat ears grinned. “Though I'm a little confused as to who is the master and who are the minions.”

“Isn't that obvious?” The woman with green hair and bat wings on her head said with a negligent toss of her hair. “I am no one's minion.”

“Me and my tentacles beg to differ.” The man grinned.

“You just had to become a worshiper of Shuma-Gorath didn't you?” The winged female said with a sigh.

“Only way I could keep up with you two in bed without going into berserker mode.” The man shrugged. “Besides. He is already barred from this dimension no matter what we do here.”

“So now what?” The cat-girl asked.

“We find a place and claim it as ours.” The man said. “Then we let people know Xander Harris is back in town and is here to stay.”

“You know what?” The first concession stand worker said. “I heard Doublemeat Palace is hiring.”

“I am totally in.” The second one agreed.


“What the....” D'Hoffryn said as he reappeared back in his throne room. “That was terrible. I better ground those two before they grant a wish like that again.” He looked around. “But first....where did everybody go?” He really took notice of the graffiti in his throne room. “Somebody took my sandwich! They will suffer a thousand and one deaths once I find out who did it!”


“And this is where I last saw the Slayer.” Xander said as they walked up to the Crawford Street mansion.

“It's a little small, but far better than the warehouses you've already shown us.” Morrigan stated. “I suppose it will have to do for now.”

“We'll take it.” Felicia grinned. “So why didn't you pair up with Sakura and Jill this time?”

Xander shrugged. “I knew I was going to win and I could only take two with me. You had nothing else going on and I know Morrigan wanted out of family politics.”

“So sweet.” Morrigan said before kissing him.

“I got something sweet for you.” Xander leered.

“Yet so typically male.” Morrigan sighed. “The water better be working in there. I want a bath.”

“Let's find out.” Xander said as he offered both Darkstalkers an arm. They looked both ways before crossing the street towards their new 'home'. They would celebrate their victory and freedom this evening before facing the truths of this particular reality.

Things might have turned out differently if the energies within Xander hadn't come from living on top of the Hellmouth, but that is a story for another time.

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