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Book of Revelations

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This story is No. 4 in the series "The New Watcher". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Buffy and the Slayers, along with Members of the Angel Institute travel to the United Federation of Planets. Part 4 of the New Watcher Series.

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Chapter 16

Disclaimer: I do not own anything. The Angel Institute and Academy are my own creation.

“Who were they fighting during the War of Wrath?” Admiral Rean asked.

“A fallen angel and his army Admiral,” Angela answered.

Murmurs in the room.

“I'm going to give all of you a history lesson of Arda, which is now called earth in that dimension,” Angela told them. She told them about the Great Music, Melkor's fall and the coming of the angels to our universe and their tasks of making Arda for elves and men..., and the the leader of the Valar and Maia, as the elves call angels, is Manwë and Eönwë is his Herald, trusted aide and the Valar's messenger and standard bearer. He's also the best in weapons on Arda; a master of melee combat; the consummate warrior; a leader; teacher, and counselor. “All of you scientists in this Chamber are looking at the person's who's the mightiest warrior in this or any other universe, in time.”

Murmurs in the Chamber and everyone looked at the angel who had not moved since he arrived.

“When Melkor sang discord in the Great Music the Lord knew the battle between good and evil will be fought in time and on our planes of existence. The elves and men on Arda were the result of the discord Melkor sang in the Great Music and it was elves and men whom the Lord sent after Melkor on Arda. Elves are immortal, don't get sick, die from disease and their wounds heal quickly. Their speed, hearing and eyesight is greater than anyone's in this Chamber, except the slayers and ours. They also live in peace and bliss and their worlds are hallowed, like the jewels Crown Prince Aral have woven throughout his hair; and no mortal or anyone else is allowed on their worlds except another elf and us – because Crown Prince Aral's world is outside time,” Angela told them.

“Do all elves live outside time?” Admiral T'Lara asked.

“Yes they do Admiral and the reason their worlds are hallowed is because the deathless live there,” Angela answered.

“Time has no meaning to them,” Janeway said.

“No it doesn't Admiral and Crown Prince Aral and Maglor will be around until the end of time, which is natural for them, but not us,” Xavier replied.

“Why are you the only mortals who're allowed to visit Avali?” Admiral Sanchez asked.

“They have the power of angels,” Sisko answered.

“Correct Admiral and our fates are bound up with the Avalian and Sylvan elves. They're portals that connect our three worlds together and we all live in different dimensions,” Xavier said.

“Our portal and the portal on Sylvan is connected to the Angel Academy for the Gifted and Talented in Virginia,” Aral told them.


“What does Arda look like?” another Admiral asked.

“It now looks like our and your earth, but it didn't in the beginning,” Angela answered. “When the Valar went to war with Melkor and after they used their power, Arda fell apart and some continents shifted and some sank into the sea. They tried to hold it together, but they couldn't and that's why they didn't come the second time,” Angela answered.

“Part of Arda still sank after the War of Wrath,” Janeway said.

“Yes it did Admiral and mountains fell, rivers were no more or found new paths, valleys were destroyed and great river Sirion is no more. It was the Sirion river that Eönwë and his army had to cross to get to East Beleriand and the river Sirion was wide and deep and ran from the North of Beleriand all the way to South of Beleriand and into the Bay of Balar, and that was a very long way. The river Sirion also cut East and West Beleriand in half and there was only two bridges in North Beleriand where they could cross and enemy was waiting on the other side. Another problem Eönwë had was the enemy was at his armies back and he had to take care of that first before they could cross into East Beleriand. You have to remember they were on horseback and they were fighting with swords, spears, bows and arrows and that took a long time.”

“Eönwë had to do it in stages,” Sisko said.

“Yes he did Admiral and the enemy was everywhere, but his real problem was crossing the Sirion river in the North to get to East Beleriand,” Angela replied.

“Eönwë and his army got struck on the west side of the river,” Janeway said.

“Yes Admiral and that's why the War of Wrath, or the Great Battle as many call it took over 40 years. Those two bridges we also narrow and his army had to cross on foot and they eventually had to fight their way across. Eönwë's army consisted of elves and men and the casualties were severe, but in the end Melkor's army was completely destroyed” Angela replied.


“We've never heard of Melkor,” the Pope said.

“They're a lot of angels in heaven we've never heard of and Melkor was the mightiest angel the Lord created in the beginning and he was the first angel to fall and a lot of angels fell with him during the Great Music. The Lord sent men after Melkor in Angband; one was Beren who took one of the silmarils with a little help, and the other was Húrin who pronounced his doom to him and he made that big dog howl, as only a man can do,” Angela replied smiling.

“Húrin wasn't afraid of him,” Sisko said.

“No Admiral and Húrin mocked him to his face and he was the mightiest of all of God's children on Arda and no elf or man could best in weapons and he also had the strongest mind of all the children on Arda and Melkor never broke him...and Húrin was the only person he couldn't break,” Angela replied. “When Melkor looked at Húrin when he was brought before him all he saw was a lowly man and told him so.”

“Is that what Melkor thought of us?” Admiral Toddman asked.

“Yes Admiral and he thought men were the least of everyone,” Xavier answered. “Melkor was comparing men to the angels and elves, but he didn't realize we all have our strengths and weakness. Melkor didn't understand men and didn't know much about us and he also didn't know what happens to us after we die. All of us in this Chamber have to power to shape our own lives and destines, whereas the angels are bound to the Great Music and to a certain extent so are the elves on Arda.”

“They can't think or act outside the Great Music,” Admiral Rean said nodding his head in understanding.

“No they can't and they're not out of the box thinkers and they can't improvise because it's not in their nature. They're fixed, whereas we're flexible, adaptable and nimble and we're also unpredictable and they're not,” Angela replied. “Angels are not perfect by any means and they too make mistakes.”

“That's good to hear,” Ambassador Johnson said turning and looking up at Eönwë.

A few chuckles in the Chamber.

“They're no perfect beings save one,” Xavier said. “Angels also have Free Will the same as the rest of us, but once an angel rebels against his Father, that decision is irrevocable and it's also part of the nature of a pure spirit.”

“The love they once had turns into pure hate and evil and Melkor turned some elves into hideous things called orcs and his lieutenant Sauron did the same to men in the later ages on Arda. They and another fallen angel made a mockery of Gods children on Arda and that's how much they hated elves and men,” Father Daniels told them.


“After Eönwë and his army defeated Melkor's army on the Plains of Anfauglith, Melkor released his winged dragon host, lead by Ancalagon the Black in a last desperate attempt to hold them off. The Host of the Valar were surprised to see the dragons and were temporarily driven back; and that's when Eärendil arrived in his hallowed flying ship Vingilot along with Thorondor and his eagles to fight the dragon host, and it became an air battle at that point. Thorondor and his eagles took on the rest of the dragons while Eärendil took on Ancalagon. When the sun rose the following morning Thorondor and his eagles had destroyed all the dragons and Eärendil defeated Ancalagon...and when Ancalagon's massive body fell on Thangorodrim, the three hollowed volcanic peaks of Angband, they were broken and Angband's pits were uprooted and Angband was destroyed. Ancalagon was so large his wings could blot out the sun from a great distance,” Angela told them.

Gasps and murmurs in the room.

“It was man who defeated the mighty dragon,” Admiral Toddman said.

“Eärendil was Húrin's great nephew and his brother's grandson. It was Túrin, Húrin's son, who killed the mighty dragon Glaurung in Brethil years before and Glaurung was only second to Ancalagon in might. It was also Túrin who convinced the elves of Nargothrond to stop living in secret and build a bridge across the river Sirion and that was the bridge Eönwë and his army crossed during the War of Wrath,” Angela replied.

“Túrin had foresight,” Sisko said.

“But it came at a great cost for the elves of Nargothrond and Túrin who were betrayed by Mim the Petty-Dwarf and Nargothrond was destroyed when Melkor's army crossed that bridge,” Xavier replied.

“All wars come at a great cost Mr. Xavier,” Sisko said.

“Yes they do Admiral,” General Alexander replied.

The Admirals looked at General Alexander and saw a man with hard, cold eyes and had seen to many battles.


“There were Three Houses of the Edain who crossed the mountains during the First Age on Arda. The word Edain means men and houses in this case means tribes. The Second House of the Edain was lead by a female name Haleth and it was called the House of Haleth. After Haleth's father and twin brother were killed defending their people against Melkor's troops, she was chosen as their leader by her people because she was just as mighty and capable as any man and she was very tell and her bodyguards were all females and just as tall. One of Maglor's brothers and his Army defeated the orcs and he was impressed by Haleth's bravery and asked her if she and her people wanted his protection in his lands and she told him no and she was leading her people to the Forest of Brethil. In order to get to the Forest of Brethil, Haleth lead her people from East to West through the Valley of Dreadful Death, or the Nan Dungortheb, which is an elvish world,” Angela told them.

“No man or elf would dare tread the Nan Dungortheb and the Nan Dungortheb was full of dark shadows that had hundreds of eyes, fell beasts, the things that Morgoth made and dreadful hideous large spiders that could catch anyone in their webs,” Maglor told them.

“Those spiders were much larger than this Chamber,” Xavier told them and heard murmurs in this room.

“Haleth took them through hell in order to get to heaven,” Sisko said.

“It was the only route Admiral and Haleth was determined to take her people Brethil; and it was a long hard journey full of hardships and loses and her people protested, but through Haleth's indomitable will she lead her people to Brethil, fighting all the way. Haleth was the only female leading a house of men or elves and she was the only one who did the damn impossible, save for Beren, and Admiral Janeway can relate to her,” Angela replied.

“Haleth's deeds were known far and wide,” Maglor told them.

“I bet,” Janeway said with a smile.

“The House of Haleth excelled in forest warfare and were great archers and defended their lands very well, but they seldom got involved with the other Two Houses of the Edain and the elves. Haleth's great nephew's only daughter, Hareth, married Galdor the Tall from the Third House and they had two sons, Húrin and Huor. Now you know where Húrin got his steel will and mind from,” Angela told them.

“Haleth,” Admiral Rean said.

“Yes,” Angela replied. “But that was the only union between the the House of Haleth and the other houses of men and Haleth's line produced: Húrin and Huor; Húrin's son Túrin; Huor's son Tuor, and Tuor's son Eärendil, who began and ended the War of Wrath and Arda.

“They were also related to Beren,” Xavier told them.

“After Angband was destroyed Eönwë and his angels descended into Angband to get their fallen brother, who ran into his deepest pit and begged for pardon, but one of his brothers cut his feet from under him and threw him on his face and Eönwë took the silmarils from his crown. Then another brother beat his iron crown into a collar around his neck and he was chained and taken prisoner out of Angband and back to Aman. The Valar passed judgment on him and Melkor's evil spirit was thrown threw the Door of Night and into the Timeless Void,” Angela told them.

“He was always a coward,” Sisko said not surprised to hear that Melkor fled.

“I wondered why Haleth was determined to get her people to the Forest of Brethil and lead them on a perilous journey to get them there. Many years before the War of Wrath, Glirhuin, a seer, poet and harp player who lived in the Forest of Brethil and who was one of Haleth's folk made a song about the grave of Húrin's family saying the Stone of the Hapless should not be defiled by Morgoth nor ever thrown down, not though the sea should drown all the land,” Angela told them. “His prediction was spot on.”

“What's the Stone of the Hapless?” the Andorian Ambassador asked.

“It's a hallowed stone and it's a memorial to Húrin and his family. Túrin's grave was above the rapids of the river Teiglin and Húrin buried Morwen, his wife next to their son after she died. Húrin's daughter died in the river below and above their graves is a marker stone. After the War of Wrath, it was named Tol Morwen or Morwen's Isle and it was part of the Forest of Brethil which was the only place that didn't sink below the sea after the war,” Angela answered. “Ironically, Húrin's wife and children all died in the Forest of Brethil.”

“Now we know why the Forest of Brethil was important and Haleth who also had great foresight,” Sisko said.

“Of all the great deeds that men and elves did during the first three ages on Arda only Húrin and his family were memorialized with a marker stone,” Angela replied.

“That was a slap to Melkor by his Father for what he did to Húrin and his family,” Xavier told them.

After a 20 minutes break everyone returned to the Chamber.


“Can you explain the hellmouth to us again Mr. Giles?” the Pope asked.

“The hellmouth is an area where the barriers between the dimensions are weak and has a focal point and that focal point serves as a portal between earth and hell, Your Holiness,” Giles answered. “That's why a slayer sits on the hellmouth and will do so until the end times.”

“And all the things of hell come through it,” Buffy said.

“We live in a hell dimension,” Dawn replied.

“The readings Admiral Janeway took in the hellmouth are the readings of hell,” Giles told them.

Gasps and murmurs in the room.

“That's what they are,” Sisko said nodding his head.

“What is your position at the Pentagon General Alexander?” Admiral Tevan asked.

“I'm the Military Liaison for the Security Apparatus' world-wide regarding the supernatural Admiral,” Alexander answered.

“How did the Shamans infuse the power of a demon into the first slayer?” the Section 31 agent asked.

“No one knows, but we do know Shamans are more powerful than warlocks,” Giles answered.

“What’s a warlock?” Admiral Paris asked.

“A male witch,” Faith answered. “A female magic wielder is called a witch and a male magic wielder is called a warlock.”

“There’s no such thing as magic,” the Pope said.

“Yes there is Your Holiness and our earth is steeped in magic,” General Alexander replied.

“What’s the cause of magic on your world?” President James asked turning and looking at Giles.

“The energy field on the hellmouth produces many magic wielders and magic is passed down from parent to child, but not always Madam President – and the hellmouth has moved world-wide,” Giles answered.

“Why doesn't the US Military guard the hellmouth?” Admiral Jellico asked.

“No military is going to send their soldiers into hell Admiral, and it's the slayers job to guard the hellmouth,” Alexander answered.

“It’s about power Admiral and soldiers don't have power,” Sisko said.

“Some of those demons can casually move a mountain with their hand or pick one up and throw it,” Rona said.

“Faith and I have fought things with greater power and we’re lucky to be alive,” Buffy told them.

“None of you can image what comes out of hell and it’s the slayers who fight those monstrosities every night. We on the other hand take the spill over from the rest of the world,” Xavier said.

“What do you do as the Lord's Herald and Dooms-woman on your earth Mrs. Súlimo?” the Pope asked.

“I pronounce dooms,” she answered.

The Pope raised an eyebrow at the young woman and didn't like her flippant answer.

“Such as?” Ambassador Spock asked.

“Last year I pronounced Sandra's, Bill and Charlie's doom,” she answered. “They were dark magic wielders and they made a deal with a demon to do their bidding and they stiffed him. That means they didn't give him his payment. He was making noises and I was sent to talk to him. When I called him he told me his tale woe and he wanted his payment; and I told him I would not nor could not give him what he wanted, but I made a deal with him and he accepted. I then called D'Hoffryn and asked that he bring Sandra, Bill and Charlie before us and he did. When they appeared they were shocked and I told them the deal I struck and I gave Sandra a choice – that she could either go with D'Hoffryn or the other demon, and she looked between the two and chose D'Hoffryn. Then the demon took Bill and Charlie back to his hell dimension.”

Gasps and murmurs in the room and Ambassador Spock raised an eyebrow.

“You made a deal with a demon from hell?” the Pope asked appalled.

“Yes I did and it kept the peace,” she answered.

“What did the demon want?” Sisko asked.

“Babies to sacrifice,” she answered.

“Those three only got what they deserved,” Rona said.

“They wanted clean hands and it backfired on them,” Xavier replied.


“Can you tell us more about the energy field?” Rean asked.

“It’s unholy and corrupting Admiral,” Father Desmond replied. “When Admiral Janeway and I were in the hellmouth I finally realized what pure evil is. It was Faith and her slayer team who protected us and they came armed and ready for battle.”

“You and the Admiral were standing at the doorway to hell Father,” Giles told him.

Everyone watched while Father Daniels comforted Father Desmond.

Admiral Desmond’s heart went out to his brother, Admiral Janeway had a look of sympathy on her face and Admiral Sisko felt for the Priest.

“How were the slayers armed?” Admiral Toddman asked.

“With battle axes and swords,” Father Desmond answered.

“Why such primitive weapons?” Toddman asked.

“Our weapons are just as effective as yours Admiral,” Aral answered.

“I’m sorry Your Highness,” Toddman said red-faced. “I meant no offense.”

“Eönwë's sword can cut through anything, including your most powerful star ship...and none of your weapons nor any weapon in existence can put a scratch on that terrible blade,” Angela told them.

Every looked at the angel's sword and the Pope studied the angel in all his glory and thought everything about him was beyond words.

“The reason we use melee weapons has to do with balance Admiral and to maintain the balance, we must fight with the same weapons,” Giles answered.

“You can’t beam through that energy field nor can any of your weapons penetrate it or any weapon in existence, no matter how advanced,” General Alexander told them.

Murmurs in the room.

“There’s more than one energy field Admiral. One is a supernatural energy field, which we’ve already discussed and the other is an apocalyptic energy field which can't be seen or felt, but it’s there...and the slightest event can trigger an apocalypse on our world,” Giles answered.

“Such as?” Rean asked.

“Magic Admiral,” Giles answered. “Magic has consequences on our world, especially when it's used on the hellmouth. Buffy prevented 5 apocalypses in 7 years while she was the slayer on the hellmouth and all apocalypses that occur on our world come from the hellmouth. The dimensional walls that were coming down a few years ago began on the hellmouth.”

Everyone asked questions at once.
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