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Book of Revelations

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This story is No. 4 in the series "The New Watcher". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Buffy and the Slayers, along with Members of the Angel Institute travel to the United Federation of Planets. Part 4 of the New Watcher Series.

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Chapter 18

Disclaimer: I do not own anything. The Angel Institute and Academy are my own creation.

“Lieutenant Franklin was severely injured when her tri-corder exploded in her hand when she tried to scan the Angel Eönwë and our doctors can't heal her injuries,” Admiral Toddman said.

“Eönwë wasn’t the cause of her injuries and he was the one who sent her to your medical facilities. Her tri-corder exploded because she tried to scan an angel and their power is too great for any technology to scan,” Angela replied.

“I'll heal her,” Doctor Weber said.

“How?” Doctor Paige asked.

“The old fashion way,” she answered smiling at the Head of Starfleet Medical and sent a message mentally to one of the doctors at the castle.

“Doctor Pulaski will escort you to her room,” Doctor Paige said.

“Thank you and I'll bring Doctor Madison along,” Doctor Weber said.

“This meeting is over,” Ambassador Johnson said.

The Federation President and her guests left the Chamber with Doctor Pulaski.


“I see you're still awake Doctor Madison,” Doctor Weber said when he walked up to her at the castle

“I haven't gone to bed yet,” he replied. “Hello Aunt Katherine, why are you here?” he asked.

“I'm going to escort Doctor Weber and you to Starfleet Medical,” she answered and told him why.

“Shall we go?” Doctor Weber asked after retrieving her medical bag.


Starfleet Medical

“This is a nasty burn,” Doctor Weber said after examining the sleeping Lieutenant Franklin's hand.

“What is that?” a male Vulcan doctor asked.

“It's an old fashion medical bag,” Pulaski answered and saw Doctor Weber take out a round tin, gauze and gloves.

“You're going to heal her wound Doctor Madison and I'll walk you through the process,” Weber said and handed him the medical gloves.

“Yes doctor,” he replied and put on the gloves.

Doctor Weber opened the tin and told Doctor Madison how to rub the medicine on Lt. Franklin's wound. “Don't be shy doctor, she's asleep and can't feel anything, so rub away,” Weber said.

Doctor Pulaski watched her nephew did as he was told and covered the entire wound and then some.

“Very good Doctor Madison,” Weber said and took the tin. “This is medical gauze that we use to cover wounds and I'm going to guide your hand while you cover her wound doctor.”

“What's in the tin?” Doctor Paige asked after they finished bandaging Lt. Franklin's wound.

“Herbal medicine from our earth,” Doctor Weber answered. “Sometimes one has to go backwards to treat a patient and this is one of those cases. We found out technology doesn't always solve all our medical problems and you have to use other medical methods and these methods have been around since the beginning of time and they still work and always will.”

“How long will it take her wound to heal?” Pulaski asked.

“We'll be here every day to change her gauze and check her wound, but it shouldn’t take long,” Weber answered. “We're ready to leave Doctor Pulaski.”


“I'm very proud of you Jamie,” Pulaski said to her nephew when they returned to the castle.

“Why Aunt Katherine?” he asked with a raised eyebrow.

“These doctors are teaching you the the old way Jamie,” she answered.

“You mean without technology,” he said.

“Yes,” she replied. “That was the first time those doctors at Starfleet Medical had seen medical gauze and they, along with you, learned how to wrap a patient's hand in gauze.”

“It was different,” he said.

“That's the way it used to be done Jamie,” she replied. “You need to read your medical history and these doctors – even with all their technology – still do a lot of things the old way. I suggest you learn as much as you can from them. They can see with their eyes and feel with their hands what a medical tri-corder can tell you, and that's the way they're taught.”


“How the hell was Epsilon forgotten?” Will Riker asked angrily during dinner with his wife and Doctor Crusher.

“No one knows Will,” Crusher answered. “Epsilon was colonized over 155 years ago and after Starfleet left they didn't leave any security behind and there's been no communication with Epsilon since.”

“I've never heard of Epsilon until today,” Troi said.

“No one has,” Crusher replied.

“I didn't know we traveled that far at that time and it must have taken them months to get there with the ships we had,” Riker said.

“Communications also weren't what they are today Will and Starfleet started their great Exploration Program at that time and that became their main concern and Starfleet Colonial Operations wasn't a branch of Starfleet until later,” Deanna replied.

“And Epsilon was forgotten,” Riker said.

“It appears so,” Crusher said. “I did some research and found out Starfleet only has security on the ground in our outlining colonies.”

“Now we know why the Dominion destroyed many Federation colonies during the war,” Riker said.

“They weren't protected and only the core worlds and their colony worlds are protected by Starfleet vessels,” Troi replied.

“What do you think of the slayers Deanna?” Crusher asked.

“My heart goes out to them Beverly and it saddens me to hear they all die at a very young age,” she answered.

“I'm glad I don't live on that earth,” Riker said.

“So am I,” Crusher and Troi replied in unison.


Admiral Rean's Office

Admiral Rean finally knew how the children left Epsilon and how the others were coming and going...and what galled him was finding out demons had taken over Epsilon and Starfleet is going to be reminded of their failure for years to come. Another thing that surprised him was they'd been watched from another dimension before the demons arrived and they recruited humans to work for them. Another stunner was finding out about the 'hot spots' and that's how the demons were coming and going at will, and everything was done underground and out of their sight. What really threw him for a loop was finding out it was those damn demons who told the Dominion what targets to hit on earth during the Dominion War.

“Have you found anything?” Rean asked when Admiral's Toddman, Sanchez and Tevan walked into his office?”

“No Admiral,” Sanchez answered. “Our scans can't locate the 'hot spots''.

“Mr. Xavier and the others know where they are,” Toddman said.

“But they won't tell us,” Rean replied. “Are there any anomalies anywhere on earth?” he asked.

“No Admiral,” Sanchez answered.

“What can't we read those portals?” Rean asked.

“We don't know sir, but the others know why we can't read them,” Tevan answered.


The Vatican

When the Pope returned with the others he told Cardinal Ramirez to call a meeting of the College of Cardinal's the next morning.


“The Lord sent an angel and he was in the Council Chambers?” a Cardinal asked after the room quieted down.

“He's the Angel Eönwë and stood very tall in all his glory,” the Pope answered.

“What are we going to do, Your Holiness?” another Cardinal asked.

“There's nothing we can do,” he answered. “Mr. Xavier told us they were sent to kill the foul demons and their Captain, the Angel Michael, will lead them into battle as he's always done.”

Gasps and murmurs in the room and a few Cardinals blessed themselves.

“They know Michael?” another Cardinal asked.

“He's their Captain and always has been so,” the Pope answered. “We found out their earth has a direct opening to the gates of hell..., and that's why power was bestowed on them and the slayers.” The Pope patiently answered their other questions.

The Cardinals were surprised to learn that it was a slayer who saved them when all the dimensions were collapsing and the Lord brought her back to life, not once, but twice. They were also surprised it was a female demon from hell who was the cause of it. The Cardinal's sat stunned when His Holiness told them the Lord was sending an angelic host and it's going to be a battle between heaven and hell.


“I can't image living in such a place,” Cardinal Ramirez said to Cardinal Gianni after they finished lunch.

“Hell, you mean,” Gianni replied.

“Yes Carlo,” he answered. “Did you notice the slight twitch on His Holiness' face when he talked about the Priest from the other earth?”

“He's jealous of Father Daniels because of his angelic power,” Gianni answered.

“He's also envious of Father Desmond,” Ramirez said.

“I know,” Gianni replied.

“It's time for us to hold a few Cardinal's hands,” Ramirez said.

Cardinal Gianni chuckled.

Cardinal's Gianni and Ramirez didn't vote for the current Pope a few years ago and neither liked the man and heard nasty rumors about him for years which could never be proven; and they both know he'll cut your throat if you got in his way and he used blackmail and other forms of coercion to rise to the top. He's also vindictive and heaven help anyone who incurred his wrath.


When Doctor's Weber and Madison arrived at Starfleet Medical the next day, Doctor Madison changed Lt. Franklin's dressing. But first, Doctor Weber taught him how cut off the old dressing, exam the wound and watched as he applied more herbal medicine and wrap the wound – all under the gaze of Doctor Paige and other doctors from Starfleet Medical, including Doctor's Pulaski, Crusher and the Doctor from Voyager.

“That was different,” the Doctor said afterwards.

“How so doctor?” Pulaski asked.

“They didn't use any technology,” he answered.

“Technology can't heal that wound doctor and we've tried everything,” Crusher told him.

“Why?” the Doctor asked looking between the two doctors.

“We don't know,” Pulaski answered. “That's why the other doctors were called in.”

“The doctors from the other earth I heard about?” the Doctor asked.

“Yes,” Crusher answered.

“What were they using?” the Doctor asked.

“Herbal medicine from their earth and her wound looked much better this morning,” Pulaski answered. “Herbal medicine works Doctor, but we've forgotten in our pursuit of technology.”

“What are the other doctor's qualifications?” the Doctor asked.

They told him.


“What did you think of the the others?” the Admiral asked the Section 31 agent.

“I wonder why young girls were given so much power,” he answered wishing he had a few slayers at his disposal.

“It's to fight the things from hell and don't forget about the ones who's power is greater than the slayers and the angel standing in the Chamber who's power is the greatest in existence, save one,” the Admiral said.

The Section 31 agent looked at the Admiral.

“You and your organization can't save us – that's why the others were sent,” the Admiral reminded him.

When the Section 31 agent left the Admiral's cabin he was smarting because he knows the Admiral's right. He and his organization never knew the Federation had been infiltrated and demons had taken over one of their colony worlds. What really made him angry was finding out they recruited humans to do their bidding and he nor his associates know who they are on earth; and another surprise was learning about the portals. The Section 31 agent decided to call in reinforcements.


“They're on this earth?” Joseph Sisko asked loudly standing up from his chair with an astonished look on his face.

“They were on Epsilon dad and they were running Epsilon City. They're not on our earth, but their employees are and they're human,” Ben answered.

“Why would they work for the things from hell?” his father asked.

“I don't know dad,” Ben answered.

“How long were they on Epsilon Ben?” Kasidy asked.

“Decades,” her husband answered.

“No one knew?” Joseph Sisko asked wide-eyed.

“No, because they looked human,” Ben answered. “For whatever reason Epsilon became a forgotten colony and there's no record of the reason why.”

“From what you told us Epsilon is to far away, and out of sight, out of mind,” Kasidy said.

“Now that I think about it, you're right Kasidy,” Ben replied.

“What's Starfleet going to do about the human employees who work for the demons?” Joe Sisko asked.

“We don't know who they are dad and it's out of hands and others were sent to deal with the problem,” he answered.

“The ones from the other earth?” Joe Sisko asked.

“Yes,” Ben answered.


“Come in Colin,” Father Desmond said to his brother when he opened the door to his home. “Would you like a cup of tea?”

“Yes I would,” Colin answered. “I see your home is on the grounds of the castle.”

“Now I know why I was called to the Priesthood Colin,” Father Desmond said and took a sip of his tea.

Admiral Desmond nodded his head. “I didn't know you met Michael,” he said seeing his brother in a different light. “What's he like?”

“I also know the Angel Eönwë and met him while I was on the other earth,” his brother answered and the brothers talked well into the night.

Father Desmond didn't show his surprise the next morning when he saw his brother at Mass along with Father Daniels and a few others.


Sisko's – New Orleans

“All of you are up early,” Jake said when he walked into the kitchen of his grandfather's restaurant and saw his grandfather, father, Kasidy and Nathan.

“We have many dishes to prepare for our guests later this afternoon,” Nathan replied.

“Our only guests today will be from the other earth and they've rented the entire restaurant for the day,” Joe Sisko turned and said to his grandson.

“Where's Olivia?” Jake asked.

“She's still asleep and after she awakes and has breakfast my family will come and take her until the guests arrive. We don't want her underfoot,” Kasidy answered.

“The Angel Eönwë will also be here,” Ben said to his son with a smile.

“He's coming here,” Jake asked with a dropped jaw.

“Yes he is Jake,” his grandfather answered.

“When will they be here?” Jake asked.

His father told him. “Get to work,” Ben said and handed his son an apron.


Rupert Giles studied the warlock Darren Mason having breakfast with Buffy and realized his strengths and talents were the opposite of Buffy's and he wasn't the least bit intimated by her, or her strengths. He also noticed Buffy's smile reached her eyes during their conversations.

“They're meant Mr. Giles,” Robert Xavier said looking at the two of them in the dining hall.

“I wonder if they know?” Giles asked looking at Xavier.

“Darren does, but Buffy doesn't on a conscious level yet,” he answered. “I saw the way he looked at her at the Angel Academy.”

“I never saw that,” Giles said.

“You weren't looking Mr. Giles,” he replied.

“I have to admit I wasn't,” he said.

Rupert Giles and Robert Xavier watched the two of them having an animated conversation and Giles was happy for the woman he thought of as a daughter.


Starfleet Medical

“The wound is healing nicely,” Doctor Madison said after he cut off the gauze and examined Lt. Franklin's hand.

“Yes it is doctor,” Doctor Weber replied with a smile.

Doctor Paige also agreed after looking at her wound.

Doctor Madison applied a little more of the herbal medicine pursuant to Doctor Weber's instructions and wrapped her hand. After they finished they returned to the castle; but before they did Doctor Madison invited his aunt to have dinner with him that evening and told her when and where and she accepted.


Sisko's – New Orleans

“Everything's ready,” Nathan said after checking the tables and buffet.

“Thank you Nathan,” Joseph Sisko he replied.

“Hello Admiral,” Buffy said when she and the others appeared a few minutes later.

“Hello Miss Summers,” he replied smiling.

“Call me Buffy,” she said returning the smile.

“Buffy it is,” he said.

“Are we on time?” Doctor Myers asked when he and the other doctors appeared in Sisko's.

“Yes you are,” Ben Sisko answered.

Everyone turned and saw Doctor's Pulaski and Madison walk into the restaurant.

“Welcome doctors,” Joseph Sisko said greeting his guests and showed them to their table.

Admiral Benjamin Sisko introduced everyone to his family and the Sisko's were surprised when Eönwë shook their hands. Olivia Sisko smiled when she saw the angel and ran to him and smiled when he picked her up and kissed her on the forehead and she kissed him on the cheek.

“I'll be damned,” Joseph Sisko said under his breath looking at the two of them and saw his son, daughter-in-law and grandson smiling. “He's not what I expected son.”

“No he's isn't,” Ben replied.

Nathan showed everyone the buffet and told them to help themselves.

“This is the first time I've seen the doctors in clothes other than scrubs,” Jamie said looking around the restaurant.

“Their clothes are different than ours,” his aunt replied.

“I found out who they and the others are Aunt Katherine, and why they're here,” Jamie told her.”

“So were we.” “What do you think of the angel?” she asked.

“He's married to Angela,” he answered.

“Is he?” his aunt asked with a surprised look on her face.

“Yes he is Aunt Katherine,” he answered. “I was also surprised to learn I was chosen by the Lord to do his Will,” Jamie said. “We're not taught that growing up Aunt Katherine.”

“I know, but it's also part of our history Jamie,” she replied.

“How did we forget?” he asked.

“I don't know, but we're now being reminded and you should talk to Father Desmond,” she answered.


The Sisko Family and Nathan kept refilling the buffet and commented how much the slayers ate. Joseph Sisko watched as his guests washed their meal down with the best wine from his cellar and was pleased.

“How's he doing?” Xavier asked Weber while they were having dessert.

“He's learning,” she answered.

“He doesn't get much sleep does he?” Alexander asked looking at Doctor Madison.

Weber laughed. “We didn't get much sleep either and he now knows what we went through as residents,” she told them.


“This is not the New Orleans I grew up in,” Sabrina said looking out of the window of Sisko's.

“Do you like this better?” Faith asked.

“This doesn't feel like home and I prefer the dirt and grim of my New Orleans,” she answered.

The other slayers at the table laughed.


Joseph Sisko was happy his guests enjoyed their meal and Angela thanked him for the delicious lobster.

“I better put Olivia to bed,” Kasidy said when she walked up to Eönwë who was holding her sleeping daughter.

“She’s a lovely child,” Eönwë said when he handed Olivia to her mother. “The Lord God has given her a special gift.”

Ben and Kasidy looked at Eönwë “Thank you Eönwë,” she replied with a perplexed look on her face after taking her daughter.

“Eönwë is also a prophet Mrs. Sisko,” Angela told her.


“Our compliments to the chef,” Xavier stood up and said raising his glass.

Everyone stood up and cheered and clapped.

“Thank you,” Joseph Sisko replied beaming.

After Buffy paid the bill everyone was ready to leave.

“I hope to see you again before you leave,” Joseph Sisko said.

“Count on it,” Faith replied.


Starfleet Medical – The Next Morning

“It itches,” Lt. Franklin said sitting up in her bio-bed looking at the scars on her hand.

“That's a good sign and that means skin is growing over your wound and it's almost healed, but don't scratch it or you'll reinfect it,” Doctor Weber replied smiling at the young woman. “Doctor Madison will clean the wound and apply a herbal ointment which acts as an anti-biotic, and cover your wound in a bandage and your hand in medical dressing and I'll teach him how.”

The doctors from Starfleet Medical watched as Doctor Weber instructed Doctor Madison how to clean the wound with soap and water, apply the herbal ointment, put a thick bandage on the wound and saw Doctor Madison wrapped her hand again in gauze.

“Very good Doctor Madison,” Doctor Pulaski said to her nephew with a smile on her face.

“Thank you Aunt Katherine,” he replied.

“Why couldn't Starfleet technology heal my wound? Lt. Franklin asked with a perplexed look on her face.

“It's only Angel Institute's herbal medicine that could heal your wound Lt. Franklin because their herbal medicine comes from hallowed ground on their earth,” Eönwë answered when he appeared in her room.

The other doctors in the room stepped back when the angel appeared and the Doctor stared at the angel.

“Will my scars heal?” she asked after she composed herself, never taking her eyes off the angel and thought he was the most beautiful person she'd every seen and she loved his musical voice.

“No Lt. Franklin, and it'll always be a reminder to you of what you tried to do and this is the Lord God's Will,” Eönwë answered.

“I was only doing what I was trained to do,” she said.

“I know Lt. Franklin, but they're some things technology can't scan and angels are one of them,” Eönwë replied and shimmered out of the room.

Everyone smelled the scent of flowers after Eönwë disappeared.

“You knew our technology couldn't heal her wound,” Doctor Madison turned and said to Doctor Weber.

“No I didn't doctor,” she answered. “Before I left our earth I was told to bring our herbal medicine, but not the reason why. It was only after the Admiral told us about Lt. Franklin's wound that I realized why I was told to bring the herbal medicine. This may come as a surprise to you Doctor Madison, but when word comes down from heaven we're only told what to do and not the reason why...and we only find out why later, and in some cases not at all. That's the way it works.”

“The man who came to see only told me I was offered a position helping children in a private children's clinic and the padd he handed me only told me where the clinic was located and when I was expected,” Doctor Madison said.

“That angel was only delivering the message Doctor Madison,” Doctor Weber told him. “When the Lord asked you to do something it's not going to be cake walk, in fact, it's going to be damn hard and difficult, especially if you're the Chosen One and you're finding that out, aren't you Doctor Madison?”

“Yes,” he answered. “I was surprised when I walked into the emergency room and saw the children in the state they were in.”

“I know,” Weber said. “That's what evil does Doctor Madison and it's not a pretty sight.”

“No it isn't,” he replied.

“We're ready to leave,” Doctor Weber said.
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