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Book of Revelations

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This story is No. 4 in the series "The New Watcher". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Buffy and the Slayers, along with Members of the Angel Institute travel to the United Federation of Planets. Part 4 of the New Watcher Series.

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Chapter 15

Disclaimer: I do not own anything. The Angel Institute and Academy are my own creation.

“Welcome Madam President,” Father Desmond said when she walked up to him with the others.

“Thank you Father,” she replied.

“This way,” he said and everyone followed the Priest.

When they arrived at the grave site the doctors, their staffs, staff from the castle, Dawn, a few slayers, Angela and Eönwë where there...and everyone parted when the President of the United Federation of Planets arrived. Father Desmond said a prayer for the dead and asked Kai Jalan to say a Bajoran prayer for the dead and he did so. Aaron also said a prayer for the dead and then stones and flowers were placed on the young girl's grave and a slayer sang Amazing Grace.

After the service President James met the Staff of the Castle and had dinner with some of the injured children in the dining room along with with Mr. Xavier and some of the nurses, who fed the children. Captain Kira also sat at the table and fed a little girl and Kai Jalan and Vedek Heller had dinner with Father's Desmond and Daniels.

“It's nice to see you again Admiral Sisko,” Angela said when she and Eönwë walked up to him.

“Likewise,” he replied with a smile.

“This is my husband Eönwë,” she said introducing the two of them.

“You married an angel?” he asked surprised after shaking Eönwë's hand.

“Your father married a Prophet,” she replied smiling at the Admiral.

“Touché,” he said and they talked for a few more minutes.


“Why are you here Daniel?” Doctor Weber asked when she, Doctor's Graham, Collins and Edwards sat at his table.

He told them. “This is a nice castle,” Daniel Corina said looking around.

“Have you found any flaws?” Collins asked.

“Not yet,” he answered.

“You won't,” Edwards said with a smile and told him why.

Daniel Corina laughed.


“Dammit, look at these children,” Sisko said after they finished their dinner.

“No one knew Admiral,” Bashir said.

“That's no excuse doctor,” Sisko replied angrily. “Another thing that upset me was learning that Doctor Madison, nor any of you know how to treat a patient without your technology.”

“We're not trained that way sir,” Bashir said.

“That's what they meant by gaps in Doctor Madison's medical education,” Doctor Crusher replied.

“You all have them Doctor Crusher. Federation and Starfleet doctors are taught using simulations, whereas they're taught in hospitals with real mangled bodies right in front of them,” Sisko replied.

“Point taken Admiral,” Crusher said.

“I was surprised to learn how long it takes to become a doctor on their earth,” Doctor Nathan said.

“It's not about technology for them Doctor, but the requirements they have to meet to become a doctor and I suspect that no matter how advanced they become those requirements will never change,” Sisko said.

“You're right Admiral,” Pulaski said sitting down after hearing the last part of what he said. “They're never become as technologically dependent as we are and Jamie told me he was surprised at the clarity of their medical monitors and he'd never seen anything like them.” (She nor her nephew knew they're magically enhanced).

“Do all their medical monitors show the part of the body the doctors are operating on?” Sisko asked.

“Yes they do and the readings are on the other side of the monitor and everything's in color. All their technology and equipment is mobile, including their beds,” Pulaski answered.

“Why?” Bashir asked.

“They told Jamie it's out of necessity,” Pulaski answered. “They have padds like we do, but different and they use their computers and monitors to communicate the same way we do. They also had their version of a medical tri-corder, but it's a medical monitor and looks different from our medical tri-corder. They medical monitors also come in different sizes and they can carry them with them.”

“It appears their technology is like our in some respects, but different in other respects,” Sisko said.

“I didn't think they'll be that advanced,” Nathan said looking at the doctors having dinner across the dining room.

“It's call human ingenuity doctor,” Sisko said. “I think many in the Chamber underestimated them.”

“I agree Admiral and Doctor Paige certainly did,” Pulaski said.

“Doctor Paige resents them because he thinks they've intruded on Starfleet Medical's turf and I saw the look on his face when we found out this property is a technology free zone and our technology won't work here,” Sisko replied.

“They still use scalpels when they perform surgery,” Pulaski told them.

“It sounds barbaric,” Nathan said.

“It works doctor,” Pulaski replied looking at him. “When Doctor James performed a c-section on that little girl she used a scalpel and cut right across in one swift motion and then reached in and delivered the twins.”

“It was faster than a laser scalpel,” Crusher said finally understanding.

“Yes,” Pulaski replied. “But they do use laser technology for some things.”

“But not in the emergency or operation rooms,” Sisko said.

“No Admiral,and they still use an old fashion surgical tray, but the instruments have been updated,” Pulaski replied.

“The old ways still work,” Sisko said nodding his head.

“Yes they do Admiral and I'm glad they're teaching Jamie the old ways – and he'll become a better doctor because of it,” Pulaski replied and saw Doctor Bashir raise an eyebrow.


Admiral Rean's Office

“Can someone tell me how Starfleet forgot about Epsilon?” Rean asked looking around the table at the other Admirals.

“I did research on Epsilon during lunch and found out Epsilon is a remote M Class Planet on the outer rim of Federation space and away from everything and everyone else and it took them months to get there. When the colonists arrived Starfleet Engineers built homes, schools etc. for the colonists and after our engineers finished mining the dilithum on the planet they left and returned to earth. That's the last time anyone had any contact with the colonists and our records show no ship has been to Epsilon since, and it appears Epsilon slipped out of memory because of its location,” Admiral Sanchez answered.

“Apparently so Admiral,” Rean said and brought up a star map of Federation space.

Murmurs among the Admirals.

“I can see why Epsilon was forgotten and we've never heard of it,” Admiral Ross said looking at the star map and saw Epsilon was far away from the core worlds and right on the edge of Federation space and the closest anomaly was the Expanse and in fact, it was almost beyond the Expanse.

“President James only wants displaced human colonists from the Dominion War to colonize Epsilon, but on a different part of the planet and Starfleet Security on the ground and ships in the Epsilon System – and she doesn't want a repeat of what happened on Epsilon again.”

“We don't know what happened on Epsilon,” Toddman said.

“We know bits and pieces, but not the whole story and we'll find that out tomorrow morning,” Rean replied. “Children were being taken from Epsilon and others were coming and going at will and no one knows how.”

“Who'll be in charge of Epsilon?” Admiral Toddman asked.

“A Governor for the colonists and a Rear Admiral upper-half (two pips) for Starfleet Personnel,” Rean answered.


“I'm sorry doctors,” a nurse said when she walked into the lab.

“That's already come in,” Doctor Wong said.

“These 4 doctors are Starfleet doctors and they wanted to see what one of our medical monitors look like and Doctor Edwards gave them permission,” the nurse told them and introduced the Starfleet doctors to Doctor's Samuel Wong and James Murray.

Doctor's Bashir, Crusher, Nathan and Pulaski looked at the black, 40 inch thin flat-screen monitor sitting on a table and saw the images and readings the doctors were studying when the walked into the lab.

Doctor's Wong and Murray saw the confused looks on their faces and explained to them that they're studying a before and after image of a child's internal injuries.

“Your readings are different than ours,” Doctor Crusher said.

“So are your monitors,” Bashir said staring wide-eyed at the crisp sharp images.

“I see the child is doing much better,” Pulaski said.

“Yes she is,” Doctor Wong replied.


The doctors stared at the large flat-screen monitors mounted away from the bulkheads in the monitoring room; and Doctor Nathan sat in one of chairs looking up at the monitors, which were in a semi-circle around the room and looked at each one. “I still can't believe they show their operations live,” he said.

“It's what they do doctor and visitors are also allowed in the operating theaters because they're public hospital,” Pulaski said.

“And the taxpayers pay for those hospitals and I'm one of them,” the nurse replied and smiled.


Director Xavier introduced Daniel Corina to the Federation President and the three of them had a private meeting before she left the castle.


“It's time to go Captain,” Sisko said walking up to Kira who was standing at the young girl's grave.

“She brought back a lot of memories of the occupation and so did the other children,” she said in a sad voice.

“I know,” he replied and stood next to the Captain.

“It sounds to me Epsilon was occupied and no one knew it and the enemy was unseen,” Kira said.

“Why do you say that?” Sisko asked.

“It's just a feeling I have,” she answered.

Before Kai Jalan, Vedek Heller and Captain Kira left the castle they thanked Mr. Xavier for setting the record straight about the Prophets and defending their faith.


Sisko's – New Orleans

“Admiral Benjamin Sisko watched the expression on his father's face after he told him what transpired in the Council Chamber that morning.

“What the hell happened on Epsilon son?” Joseph Sisko asked enraged and stood up.

“We'll find out tomorrow dad and I now realize this is what we didn't do,” he answered.

“You mean protect Epsilon and the children,” his father said.

“Yes, and because of that the Wrath of God came down on Epsilon,” Ben answered.

“My goodness,” his father said sitting down. “I never thought I'd hear anything like this in my life.”

“The doctors told us we never lived in paradise and now I know what they meant. It isn't about wiping out poverty or disease dad, but about human nature which never changes,” Ben told his father.

“What about what they did to the children?” his father asked still furious.

“I realized that we've simply pushed everything underground, but it's always been here dad and always will,” Ben answered.


“What does the Angel Eönwë look like?” his father asked changing the subject.

“Terrible in his glory and beauty and he stood very tall and wore magnificent blue armor and his sword was perfect,” Ben answered. “I met him later and he asked me if he and others can have dinner at your restaurant in a few days.”

“He asked you that?” he father asked wide-eyed.

“Yes he did and he told me they're going to be many guests,” Ben answered smiling at his father.

“A private party and they're going to rent the entire restaurant for the evening,” Joseph Sisko said.

“Yes dad and they can only pay in Latium,” Ben replied.

“That's fine son,” he father replied.

“They want it buffet style and Angela wants one of your lobsters and she wants it spicy,” Ben said.

Joseph Sisko laughed.

“They want everything that's only the menu and I was warned they can eat,” Ben said.

“It sounds like I'm going to feed an army,” Joseph Sisko replied.

Ben grinned at his father.


“What was the meeting about?” the Section 31 agent asked.

“It was about Epsilon a Federation colony world,” the Admiral answered.

“Epsilon?” the Section 31 agent asked, but didn't show his surprise that he'd never heard of Epsilon.

“Epsilon was colonized over 155 years ago by humans from earth and it's on the outer rim of Federation space,” the Admiral answered.

“Why's Epsilon so important?” the Section 31 agent asked and knew he and his agents are only interested in protecting the core worlds and not some remote colony world on the edge of Federation space.

“We're going to find out tomorrow and you're welcome to come,” the Admiral answered.

“I'll be there,” the agent said and left the cabin.


“Who's attending the meeting tomorrow Giles?” Buffy asked.

He told her.

“What time?” she asked.

“At 8:00 a.m.,” Giles answered. “I understand Dawn is staying at castle until we leave.”

“She became attached to the boy who had brain surgery and some of the other children,” Buffy told him.

Giles nodded his head.


The Vatican – The Following Afternoon

“It’s time to leave Your Holiness,” his Secretary said when he opened the door to the Pope’s office.

“Thank you,” he replied.

Pope Gregory was invited to the meeting in the Federation Council Chambers and was told this was the day everyone will find out what the young woman meant when she came to see Father Desmond. Cardinal Joseph Ramirez (Head of the College of Cardinals) and Cardinal Carlo Gianni were also invited.


Federation Council Chambers

“His Holiness, Pope Gregory,” the Council Speaker said when he walked into the Chamber with the Pope.

Everyone stood when the Pope entered and was escorted to his seat. Cardinal's Ramirez and Gianni sat behind the His Holiness and his Secretary sat next to him.

When the Angel Eönwë appeared everyone covered their eyes and when the Pope and his entourage eyes finally cleared, they sat stunned and the Pope's Secretary fainted when they were told Eönwë is an angel from heaven. The Pope and his entourage couldn't keep their eyes off the angel who was standing very tall with his hair ablaze and fire in his eyes, and his sword was drawn with his hands resting on the hilt. The Section 31 agent turned away when he looked into the angel's eyes and felt fear and a sense of doom. Cardinal's Ramirez and Gianni whispered among themselves while the Pope stared at the angel wide-eyed.

After everyone was seated Ambassador Johnson had the speaker escort the President of the United Federation of Planets and her guests into the Chamber, and when she entered everyone stood.

“I will now introduce my guess,” President James told everyone. “This is His Royal Highness, Crown Prince Aral, the Crown Prince of Avali and he's an Avalian elf; this is Maglor, Son of Fëanor, who's a Noldor elf from Arda; this is Assistant Director Robert Francis Xavier of the Angel Institute from earth in another dimension; this is Mr. Rupert Giles, the Head of the Watchers' Council and he's also from the other earth; this is General Maxwell Alexander an American General in the United States Armed Forces and stationed at the Pentagon on that earth; this is Buffy Anne Summers, the longest living slayer in history and the Chosen One and the young woman standing next to her is her younger sister Dawn Marie Summers. This is Faith Lehane who's also a slayer and a Chosen One. This is Rona and she's also a slayer and they're also from the other earth. This is Mrs. Angela Súlimo, the young woman who was sent to pronounce our doom. We all know Father Desmond and this is friend Father Joseph Daniels also from the other earth.”

The Child Psychologists and Doctor's Weber, Edwards, Collins and Graham introduced themselves again.

“This is Daniel Corina and he's from the other earth,” President James told them.

“Eönwë looks tall today,” Faith said looking up at him and Doctor Weber laughed.

“We need seats Eönwë,” Angela said.

Everyone covered their eyes while Eönwë rearranged the seating in the Chamber and Cardinal's Ramirez and Gianni realized they were no longer sitting behind the Pope, but on the other side of the Chamber facing His Holiness.

“The angel did this on purpose,” Gianni whispered to Ramirez.

“I know and we'll find out why eventually,” Ramirez replied.

Gianni nodded his head in agreement.

After everyone was seated Whistler appeared in the Chamber and stood behind Director Xavier.

“This is Whistler who's one of the Powers Herald's,” Xavier told everyone.

The Pope studied the young woman who was sent to pronounce their doom and was surprised when a strange little man appeared in the room and stood behind the Assistant Director of the Angel Institute. He was even more surprised when the Director told them who the strange man is and realized if Powers in heaven sent one of their Herald's to this meeting, he knew it's very important. “Why are you here Father Desmond?” the Pope asked with a look of annoyance on his face.

“The Powers want him here Your Holiness,” Father Daniels answered.

“Of course,” the Pope said looking at Father Daniels.

“You may begin,” Mr. Xavier,” President James said.

“Thank you Madam President,” he replied. “In order for you to understand why we were sent, we’ll have to tell you the history of our earth. Mr. Giles will tell you the history of the Watchers' Council and slayers...and I'll tell you the history of the Angel Institute. Please refrain from asking questions until we’re finished.” “Mr. Giles.”

“Our earth did not begin as a paradise. . .,” Giles told them. “In every generation a girl is born: one girl in all the world, the chosen one. She alone will have the strength and skill to fight the vampires, demons and all the forces of darkness; to stop the spread of their evil and the swell of their numbers. When ones dies, another one is called. She is the Slayer."

Everyone in the Chamber looked at Buffy, Faith and Rona.

“The slayer’s power comes from a demon from hell?” the Pope asked appalled.

“Yes it does Your Holiness – the Shadow Demon,” Giles answered. “The first slayer was infused with it’s power by the Shadow Men who were powerful shamans. Mr. Xavier will now tell you the history of the Angel Institute.”

“After the great flood and before the first slayer was called...,” Xavier told them.

Everyone asked questions at once after they finished telling their stories.

“You're half-angels?” Michael Bridges asked looking at the doctors.

“We have angelic magic and power and one of our ancestors was an angel from heaven,” Doctor Graham answered. “Mrs. Sulimo's father is one of the Powers in Heaven.”

“You father is an angel Mrs. Súlimo?” Admiral Desmond asked.

“Yes he is Admiral,” she answered.

“How did he become your father?” Admiral Janeway asked.

“...and that's the way it works,” Angela answered.

Murmurs in the Chamber.

“That's how they pass their power to you,” Admiral Sanchez said.

“Yes Admiral,” Corina replied.

“The angels in heaven are gifted with different powers and so are we. Our doctors are the healers, some of us our teachers, others are builders, such as Daniel Corina and Father Daniels is a Priest. I'm the leader of the warrior class and Mrs. Súlimo is the Lord's Herald and Dooms-woman on our earth,” Xavier told them.

“Now we know why you doctors were sent?” Doctor Paige said looking at them.

“Contrary to what you may think doctor we didn't use any of our power or magic because we can't on any patient and if we tried it wouldn't work. We use our skill,” Doctor Weber told him. “We're simply the Angel Institute's healing class.”

“I belong to the Angel Institute's building class and we're engineers, designers and architects,” Corina told them.

“Are you an engineer?” Admiral Chapman asked looking at Corina.

“I'm an architect Admiral, but my minor was in engineering,” he answered.

“Do any of you use your power?” Admiral Desmond asked.

“We rarely do,” Angela answered.

“Why don't you?” the Section 31 agent asked.

“There's no reason to,” Xavier answered looking at the man and knew he was corrupt.

“The slayers only use their power when they fight demons,” Giles told them.

“That's the only time you use your power?” Admiral Paris asked surprised looking at the slayers.

“Yes, and it was gifted to us for only that purpose,” Buffy answered.

“When one is gifted with power you realize its limitations and you only use it when necessary. We and the slayers are not allowed to do many things, such as kill another human being, no matter how evil they are, but that's doesn't mean we can't break a bone,” Angela said. “Eönwë was the Commanding General in the War of Wrath on Arda and his Captains were also angels and they used their power and turned into tall and terrible forms and used their fists to pummel mountains into the ground that were in their way and after the War of Wrath all of Beleriand sank into the sea. Now you know why you don't use power.”

“It's destructive and now you know why we don't use it unless we have to,” Xavier replied.

“All of you are thinking if I had that kind of power I'll use it. But if you did it'll corrupt you and you'll pay dearly for it in the end,” Doctor Edwards told them.

“It was only given to us for a specific purpose, the same as the slayers and that's the only time we use it,” Doctor Graham told them.

“We're adults when we find out we have power and by that time we're set in our ways, and we grow up like everyone else,” Doctor Collins said.

“Unlike the slayers who're called to use their power at a very young age, our power is not activated until the Lord turns it on and He's the one who decides who gets what and then we're told. You never put that kind of power in the hands of a child – it's angelic power, albeit on a much smaller scale than an angel's,” Weber told them.
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