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Book of Revelations

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This story is No. 4 in the series "The New Watcher". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Buffy and the Slayers, along with Members of the Angel Institute travel to the United Federation of Planets. Part 4 of the New Watcher Series.

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Chapter 20

Disclaimer: I do not own anything. The Angel Institute and Academy are my own creation.

The doctors at the castle were just beginning to stir when the resident physician on night duty in the ER contacted them mentally and told them three children just appeared in the emergency room and one of the young girls had severe head and face injuries.

“Wake up Doctor Madison,” Doctor Weber said mentally to a nurse.

“Yes doctor,” she replied.

A few minutes later many doctors converged on the ER and saw the resident and a nurse attending to the young girl with facial and head injuries.

“Don't move her until I tell you to,” Doctor Graham said when he walked up to the resident physician.

When Doctor Madison walked into the ER he saw the ER doctors working on three children and Doctor Graham examining a bleeding naked young girl.

“This boy has had broken bones that have never healed properly,” Doctor Vincent said to Doctor Chandler.

“I know,” he replied after examining the boy.

“This young girl has cracked ribs and internal injuries,” another ER doctor said.

Doctor Madison's job was to insert a tube in the trachea of each child.


“I'm glad you contacted me Jamie,” Doctor Pulaski said two hours later when she walked into the monitoring room with Doctor's Paige, Crusher and the Doctor. “When did the children arrive?” she asked.

“This morning and when I arrived in the ER the emergency medical doctors were tending to the children,” he answered.

“Have any of the children been operated on?” Doctor Paige asked.

“No yet doctor,” Madison answered. “They're being prepped and ready for surgery.”

“What's wrong with them?” the Doctor asked.

Doctor Madison told them.

“My goodness,” Crusher said shaking her head.

A nurse walked into the monitoring room and told Doctor Madison that Doctor Chandler wanted him to scrub and meet him and his team in his operating room.


Doctor's Paige, Pulaski, Crusher and the Doctor watched the monitors for hours and saw Doctor Chandler and his team of surgeons re-break and reset 6 bones in a small boy and insert rods in three of his bones, and watched Doctor Ling repair a young girl's internal injuries. Another monitor showed Doctor Graham monitoring another young girls brain while other surgeons repaired her broken nose and jaws. Doctor Madison told them Doctor Graham relieved the swelling near her brain in the emergency room. The Starfleet Doctors heard Doctor Chandler and his team of surgeons tell Doctor Madison what they were doing and why, and noticed they all used their surgical instruments with precision. When the Assistant Director of the Angel Institute walked into the monitoring room he acknowledged the Starfleet Doctors and watched the medical monitors and then departed.

“Who's he?” the Doctor asked.

Doctor Crusher told him.


“How many children were sent?” Xavier asked Weber in the dining room while she was having lunch.

“Three,” she answered.

“Have they been examined?” he asked.

“Doctor's Collins and James examined them before they went into surgery,” she answered. “The girls have been sexually abused, but the boy only had broken bones.” “You know where they came from don't you?” she asked.

“Yes we do, but we can't act yet,” he answered. “My gut tell me we're going to war soon because they can't get any more children from Epsilon. Camille doesn't know that yet, but she will soon.”

“When she tries and finds out she can't get any more children, she's going to contact the Senior Partners,” Weber said.

“I know and then all hell will break lose on this earth,” Xavier replied and got up from the table and walked out of the dining room.

While Xavier was walking out of the dining room the doctors from Starfleet walked in and had lunch, except the Doctor. Doctor Madison joined them a little while later.

“I just realized this is a teaching hospital Aunt Katherine,” Madison said after taking a bit of his food.

“Yes it is Jamie and you're the student,” she replied. “You're going to be the one who will take care of these children when they leave and they want you to know everything about every one of them. You always wanted to be a Pediatrician and you're finding out what it's like. You're not a surgeon Jamie and they are, and they're teaching you what a surgical Pediatrician does.”

“It's very different from the way we do things,” the Doctor said.

“They do the same thing we do Doctor,” Crusher said. “They cut open patients, operate and close them up.”

“It's the instruments they use that are different,” the Doctor said.

“They don't have to line up a laser scalpel like we do Doctor and their instruments work and are very efficient,” Pulaski replied.

While the other doctors were talking Doctor Paige looked around the dining room and saw the doctors who operated earlier having lunch and finally had a new found respect for them after seeing what they can do. Doctor Paige knew he could never do what they can do without his technology and vowed to make some changes at Starfleet Medical with Doctor Pulaski's help.


The Three Aces

Camille was livid and knew she'll need more children soon. The Section 31 agent didn't know she and the Senior Partners know who he is and what he and his colleagues are doing. That's why she let him hurt the children, but she's had enough of him and the other one, and because of those two, she's lost many good children for her other clients, and many of them were taken to the local clinic so the Federation doctors could heal their injuries. Camille contacted her colleague at the Pleasure Palace, but got no response; then she contacted the Senior Partners and one of their representatives appeared through the portal in the cellar of the Three Aces. When he appeared she told him what happened at the Mansion and what happened when she tried to contact her colleague at the Pleasure Palace to get more children.

The Senior Partners' representative also tried to contact their representative at the Pleasure Palace and he too got no response. He then tried to contact their representative on Epsilon and got no a reply. “Has Starfleet found out about us?” he asked.

“Not that I'm aware of,” she answered.

“Has anything happened here?” he asked.

“No,” she answered. “Everything has been going fine.”

The representative departed the Three Aces and reported back to the Senior Partners.


“Hello Whistler,” Xavier said when he appeared in his study at his temporary headquarters.

Whistler said hello and handed the Assistant Director a parchment and then disappeared.

“We're going to war tonight,” Xavier told everyone in the dining hall an hour later. “The Senior Partners have found out about Epsilon and the Pleasure Palace.”

“I wonder how they found out?” Faith asked.

“They need more children Faith and they got them from Epsilon and they can't get in touch with their contact on Epsilon or the Pleasure Palace,” Giles answered.

“These are our orders,” Xavier told everyone.


Paris – The Federation President's Office

When Admiral's Rean, Sanchez and Toddman entered President James' Office they saw Mr. Xavier and Whistler.

“Have a seat gentlemen,” President James said and the three Admirals did as they were ordered. “Mr. Xavier has just informed me that the Senior Partners have found out about Epsilon and the Pleasure Palace and they're going to war tonight. Apparently the Senior Partners think Starfleet has something to do with why they can't contact their operatives.”

“How are the demons coming to earth Madam President,” Admiral Sanchez asked.

“We have a hellmouth on this earth and it's been here a long time,” she answered.

The three Admirals turned and looked at Mr. Xavier.

“Why can't we detect it?” Admiral Toddman asked surprised looking at Xavier.

“There's a powerful magic spell around that hellmouth that no technology can every detect,” he answered.

“Where is the hellmouth located?” Admiral Rean asked.

“That's classified for now Admiral and that's where the war is going to be fought,” President James answered.

“That hellmouth will be closed permanently before the war starts and don't ask how,” Xavier told them. “Before that happens all the 'hot spots' on this earth will also be closed forever and all the Senior Partners' properties will also be destroyed.”

The Admirals didn't show their surprise when they heard about the Senior Partners' properties.

“You have another problem gentlemen. There's a Commander at Starfleet Headquarters that's been going to the adult establishment owned by the Senior Partners,” President James told them.

“However, that Commander doesn't know that,” Xavier said to the Admirals.

“How do you know?” Rean asked Xavier.

“We know,” he answered. “In fact, none of their patrons know who they work for, and don't forget the Senior Partners' employees are all human and their businesses are legitimate.”

“That Commander hasn't committed any crime and hasn't broken his or her oath to Starfleet,” President James told them.

“How did the Senior Partners find out?” Rean asked seething underneath his cool exterior.

“Someone read the Commander's mind Admiral,” President James answered. “We do it all the time with Betazoids.”

“Those Betazoids tried to read our minds in the Council Chamber,” Xavier said. “However, none of you knew that you can't read a mind of anyone who has power, including the slayers. The others were protected by a powerful angelic magical spell which no one in existence can penetrate. It works both ways Admiral.”

If Admiral Rean was not a harden veteran of the Dominion War, he would've wilted under the gaze of the Assistant Director of the Angel Institute.

The Admirals apologized to Mr. Xavier.

“Whistler handed me a padd when he appeared with Mr. Xavier in my office and after I read the padd I asked Mr. Xavier if he knew what was on the padd and he told me no. Apparently this is strictly a Starfleet matter and has nothing to do with them and I'll tell the three of you how it concerns Starfleet after Mr. Xavier leaves,” President James told the Admirals.

“Aye Madam President,” the Admirals said.

Robert Xavier gave Admiral Sanchez his orders and told him they came from above and the Admiral nodded his head.


“This only tell us where to be at a certain time,” Admiral Toddman said after the Federation President handed each Admiral a padd.

“We're find out why we're being sent after we get there,” Sanchez said.

“I want Starfleet Security and Starfleet Intelligence surrounding that property,” President James said.

“Aye Madam President,” Admiral Rean replied.


“We're going to war tonight,” Doctor Weber told the medical staff.

“I'm going with them,” Doctor Graham said.

“So am I,” Doctor Chandler replied.

“We're not part of the Warrior Class,” Doctor Ling said smiling at her colleagues.

“We're all trained to fight evil,” Doctor Chandler reminded her.


Sisko's – New Orleans

“When Julian told me I couldn't believe it Admiral,” Chief Miles O'Brien said.

“It's true Chief,” Sisko replied.

“I thought the Priest was crazy,” O'Brien said.

“So did many others until the ones from the other earth arrived,” Sisko replied.

“Slayers, humans with angelic power and there's an angel here,” O'Brien said shaking his head.

“We met him Chief. He and the others had dinner here a few nights ago,” Sisko told him.

“What's he like?” O'Brien asked.

“Why don't you asked him,” Sisko answered with a grin on his face when he saw Angela and Eönwë walk into his father's restaurant and his grin grew wider when he saw the females in the restaurant jaws drop when they saw Eönwë. Admiral Sisko introduced the two of them to Chief Miles O'Brien and smiled when he saw the Chief was flustered after Eönwë shook his hand.

“Why are you here?” Sisko asked.

Angela handed him the parchments she had in her hand.

“How am I going to get there?” he asked after reading the first parchment.

“Whistler,” she answered.

“You're to be in uniform Admiral Sisko,” Eönwë told him.

He nodded his head and read the second parchment. “We'll be there,” Sisko said with a smile.

“Good,” Angela said returning the smile and they took their leave.

“You can close your mouth now Chief,” Sisko said laughing.


Admiral Paris' Office

“The war is tonight Owen,” Janeway told him.

“How do you know?” he asked.

“Admiral Sanchez told me and ordered me to come,” she answered.

“Does he know where it's going to be fought?” he asked.

“No, and neither does he,” she answered.

“My goodness Katie,” Paris said feeling helpless and frightened.


Admiral Rean's Office

“That home has a security system we've never seen before,” Toddman said and handed Rean a padd with the readings.

“Who owns the property?” Rean asked after reading the padd.

“John Robert Abbott and he's a former Starfleet Officer,” Sanchez answered. “Retired Commander Abbott abruptly retired 10 years ago after 20 years in Starfleet. After digging further, I found out that he retired after he was passed over for promotion to Captain in Starfleet Security. He's divorced and his former wife and daughter live on Alpha Centauri and they've had no contact with him in over 15 years.”

“This is the same man who was in the Council Chambers in a Commander's uniform,” Rean said.

“We know,” Toddman replied.

“Do either of you know Mr. Abbott's whereabouts?” Rean asked.

“No we don't sir,” Sanchez answered.

“Has he left earth?” Rean asked.

“No sir. We've checked and he's still here,” Toddman answered.

“How are we going to pick that lock?” Toddman asked. “We've tried everything and nothing works.”

“I know how,” Rean answered.


“Do you know why the Admiral wants to see me Admiral?” Seven of Nine asked Janeway in her office.

“That's classified Seven and you'll find out later,” Janeway answered and told her when to report to Admiral Toddman's Office.

“Yes Admiral,” Seven said and left her office after she was dismissed.


“You two look tired,” Xavier said when Doctor's Graham and Chandler entered his office.

“We are,” Graham replied. “We're joining the battle tonight.”

“Before you do that I suggest the two of you get some sleep,” Xavier said to the two of them.

“Do you have spare accommodations?” Chandler asked with a tired smile.

“Of course,” Xavier answered and they were shown to a spare room and promptly fell asleep.


The Paris Home

“I know my husband very well Gretchen and he's scared,” Maggie Paris said to her old friend.

“Katherine contacted me earlier and told me the news,” Gretchen Janeway replied. “Does Tom know?”

“Not that I'm aware of,” Maggie answered.

“I'll stay with you until we hear from Owen,” Gretchen said.

“Thank you,” Maggie replied.


“What are you doing here Jean-Luc?” Doctor Crusher asked when he walked into her office at Starfleet Medical.

“The Enterprise is here to take the Benzar Ambassador back to her home world in a week,” he answered.

Doctor Crusher told Captain Picard about the meeting in the Federation Council Chambers and their guests.

“So it's all true,” he said sitting back in the chair stunned at the news.

“Yes it is,” she replied.

“What is Starfleet going to do?” he asked.

“Starfleet can't do anything Jean-Luc, that's why the others were sent from the other earth,” she answered. “This is going to be a battle between heaven and hell and angels from heaven will also be involved.”

“Including the one that was in the Council Chambers?” he asked.

“Yes,” she answered.

“This is very hard for me to believe Beverly,” he said.

“I know,” she replied. “I'm having dinner with Will and Deanna this evening, would you and Geordi like to join us?”

“Thank you, yes,” he answered.


John Robert Abbott left his home and went to dinner with a few of his colleagues. They had much to discuss.


“Admiral, Seven of Nine is here,” his aide told him over the comm.

“Thank you,” Toddman replied and got up from his desk and walked out of his office. “Come with me Seven of Nine,” he said.

“Yes Admiral,” she replied.

“This is classified and it's not to be discussed with anyone,” Admiral Sanchez said to Seven of Nine when she arrived with Admiral Toddman at a home secluded in a wooded area.

“Yes Admiral,” Seven replied.

Admiral Sanchez handed Seven a tri-corder and told her what he wanted her to do.

“This is a unique security system,” Seven said after scanning the electronic touch pad outside the door and looking at her readings.

“Can you open it?” Toddman asked.

“Yes Admiral,” she answered and punched in the security code and watched as the door opened.

“How did you do that?” Sanchez asked.

“My ocular eye implant,” she answered.

“Of course – Borg technology,” Toddman said.

When Admiral Toddman nodded his head, a Commander walked up and scanned the interior of the house.

“It's all clear sir,” he said.

The two Admirals along with Seven of Nine headed to a secret room in the house.

“Open it,” Sanchez said to Seven.

“Yes Admiral,” she replied. After looking at the touch padd Seven punched in a code and the door to the room opened.

When the Admirals entered the room they were surprised to see many computer banks, but neither could access any of the computers and asked Seven to do so. They watched as Seven used her Borg assimilation tubules to gain access to the data and downloaded that information into a padd Admiral Sanchez had in his hand. When Admiral Sanchez tried again, the computer banks came to life.

“I want every bit of information in these computers Captain,” Sanchez turned and said to the Andorian Captain.

“Aye sir,” she replied and Starfleet Intelligence got to work downloading all the data in the computers.

“I have to leave. Thank you for your help Seven of Nine,” Sanchez said and handed the padd to Admiral Toddman.

“You're welcome Admiral,” she replied and left the premises with Admiral Sanchez.

Admiral Toddman stayed and oversaw the collection of the data.


“I still can't believe any of this,” Geordi said at dinner that evening.

“What are you having a hard time believing Geordi?” Troi asked.

“All of it,” he answered. “Those were the readings of hell?” he asked wide-eyed.

“That's what they told us,” Crusher answered.

“We all thought we lived in paradise; and to find out we don't is upsetting to me,” Geordi said clearly distraught.

“They reminded us that we never lived in paradise and everything was simply pushed underground. Doctor Edwards told us that no matter have advanced a society becomes, human nature never changes and that's been born out,” Crusher told him.

“How could we not know?” he asked.

“No one's going to broadcast their sex lives Geordi,” Crusher answered. “These establishments have been around since the beginning of time and they always will be.”

“What's really upsetting you Geordi?” Troi asked.

“The abuse of the children and what's been done to them,” he answered.

“We're all upset about that Geordi,” Will told him.

“What else is bothering you?” Troi asked.

“Epsilon,” Geordi answered. “No one knew about that Federation colony world and now Epsilon City has been destroyed and is nothing but ash.”

“The demons had taken over Epsilon City years ago and corrupted most of the people in Epsilon City. That's why it was destroyed Geordi,” Crusher told him.

“By the Wrath of God,” he said.

“Yes,” Crusher replied.

After dinner Captain Picard returned to the Enterprise-E and sat in his quarters and wept for the inhabitants of Epsilon City and wondered how Starfleet could simply forget about one of their colony worlds. Captain Picard also wept for the children and what was done to them and he too thought they lived in a perfect society until outsiders came in and told them otherwise, and brought the proof with them and reminded them they're all flawed human beings.
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