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Princes(ses) of Imaldris

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Summary: Things are never boring around the Scoobies, this time the twin sons of Elrond find themselves dragged into it.

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Lord of the Rings > GeneralBeriaearwenFR71624041,09816 Feb 1216 Feb 12Yes
Disclaimer: The characters of Buffy the Vampire Slayer belong to J. Whedon, etc. The characters of "The Lord of the Rings" belong to J. R. R. Tolkien, etc. All are used here without permission.

Rating: FR7 - suitable for all ages

Characters: Elrohir, Elladan, Buffy, Willow

Crossover: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Lord of the Rings

Notes/Warnings: Silliness - pure and simple silliness... and fluff.... lots of fluff...

The Princes(ses) of Imaldris
By Beriaearwen

He exchanged a look with his brother and saw his own serious, hard-eyed expression looking back. Long had they known the evil of orcs, the evil of Sauron.

They knew the White Wizard Sauruman fell under the sway of Sauron and added his own twisted ideas to the pervasive evil, but this...

They had seen the evil that the races would willingly perpetrate against each other, but never had Morgoth devised such a torment.

Even their sister had never been so cruel.

Elrohir's jaw tightened. He should be grateful they could understand the language of these people now, but once the spell took effect and they could understand and be understood, things had gotten worse - quickly.

The other adults left to gather information, but given the twin's distinct appearance and lack of knowledge of this world, it was judged inadvisable for them to leave the shelter of the house.

They were left with the ones who brought them here, the other affected by the spell and an adult magic user.

The other one affected, had taken an immediate liking to them and, unfortunately, proved irresistible to both he and his brother. A quick glance at his brother caused a shiver of dread to race down his spine.

He met his twin's eyes once more. After a moment of silent communication, they both turned their eyes to the red-headed woman wringing her hands in the corner.

"I know she's my student, but I can't make her talk, honest," the one called Willow babbled at them. "It's just... She will remember, we just need to wait until that spell wears off and..." she trailed off, waiving her hands uselessly.

They both understood. Unfortunately, one of the ones who brought them here had been affected by the spell and current slept a magical sleep.

"How long?" Elladan demanded, working to keep his voice neutral, though Elrohir clearly heard the impatience.

"Well... we need to get the details of both spells used because obviously this was not the intended outcome of either one and is the result of them combining oddly and..."

Elladan held up his hand to stop the babble. "Your best estimate."

Willow bit her lip and took a deep breath before blurting out, "Between four hours and six months."

Elrohir's eyes closed and his body shuddered at the thought. Four hours he might be able to endure, though it would be close, six weeks and he would voluntarily go into Mordor on his own, six months and he might just join Sauron's ranks himself, he certainly would be insane enough to do so.

"Hey, Mr. El-row-here," a small, childish voice called, carefully pronouncing his name. "It's your turn."

Letting out a sigh of resignation, Elrohir turned back to his current tormentor and met her eyes. How anyone who looked so adorable could hide such evil he would never know.

"I hope you get the ring next, then you can be like me and El-lad-an and be a Pretty Pretty Princess too!"

He forced a smile onto his face and regarded the blonde-haired child across from him.

He had seen and known of much evil in the millenia he and his brother lived, but never had it come in such a deceptive package or been given such an innocuous name. But now he knew and would be aware for the future so that he and his brother might never fall prey again.

Nodding to the child, he reached out to take his turn. "Of course, Buffy."


The End

You have reached the end of "Princes(ses) of Imaldris". This story is complete.

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