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Book of Revelations

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This story is No. 4 in the series "The New Watcher". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Buffy and the Slayers, along with Members of the Angel Institute travel to the United Federation of Planets. Part 4 of the New Watcher Series.

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Chapter 2

Disclaimer: I do not own anything. The Angel Institute and Academy are my own creation.

“Where are we?” Janeway asked Father Desmond looking around and noticed she had a padd in one hand and a tri-corder in another.

“I don’t know Admiral,” he answered and saw they were standing outside a door.

When the door opened they were greeted by a butler who told them he’ll escort them to Mrs. Evans’ Office.

“Do you feel that Admiral?” Father Desmond asked while they were walking down the hallway.

“Yes I do,” she answered wondering what it was.

They noticed the marble floors, chandeliers and beautiful flowers in the vases, and thought the place was beautiful.


“Hello Admiral Janeway and Father Desmond,” Mrs. Evans said when they were shown into her office. She got up from one of her love seats and shook both their hands. “I’m Mrs. Helen Evans, Headmistress of the Angel Academy for the Gifted and Talented.”

“Where are we Mrs. Evans?” Janeway asked after shaking her hand.

“You’re on earth, in another dimension Admiral,” she answered.

“Why are we here?” Father Desmond asked.

“That’ll be explained to both of you tomorrow. In the meantime, you’ll be escorted to your rooms to shower and change. There will be a reception and dinner in your honor this evening,” she answered. “We’ve provided everything you’ll need while you’re here.”

A maid entered Mrs. Evans’ office and escorted the Admiral to her room.

Father Desmond was escorted to his room by the butler.


Admiral Janeway saw the lovely gown on the bed when she entered her room and the shoes that matched.

The maid showed her where everything was and told her she would help her in her dress after she had a hot bath, which she’d already drawn.

Janeway smiled and was shown into the bathroom. After she undressed the maid took her uniform and told her it’ll be cleaned everyday. She thanked her and got into the tub for a relaxing bath.

“You look lovely Admiral,” the maid said smiling after she helped her dress.

“Thank you,” Janeway replied looking in the mirror.

When the Admiral descended the staircase in her beautiful evening gown and wearing stunning jewels, she saw a four star general waiting for her, dressed in his Formal Army Uniform. He introduced himself and she took his arm when he offered it and escorted her into the Reception Hall.

Mrs. Evans escorted Father Desmond into the Reception Hall, who was wearing his Priest’s clothing. “Father Patrick Desmond, I would like to introduce you to Father Joseph Daniels,” she said.

“Hello Father Desmond,” Daniels said smiling at his colleague and offering his hand.

“Hello Father Daniels,” Father Desmond replied shaking his hand.

“Let’s get to know one another,” Daniels said.

After they took their drinks from a server, they excused themselves and Mrs. Evans smiled.


“Admiral Kathryn Janeway, I would like to introduce you to Crown Prince Aral and Crown Princess Maril of Avali,” Mrs. Evans said.

“Hello your Royal Highnesses,” Janeway said shaking both their hands and noticed the jewels they wore throughout their hair.

“Hello Admiral Janeway,” they both replied with beautiful smiles.

Admiral Janeway heard their musical voices.

“What species are they Mrs. Evans?” Janeway asked after they were out of earshot of the Royal couple, or so she thought.

“They’re elves,” she answered.

“Elves?” Janeway asked surprised.

“Yes, and they’re not Santa’s little helper’s. Now you know why you have a padd.” she replied laughing.

Janeway also laughed. “Where’s Avali?” she asked.

“In another dimension,” she answered.

Janeway nodded her head. “He’s also an elf?” She said looking at the tall man at the other end of the room who also had pointed ears.

“Yes he is and his name is Maglor. He’s a Noldor elf from a another dimension. I’ll introduce you,” Mrs. Evans she said and they walked over to Maglor.

Kathryn Janeway noticed how beautiful the elves were and Father Desmond also commented on that fact. Father Desmond and Admiral Janeway were also introduced to Robert Xavier, Rupert Giles, Buffy and Dawn Summers, Jason Stanford and others. After looking into Robert Xavier and Rupert Giles’ eyes, Admiral Janeway’s gut told her they’re hard men and never to be crossed.

After the reception General Alexander escorted Admiral Janeway into the dining room for a four course dinner. She told the General the white wine was delicious, and he replied it was elvish wine from Avali. Robert Xavier studied the Admiral most of the evening and knew she was formidable. After dinner, everyone went to the ballroom and General Alexander asked the Admiral to dance when the music started, and she accepted. She also danced with Rupert Giles and Father’s Desmond and Daniels. Kathryn Janeway thought this was better than any Starfleet function she’d ever attended.

When Admiral Janeway returned to her room later that evening, there was a note from the General ordering her to wear her uniform at all the meetings.

“Aye sir,” she said aloud with a smirk.

The maid entered Janeway’s room a few minutes later and helped her undress.


The next morning the Admiral and Father Desmond were escorted to the dining hall for breakfast, and after breakfast to Mrs. Evans’ conference room.

Present: Mrs. Helen Evans, General Maxwell Alexander, Admiral Kathryn Janeway, Father Patrick Desmond, Rupert Giles and Buffy Summers

Admiral Janeway saw the General was dressed in beige battle fatigues with 4 stars on each collar.

“Shall we begin,” the General said in a curt manner after everyone was seated.

“Yes General,” Mrs. Evan’s replied with a smile. “Rupert.”

“Admiral Janeway, Father Desmond, our world did not start out as a paradise . . .,” Giles told them. “Into every generation a Slayer is born: one girl in all the world, the Chosen One. She alone will have the strength and skill to fight the vampires, demons and all the forces of darkness; to stop the spread of their evil and the swell of their numbers. She is the Slayer. When one dies, another one is called.”

Admiral Janeway sat back in her chair in stunned disbelief. Hellmouth’s, the Old Ones, witches, warlocks, magic, slayers, demons and the like. She was trying to come to grips with all she’d just heard and still not believing it. It was against everything she’d been taught.

“You’re the slayer?” Father Desmond asked looking at Buffy.

“Yes I am Father,” she answered. “I was called as slayer when I was 15 years old. Slayers are called between the ages of 8 and 16 and die within a year after being called. The first slayer was called at the age of 8 and they’ve always been female.”

“Why so young?” he asked.

“No one knows,” Giles answered.

“Are you genetically altered?” Janeway asked after taking a sip of her coffee.

“No Admiral. The essence of the slayer enters the next slayer while she’s asleep,” Buffy answered.

“When Buffy went to bed the night she was called, she was a normal teenage girl. When she woke up the next morning, she was the slayer,” Giles confirmed. “The slayers are gifted with power and everything that comes with it.”

“How is the next slayer chosen?” Father Desmond asked.

“It’s the wheel of fortune Father,” Buffy answered with a slight smirk.

“God doesn’t do random Buffy, there’s always a reason and purpose He calls each girl, as you found out,” Mrs. Evans told her.

Buffy nodded her head.

“This is hard to believe, I’m a scientist,” Janeway said looking at each of them.

“This is not about science Admiral,” Giles replied with a raised eyebrow.

“It’s about God, angels and demons,” Mrs. Evans told them.

“Heaven and hell,” Father Desmond said, understanding what the Admiral could not.

“Exactly Father,” General Alexander replied.

“What does this have to do with the Federation?” Janeway asked.

“The collapse of the dimensional walls you felt some years ago began here,” General Alexander answered.

“On this earth?” she asked surprised.

“Yes Admiral,” Giles answered wiping his glasses on his tie.

“How?” she asked.

“The ‘how’ is classified Admiral, however, Mr. Giles and Miss Summers can tell you why,” General Alexander answered.

Janeway now knew why the General was present and nodded her head.

“There was a powerful demon hell goddess named Glorificus, or Glory, as we called her, who was trying to get back to her hell home...,” Giles told them.

“She was willing to destroy everything to return home?” Janeway asked in an angry tone, standing up from her chair with her hands on the table, glaring at everyone around the table; and noticed no one was intimated by her glare.

“Yes she was Admiral,” Buffy answered calmly. “Glory was a bitch.”

“She was also insane Admiral. If all the dimensional walls came down while she was trying to get home, then so be it,” Giles said. “The hellmouth was the focal point and we saw all the hell dimensions opening as far as the eye could see and our world was destroyed. When Buffy jumped off the tower and closed that rift, she saved all of existence. Our world returned to normal, as if nothing happened and no one has any memory of it, except a select few.”

“That was the second time you died?” Father Desmond asked Buffy.

“Yes it was Father,” she answered. “I’m the slayer who died twice and came back from death both times.”

“How?” Janeway asked.

“Father Desmond can answer that question Admiral,” Mrs. Evans told her.

“God brought her back to life both times he did Lazarus. It’s a story in the Bible,” Father Desmond turned and said to her.

Admiral Janeway knew by the look on Buffy’s face not to press the point.

“Why was the 4th Seal opened? Father Desmond asked looking between Buffy and Giles.

“That’s also classified Father,” General Alexander answered. “But that question will be answered in time.”

They heard the school bell ring.

“It’s time for lunch,” Mrs. Evans told everyone.


Angel Academy Dining Room

“It was quite an eye opener,” General Alexander said while they were having lunch.

“Yes it was sir,” Janeway answered. “Does everyone know about this?”

“All the governments, militaries and security apparatus’ world-wide do, but not the civilian population, with a few exceptions,” he answered.

“How could they not know?” she asked and took a sip of her coffee.

“This is a shadow war Admiral and always has been and always will be. If the civilian population knew, it would cause a world-wide panic. The battles are fought at night while everyone is asleep,” he answered.

“Point taken sir,” she said. “Why do they only fight at night?”

“Demons don’t like the sunlight and hide during the day and only come out at night,” he answered.

Janeway nodded her head. “It’s still hard for me to believe all the things we discussed earlier,” she said.

“I know Admiral,” he replied, with a smile. “As Mr. Giles told you, this is not about science. This is a war between the forces of good and evil and as Father Desmond put it so aptly, between Heaven and Hell. The demons that come out of hell have power...that’s why there’s always a slayer guarding the hellmouth, and she too has power – which she needs to combat them.” General Alexander could see the Admiral was still skeptical and needed hard facts, which they’ll provide.

Father Desmond was having lunch with Mrs. Evans, Buffy and Giles and asked many questions.


Federation Space - Earth - Private Cabin in the Mountains

“Is there anything we can do?” the Section 31 agent asked.

“They’re simply some things that are out of your control and this is one of them,” the Admiral answered.

“Do you really believe that poppy cock the Priest told everyone?” he asked.

“It really doesn’t matter what I believe,” the Admiral answered.

“Does anyone know who or what we’ll be fighting?” the Section 31 agent asked. He and his operatives were also in the dark and couldn’t get any information from anyone.

“We won’t be fighting anyone. From what I understand, God will send his army to earth to fight whatever will come our way,” the Admiral answered.

The Section 31 agent snorted, not believing any of it. “Was the young woman from earth or one of the Federation colonies?”

“Father Desmond didn’t say and my guess is she didn’t tell him,” the Admiral answered.

“We’ll find out,” the Section 31 agent said.

“How?” the Admiral asked with a raised eyebrow. “You don’t who she is or what she looks like.”

“We have our ways,” the Section 31 answered. He knew the Admiral was right, but wasn’t going to tell him that. “Do you know what she meant when she said we’ll all know her in time?”

“No I don’t and the Priest didn’t either,” the Admiral answered. “I would suggest all of you read the Book of Revelations.”

“Why?” the Section 31 agent asked with an annoyed look on his face.

“That’s what everyone else is doing,” the Admiral answered.

“Does this have something to do with the Seal?” he asked.

“Yes it does and she told the Priest one has been opened,” the Admiral answered.

The Section 31 agent waved a hand in dismissal. He only believed in the safety of the Federation and nothing else. He thought the “angel” was an alien and the young woman was working with him to take over the Federation, or worse, to bring about its destruction. It never occurred to him they were speaking the truth.


“What’s troubling you Captain?” Deanna Troi asked Picard after they finished dinner at his home in France. Captain Picard wanted to talk to her privately.

“I find all this hard to believe Deanna,” he answered.

“Why?” she asked.

“I thought we put Religion behind us long ago,” he answered. “Father Desmond said we’ve lost our faith in pursuit of science and technology,” Picard said.

“There’s a lot of truth to that Captain,” Troi said. “Religion is a belief system which many members of the Federation practice and they believe in something higher than themselves. It seems to me humans have forgotten that over the years.”

“I know Deanna,” he said.

“I read the Book of Revelations and it is very confusing and your Religious Scholars can’t agree on what it means; but, there are two things that remain a constant: the seven Seals and the Creator of All Things, or God as humans call Him, speaking and introducing himself,” she told him. “Have you read it?”

“No I haven’t Deanna,” he answered.

“Why not?” she asked.

“It would mean all I was taught is for naught,” he answered and took a sip of his tea.

“This has nothing to do with what you were taught Captain. What Father Desmond told everyone has been written in your Bible for thousands of years,” she replied. “I know Father Desmond was telling the truth and I would suggest that you read what he recommended. Admiral’s Sanchez and Desmond believed what Father Desmond said and everyone saw the look on Admiral Desmond’s face when he found out a Seal has been opened.”

“He was afraid,” Picard said.

“Terrified more like it,” she replied. “He knew what opening that Seal meant and so does Admiral Sanchez.”

“I didn’t Deanna,” he said.

“The information has always been there Captain,” she replied. “Will and Geordi are also having a hard time believing it. They’re having dinner and trying to come up with ways to combat the threat,” she said.

“No one knows what the threat is or who we’ll be fighting,” he said.

“Admiral Sanchez said we’ll be standing on the side-lines watching,” she reminded him.

“That’s what really scares me Deanna. Everything is out of our hands and there’s nothing we can do about it,” he said.

“That’s what Father Desmond meant by having Faith,” she replied.


When the Senior Partners put eyes and ears on this dimension over 30 years ago, they were surprised to find out that other species also lived on this earth and it was the home to the United Federation of Planets. They were informed of the ships that came and went and how their technology worked. No one in the United Federation of Planets needed money, nor wanted for anything; and their citizens were mostly law abiding. However, others species, including humans, were gun runners; drug dealers; dealt in extortion; prostitution and operated gambling casinos, mostly in space.

The Senior Partners used one of their human employees to make contact with a few unsavory aliens and other humans, whom they paid handsomely in Latium to do their bidding, and they happily obliged. Once that was done, they turned to their next target, earth. They knew under the right circumstances they could turn a few humans to their side who owned and operated a few nightclubs. The Senior Partners eyed one particular nightclub in San Francisco called the Three Aces; which is very popular with the locals and also young Starfleet Officers and enlisted personnel. It was part dance hall with a long bar and live music. It also has a private lounge upstairs for VIP guests.

The owner was approached by an human employee of the Senior Partners who offered her a generous amount of Latium to buy the club, which she accepted. After the sale was completed, the woman took the next ship to Risa and retired. The Senior Partners now had a foot hole on earth with humans as front men and women.

The Senior Partners opened several “hot spots” and one is located in the cellar of the Three Aces. The other “hot spot” is located in their Law Office. They also own a large warehouse outside the city and have a large mansion inside the city and their Law Office is called Wolfram and Hart; and their specialty is Contract Law. Under the warehouse, the Senior Partners opened a hellmouth, just in case they’re discovered by Starfleet. The Senior Partners took precautions and made sure all their property have magic spells surrounding them, which no Starfleet Technology can detect. They also noticed that Starfleet and others never saw what was right under their noses and thought they were safe because they live in paradise. However, they knew the Dominion and Breen had proven them wrong and so would they, if they were ever discovered.

The Senior Partners had their Associates train the magic wielders that the hellmouth produces and the three of them are now dark magic wielders and work for them. In time, they know they’re be more; but certainly not as many as they are on the other earth, due to the hellmouth’s proximity to the local population.


A temporary home has been prepared for the ones who will come. No one saw the others arrive or depart who brought everything they needed for their stay. Nor did anyone see the Advanced Team who were sent to perform certain tasks.


San Francisco - The Three Aces

“You look worse for wear,” Allison Richards said to Casey McKenzie when he walked into the club later that afternoon.

“Yes he does,” Carla Swanson said when she looked at him. Carla Swanson is as amoral as they come, and she makes Lilah Morgan look like a saint in comparison.

“I had a nightmare last night and couldn’t get back to sleep,” Casey replied when he sat down at the table.

“Was it that bad?” Allison asked looking at his tired face.

“Yes it was,” he answered.

“Tell us about it,” Carla said with a smile that would make even the hardest person cringe.

“I think I’ll pass,” he replied looking at Carla and saw the disappointed look on her face.

The three of them never knew a few members of the Advanced Team were in the club watching them and listening to every word they said.
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