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Flipping channels...

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Summary: In honor of Dogbertcarroll's 'Flickering Lights', a bunch of mostly Xander centered one-shots.

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Multiple Crossings > GeneralCrazyDanFR187074,13440986608,23216 Feb 1230 Oct 14No

Hellfire on the Hellmouth...

This is a little blend of X-Men First Class, BTVS and The first X-Men movie. It's rough and probably a one shot but here you go.

Sunnydale, March 1961....

“I thank you for taking care of this for me.” The man said to Mayor Wilkins as he sat in front of the politician's desk.

“It's not a problem. You're not the only member of our little club to have something like this happen.” Mayor Wilkins said with a smile. “If the child becomes a... problem.... do you wish to be contacted?”

“Pass a message through our mutual law firm.” The man said. “I honestly don't know if I'll be there to get the message or not though. Lately I've had the feeling parts of my past might be catching up to me.”

“That can happen when you leave survivors behind.” Mayor Wilkins cautioned.

“Yes. I know.” The man agreed. “Put her in decent family for me would you?”

“I have just the family in mind.” Mayor Wilkins said amicably.

Sunnydale, November 1997


That was all Xander Harris felt when he found Buffy kissing Angel. Something that had supposedly been banished to a Hell Dimension.

After all the vampire had done in both the recent and distant past Buffy was still kissing that... thing.

Like everything was okay.


There was nothing normal about anything in this situation.

In just a few moments, Xander had come up with a plan to help deal with this situation.

He just needed a Slayer to help him.

With Faith and her New Watcher....

“You mean to tell me that Angelus has returned from Hell? Why hasn't the Council been informed of this?” Gwendolyn Post demanded.

“You got me lady.” Xander Harris growled. “I think I saw that Glove you were talking about there. With Faith in the lead, we might be able to kill him before things get out of control again. Angelus was bad enough with a portal creating statue. I don't know what he's gonna do with that glove thing.”

“I'm in.” Faith said quietly. “Seems like B has this Angel shaped blind-spot that needs dealing with. She may not like it, but it has to be done.”

“Good.” Xander said as he gripped the arms of the hotel chair he was sitting in. The wood creaked ominously, nearly breaking under the pressure his hands were generating.

Neither female in the room said anything. The hotel room was cheap and the furniture possibly even cheaper.

The Crawford Street Mansion....

“What's going on?” Angel demanded as Xander tossed Faith a fireplace poker.

“We're taking you out before you become a problem. Again.” Xander yelled at the vampire. “I don't care about her reasons. You're a risk to the whole world. Especially with that glove thing.”

“I'm getting the ingredients to destroy it!”Angel said as he dodged Faith's swing with the fireplace poker only to be hit with a kick as she spun around.

“Why would you want to destroy something this powerful?” Gwendolyn Post said as she slipped the glove onto her arm. The spikes within it immediately attached the glove to her arm. She gasped in pain before the glove activated and she shot lightning at Angel, causing the vampire to catch on fire.

“Why?” Faith asked.

“Because this is power.” Gwendolyn said as she aimed the glove at Faith. “And power is everything.”

Feeling more than a little responsible for this whole situation, Xander shoved Faith out of the way of the oncoming blast.

Moments later both Faith and Gwendolyn were staring stupidly at Xander as he'd managed to take the blast of lightning and remain standing.

“Well that was different.” Xander said as Angel continued to roll around the ground in an attempt to put himself out. “Just hurry up and die!” He yelled at the vampire before kicking him into the wall.

“That had to have been a fluke.” Gwendolyn said as she raised her arm once more to blast Xander.

This time Xander returned her attack with an orange colored energy attack of his own, blasting the woman into the stone fireplace.

“What the fuck X?” Faith demanded.

“Beats me. Let's kill Angel and take the glove off the wacky lady and get out of here.” Xander said with a panicked shrug.

“Think you can do that blast thing again?” Faith asked him as she rushed to stake the dazed and lightly smoking Angel.

“Maybe.” Xander said as he watched Angel turn to dust. Oddly he didn't feel anything. No relief or even any joy. “Why?”

“Get the glove and then blast this place from outside. We can make this look more like an act of god or something.” Faith said. “We're improvising. Let's go!”

And so Xander made one more bad decision and they went with Faith's plan. He didn't say anything when Faith donned the glove.

That night, the two teens snuck out of Sunnydale. One wearing a powerful glove, the other capable of causing untold damage.

They were young and on the run from everything, including themselves.

A week later...

“Huh.” Mystique said as she opened a letter from Azazel.

“What is it?” Magneto asked as he looked up from his plans for a machine that would induce mutation.

“Letter from the Hellfire Club. It looks like that prick Shaw had a child. The blood rings true in his grandson.” Mystique told him.

“Where?” Magneto said as most of the room began to rattle ominously.

“He's traveling. If what Azazel is guessing is right... The boy is headed our way.”

“Good.” Magneto said with a grin. “I'll crush him just before I change the world for the better. Have you found the girl yet?”

“Victor's on it.” Mystique assured him. “We'll get her here in time.”

“Good.” Magneto nodded as he rubbed an old tattoo on his arm. “Never again.” He muttered.


Sebastian Shaw's powers in First Class reminded me of the DC comic book character Damage. Considering what Xander gets up to, those powers could do him some good.
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