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Book of Revelations

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This story is No. 4 in the series "The New Watcher". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Buffy and the Slayers, along with Members of the Angel Institute travel to the United Federation of Planets. Part 4 of the New Watcher Series.

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Chapter 11

Disclaimer: I do not own anything. The Angel Institute and Academy are my own creation.

The Angel Institute – Two Weeks Later

“Hello Whistler,” Director Xavier said when he appeared in his office.

Whistler said hello and handed the Assistant Director of the Angel Institute a parchment and then disappeared.

After reading the parchment Xavier contacted Eönwë, General Alexander, Rupert Giles and Prince Aral and knew Giles will bring Maglor to the meeting.


“We got the go sign,” Xavier said and told each of the them their role.

“When are you going to contact the Federation President?” Alexander asked.

He told them. “We're going to keep her informed every step of the way,” he answered.

“Good idea,” Alexander said.


Federation Space – Earth

Federation President Clare James decided to spend a couple of weeks at her retreat in the mountains. While there she studied the passage in the Book of Revelations. “The fourth Seals says: 'and I looked and behold a pale horse: and the rider that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with a sword, with hunger and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.' President James wondered what the passage meant. “Who are you,” she asked with a surprised look on her face and pressed her comm badge.

“Your comm badge won't work Madam President,” Xavier told her they appeared. “My name is Robert Francis Xavier and I'm the Assistant Director of the Angel Institute. This is the Angel Eönwë; this is Rupert Giles, the Head of the Watchers' Council; this is Crown Prince Aral of Avali; this is Maglor; this is General Maxwell Alexander and this is Whistler, who's one of the Powers' Herald's.”

She studied the Angel Eönwë and saw he was perfect in beauty and dressed in magnificent battle armor. “Are you really an angel?” she asked Eönwë.

“Yes I am Madam President,” he answered.

After hearing Eönwë's beautiful musical voice, President James felt a sense of calm wash over her and knew the strangers were not a threat to her.

“The Powers are one of the Choirs of Angels in Heaven,” she said to Whistler.

“Yes they are Madam President,” he replied.

“What species are the two of you?” she turned and asked Aral and Maglor.

“We're elves,” Aral answered.

President James was surprised to hear Crown Prince Aral's musical voice. “Why are you here?” she finally asked.

“Our visit has to do with Admiral Janeway's and Father Desmond's visit to our earth,” Xavier answered.

“That's where you come from,” she said. “How did you get here?”

“Whistler brought us here,” Xavier answered.

“Admiral Janeway and Father Desmond said they couldn't remember a lot of their visit to your earth,” she said to Xavier.

“That was Eönwë's Father's doing,” Xavier replied.

President James nodded her head. “What do you want?” she asked.

“We're here to tell you why Angela pronounced your doom,” Xavier answered.

“The young woman?” she asked.

“Yes,” Xavier answered. “She's the Lord's herald and dooms-woman on our earth and He sent her.”

“Shall we have a seat,” she said and everyone made themselves comfortable except Eönwë, who stood.

Assistant Director Robert Francis Xavier told Federation President Clare James everything.


“A hellmouth and demons?” she asked with a stunned look on her face.

“Yes, Madam President and they've taken over one of your colony worlds,” Xavier answered.

“Which one?” she asked with a angry look on her face.

“Epsilon,” Xavier answered and told her why and about the 'hot spot' and where they lead.

“Child abuse and the human trafficking of children?” she asked seething.

“Evil corrupts the young Madam President and these children are badly damaged and this has been going on for years,” Giles told her.

“Mr. Giles is sending a slayer team to kill the demons on Epsilon and the 'hot spot' will also be closed,” Xavier told her.

“What about the 'hot spot' on the Pleasure Palace?” she asked.

“The Pleasure Palace is not our concern Madam President and that task has been assigned to one of' Eönwë's brothers,” Xavier answered.

“An angel from heaven?” she asked looking at Eönwë.

“Yes Madam President,” Xavier replied.

“I'll have Starfleet send ships to Epsilon,” she said.

“Not yet Madam President,” Xavier replied

“Why Mr. Xavier?” she asked with a raised eyebrow.

“The Wrath of God is going to come down on Epsilon City, but we don't know when,” he answered.

“He's going to destroy Epsilon City?” she asked with wide-eyed surprise.

“Yes Madam President,” Xavier answered. “If those ships go anywhere near Epsilon, they're going to be destroyed – and Whistler will keep you informed of everything.”

“Thank you,” she said and Whistler handed her a padd.

“These readings look familiar,” she said studying the readings.

“Those are same readings Admiral Janeway brought back with her from our earth and they're the readings of the energy field on the Cleveland hellmouh and those are the readings of hell,” Alexander told her. “The readings on the padd you have in your hands are the readings of the South San Francisco hellmouth on this earth Madam President.”

“My goodness,” she whispered and thanked them and told them what she'll do for them.


“Robert, Eönwë and others are here,” Edwards said to his colleagues mentally.

“We know,” they replied.

“The children should be arriving shortly,” Collins said.


“She's given us the green light,” General Alexander said when they returned home.

“We already have it,” Xavier replied. “She's simply giving us cover.”

“When do my slayers leave of Epsilon?” Giles asked.

“In two days,” Xavier answered and saw Giles nod his head.


“Come in,” Father Daniels said a few hours later when he opened the door to the castle.

“Thank you Father,” Doctor Peter Graham replied.

“Who are they?” Doctor Madison asked Doctor James when he saw many others walk into the castle.

“Some are emergency room doctors, one is a pediatric neurosurgeon, others are pediatric surgeons,...and their staffs,” she answered.

“Where do we set-up Robert?” Doctor Peter Graham asked.

“Toby will show you,” Edwards answered.

“This is going to be worse than we thought,” Doctor Rosen said.

“Yes it is,” Edwards replied.

The others in the castle didn't see or feel the castle expand and a small children's hospital was temporarily added to the castle with everything the doctors and the others will need – except the doctor's instruments, medicine and drugs, which they brought with them.


“We're ready Whistler,” Rona said a few days later and Whistler snapped his fingers. When the slayers arrived at the Angel Academy they saw Dawn standing next to Maril and Eönwë dressed for battle, which made them smile. They also saw the steely eyed, no nonsense Vandar, the Captain of Maril's Royal Guard and his company of elves – and Whistler opened a mist to Epsilon and they walked through.


Federation Space – Epsilon

Vandar and his elves blanketed the Crown Princess and Dawn when they arrived at the 'hot spot' on Epsilon. They knew they couldn't open the door to the room because of the very powerful dark magic spell surrounding it; and after Eönwë raised his right hand and opened the door with ease, Vardar gave the order to three of his archers to kill the three men inside. The men were startled when the saw the door open and covered their eyes when they saw a white light and never saw the arrows aimed at their chests. After they were dead the Crown Princess and Dawn entered the room.

Close it Dawn,” Maril said and Dawn withdrew her wands from her wand holders and turned into the green energy of the key and aimed her wands at the offending 'hot spot' glowing on the floor.

After the 'hot spot' was closed, Whistler opened a mist and they walked through.


When Rona and her slayers arrived on a different part of Epsilon City they walked a short distance to the Governor's Mansion...and killed the demon guards guarding the mansion. When one slayer kicked down the door and they entered, they saw the Governor throwing a party for some of the locals and his demons friends.

“Slayers,” the Governor said surprised when he saw them.

“Who are they Governor?” Miss Elroy asked with a look of contempt on her face at the strangely dressed young women with weapons.

“We slay demons and the Governor and his minions are demons,” Rona answered.

“Preposterous,” Miss Elroy said looking at Rona with disdain.

“Shut up woman,” the Governor said in his demon voice and knocked her across the room and she passed out when her head hit a wall.

The humans ran out of the room.

“You can't kill me slayer,” the Governor turned and said to Rona.

“Watch,” she replied and after she swung the scythe near the Governor, his true demon form came to the fore and he flew backwards and was stuck to a wall and with all speed Rona ran up to him and cut him in half and watched him burn to death – and there was nothing but black ash left afterwards.

While Rona was dispatching the Governor her slayers took care of his minions. “We're ready,” Rona said when Whistler appeared and opened a mist for the slayers to walk through.

When Miss Elroy awoke later she saw the carnage around her and screamed, and kept screaming.


“How did it go?” Giles asked Rona when she returned.

“He was a big time demon Giles,” she answered and told him what transpired.

Giles nodded his head and realized why Buffy suggested that Rona take the slayer scythe with her.

“Did Dawn close the 'hot spot'?” she asked.

“Yes she did,” Giles answered.


Valinor – The Ring of Doom

The Valar and their Maia attendants again watched the events on Epsilon and Tulkas was pleased to see the slayers dispatch the demons with very little effort.

“Not even our brothers could've thought of something like that,” Oromë said when they saw the demon turn into his true form and knew they've never seen anything that terrible before.

“I agree,” Irmo replied.

“Angela did tell us they all look different,” Olórin said.

“That demon was very powerful and he worked for the Senior Partners,” Ulmo said from his waters. “The mortals on Epsilon had no idea what came to their world.”

“No they didn't Lord Ulmo,” Olórin replied. “As we saw, only an Ainur's power could open the door to the room where the 'hot spot' was located and the Federation and Starfleet are in for a rude awaking.”

Námo, the Lord of Mandos, kept his counsel.


Federation Space - Ireland

“Are you kidding me?” Doctor Peter Graham asked looking at his colleagues in the Doctor's Lounge. “You're telling me that none of them do a residency after they graduate from medical school.”

“Yes Peter,” Collins answered. “Doctor Madison is a Licensed Pediatrician and he only completed his four years of medical school.”

“How do they do it?” Graham asked looking between Collins and Edwards.

“Their technology,” Edwards answered. “None of them are pediatric specialists, that's why we were sent and they think any doctor can cure what ails a child, as Doctor Madison told us.”

“No they can't,” Graham said.

We know Peter,” Collins replied and told him what he and Doctor Ling taught Doctor Madison.

“He didn't know how to insert a tube in a trachea?” Graham asked incredulously looking at his colleagues. “That's the first thing we learn.”

Doctors Collins and Edwards laughed at the expression on Doctor Graham's face.


Unknown Space – Two Days Later

The demon vessel never saw who was holding the large flaming sword and watched as the sword came down. The demon vessel tried to run, but to no avail and no one heard its horrible scream.

Unknown Space – The Pleasure Palace

Mark Sampson didn't know the 'hot spot' on Epsilon was closed and never told the Senior Partners about the missing children and knew if he did, they'll destroy him – and Mark Sampson is a survivor.

“What's that?” a patron at the Pleasure Palace asked when she saw a formless figure on the view screen.

“I don't know,” her companion answered.

Mark Sampson also saw the formless figure and covered his eyes and screamed when it turned into white light and he never saw the sword that cut the Pleasure Palace in half, which exploded and not even debris was left. But before that happened the young children on the Pleasure Palace were sent to the castle.


Federation Space – Earth – Home of the Federation President

President Clare James was reading the padd Whistler handed to her and read that the demons on Epsilon and the Pleasure Palace were killed and the 'hot spot' on Epsilon was closed and the one on the Pleasure Palace was destroyed. The Federation President is still livid that Starfleet abandoned the human colonists on Epsilon long ago and after doing further research, she realized after Starfleet stripped the dilithium from the planet they left and never returned. Nor has anyone at Starfleet had any communication with Epsilon or the colonists since.


The Angel Institute

“Thank you Whistler,” Xavier said when he appeared and handed him a parchment. Robert Xavier read that the Pleasure Palace and the demon vessel have been destroyed and the “elect” children have been sent to the castle. He knew about Epsilon after he spoke to Mr. Giles and he also knows that he and the others will travel to the United Federation of Planets after Epsilon City is destroyed.


Federation Space – Ireland

“Some of the children just arrived in the emergency room,” Doctor Edwards said mentally to his colleagues.

“Scrub Doctor Madison, you're going to the emergency room,” Doctor Collins told him in the dining hall.

“Why?” Doctor Madison asked.

“You're find out when you get there,” Collins answered.

Doctor Madison did as he was told and was instructed how to wash his hands and was given scrubs to wear and when he entered the emergency room he wasn't prepared for the sight before. He saw two doctors doing triage and the other emergency room doctors working fast and efficiently, and the technicians were reading vitals signs to the doctors the entire time. Doctor Madison heard that the children had broken bones, internal injuries and serious wounds about their bodies; and one child had a severe head trauma along with internal injuries. Doctor Madison looked around the emergency room and saw blood everywhere was summoned to emergency room 3.

“Insert a tube in her trachea Doctor Madison,” Doctor Vincent told him and saw him fumble for a few seconds.

“In,” Madison said.

“Very good Doctor,” Vincent replied.

Doctor Madison was then summoned to another emergency room and was told to apply pressure to an open wound and the doctor told him where.


Doctor Madison wanted to weep when he saw those young broken bodies backed up in the hallway waiting for surgery. After he got a cup of coffee he went to the monitoring room and watched the different monitors as the doctors performed surgery in the operating rooms.

“What did you think of your first day in the emergency room Doctor Madison?” Doctor Edwards asked when he walked into the room.

“I've never seen anything like it, but I learned a few things,” he answered.

Doctor Edwards smiled and knew that was true.


“We have our work cut out for us,” Morgan Stans said looking at the injured children and saw Father's Desmond and Daniels saying prayers over each child.

The other Child Psychologists agreed.


“You're needed in operating room 5 Doctor Madison,” a nurse said when she walked into the room.

“Thank you,” he replied and changed his scrubs, washed his hands and walked into the operation room and Doctor Collins told him why he was there.


“How long have they been up?” Kitt asked Rosen looking at some of the doctors in the dining room during breakfast.

“The operating rooms were going all night,” she answered.

“How are the children?” Debra Stans asked.

“Stable,” Rosen answered.


“You look bright and chipper this fine morning Doctor Madison,” Doctor Ling said with a bright smile and she and he both knew he looked like hell.

“That's easy for you to say,” he replied and took a sip of his coffee.

“We're use to it Doctor,” she told him. “It's time for rounds.”

During rounds Doctor Madison learned a lot and asked many questions...and the other doctors also questioned him. After rounds Doctor Madison realized how much he didn't know about pediatric care, but vowed to learn.


Federation Space – Earth – Ireland – One Week Later

Doctor Madison listened to the other doctors in the conference room discussing the conditions of their patients. Doctors Collins and James checked each child for sexual abuse and told their colleagues their findings. The young girl who was pregnant was repeatedly raped over the years and so has one other girl, and she's only nine years old; however, Doctor Collins informed the others that no boys have been sexually abused. Each child has suffered multiple fractures, contusions and some had internal bleeding, and Doctor Madison was sickened by it all; yet, his colleagues seemed utterly detached. “Does this affect any of you?” Doctor Madison finally asked looking around the conference table.

“We see this every day doctor and now you know pediatric care is more than about healing a child's wound and giving them a physical every year,” Doctor Graham answered.

“Welcome to the real world doctor. It appears you were never taught about all the horrors that are done to children – the most vulnerable in any society,” Doctor Collins told him.

“These things are not suppose to happen...,”

“In paradise doctor,” Doctor Ling interrupted. “I have news for you doctor, you've never lived in paradise.”

“This is just the tip of the iceberg doctor,” Doctor Charlotte Phillip told him in her French-Canadian accent.

“They're more coming,” Madison asked surprised.

“Yes,” Collins answered.

Before Doctor Madison could get the next question out of his mouth, Father Daniels walked into the room and told them lunch was ready.


“He's so damn naive,” Collins said to Edwards when he sat his plate on the table and sat in a chair across from his old friend in the dining room.

“Doctor Madison you mean,” Edwards said with a slight smile.

“Who else?” Collins asked with a raised eyebrow.

“This has been a shock to him and he has to come to terms with all he's seen and heard,” Edwards told him.

“What do they teach them on this earth?” Collins asked.

“That they live in paradise,” Edwards answered.

“That's bullshit,” Collins said.

“That's what Doctor Madison is finding out,” Edwards replied.
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