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Book of Revelations

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This story is No. 4 in the series "The New Watcher". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Buffy and the Slayers, along with Members of the Angel Institute travel to the United Federation of Planets. Part 4 of the New Watcher Series.

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Chapter 22

Disclaimer: I do not own anything. The Angel Institute and Academy are my own creation.

Valinor – The Ring of Doom

Olórin listened as the other Ainur discussed mortal magic and they'd come to realize how very dangerous that magic truly is when a word can take a life; silence someone permanently; make them immobile; send anyone anywhere with a wave of their hand, and use fire to burn someone to death. Olórin nodded his head slightly when he saw how useless the female's fire balls bounced off the white shield protecting the other magic wielder. He and the other Ainur saw the dark magic wielder Carla screaming silently while the white threads that bound her, burned her skin. They could also see the dark shadows surrounding the dark magic wielders and knew they'd been delving in dark sorcery for many years and they've hurt others. None of them missed the expression on two of their faces when they saw what Camille really was and the Ainur saw Camille's black blood dripping on the floor where Faith cut her in the back when she turned into her true self. The other two seemed surprise how quickly Faith killed Camille and Olórin knew they'd never heard of a slayer, but got an eduction that day of what a slayer is and what she can do.

They watched their brother Eönwë open the door to the room in the cellar and Maril and Dawn enter and Dawn close the 'hot spot', and saw a few of their other brothers destroy the Senior Partner's properties. The Ainur also commented how happy they were to see that the Crown Princess is fully healed. Olórin was not surprised to see the others in the Council Chambers sicken by the sight of the demons that came to their world...and saw many of them get ill, pass out or turn away. He knew they'd never seen anything like that evil before. Olórin chuckled to himself when Eönwë sent Angela out of harms way of their fallen brother. After the battle was over the picture in the Ring of Doom disappeared.


The Paris Home

“What happened tonight?” Maggie Paris asked husband when he, Admiral Janeway, Tom and Harry walked into the Paris home.

They recounted the events of the evening.

“It was angels who destroyed the properties we saw on the vids?” Gretchen Janeway asked surprised.

“Those were the Senior Partners' properties and everyone inside also perished,” Janeway answered looking at her mother.

“We saw only ash Katherine,” her mother said.

“That's all that's left mom, just like Epsilon City,” she replied.

“What did we do to deserve this?” Tom shouted.

“We didn't do anything wrong son,” his father answered and told them how the Senior Partners found out about them. “...and that the others deal with this everyday. That's why they were sent.”

“I can't image that,” Harry Kim said thinking about what he saw that evening.

“None of us can Harry,” Janeway replied.


When Doctor's Chandler and Graham returned to the castle they went to their rooms, showered and changed into their medical scrubs. They also burned the clothes they wore during the battle.

“How many children arrived last night?” Chandler asked.

“Twenty-two and three of them expired on the table,” Weber answered.

“How old are they?” Graham asked.

“Three to 10 years?” Weber answered.

“What are their conditions?” Graham asked.

Doctor Weber told them. “Why don't the two of you get some sleep,” she said.

“We will after we eat,” Chandler replied.


Sisko's – New Orleans

“I'll be damned,” Joe Sisko said after his son told him what happened.

“I've never seen anything like them before dad and they're truly evil,” Ben said. “This evil is beyond anything we can image and the slayers and the others defeated them with ease.”

“What about the children son?” Joe Sisko asked.

“They were sent to the castle,” he answered.

“Thank the Lord,” Joseph Sisko said.


South San Francisco

“This was the hellmouth,” Sanchez said to Rean and Toddman early the next morning.

The Admirals scanned the large crater in the ground.

“This place is a mess,” Toddman said looking around and saw many cracks in the ground where the Balrog fell.

“I want it cleaned up Todd and no one but Starfleet Personnel is to come near this place until further notice,” Rean said.

“Aye sir,” he replied.

The Admirals went to the other four properties and their tri-corders read only ash – like the hellmouth.


The Section 31 agent's meeting with his colleagues went well into the night and they didn't know about the war being fought in South San Francisco.

“Hello Mr. John Robert Abbott,” a man said.

“Who the hell are you and how did you get in here?” he asked in an angry tone when he walked into his home and saw a man sitting in a chair in his living room and had on a Starfleet Uniform with Captain's pips.

“I'm Captain Thomas Dennison from Starfleet Intelligence,” he answered getting up from the chair. “You're under arrest Mr. Abbott.” After the Captain said those words and before John Abbott could move or say a word, they were both beamed out of his home.

John Robert Abbott found himself in a brig and when he turned around he saw Admiral's Sanchez and Toddman staring at him.

“We have all the information from your computers Mr. Abbott and you have a lot of explaining to do,” Admiral Sanchez said to him.

John Robert Abbott didn't ask how they found out about him or how they entered his home and secret room. Nor did he ask how they overrode his computer codes. The thought never occurred to him that it was done by a former Borg.


Admiral Rean's Office

“He's not going to tell us anything Jaz,” Toddman said.

“We have everything we need,” Rean replied.

“Mr. Abbott has been in contact with a ship near earth, and our records show he hasn't been in contact with any Starfleet vessel,” Sanchez told Rean.

“A rogue vessel?” Rean asked with a raised eyebrow.

“That's what we think sir,” Toddman answered.

“My guess is that ship is cloaked and we have to find her,” Sanchez said.

“When I returned to my office this morning I found this padd on my desk,” Rean told them and slid the padd across his desk.

“The coordinates to the vessel?” Toddman asked.

“I would assume so,” Rean answered with a smile. “It also says we're to take a slayer with us.”

“The Senior Partners also kept an eye on them,” Sanchez said shaking his head.

“They didn't miss anything, did they?” Toddman asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Apparently not,” Rean answered.


“Starfleet needs a slayer,” Xavier told everyone in the dining hall after breakfast.

“Why?” Rona asked.

“I received a message from Whistler a few hours ago and it appears there's a demon on-board a vessel they're going after,” he answer.

“Let me guess, he or she works for the Senior Partners,” Buffy said.

“You're right Buffy,” Giles replied.

“Who are you going to send Giles?” Buffy asked.

“You, and I'm going with you,” he answered smiling at her.

“Thanks,” she said returning the smile with her arms folded across her chest.


Admiral Janeway's Office

“Admiral Sanchez has another assignment for you Seven,” Janeway told her.

“Do you know what the assignment is Admiral?” she asked.

“No I don't, but whatever it is, it's classified and you're not to discuss it with anyone, including me,” Janeway answered and told Seven when to report to Admiral Toddman's office. “Dismissed.”

“Yes Admiral,” Seven said.


Office of the Federation President

“That many children were sent to the castle?” President James asked.

“Yes Madam President,” Xavier answered.

“They were right under our noses the whole time,” President James said.

“This is not anyone's fault Madam President. The Senior Partners took great care to keep everything out of everyone's sight.” Xavier replied.

“They succeeded,” she said.

“But someone was watching everything they did,” Xavier told her and saw the Federation President nod her head.

“Who are these people?” President James asked after scrolling down her padd.

“They're the ones who worked for the Senior Partners and they're now dead and their families have to be notified of their deaths,” Xavier answered. “If you scroll down further you'll see the ones who visited the children's establishment.”

The Federation President continued scrolling down her padd. “My goodness,” she said. “Some of them are Starfleet Officers, a few Ambassadors and prominent citizens.”

“This will not be swept under the rug Madam President,” Xavier replied.

“What do you mean Mr. Xavier?” she asked.

“They're dead Madam President and as we speak, everyone is wondering where they are. I suggest you have your Attorney General contact their families and tell them what happen to them,” Xavier answered.

“What if they don't believe her?” President James asked.

“We have all the vids of their comings and goings and everything they did,” Xavier answered.

“This is going to be a nightmare Mr. Xavier,” she said

“I know Madam President, but this is about crimes against the innocent. They're two others who visited that Mansion who weren't in that building yesterday evening and justice will be brought down upon them,” Xavier told her.

The Federation President didn't ask the Assistant Director of the Angel Institute what he meant by that statement.


On-board the USS Achilles (Akira Class)

“Do you know what this is about Captain,” her First Officer asked.

“No I don't,” Captain Tanya Morris answered.

“We're being hailed Captain,” her Operation's Officer said.

“On screen,” she replied and saw the face of Admiral Sanchez.

“We're ready to beam aboard Captain,” he said to her.

“Aye sir,” she replied.


Captain Morris greeted Admiral Sanchez and his guests in Transporter Room 1 and didn't show her surprise when she saw the Borg, Seven of Nine, a man and woman with axes in their hands and another women who had short swords strapped across her back. The Admiral didn't introduce the Captain nor the Chief that that was with him, but suspected the Captain is with Starfleet Intelligence. She also knew many Starfleet Security, Starfleet Intelligence Officers and Starfleet Engineers were being transported to the other transporter rooms aboard her ship. Captain Morris escorted the Admiral's guests to the lounge near the bridge.

“Lay in a course to these coordinates helm,” Sanchez said when he walked on the bridge with Captain Morris and told him the coordinates.

“Aye sir,” he replied. Everyone on the bridge was surprised to see the Admiral was armed with a hand phaser.

Buffy, Giles and Angela stared out of the view screen in the lounge and were in awe of space as they watched the stars streak by.

“Is this your first time in space?” Captain Dennison asked smiling at the three of them.

“Yes it is Captain,” Giles answered.

“How can you tell?” Buffy asked with a smirk on her face.

“The expressions on your faces,” he answered.

“Do you have space travel where you come from?” the Chief asked.

“We're just beginning, but we've been to the moon a few times and we've sent probes to Mars looking for water, and we've built a space station above earth which is fully manned,” Angela answered.

“You're further than we were at that time,” Captain Dennison said.

They talked for another hour until a Starfleet Security Officer arrived in the lounge and told them he'll escort them to the bridge and Seven of Nine was silent the entire time. When they arrived on the bridge, everyone was surprised to see Seven of Nine, who was also armed with a phaser along with a Captain and Chief. A few gasped when they saw a man and woman with an axe in their hand and another woman with swords strapped across her back. They didn't see Angela's or Buffy's daggers.

“I'll be damned,” Captain Morris said when a ship appeared out of nowhere when they arrived at the coordinates – and the ship appeared to be dead in space.

“That's a Starfleet vessel, but has no identification,” Morris' Operation's Office said.

“Hail them,” Sanchez barked.

“Aye sir,” Morris' Operation's Officer said. “We're not getting any reply Admiral,” she said.

Just then, the view screen came to life on the unidentified vessel and everyone on the bridge of the Achilles saw the other bridge and it looked to them that everyone appeared to be asleep and that was confirmed by Morris' Operation's Officer.

“Mrs. Súlimo,” Admiral Sanchez turned and said to her.

“Yes Admiral,” she replied and with a wave of her hand she sent Buffy and Giles to the bridge of the other ship and she too disappeared and appeared on the bridge of the rouge vessel.

“Don't ask,” Sanchez said looking around the bridge and saw many open mouths.

“Aye sir,” they all said.


“They're two of them Giles. One's here and the other one is there,” Buffy said. Buffy walked up to the sleeping man at the Tactical Station and cut off his head with the slayer scythe. The man turned into his true demon self and burned to death.

Giles walked up to the sleeping woman at the Engineering Station and did the same with his axe. Her head and body turned into something beyond belief and black blood poured out of her neck and head.

Angela then walked over to the dead female demon and fire came out of her right palm and she burned the demon's body and head. Then she called up a wind and sent both demons black ashes out into space.

The bridge crew of the Achilles had wide-eyes and opened mouths and a few Officers were talking quietly among themselves.

Buffy senses told her there was no more demons on-board that vessel. “All clear Admiral,” she said looking at Admiral Sanchez on the view screen.

“Thank you Miss Summers,” he replied and gave Captain Morris her orders.

“Aye Admiral,” she said and saw the Admiral, Captain, the Chief and Seven of Nine disappear from her bridge and reappeared on the bridge of the rouge vessel.

“What the hell is going on and what were those hideous things and who're those people?” Morris' First Officer asked after the view screen on the other bridge went black.

“Don't ask” Morris answered and ordered her transporter teams to beam the others over to the unidentified vessel.


“Eönwë just sent everyone on this ship to the location you designated Admiral,” Angela told Sanchez.

“Thank you Eönwë,” Sanchez said looking around and saw the bridge was empty.

“You're welcome Admiral,” he replied when he showed himself.

“Check the Engineering Station Chief,” Sanchez ordered.

“Aye sir,” O'Brien said.

“Captain Dennison put a force field around that entire deck,” Admiral Sanchez said.

“Aye sir,” Dennison replied and did as he was ordered.

Seven of Nine inserted her assimilation tubules into the helm station and after she extracted them she downloaded the information into the padd the Admiral handed her. Admiral Sanchez then brought the ship back to life and had access to all the codes on the ship, including the information where the ship has been. He downloaded all that information on another padd and handed that padd to Captain Dennison.

“Get to work Captain,” Sanchez said.

“Aye sir, and everyone is on-board,” Dennison replied.

“I'll be in Engineering,” Sanchez said. “Chief you're with me.”

“Aye sir,” O'Brien replied and followed the Admiral to the turbo-lift.

Captain Dennison gave orders to the others when they came to the bridge to man the stations and then went into the Captain's Ready Room.

“Coffee or tea Captain?” Angela asked when she appeared in the Ready Room.

“Coffee with cream,” he answered, but didn't seem surprised when she appeared. Captain Thomas Dennison was in the Council Chambers listening to everything the ones from the other earth had to say, and he also saw the battle the other evening in the Council Chambers.

She handed him a tray with a coffee pot, cup and cream. “It's real coffee and cream Captain and not the replicated kind,” she told him with a smile.

“That's the only kind I drink, and thank you Mrs. Súlimo,” he said and took the tray which appeared out of thin air.

“Buffy's hungry and so am I and I''ll be in the mess hall preparing lunch for everyone and it's going to be real food,” she told him. “Can someone show us to the mess hall?”

“I”ll have a Security Officer escort all of you to the mess hall,” he said.

“Thank you,” she replied.


“This will not do,” Angela said when they entered the mess hall and saw only replicators.

Seven watched Mrs. Súlimo change everything with only a snap of her fingers and saw plenty of food, pots and pans and utensils.

“Are you going to help me Seven of Nine?” Angela turned and asked her.

Seven nodded her heard in the affirmative. “How did you do that?” Seven asked.

Angela told her and told her not to tell anyone and Seven agreed. They got along very well while they were preparing lunch and Angela realized Seven's an excellent chef.


“It's a Romulan cloak sir,” O'Brien said to Sanchez after scanning the device.

Sanchez nodded his head and wondered how they got that cloak, but knew he'll never find out.


The Castle

“Hello Robert,” Doctor Weber said when he appeared in the conference room.

“Doctors,” he replied to Weber, Rosen and Edwards and took a seat.

“What's so urgent?” Edwards asked.

“The older children at the Mansion were becoming like the adults and they too were killed,” Xavier answered.

“I'm not surprised,” Rosen said.

“Cory Masters was also there and committed suicide a year after he arrived and the two of you are going to have to tell his mother and brother,” Xavier told Rosen and Edwards. “We were lead to his remains before everything started and he's going to be buried here. Many other children at the Mansion were either killed or committed suicide and they were buried on the grounds of the Mansion.” Xavier also told them the other reason he was there.

“I'll be damned,” Doctor Weber said.

“Why doesn't anyone know about them?” Doctor Rosen asked.

“They've always kept a very low profile and everything is spread through word of mouth and they have a very large practice world-wide,” Xavier answered.

“I'm sure they do,” Doctor Edwards said.

“How many of them are medical doctors?” Doctor Weber asked.

“A quarter of their staff and that includes nurses,” Xavier answered. “Other members of their staff have their PhD's in either Adult or Child Psychology and he and his wife are Psychiatrists. He's a Child Psychiatrist and she's a Psychiatrist.”

“I assume they'll be at the conference?” Edwards asked.

“They're going to be the guests of honor,” Xavier answered.

An hour later everyone in the castle heard Mrs. Masters wail to the high heavens and Brian Masters cried in Doctor Rosen's arms in her office.

When Cory Master's remains arrived at the castle, the Pathologist examined the remains and determined the cause of death and also checked the remains' DNA with Mrs. Masters DNA, and it was confirmed that the remains were her son Cory.


On-board the Unidentified Vessel

“Everyone on-board can smell the food,” Admiral Sanchez said with a smile when he walked into the mess hall and hour later.

“Would you like to have lunch with me Admiral?” Giles asked.

“Yes Mr. Giles,” he answered and sat at his table.

“Here's your lunch and I hope you like it,” Angela said and sat the feast in front of them.

“This is delicious,” Sanchez said after taking a few bits of his food.

“Seven of Nine made it and she's a chef like I am,” Angela replied with a smile and walked away.

“Mrs. Súlimo is a chef?” Sanchez asked with a raised eyebrow.

Giles told him what he knew of her background and saw the Admiral studying her.

“That's why she called Michael her big brother,” he said. The Admiral asked Giles how he became a Watcher.

Angela was happy to see the crew enjoying their lunch and Captain Dennison complimented the two chefs after he had lunch. Before the crew arrived in the mess hall for lunch, Angela and Eönwë had lunch with Buffy...and an hour after everyone finished lunch, both ships warped out of the system with the Admiral sitting in the Captain's seat and Captain Dennison sitting in the First Officer's chair.

“I want every bulk head ripped out,” Sanchez said to Dennison when they returned to earth.

“Aye sir,” he replied.


“What the...,” the former Captain Carl Lindon said when he woke up in a brig. When he looked up he saw Admiral Toddman looking at him.

“You and your crew are all under arrest and we have your ship,” Toddman told him and walked out of the brig.

The Retired Starfleet Captain had a stunned look on his face and couldn't remember anything.
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