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Book of Revelations

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This story is No. 4 in the series "The New Watcher". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Buffy and the Slayers, along with Members of the Angel Institute travel to the United Federation of Planets. Part 4 of the New Watcher Series.

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Chapter 17

Disclaimer: I do not own anything. The Angel Institute and Academy are my own creation.

“That’s where it came from?” Admiral Paris asked with a surprise look on his face after everyone quieted down.

“How did it happened?” Ambassador Spock asked.

“The 'how' is classified, however, Mr. Giles and Miss Summers can tell you who was responsible and the reason why,” General Alexander answered.

Everyone now knew why the General was present and Admiral Rean had a smile on his face.

“Glorificus, or Glory as we called her, was a powerful demon hell goddess from a higher hell dimension and the two other demons who ruled the same hell dimension with her went to war with Glory and her army because she was growing to powerful...,” Giles told them.

Stunned silence in the Chamber after Giles finished and everyone looked at Buffy.

“She was willing to bring about the total destruction of everything just so she could return home?” Admiral Sanchez asked wide-eyed.

“We told her what would happened if she tried, but she didn't care. When they kicked her out they made sure she could never return and the only way she could return was by bringing all the dimensional walls down and that's what she tried to do,” Giles answered. “We were at ground zero and we saw everything bleeding into one and our earth was destroyed.”

“When Buffy closed that rift our world returned to normal as if nothing had happened,” Dawn said.

“Time always resets itself on the hellmouth,” Angela replied.

“How does time reset itself on the hellmouth?” Admiral T’Lara asked.

“It has something to do with that energy field Admiral and it reset everything back to its correct time and place,” Giles answered.

“Fascinating,” Ambassador Spoke said. “To think something like that has an effect on everything in existence.”

“Welcome to the hellmouth,” Buffy replied with a smirk.

“A lot of children who grow up under that energy field are very good in temporal mechanics and we told Admiral Janeway that what you consider the impossible here is very normal there,” General Alexander told them.

“Many of those children also have genius intellects. Willow Rosenberg is a genius in physics, mathematics and the computer sciences. Dawn Summers is a genius in chemistry and languages. Alexander Harris is a builder, but didn't know that until he took an apprenticeship. He was your average C student, or so he thought, and he's now a fine builder and he has no college education. Jonathan Levinson was a genius in temporal mechanics and Warren Mears was a genius in science, technology and robotics, and I can go on,” Giles told them.

“Jonathan was always running time-loops,” Dawn said rolling her eyes.

Admiral Kathryn Janeway smiled at her.

“Don forget about Warren,” Buffy said.

“Warren was only slowing down or speeding up time,” Dawn reminded her sister.

“How?” Admiral Tevan asked.

“He made a small microchip that could either slow down or speed of time,” Dawn answered.

“Warren Mears was not only a genius, but also a dark magic wielder. He built highly advanced androids, a sub-atomic weapon that could take everything back to it’s base parts, and many other weapons, along with a new form of propulsion,” Giles told them.

“No one knew that android wasn’t Buffy,” Dawn said turning to her sister with a grin on her face.

“She was my twin,” Buffy replied with a smile.

“That android looked like you Miss Summers?”Admiral Chapman asked Buffy.

“Yes, and no one could tell us apart,” Buffy answered.

“All of Warren's android's looked human and no one was ever the wiser,” Giles said.

“What other weapons did Mr. Mears invent?” Admiral Ross asked.

“That's also classified Admiral,” General Alexander answered. “Warren Mears was also a psychopath and a murderer.”

“What happened to him?” Admiral Sanchez asked.

“He was killed on the hellmouth at the age of 21 and Jonathan Levinson was also killed on the hellmouth at the same age,” Giles answered.

“Warren Mears was dangerous and the weapons and technology he invented were also dangerous and he used them for his own personal gain...and in the end he got nothing,” General Alexander told them.

“Such as inventing a sub-atomic weapon, androids, a new propulsion system and a microchip that could slow down or speed up time,” Admiral Rean said.

“And the list goes on Admiral,” Buffy replied.

“All of Warren's inventions worked Admiral and he took all that knowledge to the grave,” Giles told Rean.

“What those children were doing on the hellmouth would boggle the mind. They used magic and their other gifts to get what they wanted or to hurt others and the consequences be damned,” General Alexander told them.

“The consequences were always severe and ethics was never taught on the hellmouth,” Giles said.

“All that was normal on the hellmouth and those children were worse than the demons in some respects. They grew up in an abnormal place – hell to be exact – and they learn different survival skills and many of their friends didn't make it to adulthood and some of them watched them die by something that came out of hell,” Doctor Edwards told them.

“We still live by those same survival skills doctor,” Dawn turned and said to Doctor Edwards.

“You always will and so will the ones who made it out of Sunnydale; and the ones who now live on the hellmouth in Cleveland,” Doctor Edwards replied.

“I can never image that,” Admiral Paris said shaking his head.

“When one lives in hell you learn how to navigate it at a very young age,” Buffy replied.

“It's lunchtime,” President James said.


“Are we returning to the Vatican, Your Holiness?” his Secretary asked.

“Cancel my appointments for the next few days,” he answered. “We’ll return to the meeting after lunch.”

“Yes, Your Holiness,” his Secretary replied.


The Admiral's Dining Room

“I received a report from Starfleet Medical that Lieutenant Franklin’s injuries can’t be healed and they still have her under sedation until they can find a way to heal the burns on her hand,” Toddman told them.

“How's that possible?” Paris asked Toddman.

“They don’t know,” he answered. “They called in Doctor Pulaski and she suggested they try other methods, but they didn't work either.”

“Let's ask the other doctors,” Sanchez said.

“It couldn’t hurt,” Janeway said and took a sip of her coffee.


Admiral Rean received a report before lunch that no Betazoid in the Council Chambers could read any of the strangers, which he found odd considering most of them are human. He didn’t know no one could read humans with angelic power and the others are protected by a powerful magic spell.


“Can you believe what those children were doing on the hellmouth Bill?” Alynna Nechayev asked Bill Ross during lunch in the Admiral's Dining Room.

“Those children think way outside the box Alynna and by the time they're 16 they've mastered temporal mechanics...and I just realized that one of those energy fields is a temporal energy field and it's beyond anything we can image,” Ross answered.

“Warren Mears sounded like a real prince,” she said.

“But everything he invented worked Alynna,” Ross replied.

“The damn impossible is normal on that earth,” she said shaking her head.


Doctor Beverly Crusher contacted Will Riker and Deanna Troi and told them about the meeting that morning in the Council Chambers and suggested that they come with her for the afternoon session and they agreed.


“They resent us being here Robert,” Father Daniels said to Xavier during lunch at their temporary home.

“I know,” he replied. “They don’t like the fact that strangers have come in without their consent and they don’t know why and they feel helpless. They also think they can handle any situation that comes their way.”

“They’ll come to realize they’re some things they can’t handle and this is one of them,” Daniels told him.

“I agree Father,” Xavier said. “How’s Father Desmond?”

“He's doing much better after having lunch with Eönwë and Angela,” he answered.

Robert Xavier smiled. “What do you think of His Holiness?” Xavier asked.

“He’s an opportunist and rose to that position through blackmail and other means,” Daniels answered. “He also wants to meet Eönwë and he's not pleased that he has to asked Father Desmond to make the introductions.”

Xavier smiled and saw how the Pope looked at Eönwë and is in complete awe of the angel – as was everyone else in the Chamber. However, Xavier knew Eönwë would never meet him.


Federation Council Chambers

“Director Xavier will tell you why they've been sent,” President James told everyone after they returned to the Council Chambers after lunch.

“Thank you Madam President,” Xavier said. “Whistler show them what remains of Epsilon City.”

When Whistler snapped his fingers their were gasps in the Council Chambers and someone screamed when they saw the destruction of Epsilon City.

“Who destroyed Epsilon City?” the Section 31 agent asked only seeing ash.

“The Wrath of God came down on Epsilon City and nothing will ever grow on that spot again,” Xavier answered looking at the man with hard eyes “However, the colonists who settled outside Epsilon City long ago were spared.” “Whistler.”

Whistler snapped his fingers again.

“It's beautiful,” Captain Kira said after seeing Sanctuary village, the other villages and beach communities.

“They do everything the old fashion way and have no need for technology and they've prospered, as you can see,” Xavier told them.

“Starfleet never saw Epsilon's beauty, but only its dilithium,” President James said.

“Whistler show them Epsilon,” Xavier said.

There were murmurs in the Chamber after everyone saw how beautiful Epsilon truly is...and they saw the waterfalls, beaches, rivers, lakes, snow capped white mountains, rolling hills, animals, rich farm lands, trees and flowers.

“How large is Epsilon?” Admiral Desmond asked.

“It's the size of earth Admiral and as you saw the landscape is very different and so are some of the animals,” President James answered. “The colonists who live there hunt and fish for their food, grow crops, plant trees and flowers and everything is unspoiled and I expect it to be kept that way. Mr. Corina was sent because he and his fellow architects, engineers, designers and planners are going to design the new homes and all the buildings, including all Starfleet facilities on Epsilon and this order comes from above.”

“Aye Madam President,” Rean said.

Aral and Maglor smiled.


“Mr. Xavier,” President James said.

“Thank you Madam President,” he replied. “Before I tell you why we're here, Mrs. Súlimo will tell you why she told you the story of The War of Wrath, or the Great Battle, on Arda.”

“Thank you Assistant Director,” she said looking at Xavier who smiled at her. “The War of Wrath spilled over to our earth last year and that war happened on Arda over eight thousands of years ago. When I went to Arda to pick up Maglor's mother and grandfather to bring them to our world I was surprised to see Eönwë was going with them along with the Angel Olórin I could understand the Angel Olórin escorting Mr. Mahtan and Miss Nerdanel to our world, but not Eönwë and you don't send Eönwë for no reason. The angels that watch over Arda are the guardian angels for elves and men and their power is bound to Arda and they can't leave it until its ending. Eönwë's Father temporarily released him and the Angel Olórin and sent them to our world. Months later another angel from Arda was sent to the Angel Academy for the Gifted and Talented and Eönwë's here because it's Arda related.”

“How is it Arda related?” Admiral Rean asked.

“We don't know yet Admiral,” Angela answered.

“Anya Jenkins was a vengeance demon who worked for D'Hoffryn, the Lord of Arashmahaar, and she was at a demon party in Los Angeles on our earth many years ago and told her friend Hallie, another vengeance demon, about an assignment she was given by their boss D'Hoffryn...,” Xavier told them.

“How long have they been here Mr. Xavier?” Admiral Toddman asked after the Chamber quieted down.

“A long time and they're buried deep,” Xavier answered. “They set eyes and ears on this dimension long ago and watched you before they moved in, and the first place they took over was Epsilon and you know why.”

“That was the rot beneath Epsilon City,” Debra Stans said with a angry look on her face.

“Yes it was Mrs. Stans and they corrupted most of the inhabitants of Epsilon City. The reason none of you knew they were there is that they looked human,” Giles answered.

“You sons-of-bitches, you threw us to the wolves,” Michael Bridges shouted standing up and looking around the Chamber.

“You were right Captain, the enemy was unseen and we just found out why,” Sisko whispered to Kira.

Captain Kira nodded her head.

“The Senior Partners also warned the Dominion off Epsilon and the Pleasure Palace during your war with them and they also warned the Orion Syndicate as well and they both complied and knew they were no match for them.”

Murmurs in the room.

“That's who they are,” Ross said stunned.

“The Senior Partners didn't care what the Dominion did as long as they stayed away from Epsilon and the Pleasure Palace. In fact, the Senior Partners never interfered with the Dominion and never told them what to do, except on two occasions. The Changeling's who were on earth were rudely summoned to a meeting with one of the Senior Partner's representative and he told them who he was and who he worked for and told them to leave earth and never return. When they protested he demonstrated his power, on them, and they acquiesced, and with a wave of his hand he sent the three of them to the nearest Dominion vessel. On the other occasion the Dominion had to get the Senior Partners consent to attack earth and it was the Senior Partners who told them which targets to hit,” Xavier told them.

The silence in the Chamber was deafening and there were many shocked faces – and know one knew how hot under the collar Admiral Rean was at that moment.

“None of you can fully grasp what you're really dealing with and we're not talking about the small and insufficient things you've encounter or will encounter in space. This is as big as it comes and we're talking about pure evil on such a scale you can't really phantom, and this is going to be a battle between heaven and hell,” General Alexander said.

“Do any of you know who the Senior Partners are?” Admiral Janeway asked.

“No,” Giles answered. “But they rule many hell dimensions.”

“How did they set eyes and ears on our dimension?” Rean asked.

“Through another dimension and they were always out of your reach Admiral,” Xavier answered.

Gasps and murmurs in the room.

“How were the children taken from Epsilon?” Rean asked.

“They opened a 'hot spot' on Epsilon, which is a portal, and that's how the children were taken and others were coming and going,” Xavier answered.

“Are there other 'hot spots'?” Admiral Nechayev asked still reeling.

“One was on the Pleasure Palace and a few are here on this earth,” Xavier answered.

Shouts and questions in the Chamber and Admiral Rean didn't show his surprise.

“That's how the children from Epsilon got here,” Toddman said.

“They were being moved underground and out of everyone's sight,” Xavier replied.

“How many demons are here?” Ambassador Spock asked.

“They're not here, but their employees are and they're all human and Federation citizens and they're doing the Senior Partners bidding Ambassador,” President James answered.

“What the hell,” Riker turned and said to Crusher and Troi.

“After the 'hot spot' was closed on Epsilon I sent a slayer team to Epsilon lead by Rona and they killed all the demons. Eönwë was also sent because he was the only one who could open the door to where the 'hot spot' was located,” Giles told them.

“Angelic power,” Admiral Desmond said.

“That's what it took to open that door Admiral and now you know what you're dealing with,” Buffy replied.

“How was the 'hot spot' closed?” Admiral Sanchez asked.

“That's classified Admiral,” General Alexander answered.

Murmurs in the room.

“The Pleasure Palace was destroyed a short time later by one of Eönwë's brothers, but before that happened the children were sent to the castle,” Xavier told them.

“My goodness,” someone said aloud in the Council Chamber.

“This dimension is not suppose to have the demonic and they've been eliminated on Epsilon and the Pleasure Palace. The demon that has been watching you and reporting back to the Senior Partners has also been killed and now the Senior Partners are blind to what's going on here. We're going to war with them and we're waiting for word when to begin,” Xavier told them.

“You said they're not here Mr. Xavier?” Admiral Jellico said.

“They're going to come Admiral. The fourth Seal says: 'and I looked, and behold a pale horse: and the rider that sat on his was Death, and Hell followed him. And power was given upon them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with a sword, with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth',” Xavier replied.

“That power has been given to them,” President James told them.

Murmurs in the Chamber.

“Is the Angel Eönwë going to lead you?” the Pope asked still shocked to hear that demons from hell had taken over Epsilon and have set up shop on earth.

“No, Your Holiness,” Xavier answered. “Our Captain is the Angel Michael and he'll lead us into battle.”

“The Prince of Heaven?” the Pope asked astonished.

“The one and only and Father Desmond and Admiral Janeway met him while they were on our earth,” Xavier answered.

The Cardinal's saw the look of envy on the Pope's face when he looked at Father Desmond, and Admiral Desmond stared at his brother.

“They're also going to be a host of angels here, but you won't see them,” Xavier told them.

“We'll be standing on the side lines watching,” Admiral Sanchez said nodding his head.

“Exactly Admiral,” Xavier replied.

“Will a continent sink into the sea?” a Captain asked from the gallery.

“No, but after it's all said and done you're going to have a lot to cleaning up to do,” Xavier answered.

Murmurs in the Chamber.

“Admiral Janeway and Father Desmond got the privilege of meeting the first person ever created,” Angela told them.

“The Angel Michael?” Janeway asked surprised.

“Yes Admiral,” Angela answered smiling at her.

“You have bragging rights Admiral,” General Alexander said looking at Janeway with a smile on his face.

Everyone in the Chamber looked at Admiral Janeway and Father Desmond.

“How do you people live like that?” a Commander asked from the gallery.

“We're born there and the majority of people on our world don't know about the demonic and demons, and they only come out of night because they don't like the sunlight. This has always been a shadow war and is only fought at night while everyone is asleep. Only certain people in each government, the military and security apparatus' world-wide know about demons and they have someone in every morgue, hospital and policy station...and a special unit that investigates the demonic. They contact the Angel Institute if they have a problem and there reports are very thorough,” Xavier answered.

“No one knows?” Doctor Nathan asked surprised.

“It would cause a world-wide panic if they did,” General Alexander answered.

“Does your government, military and security apparatus know about the hellmouth and demons, General?” Admiral Mica asked.

“They've known about the slayer and the hellmouth for almost 150 years, but they don't interfere,” Alexander answered.

“Why is the hellmouth in Cleveland, Ohio instead of Sunnydale?” Admiral T'Lara asked.

Giles told them about the Battle in the Hellmouth.

“That was the battle Q told me he witnessed in another dimension,” Janeway said.

“It was the first battle between heaven and hell Admiral,” General Alexander replied. “The Q stay out of our dimension because they're things there they don't understand and quite frankly that are way beyond them.”

“They're afraid,” Janeway said.

“Terrified is a better word Admiral,” Alexander replied.


“Are the slayers genetically enhanced?” the Section 31 agent asked.

“No we're not,” Rona answered.

“When Buffy went to bed one night she was an ordinary teenage girl, but when she woke up the next morning she was the slayer. The slayer the night before died and the essence of the slayer entered Buffy while she was asleep.”

“That's how the slayers are called,” Dawn told them.

“The slayers are the Watchers' charges and most slayers live a year after being called and the first slayer was 8 years old. These girls are called between the ages of 8 and 16 and no one knows who's going to called as the next slayer,” Giles said.

“Why such young girls?” Cardinal Gianni asked in a surprise tone.

“It's God's Will,” Xavier answered.

“I was called at the age of 15,” Buffy said.

“I was called at 16,” Faith told them.

“The rest of us were called just before the Battle in the Hellmouth,” Rona said.

“Why do the slayers only live a year after being called?” Deanna Troi asked.

“They either have to sacrifice themselves for the greater good or they get torn apart by a powerful demon,” Giles answered.

“Death is our gift,” Buffy said.

“Now all of you know what that means,” Giles replied.
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