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Book of Revelations

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This story is No. 4 in the series "The New Watcher". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Buffy and the Slayers, along with Members of the Angel Institute travel to the United Federation of Planets. Part 4 of the New Watcher Series.

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Chapter 21

Disclaimer: I do not own anything. The Angel Institute and Academy are my own creation.

“May I have your attention,” Xavier said to everyone in the dining hall after reading the parchment Whistler just handed to him when he appeared. “It's time to begin.”

When Faith, Peter and Edward got up from the table, Whistler walked over to them and told them the Three Aces was closed that evening and Camille's having a meeting with Allison and Casey. He then snapped his fingers and the three of them disappeared.


The Three Aces

Camille, Casey and Allison were sitting at one of the tables in the upstairs VIP Lounge when Camille suddenly got up and looked down when she sensed a slayer's presence in the club and saw a young women with an axe in her hand.

“Hello bitch,” Faith said looking up at her with a smile on her face.

“Who are they Camille and how did they get in?” Casey asked looking down at the three of them.

“The female is a slayer and the other two are magic wielders,” Camille answered walking down the stairs. “I don't know how the three of got into my club, but I'm going to send all of you back where you came from.”

Peter and Edward never took their eyes off Allison or Casey and stepped aside when Camille starting walking towards Faith and noticed the smile never left her face.

“I'm to powerful for you slayer,” Camille said walking up to her.

Faith used her slayer speed to side-step Camille when she lunged at her and raised the slayer scythe and cut her in the back. Allison and Casey watched and heard Camille scream and saw her turn into something beyond words which shocked them.

“What the hell did she turn into?” Casey turned and asked Allison.

“I don't know,” she answered suddenly very frightened looking at the thing that was once Camille.

“You can't hurt me slayer,” the demon said in a guttural voice.

“I already have,” Faith said and swung the scythe at the demon which froze it in place.

Casey and Allison saw the slayer cut Camille/demon in half and heard its horrible scream as it was burning to death and saw nothing but black ash a few seconds later.

“It's your turn boys,” Faith said smiling when she turned to Peter and Edward.

After Casey and Allison finally got their bearings, Allison's eyes, hair and veins turned black and when Peter saw a fire ball appear in Allison's hands, he raised his arms and when he opened his hands something small, white and round appeared and then rose from each hand and merged together – then grew in size and surrounded the warlock. Allison proceeded to rain fire balls down on Peter Li and was surprised when they bounced off his shield. Peter waved a hand at Allison who disappeared and then reappeared in front of him...and when Allison's body touched the glowing white shield, she screamed and never saw Peter Li's hands reach up and snap her neck. After Allison's dead body fell to the floor, Peter Li waved his right hand and his protective shield disappeared.

Casey's eyes, hair and veins also turned black and he tried to use a dark magic spell on the slayer, which to his surprise didn't work. He did that because he thought she was the greater threat after what he saw her do to Camille/demon.

“Slayers are immune to magic mate,” Edward said looking up at his fellow warlock.

When Casey looked down at Edward he was hit with a very powerful magic spell with words he didn't understand. When he tried to counter the spell he felt the other warlock's spell tightened around him and couldn't move. He heard the warlock say another word he also didn't understand and Casey McKenzie started gasping for air and fell to his knees. Edward Duna calmly walked up the stairs and when he reached Casey McKenzie he snapped his neck – and Casey McKenzie died with his hands around his neck.

Whistler appeared after the three were dead and snapped his fingers and Faith, Edward and Peter disappeared and when he snapped his fingers again, others appeared in the cellar of the Three Aces where Eönwë was waiting. When Dawn, Maril and her bodyguards arrived, Eönwë slowly opened the door where the 'hot spot' was located and Maril and Dawn entered. Maril's sharp eyed guards had arrows in their bows and were pointed in every direction.

“Close it Dawn,” Maril said.

Dawn Summers withdrew her wands from her wand holders and turned into the green energy of the key and said green energy flowed through her wands and closed the 'hot spot' forever. Eönwë disappeared and so did the others when Whistler snapped his fingers.


Los Angeles
“Hello Carla,” Darren Mason said when he appeared in front of her when he saw her walking on the Mansion grounds towards one of the doors.

Carla Swanson stopped dead in her tracks and looked at the man and knew a magic wielder when she saw one. “Who the hell are you and how did you get on these grounds?” she asked with a sneer.

“My name is Darren,” he answered. “You walked into a magical bubble Carla and we're both enclosed in it.”

Carla didn't let on she'd never heard of a magical bubble and knew the warlock standing before her must be very powerful indeed if she never felt or sensed said magical bubble.

Darren saw her eyes, hair and veins turn black and before she could say a word he uttered a silence spell, and no words came out of Carla's mouth and with another word from the warlock Carla Swanson realized she was stuck in place when she tried to move and raise her arms. Carla watched as white threads appeared in the warlock's hands and then proceeded to throw them at her and weave themselves around her body – and no one heard her scream. After Darren snapped her neck, the magical threads disappeared and with a wave of his hand, Carla's dead body disappeared and reappeared in the cellar of the Mansion. With another wave of his hand the magical bubble disappeared and Whistler appeared and snapped his fingers. Thanks to Whistler, there's no recording on any of the vids inside the Mansion of what happened to Carla Swanson.


Everyone gave a verbal report to Xavier, Giles and Maglor when they returned to their temporary headquarters.

“What about the 'hot spot' at Wolfram and Hart?” Maglor asked after the others departed the conference room.

“That's not our concern Maglor,” Xavier answered.

Maglor nodded his head and knew an Ainur will destroy that 'hot spot'.


South San Francisco

No one saw who raised the buildings near the warehouse that housed the hellmouth.


Admiral Rean's Office

“What did you find?” Rean asked Toddman when he walked into his office a few hours later.

“All the information is being analyzed at Starfleet Intelligence and we struck gold,” Toddman answered and handed Rean a padd.

After Admiral Rean read the padd he knew many heads will roll. “How long has this been going on?” he asked.

Admiral Toddman told him. “When everyone finds out we're going to be on the hot seat Jaz,” he said.

“I know and I want Mr. Abbott arrested when he returns home,” Rean replied.

“Aye sir,” Toddman said.


San Francisco

A man appeared next to the building of Wolfram and Hart and with a touch of his finger the building caught fire and everyone inside screamed – and a few minutes later the building and bodies were nothing but ash and the 'hot spot' was permanently closed.

Another man did the same to the Three Aces and the dead bodies of Allison and Casey were ash along with the club.

The adult establishment owned by the Senior Partners was also burned that evening, along with Heather and the other employees inside the building.


Los Angeles

No one saw the man outside the Mansion in Los Angeles while he waited until everyone went inside. These patrons, save two, were sent a special invitation to a special event that evening and they're also the ones abusing the children. After everyone was inside the man sent the remaining young children to the castle and then touched the building – which immediately caught fire and the screams of the damned could be heard far away.


“All the Senior Partner's properties have been destroyed and the remaining children have been sent to the castle,” Xavier told everyone when he walked into the dining hall with Whistler.

“How many children?” Doctor Chandler asked.

“A lot,” Xavier answered. “Do you and Doctor Graham still want to go?”

“Yes,” Doctor Graham answered. “The children are in capable hands.”

“It's time to leave,” Xavier told everyone. “Whistler.”

Whistler snapped his fingers and everyone appeared on a large rooftop near a warehouse. When Whistler snapped his fingers again Admiral's Sanchez, Janeway and Sisko also appeared on the rooftop.

“Where are we?” Janeway asked looking around.

“Somewhere in South San Francisco,” Sanchez answered also looking around and recognized the area.

“Look who just arrived,” Dawn said standing next to Maril with a smile on her face.

The three Admirals turned and saw Eönwë and Angela and Eönwë was dressed in magnificent blue battle amour adorned with hallowed jewels. They saw Eowne look up and smile along with others on the rooftop. The Admirals did the same thing, but didn't see anything.

“Why is everyone looking up?” Sisko asked.

“An angelic host just appeared in sky Admiral,” Xavier answered looking at the stars.

“Eönwë is the only who can see his brothers, however, we know they're there, but we can't see them,” Angela answered.

“You know when angels are nearby?” Admiral Sanchez asked.

“Of course,” Xavier answered.

“It's one of the perks of being related to them and also being bonded with one,” Angela said.

“What do you mean by being bonded?” Sanchez asked.

“Eönwë and Angela are married Admiral,” Sisko told them.

Admiral Sanchez looked at the two of them and saw Angela smiling at him.


“What are we waiting for?” Janeway asked a few minutes later.

“Everyone is waiting for me Admiral Janeway,” Michael said when he appeared on the rooftop.

The Admiral's looked at the very tall man who was perfect in beauty and he was dressed in breathing armor that was even more magnificent than Eönwë's. They also saw a long flaming sword by his side.

“This is the Angel Michael, our Captain,” Xavier told them.

“And my big brother,” Angela said smiling up at Michael who bent down and kissed her on the head and she kissed him on the cheek.

“Hello Admiral Sanchez and Admiral Janeway,” Michael said looking at the two of them.

The two Admiral's said hello.

“Hello Emissary,” Michael said smiling at Sisko.

“Hello,” Sisko replied and returned the smile.

Eönwë and the elves bowed when they saw Michael, and Dawn and Michael exchanged greetings.


“Here they come,” Xavier said looking left.

Michael nodded his head to Whistler who snapped his fingers. The elves were positioned on the other rooftops, except Aral, Maril and their Royal Guard, and Maglor stood next to Aral. The slayers along with Giles were below along with members of the Angel Institute. Eönwë stood on one side of Michael and Angela on the other.

When the diabolical horde came into view, Michael took Angela's hands and disappeared. When they arrived at the warehouse he touched the building with his flaming sword, which burned instantly. Angela then floated above the hellmouth and turned into pure white fire and with her out stretched hands the white fire spread out across the entire hellmouth destroying it entirely and when she returned by Michael's side they saw the hellmouth collapse into the ground. Michael took her hands and they returned to the rooftop.

When the demons came into view the elves inserted an arrow in their bows, and with a thought Michael lit their arrows with fire.

“I've never seen anything like that before,” Admiral Sanchez said looking at the demons.

“The things of hell,” Sisko replied looking at the grotesque demons and saw the battle was joined when the slayers and Members of the Angel Institute came from around the buildings.

The Admirals watched as the slayers moved with great speed and knocked many demons back with their power, while the elves rained down their fiery arrows on the demons and burning many to death. They saw one Member of the Angel Institute turned into a big cat and mauled a demon to death and another turn into a giant fiery bird and killed three demons with one pass.

Faith was killing demons left and right and smiling the whole time, and Rona was also a killing machine. Buffy was swinging the scythe with great efficiently and with one swing five demons were killed at once. Dawn also wielded her weapon efficiently while Giles swung his axe cutting of demon heads and limbs. Admiral Sisko saw Mr. Xavier wielding his fiery sword expertly along with the other Members of the Angel Institute...and they too had fiery weapons. He also saw them using their angelic light to set many demons on fire. Doctor's Graham and Chandler had angry looks on their faces while they were cutting demons in half and Sisko knew they were enraged at what was done to the children on their bosses' behalf.

Michael, Eönwë and Angela looked left when they saw orcs joining the battle. Michael lit Angela's two swords and with a thought sent her to the orcs. When she appeared in front of the first orc he sneered at her and she cut-off his head, and then moved quickly from orc to orc doing the same thing and left black ash in her wake.

Eönwë felt his wife's surprise when she looked up and immediately left the rooftop and stood very tall in front of her and saw one of his fallen brothers come into view. The Balrog was tall and huge and had shadows and fire all about him and had a long fiery whip in his hand, and with a thought from Eönwë, his wife appeared next to Xavier.

“Now we know why Eönwë's here,” Xavier said to Angela.

“That thing is huge,” she said.

“I know,” he replied looking at the Balrog and then they rejoined the battle.


The Balrog raised his fiery whip to strike, but Eönwë was faster and cut-off his arm with a mighty arc of his sword. While the Balrog roared in pain, Eönwë stood taller and the Balrog put his other arm over his eyes when he saw the light of the angel in front of him and he never saw his former brother's terrible blade come down and cut off his head; and his body shook the ground when he fell. With another thought, Eönwë's wife appeared next to him and she set the Balrog's body and head on fire. David then appeared and blew the Balrog's black ashes up to the sky, along with the orcs black ashes, and Eönwë returned to the rooftop.

Twenty minutes later the battle was over and Michael and the host disappeared. David burned the remaining demons' bodies when he shouted a word and blew all their black ashes up and away with a mighty wind. When Whistler appeared he snapped his fingers and everyone appeared on the ground and saw the buildings come down.

“Eönwë just brought those buildings down Admiral and it was another angel who raised those building. After you contact Starfleet, Whistler will send all of us to the Federation Council Chamber,” Xavier told him Sanchez he walked up to him.

Admiral Sanchez contacted Starfleet Security and Intelligence and when they arrived he gave them their orders.


Federation Council Chambers

The Federation President, Council Members, Admirals from Starfleet, Starfleet Officers, the Pope and several Cardinals were in the Council Chambers watching the battle – and they all gasped when Michael appeared on the rooftop. He, along with the others in the Chamber were surprised to hear there was an angelic host in the sky when they saw Eönwë looking up and smiling. Everyone in the Chamber were also surprised to hear that Eönwë and Angela are married, including His Holiness and the Cardinals.

Kai Jalan, Vedek Heller and Captain Kira smiled when they heard the Angel Michael call Admiral Sisko, Emissary.

Admiral Desmond knew there were no words to describe Michael standing on the rooftop in all his glory, with his long golden hair on fire and his eyes were brighter than the sun. The armor he wore was adorned with hallowed jewels from heaven, and his hands rested on the hilt of his mighty flaming sword – and it's a sight he'll never forget. He looked around the Chamber and noticed everyone stared at the mighty angel in awe, including the Vulcans.

Captain Picard, like the others in the Chamber, gasped when they saw some of the things from hell and he heard many screams and a few in the Chamber fainted. He thought his mind would break when he saw what they were fighting.

Lt. Commander Tom Paris and Lieutenant Harry Kim sat with their mouths hanging open and couldn't comprehend what they were seeing. In fact, no one could.

The doctors from Starfleet Medical were surprised to see Doctor's Chandler and Graham, who were dressed in all black like the others. They were also stunned to see them light their swords with fire with their hands and then proceeded to tear through the demons with a vengeance, and no one missed the angry looks on their faces.

The Admirals in the Chamber finally realized why no one in Starfleet can fight a war with demons and why they're all standing on the sidelines watching.


“Madam President, Ambassador Johnson,” Xavier said with they appeared in the Council Chambers with Admiral's Sanchez, Sisko and Janeway. Assistant Director Xavier saw the turned up noses of everyone in the Chamber and many looked like they were going to be sick. “That smell is demon blood on our clothes and as all of you can see, it's black blood. That's why we burn their bodies and our clothes,” Xavier told them.

“Where was the battle fought?” Admiral Rean asked.

“In South San Francisco and those demons came from the hellmouth which was located inside the only warehouse in that area,” Xavier answered.

Gasps and murmurs in the Chamber.

“There was a hellmouth here?” Admiral T'Lara asked with a raised eyebrow.

“That hellmouth has been here for years Admiral,” Xavier answered.

More murmurs and gasps in the Chamber.

“Why couldn't we detect it?” Admiral Tevan asked.

“No technology can detect magic Admiral and there was a powerful magic spell surrounding that area,” Xavier answered.

“Only a magic wielder could see and/or feel that spell,” Giles said.

“Those demons were headed to San Francisco with orders were to destroy Starfleet Headquarters and this city,” Xavier told everyone in the Chamber.

“We've had reports of four major fires this evening,” Admiral Ross said after the Chamber quieted down.

“Those buildings were the Senior Partners' properties and all the 'hot spots' have been closed permanently and everyone in those buildings are dead,” Xavier replied.

“Who destroyed those buildings?” Admiral Jellico asked.

“Angels,” Xavier answered. “Michael destroyed the warehouse and the hellmouth was also destroyed.”

“Those buildings are now nothing but ash and the bodies of your citizens who were in those buildings are also ash,” Doctor Graham told them.

Gasps in the Chamber.

“What was that thing Eönwë killed tonight?” Captain Kira asked.

“That was a Balrog and he was a fallen angel from Arda,” Angela answered. “Only Eönwë can kill a fallen angel from Arda...and now you know why there was an angelic host in the sky.”

“We had a fallen angel coming to our earth,” Admiral Nechayev said wide-eyed.

“Yes Admiral and none of you can kill a fallen angel because their power is to great,” Buffy replied.

“Arda spilled over on our earth like it did yours,” Admiral Desmond said.

“Yes it did Admiral. Thanks to the Senior Partners,” Xavier replied.

“The orcs I killed tonight were once men from Arda,” Angela told them.

“WHAT!” Admiral Toddman exclaimed.

“All the fallen angels on Arda became hideous things, as you all saw, and Morgoth and Sauron made elves and men in their own twisted and ugly images,” Doctor Chandler told them.

“Madam President the rest of the children were sent to the castle and due to the lateness of the hour, I've give you my report later today,” Xavier said.

“Thank you Mr. Xavier,” she replied.

“Whistler,” Xavier said and he snapped his fingers.
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