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Book of Revelations

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This story is No. 4 in the series "The New Watcher". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Buffy and the Slayers, along with Members of the Angel Institute travel to the United Federation of Planets. Part 4 of the New Watcher Series.

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Chapter 13

Disclaimer: I do not own anything. The Angel Institute and Academy are my own creation.

Dulles International Airport

The chauffeur from the Angel Academy held up a sign that read Edward Duna and spotted the tall, slender, dark-skinned, bald headed man walking towards him.

“I’m Edward Duna,” he said when he saw the sign and walked up to the chauffeur.

“Right this way sir,” the chauffeur said and took his bag.

Edward Duna followed the chauffeur and got in the back seat of the car after the chauffeur opened the door and viewed the sights while he was being drive to his destination.


Angel Academy for the Gifted and Talented

Peter Li and Darren Mason arrived at the Academy the day before and were met by Mrs. Helen Evans, the Head Mistress of the Academy, who told them when they arrived that they'll find out why they're there in two days. They were shown to their rooms and given a tour of the Academy.

“Do you feel the power in this place?” Mason asked.

“Yes I do,” Li answered. “I wonder where it’s coming from?”

“It’s lunchtime gentlemen,” a butter said when they heard the school bell ring. “Right this way.”

Peter Li and Darren Mason followed him to the Academy dining room.


“Where are we going to be staying?” Giles asked Helen sitting in her office drinking a cup of tea.

“Here,” she replied pointing a place on the map near San Francisco.

“In Sausalito?” he asked.

“Yes,” she answered. “There’s plenty of room for everyone and the Powers will make sure no one knows you're there and you'll be staying on the northern part of Sausalito,” she answered.

“When will we leave?” Giles asked.

“Tomorrow,” she answered. “Mr. Duna will be arriving shortly and everything will be explained to everyone tomorrow morning and after that all of you will leave.”

“The slayer teams have already been chosen and Buffy, Faith and Rona will each lead a team,” Giles told her.

“Good,” she said. “The elves will arrive in the morning.”


Mr. Duna was met by Mrs Evans when he arrived at the Angel Academy and a butler showed him to his room. After he showered and changed he was escorted to the Academy dining room.

“I’m Edward Duna,” he said holding out his hand when he was escorted to his table.

“I’m Peter Li and this is Darren Mason,” Li said shaking his hand and Mason did the same.

“Do you know where we are and why we’re here?” Duna asked.

“We’ll find out tomorrow,” Mason answered.

“There’s great power here,” Duna said looking around the dining room at the students and faculty.

“Yes it is,” Mason replied. “This is a boarding school and it’s called the Angel Academy for the Gifted and Talented.”

“I’ve never heard of it,” Duna said.

“Neither have we until we arrived,” Li replied.

After lunch Mr. Duna was given a tour of the Academy.


“We’re ready Whistler,” Buffy said. She and the rest of the slayers will be staying the night at the Angel Academy.

Whistler snapped his fingers.

“Right this way ladies,” a maid said to them when they appeared in the foyer of the Academy.

“Who are they?” Li asked looking at the young women when they arrived.

“They look like they’re ready for battle,” Mason answered.

“I agree,” Duna said.

They noticed they were armed to the teeth and each was carrying a duffel bag. Some had swords – either long or short – strapped to their backs or around their waists and some had axes. The warlocks noticed their weapons were far superior than any weapons they'd every seen and wonder who made them and one young woman was carrying a strange ax and they watched as they were lead upstairs.

No one noticed the building expand to accommodate the many guests.

Rona and her team arrived an hour later and Faith and her team arrived 15 minutes after they did. Giles arrived with Maglor shortly thereafter and they and the slayers had dinner in another dining room and none of them encountered the three warlocks.


The portal from Avali opened and the elves rode through before sunrise and when they walked into the building they found their tea and food waiting for them.

“It’s time for the meeting gentlemen,” a butler said to the three warlocks when he walked up to them after they finished their breakfast in the dining room. “Follow me.”

Peter Li, Darren Mason and Edward Duna were surprised to see many young girls and women along with others they'd never seen before when they walked into a large room. They also saw a strange little man standing behind a man sitting at a high table.

“Have a seat gentlemen,” Mrs. Evans said pointing to three empty chairs in the front and they complied.

“My name is Robert Francis Xavier and I’m the Assistant Director of the Angel Institute and you've already met Mrs. Evans,” he said and introduced the three warlocks to Rupert Giles, Maglor and Buffy Summers. “Miss Summers is the longest living slayer in history and the other young women in the room are also slayers.”

“Aren’t you suppose to be on the hellmouth?” Li asked looking at Buffy.

“They’re now other slayers guarding the hellmouth,” she answered.

“I thought there was only one slayer,” Duna said turning and looking at the other young girls in the room.

“That’s a long story which will be explained to the three of you later,” Giles replied.

“I'll now give the three of you a history of the Angel Institute..., ” Robert Xavier told them. After he finished everyone noticed the dropped jaws of the three warlocks who turned and stared at the other humans in the room.

“That’s the power I felt when I walked into the building,” Duna said.

“Yes,” Xavier replied.

“Why haven’t we heard of you?” Mason asked still a little stunned.

“We don't broadcast who we are or what we do,” Xavier answered.

“Why are we here?” Li asked.

“We’re being sent to another dimension to..., and the three of you are being sent because of your magical abilities,” Xavier answered.

“All of you have magical abilities far beyond anything we can do,” Duna said.

“That’s true,” Xavier answered. “However, your task will be specific and the Powers tapped the three of you for the job.”

“When will we be leaving?” Mason asked.

“Now,” Xavier answered. “Whistler.”

Whistler snapped his fingers.


Federation Space – Earth – Sausalito, California

The elves brought their own food, cooks and others to take care of their needs and Aral and Maril were escorted to their suite by their staff when they arrived; and they arrived before the others awoke at the Academy.

“This is beautiful Buffy,” Dawn said when they entered their room.

“Yes it is,” she replied looking around the room and saw two single beds with an on-suite bathroom. The outside sitting area had a table with two chairs and two lounge chairs and Buffy heard a stream nearby. Buffy, Faith and Rona were told all the slayers would share a room and Faith will bunk with Rona. The three warlocks will share a three bedroom suite and Members of the Angel Institute will also double-up. Giles and Maglor will have their own suite along with Eönwë and Angela. The elves have their own arrangement. When everyone arrived in their room their bags were waiting for them.

“This is the first time I've seen an elf,” Duna said after they arrived in their suite.

“Elves you mean,” Mason replied.

“I wonder why they look different?” Li asked.

“We're going to find out,” Mason answered.


“The others have arrived,” Edwards said mentally to his colleagues in the Doctor's Lounge and throughout the castle.

“We know,” Doctor Chandler replied mentally from the other end of the castle.

“Good evening Robert,” Doctor Weber said when Xavier appeared in the Doctor's Lounge an hour later.

“Good evening,” he replied. “Angela is preparing dinner for the doctors and their staffs on the castle grounds and the menu is red meat – steaks to be precise and she's even brought the beer and the booze,” he told them mentally.

“We accept,” Doctor Graham said.

“It's in the tent near the river,” Xavier told them and disappeared and everyone followed...and when they arrived they headed to the bar.

“Hello Father,” Eönwë and Angela said smiling at Father Daniels when he appeared in the tent.

Father Daniels smiled at the couple and returned the greeting. “I told the chef not to expect any of you for dinner this evening,” Daniels told the others.

“Thank you Father,” they said and watched him disappear.

“How's the Chosen One?” Xavier asked Weber when he sat next to her.

“He's as green as they come,” she answered and told him about her new student and laughed when she saw Xavier almost choke on his drink.

“Now I know why you were sent,” he said.

“Thank you Robert,” she replied smiling at him.

Eönwë moved at angel speed while he was helping his wife and everyone helped themselves to steaks, salad and pasta and for dessert they had fresh fruit.


“I'm going to tell you where the children came from,” Xavier said when he stood up after dinner. “They were on a space station called the Pleasure Palace, which has been destroyed. Prior to that, Eönwë, a slayer team, Maril, her guard and Dawn Summers were sent to Epsilon City..., and the Wrath of God came down on Epsilon City shortly thereafter,” Xavier told them.

“I bet that wasn't pretty,” Weber said remembering Sodom and Gomorrah and knew Epsilon City will never again rise from the ashes.

“I'm sure it wasn't,” Xavier replied and told them some of what's to come, and who the doctors are who're commanded to attend a meeting being held held in the Federation Council Chambers in a few days.


While Robert Xavier was having dinner on the grounds of the castle, the slayers and the warlocks were having lunch in their dining room and they asked Buffy why they're so many slayers.

“We never heard anything about that,” Mason said.

“You wouldn’t have,” Buffy replied. “No one found out until after Sunnydale sank into a sinkhole.”

“We were long gone by then,” Rona told them.

“All we had were the clothes on our backs, driving an old school bus down the highway,” Dawn said laughing.

Vi and the slayers who were there also laughed.

Edward Duna thought the slayers were a strange lot...and how much they ate did not go unnoticed by him, Peter Li or Darren Mason.

After everyone finished lunch, Robert Xavier, Rupert Giles, Maglor and General Alexander walked into the dining room and Xavier told them why they were there.

“How did the Senior Partners find out about this dimension?” Faith asked.

“Through one of D’Hoffryn’s vengeance demons,” Xavier answered.

“Gossip travels,” Vi said nonchalantly.

“Especially in the demon world,” Buffy replied with a smirk.

“The Senior Partners own a local nightclub in San Francisco called the Three Aces. They also have a law firm, private homes and one of those homes cater to those with a taste for pedophilia,” Xavier told them.

“Slimy bastards,” Faith said.

“I agree,” Giles replied.

“There's also a hellmouth located in South San Francisco,” Xavier said.

“This is going to be Los Angeles all over again,” Buffy said.

“Yes it is,” Xavier replied.

“One would think that with all of Starfleet’s technology that they would’ve detected the hellmouth,” Sandra said.

“Not with the magic the Senior Partners put around that area and their property,” Xavier replied. They're also several ‘hot spots’ on this world that have to be closed.; and one is in the basement of the Three Aces and the other is in the basement of Wolfram and Hart, which is the name of their law firm.”

“They're consistent,” Dawn said.

“Why are we here Mr. Xavier?” Duna asked.

“The three of you are going to the Three Aces and you're receive your assignments in a few days,” he answered.

They nodded their heads.

“They get to party while the rest of us stay here,” Jennifer said.

“It’s the luck of the draw mate,” Duna replied with a grin.

“Angela has a surprise for all of you tomorrow,” Xavier told them.


Robert Xavier spent the next morning with the President of the United Federation of Plants at her home.


“Jamie,” Doctor Pulaski said when she opened the door to her home.

“Hello Aunt Katherine,” he replied when he walked in. “There's going to be an important meeting in the Federation Council Chambers and I think you should attend.” Jamie told her the day and time.

“Do you know what this is about?” she asked.

“No I don't,” he answered.

“You look tired Jamie,” she said.

“I'm been working very hard Aunt Katherine,” he replied and kissed her on the cheek and told her he had to return to the clinic.


Doctor Beverly Crusher heard through the grapevine about the Federation Council Meeting and her instincts told her it's important and she decided to attend.


Admiral Benjamin Sisko ordered Doctor Bashir to attend the Federation Council Meeting and told him what time to meet him, Captain Kira, the Kai and Vedek Heller.


“Wow,” Dawn said looking around when she, the slayers and warlocks arrived on the grounds of the castle.

“It's beautiful,” Mason said standing next to Buffy.

“Yes it is,” she replied.

“There's the tent,” Rona said and everyone followed her.

“Welcome,” Angela said with a smile when they arrived. “Help yourselves.”

“We will,” Faith replied with a grin.

The slayers and warlocks saw the tent was lit by candlelight when they entered, the beautiful table settings with flowers as centerpieces and the many dishes that were prepared and they ate heartily.

“Where are we?” a slayer asked after they finished their meal.

“This is the castle grounds and the children are in a hospital in the castle and they're the children that were violated and injured,” Father Daniels answered when he appeared.

“Can we meet them?” Dawn asked with a concerned look on her face.

“That's why you're here,” he answered and with a thought sent everyone to the hospital.

“Are there more children coming?” Buffy asked after they were given a tour of the castle and saw the injured children.

“Yes they are Ms. Summers,” a nurse answered.

“Hello, I'm Dawn Summers,” she said when she walked into the intensive care unit and up to the handsome blonde haired, blue eye doctor who was checking on a child who was wrapped heavily from his head to his waist.

“Hello Ms. Summers, I'm Doctor Peter Graham,” he replied.

“What's wrong with him?” she asked teary eyed.

“Everything,” he answered.

“This looks like an American Hospital,” she said looking around.

Doctor Graham laughed. “We were sent like you,” he replied.

“Why?” she asked.

“Powers orders,” he answered.

Dawn smiled and was happy to see the doctor return the smile.

Doctor Graham watched as Dawn talked to the child and held his tiny left hand the entire time. “Thank you Ms. Summers,” Doctor Graham said when he saw the child's hand respond to her touch.

“For what?” Dawn asked looking at the doctor with her big brown eyes.

“For being you,” he answered.

Doctor Graham told the others what Dawn did after the slayers left. “She asked if you could return to see the children,” Graham told them.

“By all means,” Doctor Edwards said.


Federation Council Chambers – The Following Morning.

“I'm glad to see you could make it doctor,” Sisko said to Bashir when he walked up to him.

“It sounded more like an order sir,” he replied.

Sisko smiled at him and he, Kai Jalan, Vedek Heller, Captain Kira and Doctor Bashir took their seats.

Doctor Beverly Crusher was surprised to see Doctor Pulaski talking to the Head of Starfleet Medical when she entered the Chamber and while she was walking up to them she also saw Doctor Julian Bashir from DS9 and many doctors from Starfleet Medical in the Chamber.


“Madam President and her guests shall join us in a few minutes,” Council President Ambassador Lincoln Johnson told everyone when they were seated.

Just then everyone heard singing

“Where’s that coming from?” Ambassador Johnson asked looking around the Chamber.

“We don’t know Mr. Ambassador,” Commander Hayward said looking at his tri-corder and scanning the Chamber.

“Have you located the source Commander?” Ambassador Johnson asked impatiently.

“No sir,” he answered still scanning.

After Handel's Hallelujah finished, a white light appeared in the Chamber and everyone was temporarily blinded and put their hands over their eyes. When their vision cleared they were astonished to see the most beautiful man standing almost to the ceiling and bathed in pure white light and felt immense power coming from him, and they noticed his hair was on fire and there was fire in his eyes; and the ones that looked into his eyes turned away, which was all of them. He was dressed in stunning blue battle armor and his sword was drawn with the tip touching the floor and his hands were resting on the hilt.

Once Starfleet Security got their bearings they drew their weapons ready to fire, only to find their weapons didn’t work, nor did anyone’s comm badge when they tried to use them. When a Starfleet Security Officer scanned the strange man her tri-coder exploded in her hand and she instantly disappeared from the room.

“Who are you?” Ambassador Johnson asked the man with fear in his voice and eyes.

“I am the Angel Eönwë sent by the Lord God,” he answered in a voice that shook the Chamber and made everyone tremble with fear, including the Vulcans.

Everyone sat stunned and looked at the angel's terrible beauty and light.

“I see all of you have met the Angel Eönwë,” President James said when she was escorted into the Chamber. President James was told how Eönwë would appear before she walked into the Chamber.

“You know the Angel Eönwë Madam President?” Ambassador Johnson asked with a surprised look on his face.

“We've met,” she answered.

“When?” Ambassador Johnson asked.

“That's what my guests are here to tell you,” she answered looking at the Ambassador. “Ambassador Johnson will you have the Speaker of the Chamber escort my guests in?”

“Of course Madam President,” he replied and nodded to the Speaker.

Murmurs in the Chamber when the guests were escorted in.

“I'll let them introduce themselves,” President James told everyone.

“My name is Robert Francis Xavier and I'm the Assistant Director of the Angela Institute; my name is Angela Simone Súlimo; I'm Doctor Ruth Weber; I'm Doctor Robert Edwards...

“This is Whistler, one of the Powers' Herald's,” Director Xavier said when he appeared in the room.

“We need seats Eönwë,” Angela said.

Everyone covered their eyes again when Eönwë rearranged the seating in the room.

“What the...,” Admiral Jellico said with an angry look on his face.

“Admiral,” Admiral Rean said looking at Jellico.

“Aye sir,” he replied.

Ambassador Johnson saw the Federation President sitting to his right and the Director of the Angel Institute was sitting on her right and the young woman was sitting next to the Director. When Ambassador Johnson turned around, he saw the others sitting on a platform above them.

Everyone in the Chamber looked at the Director of the Angel Institute and saw a hard man and pitied anyone who'll cross him.
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