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A male Slayer?

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Summary: An evil sorcerer has done a spell to create the very first male slayer for his own evil purposes but He didn't get to the slayer first. Sacrow now adjusts to life as the first and only male slayer. No pairings yet.

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Ch - 8 the meeting

Chapter 8 – The meeting

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy or the other characters. Sacrow is of my own creation. BTVS belongs to Mutant Enemy and Joss Whedon.

Authors note: Man… it took forever for me to get this posted and I’m sorry to everyone, especially, Knightmare, who has been following my story since its creation. You are one of my favorite people, and very, very insightful.:). I haven’t had internet and with no college over the summer, I had nowhere to go to post this but here it is. Please leave reviews, I know I’m not the best updater but I do love to read reviews…


Sacrow’s head swam in a sea of agony. He tried to pull himself to his feet but felt the same pain shoot through his body. It was like a million tiny needles stabbing at every inch of his flesh.

He looked down and the damage was clear. From his ankle to his knee, there was a gash. Blood flowed through his now ripped jeans. He wanted to cry out in pain but knew it would do him no good.

The last thing he remembered was driving down the street with Faith and Angel. Now he couldn’t see either of them but he did see Angel’s car. It was flipped, the windows were smashed, and the door on the right side was dented beyond repair.

He forced his body to cooperate as he pulled himself to rest on his hands and knees. He really wished his slayer healing would kick in at any moment and start the healing process. He looked around again and still didn’t see Faith or Angel.

“Faith, Angel, what happened?” He said through the sheer pain that shot through his chest.

Sacrow finally managed to pull himself to his feet and saw the true damage of the vehicle.

He suddenly remembered. They were hit by a semi that shot through the intersection. He remembered the force of the crash and the feeling of being air born. Most of all, he remembered the feeling of smashing on the cement, being thrust from the vehicle and skidding on his leg, before he passed out from the pain.

His vision was obscured and he could no longer make out the damage that was all around him. A blur went by his eyes as they tried to adjust. He saw it, a dark figure, walk by him. He reached forward, thinking it was Angel or Faith.

A sudden pain rang out in his stomach as he saw the hand that punched hard in his torso. He fell back in pain and all went black, again.

Angel stirred from the pain. He saw his car off in the distance and almost cried at the damage that it had been dealt. He got to his feet as the pain subsided. He’d had much worse pain, much worse.

His vision was a blur but quickly returned to normal. He scanned the field of broken car bits and broken bodies. He saw Faith lying on her side, clearly in as much pain as he was. He staggered over to him and flipped her onto her back. She was breathing, but in a much worse state than he.

“Faith, are you okay?” He asked.

Faith stirred then rose to her feet. She could feel the effects of the crash on every nerve in her body. It made her twitch as she lost her footing, but Angel caught her and steadied her.

“Son of a bitch,” Faith said. “What happened?”

“We were hit by a semi.” Angel said, “Have you seen Sacrow?”

Faith looked around her. “No, all I can see is fuzzy objects that might be streets.”

Angel led Faith to the sidewalk and sat her down as he looked over the wreckage.

His car was a goner that much was certain, but he still didn’t see Sacrow. He looked up at the truck that had smashed into them. The driver was missing and that set off all kinds of alarms in Angel’s head. He reached for his cell phone and dialed the office.

“Yes, Fred, it’s Angel… there’s been an accident and we don’t know what happened to Sacrow… Yeah, we’re okay. Just send Gunn down or Wesley if he’s awake… Thanks Fred.” He hung up the phone and walked back over to Faith.

“Drivers missing, and so is Sacrow.” Angel said, “How much you want to bet this wasn’t an accident?”

Faith shook her head as her vision finally cleared. “Well, what are we going to do now?”

“Wait for Gunn to pick us up. After that we need to start looking for Sacrow. Maybe we should see if Willow can track him?” Angel sat next to Faith on the sidewalk.

“Okay, I’ll make a call once we get back to the hotel.” Faith said. She lied back, still feeling the pain in her body. She wanted to throw up, but she knew she shouldn’t. She needed the strength. And vomit always made her, well, queasy. She looked up at the street light as she heard a car pull to a stop just a few feet away.

“Angel, what happened?” Gunn asked as he jumped out of his armored truck.

“Car accident, but we’ll be fine. We need to get back to the hotel.” Angel said.

Angel took Faith into his arms and carried her over to the truck. He eased her into the middle seat and buckled her up as he jumped in on the side. They drove away, just as the paramedics were arriving.

Sacrow opened his eyes. It was dark, really dark, so dark that he couldn’t see his hand in front of his– he couldn’t move his arms. He pulled again and felt the shackle restraining his movements.

He was in a dungeon, or prison cell, it was hard to tell with all the darkness around him. His legs were shacked too. He felt the pain still, less than before, thank god for his quickened healing. Now if only he could get out of here.

The chains rattled as he tried to pull free, but to no avail, they wouldn’t even budge. He leaned back against what felt like a stone wall. He could feel creases in the stone. “Brick,” He said aloud.

“That’s right brick.”

Sacrow jerked forward again at a deep voice. He didn’t recognize it, but that wasn’t why he didn’t trust it. The voice had more than a sinister undertone to it. He wasn’t really willing to trust anyone who wasn’t going to free him from his prison.

“Who are you? He asked, “Why did you bring me here, and where exactly is here?”

The deep voice laughed. “All good questions, which will be answered in due time but first, why do you think you’re here?”

What kind of question was that, Sacrow thought. “I’m here because a: you’re sick and twisted and like tying up boys, or b: You’re sick and twisted and know I’m a slayer.”

The man laughed. “I applaud your enthusiasm. Who knew the slayer line would choose such a mouthy boy for their first.”

Sacrow heard footsteps, not of the one standing in front of him though. His slayer hearing made it easy to distinguish the footsteps. These footsteps belonged to someone, lighter, probably feminine.

“Sir, Angel and crew are closing in on our trail.”

Yep feminine, Sacrow thought.

“How do they know where to find us?”

The woman stalled. “It appears, Sir, they may have found one of your scouts.”

The man growled low in his throat. “Well send someone to deal with them.”

“Who should I send, Sir?”

“Send the vampires, they will provide enough of a distraction for me to be done with my work.”

“Yes, Sir,” The woman said as she left.

Sacrow smiled. “You must be the Creator then?”

The man laughed again. “Yes, it looks like found me.”

“We would eventually. We had a lot of good people tracking you.”

A light flicked on above Sacrow’s head, illuminating the room, and making Sacrow close his eyes. It was just as he thought, brick, surrounded by brick in fact. His hands were in metal shackles, his feet too. The room was small, also like he expected but the man before him was not like he imagined.

He had a long grey beard and short cut grey hair. He wore a smug smile and a fancy suit. In his right hand was a shiny red cane with a crystal ball at the top of it, and in his other was an axe, the same ax Sacrow saw in his dream.

“That ax…” Sacrow began.

The man laughed and held it up in front of Sacrow. “Recognize, do you? This object was how I created you.”

“Created me…” Sacrow’s words trailed off at the sudden realization.

“Yes, Sacrow, I am you’re creator. And as your creator, you have to do what I say.”

Sacrow was too stunned to say anything. He was stunned to realize he was created by a man, an evil man, who had many evil intentions when he created Sacrow.

“Born from evil you will create more evil.” The Creator said.

Sacrow closed his eyes as an overwhelming feeling struck him. Then the pain began, lots and lots of pain.

Dawn fumbled her fingers in the car seat next Faith. Faith was banged up pretty badly but she never saw the extent of Sacrow’s injuries. She never even saw Sacrow. She knew they shouldn’t have taken Sacrow. It was unsafe for him and for them.

She shifted in her seat as the air rushed in through the open window of the car that Faith had ‘acquired’. She didn’t care if Faith stole it, because this was more than an emergency.

“How are you holding up?” Faith asked.

“You’re asking me how I feel, when you were the one who was just in a car accident.” Dawn said.

“Yeah, I gotta look out for little sis. Big sis would kill me if I didn’t.” Faith said as she followed behind Angel and Spike in the car ahead of them.

Dawn gave Faith a smile as they drove.

Gunn’s truck followed behind them, with Gunn, Wesley, and Fred in it. They moved through the streets of LA rather quickly. The traffic couldn’t stop them right now.

Angel and Spike’s car pulled to a stop. Angel jumped out, carrying a man behind him. His hands were tied behind his back. Angel threw the man to the ground.

“Is this where he’s hiding him?” Angel demanded more than asked.

The man looked around to see if anyone would help him, but this was LA. People didn’t bat an eye at this stuff. Which scared and saddened Dawn, but at the same time she watched Angel’s interrogation methods at work.

“Ye—yes they’re in this building. Just don’t kill me.” The man said.

Angel pushed the man over to spike, who vamped out as he grabbed the scared man.

“You better not be lying. Spike hasn’t eaten today.” Angel said as he checked the door.

Angel stepped back, he could hear the scrambling, the movement of feet above his head. “Ambush!” He yelled as the dozen vampires jumped out from hiding.

They didn’t waste any time moving to attack.

At the same time Faith was already dusting two of them, as Angel took out two more. Dawn grabbed the stake and jumped into the fight. She wasn’t going to sit back anymore. She was ready to get dirty, and dusty.

Gunn took out two more vampires as he ran over to meet stand at Angel’s back. Spike threw their hostage in the back of Gunn’s truck and joined the fight.

The fight didn’t last very long as the vampires were all slowly turn to dust. Spike smiled as he grabbed the man from the back of the truck.

“Well it looks like Spike gets himself a little snack.” Spike said as the man cowered.

“Not yet, Spike.” Angel said, “We haven’t checked the building yet.

Spike frowned and threw the man back in the truck. “I never get to have any fun that I’m ‘good’.”

Gunn and Wesley walked over the truck where Fred sat. “We’ll watch him, while you search the building.” Wesley said.

Angel nodded as he, Faith, Spike, and Dawn entered the abandoned building.

The first thing Dawn noticed was the cold, then the steel walls that surrounded the place. She walked close to Faith and Spike as Angel examined the doors.

“Knock-knock, is anyone home?” Angel said as he kicked the door open. “I guess knocking wasn’t getting through to this guy.”

They followed Angel down a dark hallway that ended in a huge empty room that was dark as the night, darker since there was no moon or stars.

They waked around the room until the lights flashed on and they all stopped where they stood. A man dressed in a fine black suit stepped out carrying a cane and the slayer ax, stood on a stage with a curtain pulled around a square object.

The man smiled and stepped forward to speak. “I’m glad you all could make it for the grand unveiling.”

Angel stepped forward. “Are you the Creator?”

The man smiled. “I am indeed. What’s it to you?”

Angel pulled out his sword. “You have something of ours.”

The man gave another smug smile. “When you create something, isn’t it technically the property of the creator?”

This time Dawn stepped forward. “Are you talking about Sacrow? Did you give him the slayer powers?”

The creator walked around the stage. “You are such a pretty girl. You must be Dawn? Yes he screamed your name a few times. Quite unnerving actually but I finished with time to spare.”

“What’d you do to him?” Dawn screamed.

The Creator smiled. “I didn’t torture him, if that’s what you’re asking. All I did was taking something from him, a rather important something.”

Vampires surround the group but did not attack.

“Sorry about my employees. You just can’t get good help now days. I know I told them to wait until after I was done speaking.”

The vampires stood their ground as the man walked over the curtain covered object.

“I guess we should get on with the show then.” He grabbed the curtain. “I know present to you, Sacrow, the very first male slayer.”

The curtain pulled back to reveal Sacrow lying on the ground passed out.

Dawn almost cried, she wanted more than anything to cry, but no tears came. All that came was anger, anger at a man she’d known less than an hour, and already he was hurting the people who were close to her.

Her hands balled up into fists around the two stakes she held. She had a knife shoved in her shoe if she ever got close to this man.

The Creator opened the age and watched as Sacrow got up and walked out, stumbling with each step. He fell off the stage and landed hard on his shoulder.

Dawn couldn’t help herself. She ran to him, feeling less angry and more worried as she placed her arms around him.

The vampires ran to attack.

Angel countered one and swung his sword and watched the head roll on the ground as he turned to dust. Spike quickly disposed of his vampire and ran over to protect Dawn.

The Creator stepped down from the stage with a smile on his face. He looked over at Sacrow and Dawn and his smile increased. It creased his face in a malicious grin.

Dawn hugged Sacrow until he started moving.

“Sacrow, I’m here. Don’t worry anymore. We’ll get you out of here.” Dawn said.

Sacrow smiled up at her. “Thank you, Dawn. I’m so glad you could make.”

Dawn felt Sacrow’s hand reach around. She smiled until she realized what he was doing. Sacrow pulled the knife out of her shoe and held it to her throat. She backed away as he got to his feet.

“No one move or the girl gets it.” Sacrow said.

Everyone stopped mid fight and turned at the horrible display.

The Creator laughed. “Remember how I said I took something from him?” He tapped the crystal ball on the end of his staff. “Well it wasn’t his powers.”

Angel recognized it immediately. An orb of thesulah was perched at the top of his staff, and inside it was glowing light.

“He took your soul?” Dawn said.

Sacrow smiled. “Took, stole, relinquished, or saved me from. I don’t feel anything anymore. Like a gigantic weight has been lifted from my shoulders, well more like from my chest. That’s where the soul is located right, Angel?”

Angel stared at him, powerless and angry. His stare was fierce but that was all he could do at the moment.

“The soul got in the way. And as you can see he’s happy without it.” The Creator said walking around Angel, tempting him to make a move, and end Dawn’s life.

Dawn looked back towards Angel and nodded. The Creator turned his back just as Dawn kneed Sacrow in the crotch and sent him sprawling to the floor. Angel grabbed the rod and smashed it on the ground.

A white light shot out of the stone and zapped back to Sacrow, who lied on the ground in agony for two reasons now. He sucked in breath rapidly as the light fully absorbed into him.

Angel turned to kill the Creator but he was gone. He was nowhere to be seen but his broken cane lay in pieces on the ground and that was good enough for Angel.

Sacrow and Dawn sat outside of the Angel investigations hotel. Everyone inside the hotel stood watching them through the windows.

Sacrow was the first to speak. “Dawn, I just want to say I’m sorry.”

“There’s no need. You didn’t have a soul so all is forgiven.” Dawn said.

Sacrow’s head drooped and he stared at the cement. “I tried to kill you. The closest thing I have to a friend and I tried to kill you.”

Dawn followed his gaze to the sidewalk. “Hey, it wasn’t you, remember? Everything that happened, it wasn’t you controlling you, you know?”

Sacrow tried to smile but it came out a deeper frown. “That’s the thing, it was me. Some part of me was still there. I know I told you something was inside me, something that replaced my soul, and that parts not a lie – but I could still feel what I was doing. It was like all my feelings for you were being twisted. They turned to want, and rage, and some other emotions that scared me.”

Dawn smiled. “You have feelings for me?”

Sacrow smiled then laughed. “You’re kind of missing the point here, Dawn.”

“Look, you have a something dark inside you. A lot of his have that dark nature. Some give in, and some, like you, will fight it with your dying breath.”

“Do you really believe that?” Sacrow said.

Dawn smiled as she placed her hand on his. “You bet I do. I will continue to believe it till the day I die.”

“Thanks, Dawn, I’m glad we talked.”

Dawn smiled and grabbed Sacrow’s arm as he stood up. “Wait, we’re not done talking yet.”

Sacrow sat down again, this time he sat right next to Dawn. Sacrow grabbed her hand. She stiffened and then turned to meet his face as they pressed their lips together in a kiss. The time felt like an eternity, a blissful eternity. Dawn smiled as they pulled apart.

“You know your sisters not going to be happy about this.” Sacrow said.

“I’m counting on it.” Dawn said.

They both turned to see the crowd staring out the window at them. They dispersed immediately. Sacrow smiled as he held Dawn’s hand.

“Let’s go in. I’m sure Faith wants to hear every dirty detail.” Dawn said.

“Just don’t tell Spike too much. That guy kind of scares me.” Sacrow said as they walked in, hand in hand.

End Note: I know I ended the story with a lot of unanswered questions. This ends the first part of The Male Slayer story but I will be adding more stories to it later. Thanks for reading and please read some of my other stories.

The End

You have reached the end of "A male Slayer?". This story is complete.

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