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A male Slayer?

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Summary: An evil sorcerer has done a spell to create the very first male slayer for his own evil purposes but He didn't get to the slayer first. Sacrow now adjusts to life as the first and only male slayer. No pairings yet.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > GeneralSacrowhunterFR15820,5030184,44219 Feb 1217 Aug 12Yes

Chapter One - A Male Slayer?

Chapter 1 - A male slayer?

Disclaimer: Buffy The Vampire Slayer belongs to Joss Whedon and the creators and the character Sacrow is my creation so he belongs to me.

Author’s Note: I don’t know if anyone’s ever tried this before but don’t hate me for trying it. I edited this chapter a lot just to make it flow better.


He crept silently along the long side of a wall, ready to scale it any minute. He waited patiently for the signal from his comrade to the right. They exchanged glances before the man on the right tilted his head in a nod.

That must be the signal.

He threw his hook over the massive wall, latching it to a crease in the wall. Tugging on it to make sure it would support his weight he then attached the rope to his belt and began to walk vertically up the side of the wall.

His steps were as silent now as they were when he first made his way to the wall. The man on the right watched his friend but managed the wall quicker. Once at the top they both looked around for anyone who might be on guard or watch duty.

That man was right there was no one guarding at this time.

They slipped into the fortress, walking over to the sleeping corridors. The girls were fast asleep, but they had to be careful just one of these girls awake would cause them more than enough trouble. They saw their goal sitting on a pedestal covered by glass.

The red axe glowed in the light that fell through the above window. The floor was covered in sensors but they had expected such a problem would surface and had prepared for these defenses.

The first man shot a wire out his gun into the ceiling, where it latched and stuck. He pulled on the wire testing it. They continued shooting two more wires around the room, quietly making a pulley system to get them above the case.

The ropes were all secured and checked. They had one chance to get this right and they wouldn’t survive the night if they failed now being this deep in enemy territory. The second guy climbed the rope making his away across the room to the case. He inched slowly trying not to make any sudden movements.

Now in reach he pulled out a knife, specifically for cutting glass and began to cut an oval in the top. Attaching a suction cup to the top of the glass, he pulled it off like a lid on a bottle. It came off with a pop. He proceeded to grabbing the weapon, which he placed on his belt before putting the glass top back on.

They exchanged glances before proceeding out of the fortress undetected. They left no clues behind like they were paid to do. They made their way to their car and out of the area.
A man sat in his huge mansion waiting for something. He got up and walked around his circle lighting all the candles. Grabbing a black book he sat down behind his desk again, reading.

The two thieves walked down the long dark corridor which led to the man’s room. They pushed open the door and stood just outside the circle of candles and strange markings on the floor.

“I wondered how much longer you boys would be.” The man said a smile creasing his face.

“Just like you asked,” One of the thieves said reaching his hand out for their pay.

The rich man laughed as he pulled out some cash, “as promised here is your pay.” He handed threw them each a small pouch of gold. “You may leave now. I have some work to do.”

The thieves bowed their heads and left money in hand not another question asked. Why would he pay so much for an ordinary looking axe?

The rich man stared at his prize which had cost him much of his fortune. A small smile crept across his lips. “Now it is time.” He placed the axe in the middle of the circle and his candles.

“Slayers. They won’t be a challenge anymore.” He said as he prepared the spell. “Ex hoc securi I facere a interfectorem masculum originem,” he started his Latin chant, “Habebit potestatem et Daemon labe daret.”

The axe shook violently and took on a hue of white. Lighting up and blinding the man a beam shot out of the weapon. “Yes, I’ve found my chosen one.” The man said smiling at his work.

Sacrow looked on in horror as vampires, yes vampires made their way towards him. He didn’t know how to kill vampires. How could he? He didn’t even know they existed and sure as hell didn’t know why they were coming after him. An open alley way was to his right seemed like his best opportunity for escape.

Sacrow’s feet turned and slammed across the asphalt with every step as his chest beat uncontrollably. He turned to see the vampires jump in to the alley way behind him, right behind him. His pace wasn’t quick enough to escape his followers.

Man, this sucks.

One of the vampires dove in front of Sacrow cutting off his path. Well this looks like the end. Sacrow fell backwards landing with a thud. He placed his hand on his back staring in to the eyes of the predator he couldn’t out run.

He threw his hands up blocking any attack they would make. When he wasn’t attacked he peaked out from his hands, almost blinded. When he looked up again a red axe was floating in front of him shining in the darkness that surrounded him.

“What is this?” Sacrow said grabbing the axe out of the air.

The vampires looked at the axe and cowered. Sacrow watched the fear they had of this new weapon and held the axe out in front of him. The vampires cowered backwards falling over each other to get away from it.

Sacrow took the ax and jumped in to the fight. He sent a kick to the side of one of the vampires, finishing a swing with his ax across the neck of a vampire. The vampire turned to dust as soon as the head was severed from the body.

When did I learn to fight?

The next thing Sacrow knew he was running after the vampires using fighting moves he never knew he had. He stared at the axe before swinging it at another vampire. Another decapitation and more dust fell on him and his weapon.

The vampires vanished as a women walked out a bright light to stand before him. She looked primal, fierce, but not evil. She walked around him eyeing him and flaring her nostrils. Sacrow was unable to move. She walked closer sniffing him and jumped back. The primal girl bowed her head before walking back in to the light, where she came from.

Sacrow felt a sudden loss in gravity as he fell backwards in to a hole. The soil around his hands was fresh like it had just been readied for him. He pulled to his feet grabbing at the walls of the six foot hole. A hand popped up out of the ground next to his leg grabbing and pulling him back to the dirt. He fell flat on his back, the soil now wet and moving.

Help! Sacrow yelled as he was yanked down through the ground. More hands grabbed at him, pulling him to his early grave. He could feel the dirt cover everything around him, enveloping him in a cocoon of soil. His right hand stuck out of the dirt just enough to grab at the ground around him.

A hand reached out taking Sacrow’s and pulling him upward from his certain death. The dirt fell around him as he was pulled to safety. The hands let go as if hit by a repellent. Sacrow could see the light above as his face was uncovered.

Sacrow tried to catch his breath as he looked over at his savior. She was blonde with beautiful green eyes that seemed smile at him even though her face was not. She was small but had a look about her that said she could kick your ass.

“Thank you but who are--” He began to speak before she stuck her finger to his mouth.

The blonde woman got up and walked off in to a light leaving Sacrow panting by the open grave.

Sacrow tried to stand up but fell over as he watched his surroundings change rapidly. He closed his eyes and opened them to see his school and himself walking through the front door. His friends smiled as he walked by and he smiled back at them. A sudden pain erupted in his head and he fell over putting his hands on the side of his head.

Sacrow jerked awake, breathing he placed his hand on his chest feeling the heavy beat. What a dream he thought. He reached over for his cell phone to check the time. “Oh no, I’m late.” He said jumping out of bed and into the bathroom.

He threw on a shirt, pants, and got his shoes on before he remembered it was his eighteenth birthday. Happy birthday he said, heading out the door to his car.

Willow sat deep in meditation when she felt it, an energy so powerful it threw her off balance. “Wow, what was that? A new slayer?” Willow ran out of her room and headed into the main building where Buffy and Xander were.

“Hey, did you guys feel that?” Willow asked in an exasperated huff.

“Yeah, it made the radar go crazy. Not normal crazy, more like hellmouth crazy.” Xander said tampering with the radar system.

“It felt like a new slayer was found. Should we send a group out there for her?” Willow asked.

“That power was really strong for a slayer but I agree we should check it out. Pack your bags guys because it looks like it came from California.” Buffy said

“Wait, were going out? Shouldn’t we just send a squad or something, Buff?” Xander asked.

“With power like that I think we should check it out personally.” Buffy said, throwing Xander a bag.

“Wait, I want to go!” Dawn said running in behind them carrying a book as well as her backpack.
“Dawn, you need to study for your classes, and don’t you have homework?” Buffy said
“I finished it already and besides if I’m going to be a watcher someday shouldn’t I get some field training too?” Dawn asked her sister.
Buffy looked over her sister playing with her own hair. “Fine, get on.”

Dawn smiled, “Thanks, sis,”

They boarded the jet headed for California.


Sacrow walked home on a dark night, his short brown hair falling in his green eyes as he walked along the sidewalk. Sacrow jumped as he walked by an alley way. The shadow looked menacing, he repeated to himself. The dark usually didn’t scare him like this or at all.

A shadow loomed over his shoulder and person came running from behind him. Sacrow distinctively turned and swiped at the person knocking him backwards on the ground. A woman ran up behind him picking up the purse he had stolen.

“Thank you.” She said before running away. The man still lay on the ground knocked unconscious by Sacrow somehow. Sacrow grabbed his phone called the police and gave them the location as he tied the guy’s hands together.

That was just too weird. When did I get this strong?

Sacrow thought about it all the way home. As he walked through the door the lights flashed on blinding him for a moment. “Surprise! Happy Birthday!” a group of people shouted, coming out of hiding from behind couches and shelves. Sacrow’s parents made their way through the crowd to over him and gave him hugs and birthday gifts. Sacrow smiled at them and all the friends and family that had made it to his birthday party. “Thank you, everybody for coming,” Sacrow said to everybody as he opened his first gift.

Buffy looked at the house where the slayer was. It looked like any ordinary house and there was even a party going on. How would she get her out of their without anyone noticing? Well it sounded like it was a guy’s birthday so she should be just one of the guests. It can wait until tomorrow Buffy thought walking back to the rental car.

Buffy, Willow, and Xander walked up to the house and knocked on the door. They waited for a moment, Willow sensing the slayer aura in the house. The door was answered by a woman in her thirties. She looked the three up and down before speaking, “yes, may I help you?”

“Umm, yes is your daughter home? We need to speak to her.” Buffy said as polite as she could.

“I don’t have a daughter, only two sons.” The woman answered.

“Oh, our mistake sorry, are there any other women in this house besides you?” Willow asked.

“Nope, just my husband and two sons, no girls besides me,” She said. What weird questions.

Sacrow ran down the stairs to the front door. “Hey, mom who is it?” He asked trying to sneak a peek through the doorway.

“Just some people asking for my daughter, I don’t have a daughter.” His mom said.

Sacrow looked out the door and saw the blonde hair and recognized it immediately. It’s her. He pressed through the doorway. “I need to talk to them in private mom.” He said closing the door behind himself.

He looked at Buffy with a curious look. She was shorter than in his dream “Okay, umm first question’s why you were in my dream last night?” Sacrow said pointing at Buffy.

“Wait, I was in your dream? Don’t tell me that was a pick up line?” Buffy said.

“I’m not coming on to you but you were in my dream. I was running away from vampires then I started fighting them off with this weird axe that--”
“Wait, was this axe red, and did it have a spear on the end?” Willow asked. She read his aura and saw it.

“Yeah, how did you know? You weren’t in my dream.” Sacrow asked.

“That axe was recently stolen from our vault.” Xander answered, “The only thing stolen from our vault.”

“Wow!” Willow said, her eyes growing wide.

“What, Will?” Buffy and Xander asked simultaneously.

“It’s him! He’s the slayer!” Willow said. He eyes growing wider than before.

“What’s a slayer?” Sacrow asked tilting his head to the side.

“Is that even possible?” Xander asked.

“I don’t know. Multiple slayers weren’t either until Willow did some magic on that weapon of ours.” Buffy said.

“Okay, so you guys are crazy. I get that now.” Sacrow said reaching for his door handle.

“No, wait, don’t go.” Xander said grabbing his arm.

Sacrow pulled away, pulling Xander off his feet and flinging him into the grass next to his porch. Sacrow’s mouthed dropped at how easy it was for him to throw a full sized man. Sacrow ran over to him and reached his hand out. “Sorry, guess I just don’t know my strength.” Sacrow said.

“No problem, dude, I’ve had worse.” Xander said fixing his eye patch.

“Umm, this is going to sound weird but you’re going to need to come with us.” Willow said giving a coy smile.

“Shouldn’t we introduce ourselves before you decide to kidnap me?” Sacrow said.

“Okay, I’m Buffy Summers, and we run an organization that will help you control that strength of yours.” Buffy said helping Xander dust himself off.

“Sacrow,” Sacrow said shaking her hand.

“I’m Xander, nice to meet you.” Xander said.

“And I’m Willow.” Willow said her red hair shining in the sun.

Sacrow looked over the group and noticed their vehicle had someone sitting in it. “Who’s that?” Sacrow asked.

“Oh, that’s Dawn, my little sister.” Buffy said.

“Before I decide anything, where are we going?” Sacrow said.

“Our home outside of Cleveland.” Buffy answered.

Sacrow scratched his foot along the ground thinking about everything they said. “I’ll go but only because I’m eighteen and feeling like doing something that could be stupid.”
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