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Book of Revelations

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This story is No. 4 in the series "The New Watcher". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Buffy and the Slayers, along with Members of the Angel Institute travel to the United Federation of Planets. Part 4 of the New Watcher Series.

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Chapter 19

Disclaimer: I do not own anything. The Angel Institute and Academy are my own creation.

Casey McKenzie rocked his 2 month old son, David Ian McKenzie, to sleep and told his girlfriend Camille's having a private party at the club and he'll be home later than usual. Casey was surprised he had another nightmare last week which he hasn't had in months. He couldn't remember the dream when he woke up, but he did remember it had something to do with his son.


The Three Aces

“I see all the VIP's are here tonight,” Carla Swanson said when she walked up to Casey.

“And they all look happy,” he replied looking down from the VIP Lounge and watched Camille work the room.

“She's giving them what they want,” Carla said with a lip curling smile.

Casey wondered how long the good times will last and after seeing the smile on Carla's face – it was at that moment he felt a sense of doom not only for himself, but also for Carla.

Carla saw the degenerates stuff themselves with food and drink and not the replicated kind. She smiled when she saw Heather and knew three of her clients were at the, and saw Allison talking to a Commander from Starfleet Headquarters, though she thought they didn't know who she is what she did. “Fool,” Carla said aloud.

Casey rolled his eyes and didn't bother to asked Carla what she meant.

No one at the Three Aces knew others were watching the festivities.


Aaron and his crew gave their reports to Robert Xavier, Rupert Giles and Maglor when they returned to their temporary home.

“When will our guest arrive?” Giles asked wiping his glasses on his tie.

Director Xavier told him.


“Can I talk to you after dinner tonight Father?” Madison asked.

“Of course doctor,” Father Desmond answered.

After dinner that evening Doctor Madison had a long talk with Father Desmond about earth's religious history.


Starfleet Medical

“What's wrong with Doctor Paige?” Doctor Crusher asked Doctor Pulaski in her office.

“He feels helpless Beverly,” Pulaski answered. “Everything we have and everything we've been taught is of no use in this situation. I watched Doctor Paige while Doctor Weber was teaching Jamie and he realized he too has gaps in his medical education and he told me he'd never seen medical gauze before and doesn't know how to treat patients the way they do. I told him that's how doctors used to treat their patients on earth and it's become a lost art.”

“I'm pleased to hear they still use herbal medicine,” Crusher said with a smile. Doctor Crusher's grandmother was a healer who also used herbal medicine.

“I know you are,” Pulaski replied and told Beverly where she was going later and the reason why and asked her if she'll join her.

“Yes, and let's invite the Doctor,” Crusher said.

“Let's,” Pulaski replied smiling.


Admiral Paris' Home

“Can't Starfleet do anything dad?” Tom Paris asked his father.

“I'm afraid not son, this is going to be a war between good and evil, or heaven and hell and this is way beyond us,” Admiral Paris answered.

“What would you have Starfleet do Tom?” Janeway asked.

“Point taken Admiral,” he answered.

“I still can't believe any of this and the readings you took on that earth are the readings of hell,” Harry Kim said shaking his head.

“Don't forget about the angel among us,” Maggie Paris said smiling at Harry.

“His name is Eönwë and I met him while I was on the other earth along with the Angel Michael,” Janeway said. “The Doctor told me Eönwë appeared in Lt. Franklin's room and told her why her scars will never heal.”

“Why?” B'Elanna Torres asked holding her sleeping daughter.

Admiral Janeway told them.

“This is very strange to me,” B'Elanna said.

“It's part of our written history B'Elanna,” Maggie told her daughter-in-law and told her part of their history and why Epsilon City was destroyed.

“Why haven't I heard of this?” she asked.

“For whatever reason we forgot B'Elanna and we're now being reminded,” Mrs. Paris answered.


“Welcome Madam President,” Xavier said when she appeared and saw she was wearing a formal ball gown.

“Thank you Mr. Xavier,” she replied appearing without her security detail.

“Right this way Madam President,” he said and escorted her to the Reception Room.

While they were walking down the corridor President James saw the elven guards standing still as statues with a spear in one hand and a shield in the another, a sword, and helms on their heads and they were dressed for battle. When she entered the Reception Room she noticed the Crown Prince was dressed in formal elven attire and introduced her to his wife, Crown Princess Maril of Avali, who was dressed in a stunning elvish gown and her royal jewels were also woven throughout her hair. President James greeted General Alexander who was wearing his dress military uniform, and Maglor who was also wearing formal elvish attire. Mr. Xavier and Giles wore tuxedos.

White elvish wine was served during the reception and an hour later everyone was escorted to dinner. The Federation President was seated next to Mr. Xavier and the Crown Prince at a round table and dinner was served outside next to a small pond and candles lit the entire area and flowers and candles were also centerpieces on the dining table. A splendid four course meal was served, along with more elvish wine and the food melted in President James' mouth. During dinner the Federation President learned more about the Avalian and Noldor elves...and she found the elves charming.

After dinner Robert Xavier, Rupert Giles and Maglor escorted the Federation President to a small conference room.

“The red dots are where the Senior Partners have their office and businesses and we have the names and photos of everyone who visited those establishments,” Xavier told her.

She nodded her her and looked at the map. “I see their law firm and businesses are in San Francisco and Los Angeles,” she said.

“Yes they are Madam President and once their establishments are destroyed they’re going to think it’s Starfleet and when that happens they're going to open the hellmouth,” Xavier told her.

“And you'll be waiting for them,” President James said.

“Yes Madam President and Whistler will keep you apprised of our actions,” Xavier replied.

“Thank you,” she said and got up and looked at Whistler who snapped his fingers and returned her to her home.

“You didn't tell her about Camille,” Giles said after the Federation President departed.

“I never intended to,” Xavier answered. “Camille is going to be the first person to be taken out.”

Giles nodded his head. “I'll send Faith to do the job.”


The Section 31 agent received a communication from the cloaked Akira class ship when it arrived in the Sol System and he told them why they were there and to stay put until everything is resolved on earth. The Captain, a former Starfleet Captain who retired after the Dominion War, acknowledged the order.


“Come in,” Father Daniels said when he opened the castle door the next morning.

“Thank you Father,” Doctor Pulaski said.

“Doctor's Weber and Madison are waiting. Right this way,” Father Daniels said and Doctor's Crusher, Pulaski and the Doctor followed the Priest.

The three Starfleet Doctors and Father Daniels saw Doctor Graham and two other doctors run out of the dining room, down the hallway and disappear around a corner.

“They're in a hurry,” the Doctor said.

“Doctors on our earth always run when there's an emergency,” Father Daniels replied.

“I didn't know that,” the Doctor said.

“You learned something new today Doctor,” Doctor Weber said when she and Doctor Madison walked out of the dining room.

“I glad you could make it Aunt Katherine,” Madison said.

“Thank you for inviting me Jamie,” she replied. “I hope you don't mind if I brought the Doctor and Doctor Crusher along.”

“The more the merrier,” Weber replied with a smile. “Shall we go and see what all the fuss is about in the intensive care unit?”

“Lead the way,” Pulaski said.


When the five doctors entered the intensive care unit they saw Doctor Graham shining a light in his patient's eyes and then move his right index finger back and forth across his patient's eyes and the boy's eyes followed his finger. They also saw three upright medical monitors; one showing the the boy's brain, one showing his internal injuries and one showing his broken bones. The before and after images were side-by-side and the readings were below and two doctors were studying each monitor.

The Doctor looked at the boy's wrapped head, torso and saw a cast on his right arm and left foot and a needle inserted into one of his veins connected to some sort of clear bag with liquid in it. When the Doctor looked at the monitors he was surprised at the clarity of the images, but couldn't understand the readings. He did notice the bones images were in black and white and the other images were in color.

“Tell me what you see on the brain images Doctor Madison,” Graham said.

Doctor Pulaski watched her nephew study the images and told Doctor Graham what he saw.

“Very good doctor, you did learn something while you were in my operating room,” Graham said with a half smile.

“What's in the clear bag?” the Doctor asked.

“It's called an IV drip Doctor and it's water with his nutrients and his medicine,” Doctor Madison answered.

“The boy's finally awake,” Father Desmond said walking into the unit with Father Daniels.

“You two said enough prayers over him,” Doctor Graham replied looking at the two Priests.

“Every little bit helps,” Father Desmond said smiling at the lad.

“Can I come back in?” Dawn asked looking into the unit.

“Yes you may and thank you Dawn,” Doctor Graham said smiling at her when she walked up to the boy.

“For what?” she asked looking at Doctor Graham.

“You held his hand everyday and talked to him and he responded to you,” Graham answered.

“How do you know?” she asked.

“The readings told me,” Graham answered.

“All he needed was the human touch,” Doctor Weber said with a smile.

When Dawn took the boy's hand he smiled at her and she returned the smile and kissed him on the cheek.


During rounds the Starfleet Doctors heard the other doctors asked Doctor Madison a series of questions about their patients and they saw another badly injured child covered in a partial body cast around his torso and arms. He was asleep and his IV drip was tapped to the back of his small left hand. They heard a doctor ask a little girl, who had a broken arm, to put her other hand where she hurt...and when the doctor put her hands on the spot the girl touched, she screamed in agony.

“What's the diagnosis Doctor Madison?” Doctor Mary Ward asked.

“I'm not sure,” he answered.

“She has appendicitis Doctor Madison and she's going into surgery in a few hours,” Doctor Ward told him. Doctor Ward showed the girl a chart of the inside of the human body and told her what was wrong with her and what she had to do to heal her.

“Is it going to hurt?” the girl asked.

“You'll be sound asleep on you won't feel a thing,” Doctor Ward answered with a smile.

“Do you promise?” the girl asked.

“I promise,” Doctor Ward answered.

“Okay,” the little girl said smiling at the doctor.


“Some of these children are worse off than we thought,” Crusher said to Pulaski and the Doctor in the dining room after rounds.

“I agree Beverly,” Pulaski replied and took a sip of her coffee.

“We could've healed these children injuries quickly,” the Doctor said.

“Are you so sure about that Doctor?” Pulaski asked. “Most of these children have multiple injuries and these doctors deal with this everyday and they know what they're doing.”

“This is a technology free zone Doctor,” Crusher said. “Doctor Ward made a diagnosis with her hands after asking a few questions.”

“Did you know she had appendicitis Doctor?” Pulaski asked.

“No I didn't,” he answered.

“Doctor Ward did and she didn't need a tri-corder or a monitor to tell her,” Crusher said.

“I was surprised Doctor Ward showed her a chart of the internal human body and what was wrong with her,” the Doctor said.

“That was so she could understand why she was hurting. They're taught how to get down to a child's level and explain to them why they're sick and how they're going to make them better,” Pulaski replied.

“I just realized we don't do that,” Crusher said.

“No we don't,” Pulaski replied.


Starfleet Medical – Doctor Paige's Office

“How was your visit to the castle?” Doctor Paige asked Doctor Pulaski the next morning.

“The little boy with the head injury woke up yesterday and he also had internal injuries, broken bones and they're almost healed,” she answered.

“Is he going to be alright?” Paige asked in a concerned voice.

“Yes he is,” she answered and told him what Doctor Graham was doing when they walked into the intensive care unit.

“Why did he do that?” Paige asked.

“It was to access the boy's status and his pupils reacted to light and his eyes followed Doctor Graham's finger wherever it went,” she answered and noticed Doctor Paige seemed relieved. “When he was sent to the emergency room the emergency room doctors stabilized his injuries and Doctor Graham and the other doctors decided to operate on his internal injuries first. After they repaired his internal injuries, the orthopedic surgeons stepped in and repaired his broken bones a few hours later. A week later he went critical and Doctor Graham had to operate on his brain sooner than he expected. That boy had severe injuries and it was a wonder he was alive when he arrived in the emergency room,” Pulaski answered.

“I'll be damned,” Paige said sitting back in his chair realizing three different teams of surgeons had to put that boy back together.

“They did a fine job doctor,” Pulaski said.

“I have no doubt,” he replied shaking his head as if he had a moment of clarity.


“The three of you will be going to the Three Aces tonight and this is what you'll do...,” Xavier told Li, Mason and Duna.

“Will they know who we are?” Mason asked.

“No,” Xavier answered and told them why.

“That will work,” Duna said smiling.

Later that evening Eönwë put a powerful angelic smell around the the three warlocks. The spell Eönwë put around them was gifted to him by his Father before he left earth and it was gifted for only this purpose.


The Three Aces

Later that evening Darren Mason, Peter Li and Edward Duna walked into the Three Aces and spread out. The three warlocks saw the place was packed with Starfleet Officers and many civilians and everyone was having a grand time. Camille, Casey and Allison were also there, but none of them knew the three men were magic wielders and they ordered their drinks and talked and mingled with the patrons.

Peter Li discretely looked at his target and saw her looking down at everyone on the main level. His colleague, Edward Duna, saw his target also looking down and he seemed bored by all the action around him. Edward Duna knew that looks can be deceiving and not to take anything for granted. Peter Li knew by looking at his target that's she's a powerful dark magic wielder and he would have to be careful. Darren Mason's target was not there, but he did see Camille leave her guests in the VIP Lounge and walk to her office.


Los Angeles

“We have a problem with our guest in the Blue Room, a guard turned and said to Carla. She looked at the vid and then mentally contacted Camille.

“Why did you do this?” Camille asked when she walked into the room and saw the young girl was naked and bleeding about the face and was unconscious.

“She wouldn't tell me she loved me,” he answered sobbing uncontrollably with blood all over him.

Camille walked up to the man and slapped him and he flew across the room and hit the wall. “Get her out of here,” she turned and told the guards.

Carla Swanson grinned from ear to ear when Camille hit the man.

“What do you want us to do with her Camille?” one of the guards asked.

“Get her as far away from here as possible and take the other two in the cellar with her,” she answered.

They nodded their heads and one guards picked up the young girl and threw her over his shoulder. When they arrived in the cellar, another guard picked up the thin young boy and a young girl and carried them out of the cellar.

“I want to you to clean yourself up and leave,” Camille said in a cold, hard voice, standing over the man.

The man nodded his head. After he cleaned himself up, he was escorted off the premises and then the Section 31 agent went home. When he arrived home he went to his liquor cabinet and took a drink out of one of the bottles and was glad to be alive.


When the three warlocks returned they gave their reports to Robert Xavier, Rupert Giles and Maglor.

“Do you know why Camille left the Three Aces?” Maglor asked looking at the warlocks.

“No we don't,” Darren answered.

“It had to be something very important because she was entertaining guests in the VIP Lounge upstairs,” Peter Li answered.

With a wave of his hand Robert Xavier pulled up the map of all the Senior Partner's properties. “This is where she went,” he said.

Everyone looked at the Senior Partners' property in Los Angeles.

“Carla Swanson is the manager of this property,” Xavier told them.

“My guess is something terrible happened there this evening and that's why Carla sent for her,” Giles said.

“I agree with you Mr. Giles,” Xavier replied.

“Whatever it is, we'll never know,” Maglor replied.

Giles nodded his head and knew Maglor was right and he's finally learning how everything works in the demon world.


The guards dumped the thee children near the Los Angeles docks and didn't see the man who put the children to sleep and sent them to their destination.
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