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Book of Revelations

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This story is No. 4 in the series "The New Watcher". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Buffy and the Slayers, along with Members of the Angel Institute travel to the United Federation of Planets. Part 4 of the New Watcher Series.

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Chapter 14

Disclaimer: I do not own anything. The Angel Institute and Academy are my own creation.

Admiral Colin Desmond stared at the angel in awe and realized his brother was telling the truth.

Admiral Sanchez also stared at the angel and like everyone else was stunned at the sight before him. He didn't hear a sound in the Chamber and knew everyone's eyes were on him. It was only the sound of the Federation President's voice that he and the others turned their attention to her.


“Director Xavier and Mrs. Súlimo, who's the young woman who came to see Father Desmond along with the Angel Eönwë, are from the other earth in another dimension and so are the doctors sitting behind us. I've been in contact with the Assistant Director of the Angel Institute for quite some time and this meeting concerns a Federation colony world none of us have heard of and that's Epsilon. The three Child Psychologists who introduced themselves and Mrs. Karen Masters are from Epsilon. Epsilon is unusual in that it's the only Federation colony world that was colonized only by humans from earth over 155 years ago...and I've been informed that Epsilon City, which is the Capital of Epsilon, has been destroyed,” President James told everyone in the Chamber.

“That's where all of you're from,” Michael Bridges said looking at the doctors after the murmurs died down.

“We were sent, the same as you,” Doctor Collins replied.

“You're from another earth?” Karen Masters asked looking at Doctor Edwards.

“Yes we are Mrs. Masters,” Doctor Edwards answered.

“How did you get here?” Debra Stans asked.

“When Whistler he snapped his fingers we arrived at our destination,” Dr. Weber answered.

“Where did he come from?” Ambassador Johnson asked.

“There's a Hall set-up for all the Powers' Heralds and it's close to Heaven Mr. Ambassador,” Xavier answered.

Murmurs in the Chamber and everyone looked at the strange little man.


“How was Epsilon City destroyed Madam President?” Admiral Mica asked.

“The Wrath of God came down on Epsilon City,” Sisko stood up and answered and Kai Jalan, Vedek Heller, Captain Kira and Doctor Bashir had surprised looks on their faces when they looked up at the Admiral.

Gasps in the Chamber.

“How do you know Admiral Sisko?” Rean asked and was surprised to hear about Epsilon, but didn't show it.

“I was there in spirit and saw it,” he answered looking at the Commander-in-Chief of Starfleet and told everyone in the Chamber what happened to Epsilon City.

“What's his name Admiral Sisko?” Admiral Toddman asked.

“He told me his name is Námo,” Sisko answered.

“And he's the Angel of Death,” Angela told them.

More gasps and murmurs in the Chamber.

“The Lord God chose Admiral Sisko to be the witness to the destruction of Epsilon City because he's the Emissary of the Prophets and he's been to the celestial temple and this has always been his doom. The Prophets are not wormhole aliens as many of you think and when you mocked the Bajoran's faith and beliefs you mocked the Lord because He's the one who created the Prophets for the Bajoran's and bestowed certain gifts on them. The Prophets are the intermediaries between the Bajoran's and the Lord and they do His Will. The Lord has intermediaries for all species in some form or another except humans who answer directly to Him – which most humans in this Chamber have forgotten; and He also knows most humans in this dimension don't have any faith, except in their science and technology. The Lord made an exception in Admiral Sisko's case because He knew no one in this Chamber would've believed it otherwise. The song all of you heard earlier is a reminder to the humans in this Chamber of who He is.”

There was stunned silence in the Chamber.

“Those of you who're not human don't have anything to worry about,” Xavier said after seeing confused looks on some of the faces of the non-humans.

“But we do,” Admiral Paris said sadly.

“That's up to you Admiral,” President James replied. “I realized after listening to Mr. Xavier that the humans on Epsilon also forgot who they answer to and they paid the ultimate price for that ignorance – and He came after us through them.”

“Did you know Epsilon City was going to be destroyed Madam President?” the Benzar Ambassador asked.

“Yes I did Ambassador,” she answered.

“Why was Epsilon City destroyed Madam President?” Admiral T'Lara asked.

“That question will be answered tomorrow Admiral,” she answered.

“Aye Madam President,” T'Lara said.

“How did the four of you escape the destruction of Epsilon City?” Admiral Nechayev asked still reeling, but didn't show it.

They told their stories.

“The ones that were chosen to leave Epsilon City are called the 'elect'. That means they were chosen by God to live,” Doctor Weber told them.

Gasps and a few dropped jaws in the room.

“We were chosen?” Morgan Stans asked with a surprised look on his face.

“Yes you were Doctor Stans,” Xavier turned and answered. “Along with Doctor's Kitt and Madison.”

Doctor Katherine Pulaski was surprised to hear her nephew was chosen.

“The woman that came to see us,” Debra Stans said nodding her head now realizing she's an angel.

“We don't know why Epsilon City was destroyed Admiral,” Morgan Stans said looking at Admiral T'Lara. “But we can tell you this, Epsilon City was decayed and everyone knew it. For many years children have disappeared on Epsilon and we never knew how or why and no Starfleet vessel, or any vessel for that matter, has been to Epsilon since it was colonized; and we've never had any communication with Starfleet during that entire time and there's no Starfleet presence on Epsilon.”

“None?” Admiral T'Lara asked with a raised eyebrow.

“No Admiral, and there never has been,” Morgan Stans answered.

Murmurs in the room.

“Did anyone ever find out what happened to the children?” Admiral Toddman asked with a concerned look on his face.

“No Admiral,” Karen Masters answered. “My husband sold our oldest son Cory to a man years ago for a generous amount of Latium and he told my husband that Cory will be taken to a better place to live. When I found out other children were missing, I suspected their parents sold them as well. Epsilon City was awash in money Admiral – Latium to be precise – and anything you wanted on Epsilon you could get for a price.”

“There was also a high murder rate in Epsilon City and drug dealers and prostitutes,” Michael Bridges told them.

“Epsilon City sounded like any big city and that's what it was,” Doctor Weber said.

“Are you sure it was man who spoke to your husband and not an alien?” Admiral Jellico asked remembering the shaft-shifting abilities of the Founders.

“They were men Admiral and hard men, but they weren't from Epsilon,” Karen Masters answered.

“Did anyone know where these men came from and how they got to Epsilon?” Admiral Tevan asked.

“No Admiral, but everyone feared them and they'd kill you if you looked at them wrong,” Morgan Stans answered.

More murmurs in the Chamber.

“Why were the parents selling their children?” Ambassador Spock asked.

“The doctors can answer that question and we told them everything that happened on Epsilon,” Michael Bridges answered.

“The children were being sold into sexually slavery and have been sexually abused,” Doctor Edwards answered.

“What!” Doctor Pulaski shouted and stood up.

“It's call human trafficking in children for sexual purposes,” Doctor Weber said looking at Pulaski. “You have many pedophiles on earth and in other places and I don't why this should surprise you.”

“The prostitutes on Epsilon started out as children,” Debra Stans told them.

“How can this be?” a female Captain asked from the gallery.

“No matter how advanced a society becomes human nature never changes,” Edwards answered looking at the Captain. “On our earth it's a crime, but not on this earth and they're not breaking any laws and you can't prosecute them.”

“It's also a civilian matter and not a Starfleet matter,” President James told them.

“How could this happened in paradise?” another Captain asked from the gallery.

“You don't live in paradise and whoever told you that was feeding you bullshit. That's all we've heard since we've been here and this place is dirty and always has been. You just cover it up because you don't want to shatter anyone's illusions,” Doctor Collins answered with an angry look on his face. “

“You never want to know what goes on behind closed doors Captain,” Edwards said looking at the man.

The Captain blushed.


“Why were you doctors sent from the other earth?” Doctor Malcolm Paige, the head of Starfleet Medical, asked with disdain looking at them in their light green scrubs, white coats and each had something around each of their necks (stethoscopes).

“We're the doctors who were sent to heal your children,” Doctor Edwards answered looking at the man.

“Why you and not us?” Doctor Paige asked indignantly. “Starfleet Medical has the best medical facilities and technology available.”

“Most of us are pediatricians and pediatrics is our specialty. Doctor Edwards is an adult Psychiatrist and Doctor Rosen is a child Psychiatrist. Doctors Collins, Ling and their teams are pediatric surgeons; Doctor Phillip and her team are pediatric orthopedic surgeons; Doctor James' specialty is OB/GYN or Obstetrics and Gynecology; Doctor Vincent and his team are emergency medicine doctors and Doctor Graham and his team are pediatric neurosurgeons and I was sent to teach my new student, who's Doctor Madison,” Doctor Weber answered.

Doctor Pulaski looked at Doctor Weber.

“What are your credentials?” Doctor Paige asked looking at each doctor.

“We all have many years of schooling behind us unlike Doctor Madison, who only graduated from medical school and that does not make a doctor,” Doctor Weber told Paige.

“Why do you say that Doctor Weber?” Bashir asked.

“Doctor Madison didn't do a residency after medical school, whereas we all did,” she answered. “Now he's doing his residency with us.”

“How many years did you attend medical school?” Doctor Crusher asked.

“We all graduated from college first and then we took the Medical College Admissions Test or the MCAT and after we passed we applied for and were excepted into a medical school, which is four years. After we graduated from medical school we either did a one or two year medical internship and then we did our residency. After we completed our residency each of us applied for and received a 1-3 year Medical Fellowship in our pediatric specialty,” Doctor Weber answered. “Doctors Collins and Ling and their team each did a one year internship after medical school and then their 5 year residency in general surgery. They each received a 2 year Medical Fellowship in pediatric surgery after they completed their residency.”

“After medical school I did a two year internship. One year in general surgery and the other in the emergency room at a children's hospital. Then I did my 6 year residency in pediatric neurosurgery and after I completed my residency I received my 2 year Medical Fellowship,” Doctor Graham told them.

“I did a one year internship in general surgery after medical school and then did my 6 year residency in OB/GYN,” Doctor James told them.

“I also did a one year internship in general surgery after medical school and then did a 5 year residency in emergency medicine,” Doctor Vincent said.

“All of the doctors on my staff, including myself and Doctor Chandler did a 5 year residency in orthopedic surgery after medical school and then we each received a one year Medical Fellowship in pediatric orthopedic surgery,” Doctor Phillip told them.

“I did a one year internship in general surgery after medical school and then did a 4 year residency in Child Psychiatry. Then I received a 3 year Medical Fellowship in Child Psychiatry,” Doctor Rosen told them.

“I did a 1 year internship in emergency medicine after medical school and then did a 4 year residency in Psychiatry. I received a 2 year Medical Fellowship in Psychiatry after I completed my residency,” Doctor Edwards said.

“The other doctors who came with us also did a one year internship after medical school and then their residencies, and after they completed their residencies they each received Medical Fellowships,” Doctor Ling told them.

“We told the doctors they were in their mid-thirties after they finished their training,” Debra Stans said smiling.

“That's about right,” Doctor Weber said returning her smile. “After medical school I did a one year internship in general surgery and then I did my 5 year residency in heart surgery, and after that I received a 3 year Medical Fellowship in heart surgery. Then I applied for and received a 3 year Medical Fellowship in pediatric heart surgery.”

“You're a heart surgeon,” Doctor Pulaski said to Doctor Weber.

“Yes I am,” she replied.

“How do you count the years?” Doctor Crusher asked.

“From college,” Doctor Graham answered. “College is where you take your pre-med courses in biology, chemistry, human genetics and physics and that's a heavy load, along with your other classes.”

“It took you 18 years,” Crusher said looking at Doctor Graham.

“Yes it did, but I receive my medical license after I completed my residency and passed my exams. However, I had to apply for a Medical Fellowship in order to practice my specialty in pediatrics, which is mandatory. A neurosurgeon or a pediatric neurosurgeon specialty is not only the brain, but also the spinal cord,” Doctor Graham replied.

Doctor Christoper Nathan listened intently to what the doctors from the other earth were saying and was surprised to hear what the requirements are for each pediatric specialty and how long it takes to become a doctor on that earth. Commander Christoper Nathan is 35 years old and the CMO at Starbase One.


“What's emergency medicine?” a male Andorian doctor asked from the gallery.

“Emergency medicine is practiced in hospitals and that's where third year medical students are sent,” Doctor Chandler answered. “The doctors in the emergency room stabilize the injured and burned patients and then send them to the appropriate department of medicine for surgery and/or for the other care they need...and that's where we learned to become doctors.”

“You don't do simulations?” Bashir asked.

“No, and you can't simulate what's going to come through an emergency room,” Collins answered. “On my first day in the ER as a third year medical student we got word there was a terrible accident and when the patients arrived they had broken bones, fractured skulls, contusions and a few had missing limbs and they were all bleeding out, and I got my first taste of emergency medicine. A few hours later we were told burn patients were arriving and most had burns over 80% of their bodies and most were DOA, or dead on arrival and we sent the ones we could save to the burn unit after we stabilized them. Emergency rooms are like that all day, everyday and night, non-stop.”

“We get thrown right into the fray and it's the real thing,” Doctor Ling said.

“The first two years of medical school are classroom and laboratory work to prepare students for diagnosing and treating illnesses. As third year medical students the classroom is behind you and your new classroom is a teaching hospital; and as fourth year medical students we do our medical rotations in the other departments of medicine, which is also mandatory,” Doctor Weber told them.

“Who teaches you at the hospitals?” Doctor Pulaski asked.

“The doctors on staff and they send their reports back to the medical schools,” Doctor Chandler answered.

“When the children arrived I sent Doctor Madison to the ER,” Collins told them.

“How did Jamie do in the emergency room?” Katherine Pulaski asked.

“He thought it was confusing and it was the first time he'd seen a patient die,” Doctor Weber answered.

“When the little girl arrived she was bleeding out and had lost to much blood and she was flat-lining. We tried to saved her, but to no avail and I performed a c-section after she died and delivered the twins – a boy and a girl who were two months premature. She was no more than 12 and a small thing,” Doctor James told them.

“Your medical terminology is different than ours,” Doctor Crusher said. “What does flat-lining mean?” she asked.

“Her heart was slowing down and eventually stopped beating,” Doctor James answered. “When a heart stops beating the monitor shows a flat-line all away across and you know the patient is dead.”

“Do you have large trauma hospitals on this earth?” Doctor Weber asked.

“No we don't,” Doctor Pulaski answered.

“We do and we have many of them in every big city on our earth and we see every conceivable injury and burn you can image and some you can't, and when I saw Doctor Madison looking like a fish out of water in the emergency room I wondered why. You've just answered my question,” Doctor Weber told her. “Emergency rooms are where all doctors cut their teeth and all the ills of the world come through the ER, both physically and mentally and you better know how to treat it. Emergency medicine doctors are the most important doctors we have and they're the ones saving lives,” Doctor Weber said.

“After Doctor Madison finished his stint in the ER I sent a nurse to tell him to scrub and to come to my operating room. When he arrived I asked him what he felt in the patient I was operating on and he didn't know. It was a ruptured spleen and he didn't know what one felt like with his hands. We realized then that Doctor Madison was not trained to use his hands and eyes to explore the entire human body and that's what we're teaching him,” Doctor Collins told them.

“What about his medical tri-corder?” Doctor Paige asked still smarting.

“We took his toys away from him and he's now learning our way,” Doctor Weber answered. “All a good doctor needs is his or her eyes, hands and mind and Doctor Madison has to many gaps in his medical education and we're filing in those gaps.”

“Doctor Madison doesn't know his way around an ER or an operating room. He also doesn't know how to make a diagnoses without using his medical tri-corder – even when the answer is right in front of his eyes,” Doctor Collins told them.

“Doctor Madison learned a lot that night,” Edwards said.

“Such as?” Pulaski asked.

“How much he didn't know and he never knew about emergency medicine and that doctors didn't need technology in the ER or the operating rooms,” Edwards answered.

“We think your technology is a short-cut and Doctor Madison proved our point,” Doctor Collins told them.

“How?” Doctor Paige asked not liking what Doctor Collins just said.

“He was lost without it and didn't know what to do,” Doctor Vincent answered.

Murmurs in the room.

“Our technology is very different from yours and we keep Doctor Madison away from it because he's not trained to use it; and I told him there's more than one way to skin a cat,” Doctor Weber said.

“Why no technology in the emergency or operating rooms?” a Vulcan female doctor asked.

“Our instruments are not technology based, but they're just as effective and Doctor Madison was surprised to learn that,” Doctor Chandler answered.

“You're not technology dependent,” Admiral Sisko said.

“No we're not Admiral and Federation technology is to slow for the emergency room,” Doctor Weber answered smiling. “However, as the years went by we've greatly improved on our technology and we've added many new things and everything is now computer based, like yours, but our technology looks different and functions differently and everything a doctor needs to know will come up on a medical monitor.”

“Doctor Madison watched me perform brain surgery on one of the medical monitors in my operating room and the other doctors in the operating theater told him what I was doing and the reasons why,” Doctor Graham told them.

“You show your operations live?” Doctor Paige asked surprised.

“Yes we do and they're also teaching tools and that's how we learned in the operating theater,” Doctor Phillip answered in her French-Canadian accent.

“I've never heard of that,” Doctor Bashir said.

“They're teaching hospitals doctor,” Sisko replied.


“Where did the children come from?” Admiral Rean asked.

“You're find that out tomorrow Admiral,” President James answered.

“Aye Madam President,” Rean said.

“Where are the children now?” Admiral Tevan asked.

“Whistler,” Xavier said.

When Whistler snapped his fingers everyone saw the castle and children playing on the grounds. Then he snapped his fingers again and they saw a small boy, no more than 3-4, sitting up in bed surrounded by pillows and stuffed animals with both of his arms in casts resting on pillows and drinking water from a straw in a cup someone was holding.

“Look whose up,” Doctor Weber said

“I took his IV out last night and he had a big breakfast this morning,” Doctor Chandler said smiling.

“What happened to him?” Doctor Nathan asked.

“Someone broke both his arms and his bones didn't heal properly and I had to re-break them and set them properly,” Doctor Chandler answered.

Murmurs in the room and no one saw the angry look on Captain Kira's face.

“That's the children's new home and hospital and it's a technology free zone and no Federation or Starfleet technology will work there except the other doctor's technology and only Doctor Madison's after they leave. The children will live there until they come of age and Doctor Madison will be their physician until then. The families that came from Epsilon will adopt most of the children and raise them as their own and some of those families worked in a hospital on Epsilon. A school has been set up on the grounds for the children that came with their parents and also for the other children. The Child Psychologists, their families and Doctor's Kitt and Madison live in the castle with our broken and damaged children who need a lot of help. The doctors from the other earth have healed their bodies and with the help of Doctor's Rosen and Edwards, the Child Psychologists are learning how to help these children come to terms with what happened to them...and that's going to take many years. More children will arrive, but we don't when and they'll also be broken and damaged; and they've been defiled in ways none of us can image and some of them are going to the same to other children because that's what they've been taught. These children were failed at every turn; their parents failed them by selling them and the Federation and Starfleet failed them because there was no Starfleet presence on Epsilon, nor any Starfleet communication with Epsilon. The people on Epsilon had no way of contacting Starfleet to tell them what was going on and as a consequence, Epsilon City was destroyed and is now nothing but ash, along with the inhabitants of that city.

I've seen the looks on some of your faces at the resentment of these doctors who were sent to our earth to help our children; but they're only doing what they were commanded to do and and they've been here awhile. No Federation or Starfleet doctor is trained in emergency medicine or at large trauma centers and these children were sent to the emergency room. I read Doctor Pulaski's report when she was the CMO on the Enterprise-D, and what struck me was during one incident when the ship lost power no one on her medical staff knew how to treat a patient without their technology and she had to supervise them and tell them what to do, and that's the same thing Doctor Collins said about Doctor Madison. It's already been proven that no Federation and Starfleet doctor can function without their technology and these are the reasons why none of you were chosen to take care of our children. A funeral is being held on the castle grounds for the young girl who died giving birth and I'm going without Starfleet Security,” President James told them.

“But, Madam President...,” Admiral Toddman began to say, but stopped when he saw the look on her face.

“May I come with you Madam President?” Katherine Pulaski stood up and asked.

“Yes you may doctor,” she answered.

“May I also come Madam President?” Kai Jalan asked standing up.

“Of course Kai,” she answered.

A few others asked if they could come and she said yes.

“Admiral Rean my Chief of Staff will give you a padd with my instructions,” President James told him.

“Aye Madam President,” he said.

“Whistler,” Xavier said when everyone was ready and Whistler snapped his fingers.
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