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Book of Revelations

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This story is No. 4 in the series "The New Watcher". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Buffy and the Slayers, along with Members of the Angel Institute travel to the United Federation of Planets. Part 4 of the New Watcher Series.

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Chapter 12

Disclaimer: I do not own anything. The Angel Institute and Academy are my own creation.

Federation Space – Ireland – One Day Later

“Wake Doctor Madison up?” Doctor Graham said to a nurse.

“Yes doctor,” he replied.

“Doctor Graham,” Madison said sleepy eyed when he walked into the intensive care unit and saw a child's crash cart had been used.

“Scrub doctor, you're going to surgery,” Graham said walking past him.

When Doctor Madison walked into the operating room he saw a team of pediatric neurosurgeons, an anesthesiologist and nurses preparing to operate on the child he saw in the emergency room with a severe head injury...and knew Doctor Graham will be the lead neurosurgeon and perform the operation – and the child was prepped and ready.

“Why am I here?” Madison asked.

“Have you ever operated on a child's brain Doctor Madison?” Graham asked.

“No doctor,” he answered.

“This is a teaching lesson,” Graham told him.

“Ready doctor,” the anesthesiologist said.

“It's showtime,” Doctor Graham said looking at Doctor Madison with his hard blue eyes.


“How long have they been operating on the child?” Father Desmond asked Father Daniels at breakfast that morning.

“All night,” he answered. “It's a delicate operation.”

“Federation doctors can do it in a snap,” Desmond said.

“It's more to it than that Pat,” he replied. “That child had multiple trauma.”

“I don't understand,” Father Desmond said.

“A doctor can explain it do you,” Father Daniels replied.


“I see Doctor Madison has learned another lesson,” Doctor Collins said to his colleagues at lunch when they saw him walk into the dining room almost dead on his feet.

“He learning what it's like to become a real doctor like the rest of us did,” Doctor James replied not feeling sorry for him one bit.

“Yes he is,” Doctor Vincent said with a smile.

“I finally realized Doctor Madison was sent here so we can teach him,” Doctor Carson said.

“Does he know that after he eats and gets a few hours of sleep that he'll be awaken to do another shift?” Doctor Mendez asked with a grin.

“He'll find out,” Collins said.


Doctor Madison was livid when a nurse woke him after 4 hours of sleep and told him it was his turn to do rotation in the intensive care unit for the next 6 hours.

“You never checked the board doctor,” Doctor Graham told him when he walked into the unit and pointed to the names of the doctors and their rotation schedules.

“I never knew there was a board,” he said looking at the schedules.

“You do now,” Doctor Graham said to him with a sly smile and walked out of the intensive care unit.

Doctor Madison never knew there was another doctor on-call just in case.


“How's Doctor Madison?” Doctor Rosen asked when Doctor Graham walked into the Doctor's Lounge.

“Pissed,” he answered and took a gulf of his elvish wine.

“We all know the feeling,” Doctor Mendez said smiling.

“Have you eaten Peter?” Edwards asked.

“Yes I have and now I'm going to get some shut-eye,” he answered and walked out of the lounge.


“I wonder if the Powers are playing a cruel joke on me?” Doctor Ruth Weber asked ten minutes later when Father Daniels escorted her into the Doctor's Lounge and took the glass a elvish wine that was offered. “Tell me about my new student.”

They told her about Doctor Madison.


“This way,” Father Daniels told them when they arrived in the crowded dining room. “The five of you will be served by a waiter this evening and I'll show you to your table.”

“Thank you Father Joe,” Doctor Weber said smiling.

“You're welcome Doctor Weber,” he replied returning the smile.

“Who are the others with Doctor Rosen?” Doctor Weber asked after they were seated.

“Four of them are Federation Child Psychologists and the fifth is Doctor Madison,” Edwards answered and told her which one was the doctor.

Doctor Ruth Weber studied the young doctor and realized she had her work cut out for her. “He never did a residency?” she asked with a raised eyebrow.

“He is now,” James replied.

“That why he looks so tired,” she said with a smile.

The other doctors laughed.

“What's his pediatric specialty? Weber asked.

“General pediatrics,” Doctor Collins answered. “He can heal wounds such as bones, cuts and bruises and he can give each child a check-up every year. When the children arrived I sent him to the emergency room.”

Doctor James told Doctor Weber how they're teaching Doctor Madison and Doctor Ling told her about his aunt, Doctor Katherine Pulaski.

“I want to meet her,” Doctor Weber said.

“So do we,” Doctor Collins replied.


Doctor Weber shook her head after watching the video of Doctor Madison in the emergency room the following morning before she went to her meeting. “I'm Doctor Ruth Weber,” she said looking at Doctor Madison when she walked into the conference room with a cup of coffee in her hand and sat at the head of the table. “Tell us about your medical education Doctor Jamie Madison.”

“...and our third year of medical school is our internship...,” Madison answered.

“Why didn't you do a residency doctor?” Weber asked.

“Civilian medical residencies are research grants, however, if I wanted to become a pediatric surgeon I would've had to stay another 2 years in medical school,” he answered.

“How long does it take to become a Starfleet doctor?” Weber asked.

“Six years at Starfleet Medical School and Starfleet doctors are the best,” Madison answered.

“It sounds like those 6 years of medical school include everyone's internship and residency,” Weber said. “What do you think of the way we do things Doctor Madison?”

“It's different,” he answered.

“How so?” Weber asked.

“Your technology and instruments are different and so is the medical language you use and the way you do things,” he answered.

“Such as?” Weber asked with a raised eyebrow.

“I've never seen a child's crash cart before until I saw a doctor use one in the emergency room. I've also never seen children strapped down the way they were. The way you administer medicine is also different and I don't know what the codes means, such as code blue. You're scrubs are different; but what really surprised me is you don't need any technology to make a diagnoses or do what you have to do and all your equipment is mobile,” he answered.

“Our doctors are trained to do things by sight, feel and touch and none of the instruments they used were technology based, but they're just as effective and our equipment is mobile out of necessity. As you've finding out Doctor Madison, there's more than one way to skin a cat,” Doctor Weber told him.

“Yes there is,” he replied. “I was taught that scalpels and needles are primitive.”

“Why are they primitive?” Weber asked.

“We consider them barbaric,” he answered.

“But they work doctor and those primitive and barbaric instruments saved those children's lives,” Weber told him. “What do you use?”

“A laser scalpel,” he answered and told them how it worked.

“You don't have time to use a laser scalpel in the emergency room Doctor Madison and time is of the essence in the ER, as you found out,” Doctor Weber said. “What did you learn while you were in the ER?”

“It seemed confusing to me, but everyone knew what they were doing and did it quickly,” Madison answered.

“You're not used to working with your hands and probing the human body, are you Doctor Madison?” Weber asked.

“No,” he answered.

“What did you learn while you were in Doctor's Collins and Graham's operating rooms?” Weber asked.

“I didn't know as much as I thought,” he answered.

“These doctors have many years of schooling behind them. After Doctor Graham graduated from medical school he did a two year internship; one in general surgery and the other at a children's hospital in the ER. He then did his 6 residency in pediatric neurosurgery and after that, he applied for and received a two year Medical Fellowship. You see Doctor Madison, it takes a lot of time to become a doctor where we come from and if you think the doctors are hard on you, there's a reason for that. You have a lot to learn in a short amount of time and you'll be wise to listen to everything they tell you...and consider this your residency. I'll be with you when you do your rounds this morning and every morning,” Doctor Weber told him and stood up and walked out of the conference room.

“You can leave Doctor Madison?” Edwards said.

Doctor Madison nodded his head, got up from his chair and walked out of the conference room.

Doctor Graham laughed. “We're primitive and barbaric?” he asked still laughing.

“Our instruments are Peter,” Collins reminded him.

“He did admit there's a lot he doesn't know,” James said.

“That's because he didn't continue his medical education,” Vincent replied.

“But he did complete is education,” Edwards said. “He received his medical degree in General Pediatrics and a medical school degree is all that's required on this earth.”

“It's all based on their technology,” Rosen said.

“Yes it is,” James replied. “Did you see how he did without it?”

“He was clueless,” Collins answered.

“Yes, and that's the point Doctor Weber was trying to get across to him,” Edwards replied.


“I'm Doctor Ruth Weber,” she said to the four Child Psychologists when she sat at their table at lunch.

“Hello doctor,” they replied and introduced themselves.

“How did the four of you get here?” Weber asked.

They told her their story during lunch and saw Doctor Weber smile.

“I understand Doctor's Edwards and Rosen are training you along with Doctor Madison,” Weber said.

“The four of us have our doctorate in Child Psychology, but we would be out of our depth trying to help these children if not for them; and they've been a great help to us in helping us understand child abuse,” Michael Bridges replied.

“They're excellent doctors,” Weber told them.

“Yes they are,” Brenda Kit said.


“Doctor Bashir, Ezri and their son Alexander are here,” Kira told Admiral Sisko while the were having lunch.

“He did mention they were coming to earth to visit the Chief, his family and his parents before we left,” he said.

“I'm sure the Bashir's are happy to finally meet their grandson,” Kira said smiling.

“Yes they are,” Sisko replied remembering the look on his father's face when he first saw Jake and had that same look when he first saw Olivia.


San Francisco, California – Earth

“Do the two of you know how long you’ll be gone?” Ellie asked.

“No,” Peter Li answered. “We were only told to take a flight to Washington, DC and we'll see you and the others when we return.” Peter Li and Darren Mason picked up their suitcase and walked out of the office.

Peter Li’s ancestors came to San Francisco from China over 150 years ago and settled in Chinatown. When Peter was born his mother foretold that he'll have an unusual future. Peter studied Wushu Martial Arts as a child and has a 2nd degree black belt in the discipline. He also showed magical abilities at a very young age and his mother took him to Mr. Wang, who tested him and agreed. At the age of 5 Peter began studying magic under the tutelage of Mr. Wang, who’s a renowned warlock...and Peter's gifts came to the fore early which impressed Mr. Wang. After 20 years of studying under Mr. Wang, Peter struck out on his own with his friend, Darren Mason.

Darren Mason was born and grew up in Chicago. His mother is a lawyer and transferred to the San Francisco office when she made Partner and took her children with her – Darren and his sister Patricia. Darren’s uncle Jonathan is a magic wielder and noticed Darren had the same gift at the age of seven, but not his sister. Jonathan instructed Darren for five years and then sent him to Ms. Wright for further instructions for the next six years.

Peter Li and Darren Mason met each other at the University of California, Berkeley near San Francisco and became fast friends and knew each were magic wielders when they first met. Peter suggested to Darren that he continue his magical education with Mr. Wang and after Mr. Wang met and tested the young man, he agreed and accepted Darren Mason as a student and taught him for the next seven years.

Peter Li and Darren Mason set-up their small office a few years ago to help those that came to them for help. Ellie Borden is their Receptionist/Secretary and Michelle Li, Peter’s sister, is their researcher. They received word from the Oracles, one of the Powers’ Herald's, to head to Washington, DC, but they weren’t told why – only when.


London, England

Edward Duna boarded a plane to Washington, DC. He received word from his human contact, who speaks to the Powers on his behalf, and she informed him where he was to go and when. Edward Duna did as he was told. He was told he'll be met at the airport by a chauffeur, but she didn’t know where he'll be taken.

Edward Duna’s grandparents emigrated to London from South Africa when his grandmother was pregnant with his father. They settled in South London and when Edward was born his grandmother insisted that his father name him Edward. Edward’s grandfather was a magic wielder and saw Edward had the gift at the age of eight and instructed his grandson until he died a few years ago. Edward’s grandfather helped many immigrants with their unusual problems and after he died, Edward stepped in and continued his work.


Federation Space – Epsilon

“Who are you?” Benjamin Sisko asked looking at the man when he appeared next to him.

“My name is Námo,” he answered.

“Where am I?” Sisko asked standing on a hill and looked around and saw a large city in the distance.

“You're on the Federation colony world Epsilon,” he answered.

“How did I get here?” he asked looking at Námo.

“You're only here in spirit Admiral Benjamin Sisko,” he answered looking the Admiral in the eyes.

“Why?” Sisko asked.

“You're a witness Admiral,” he answered.

“A witness to what?” he asked.

“To what's about to happened,” he answered. “Look up in the sky Admiral.”

When Admiral Benjamin Sisko looked up he saw the sky open and fire and brimstone rain down on the large city reducing it to ash and heard the screams of the dying. Admiral Benjamin Sisko fell to his knees and wept. “Why?” he kept asking Námo weeping. Admiral Benjamin Sisko, the hero of the Dominion War, had never seen such a sight in his life and knew he nor anyone else will again.

“You'll find out when it's time Admiral,” Námo answered and saw the Admiral's soul disappear, and he was returned to Aman.


Valinor – The Ring of Doom

The Valar and their Maia attendants saw the Wrath of their Atar come down on Epsilon City and they too heard the screams of the dying and Manwë watched with a heavy heart. They also know no mortal can witness the power of their Atar and that's why the Admiral was there in spirit form.

Nienna's heart went out to Admiral Benjamin Sisko when he fell to his knees weeping.

“Why was Admiral Benjamin Sisko chosen?” Nessa asked Námo when he returned to his throne in the Ring of Doom.

“He's the emissary to the prophets and they taught him in the celestial temple, and the celestial temple is out of time,” he answered and explained to them who the prophets are, their function and what the celestial temple is.

“Why did Atar chose a mortal instead of a Bajoran?” Vána asked.

“It's Atar's Will and Admiral Benjamin Sisko is no ordinary mortal,” Námo answered. “His mother is one of the prophets and she returned to the celestial temple after she died on his earth – and she didn't know she was a prophet while she was a mortal. They only find out who they are after their mortal bodies die and they return to whence they came. In Angela's father's case, he returned to the Timeless Halls and Admiral Benjamin Sisko's mother returned to the celestial temple.”


Federation Space – Earth – Home of the Federation President

When President James woke up the following morning she saw a padd on her night table and picked it up and read it – and didn't know, but suspected that Whistler placed it there while she slept. After she read that Epsilon City had been destroyed, she wept. Once she composed herself, she read the rest of the padd which were her instructions, but she she knew they were a command.


Benjamin Sisko awoke with a start.

“What is it Ben?” Kasidy asked looking at her husband.

“I had another nightmare,” he answered.

“About what?” she asked.

“I can't remember,” he answered.

“You'll remember,” she said. “Try to get back to sleep.”

Ben Sisko took his wife's advice.


The Head of the Federation Council carried out the Federation President's wishes when he arrived at his office in the morning.


“Why are you back?” Captain Beverly Crusher asked, glad to see her old friends later that morning.

“Ambassador Spock has to give his report to the Federation Council,” Captain Riker answered.

“Let's have dinner this evening,” Crusher said.

“We'll be happy to Beverly,” Troi replied.
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