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Book of Revelations

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This story is No. 4 in the series "The New Watcher". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Buffy and the Slayers, along with Members of the Angel Institute travel to the United Federation of Planets. Part 4 of the New Watcher Series.

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Chapter 23

Disclaimer: I do not own anything. The Angel Institute and Academy are my own creation.

The Federation President's Office

“...and their families have to be notified of their deaths,” President James said to Attorney General Mary Young.

“I'm still finding this hard to believe Madam President,” she told her.

“The padd you have in your hand has all the proof,” President James told her. “This is a civilian matter and not a Starfleet matter and you're going to be in charge of the investigation.”

“What am I looking for Madam President?” she asked.

“Proof that they've done this to other children, and I suspect they have,” she answered.

“That's going to be hard to prove Madam President,” she said.

“I suggest you talk to Doctor's Edwards and Rosen at the conference,” President James replied.

“Yes Madam President,” she said.


“These Starfleet Officers are deceased, Admirals,” President James told Admiral's Rean, Sanchez and Toddman who were looking at the photos on the padds in their hands.

“That's why they haven't reported for duty,” Toddman said.

“Do you know where they died Madam President?” Rean asked.

“The Mansion where the children lived,” she answered. “I've appointed the Attorney General the task of notifying the civilians of their deceased loved ones and to tell them where they died and what they were doing; and your job is to notify these Officer's families and to tell them the same thing.”

“Aye Madam President,” Rean said.

President James told the Admirals about the conference she wanted them to attend.


The Vatican

Cardinal Gianni was in Cardinal Ramirez's office talking about the invitation they received when Whistler appeared and handed each of them a padd and then disappeared.

“A message from heaven,” Cardinal Gianni said with a smile and they both read their padd.

“I'll be damned,” Ramirez said after reading his padd and looking at the vids.

“We have an appointment with him in an hour,” Gianni replied.

When the Cardinal's arrived at their meeting with the Pope, Cardinal Ramirez handed him his padd.

“Where the hell did you get this?” the Pope asked with an angry look on his face and stood up and threw the padd back at Ramirez. The Pope saw all his sins laid bare.

“It came from Whistler over an hour ago,” Ramirez answered.

“I don't believe you,” His Holiness said.

“It's true Your Holiness and I too received a copy,” Gianni told him and held up his padd. “Your good friend Camille, who helped you rise to the top, turned out to be a demon from hell and your whore Heather is now dead.”

“What do you want?” the Pope asked glaring at the two of them with his hands on his desk.

“Your resignation,” Ramirez answered.

“You're never get it,” the Pope shouted.

“We know,” Gianni replied. “But all of this is going to come to light.”

“The Lord has already seen to it, and this is who you're dealing with now,” Ramirez said.

“How dare you...,” the Pope began and suddenly collapsed on the floor.

The Cardinal's summoned the guards and they summoned the Vatican Doctor after they checked His Holiness.

“He's had a massive stroke,” the doctor said after reading his tri-corder and had the Pope beamed to the Vatican hospital.

“Do you know what happened?” the doctor asked the two Cardinals.

“We were talking to him and he suddenly collapsed on the floor,” Ramirez answered.

Cardinal Gianni confirmed what Cardinal Ramirez said.


“How bad is he?” Cardinal Ramirez asked the doctor later, who was checking the Pope.

“Very bad,” the doctor answered. “We've tried everything and nothing seems to work.”

“They're some things medicine can't cure,” Ramirez said in a sympathetic voice.

“I agree with you your Eminence and this appears to be one of those cases,” the doctor replied.

The Cardinal and doctor didn't know the Pope heard every word they said, but couldn't speak and never will again. They also didn't know His Holiness will be in great pain for many years before he died. When the Pope heard a voice in his head tell him – you've always answered to me – His Holiness knew he was doomed and screamed in his head.

When the world found out about the Pope's stroke, many people sent condolences and wished him well.

“My padd is gone,” Gianni said to Ramirez later that day.

“So is mine, and our job is done,” he replied.

“I wonder how long he's going to be like that?” Gianni asked.

“I suspect a very long time,” Ramirez answered. “If he ever recovers, he's going to find a new Pope in his place.”

“Now we know why the Angel Eönwë separated us from His Holiness in the Council Chambers,” Gianni said.

“He was only doing his Father's Will,” Ramirez replied.


The Vermont Institute

“Where is the conference being held Sam?” Doctor James Davidson asked.

“At a castle in Ireland and we'll be there for a couple of days,” Doctor Samuel Madigan answered. “We were also invited to a Ball at the castle.”

“Formal dress,” Jessica Madigan said.

“Don't forget to pack a formal gown dear,” Madigan said smiling at his wife. “I was told the Federation President will be in attendance.”

“She will?” Doctor Amy Madigan asked. Doctor Amy Madigan is Samuel and Jessica's daughter.

“So I was told,” her father answered.

“Who else is going?” Dr. Davidson asked.

“Doctor's Carl Edmond and Allen Raymond,” Sam Madigan answered. “We've be leaving early tomorrow morning and arrive at the castle in time for lunch, and after lunch the conference will begin.”

“Do you know who else will be in attendance?” Amy asked.

“No I don't,” her father answered.


Starfleet Medical

“Your hand is completely healed Lt. Franklin,” Doctor Weber told her after examining her wound.

“It feels much better doctor,” she said looking at the scars on her hand.

“You can return to duty in a few days,” Doctor Paige told her.

“Thank you doctor,” she said.


“Where's is the boy going to live?” Giles asked wiping his glasses on his tie.

“At the Watchers' Counsel,” Xavier answered smiling at Giles.

“Why are we taking Mr. McKenzie's son back with us?” Maglor asked.

“Powers orders and he's also a magic wielder,” Xavier answered.

“Of course he is,” Giles said. “Where's his girlfriend?”

“She disappeared and no one knows where she went,” Xavier answered.

“I'll never understand mortals,” Maglor said.

“We're complicated Maglor,” Xavier replied laughing. “It's time for our meeting.”


“As a reward for all your hard work, you have a choice. You can either go to the ball or go to a nightclub. We've checked and it's not run by demons,” Xavier told the slayers and warlocks.

“I'm going to the ball,” Dawn said.

“So am I,” Buffy replied.

Darren also told him he'll go to the ball.

The slayers and other two warlocks opted for the nightclub.

“The ones that are going to the nightclub we go tonight and we'll send you home tomorrow,” Xavier told them. “The nightclub is in New Orleans and Mr. Sisko is expecting all of you for dinner and we've paid in advance.”

“Five-by-five,” Faith said with a smile.

“Where's the nightclub?” Sabrina asked.

“Xavier told her.

“I know where that is and it's not far from the restaurant,” Sabrina said.

“I knew you would,” Xavier replied smiling at the slayer and told them when the club opens and closes and Rona will be in charge of the money.


The Castle

Later that evening the remains of Cory Masters were laid to rest on the castle grounds. Father Desmond said a prayer for the dead with his mother, brother, Father Daniels, Doctor's Edwards and Rosen in attendance. Doctor Rosen held Mrs. Masters while she wept and Father Daniels held the crying Brian Masters hand. The four Psychologists and their children watched discretely from the castle along with many of the doctors and their staff.


Sisko's – New Orleans

“They're here,” Nathan said to Joseph Sisko when the slayers appeared.

“It's nice to see you again,” Joseph Sisko said smiling at the slayers and two warlocks. “The buffet is ready.”

Admiral Ben Sisko and Jake talked to some of the slayers during dinner and Joseph Sisko marveled again at how much the slayers ate and he and his family wished them, Peter and Edward well, after they thanked him and told him they'll be going home in the morning.

They followed Sabrina to the Music Hall, and when they arrived they were surprised by the size of the club and the place was packed. The Music Hall had two levels and the dance floor was on the second level and they listened to music from many era's and some they recognized. They danced and mingled and closed the place down.


The Castle

The doctor's from the Vermont Institute were surprised to many injured children on the grounds of the castle and others running about and playing.

“I don't recognize any of those medical scubs,” Davidson said looking at the men and women attending to the injured children.

“Neither do I,” Sam Madigan replied.

“Are we in the right place dad?” Amy asked her father.

“Yes we are,” he answered and they continued walking to the front door of the castle.


“Hello, I'm Father Desmond,” he said when he opened the door. “Welcome to the castle.”

“Hello Father,” they replied and entered.

“Lunch will be served in the dining hall in half an hour and I'll show you to your rooms,” Father Desmond told them.

They looked around the castle and thought it was beautiful while they were being escorted to their rooms.


“Right this way,” Father Desmond told them when he met them at the bottom or the staircase and lead them to the dining hall.

“Our guests have arrived,” Doctor Weber said looking at the others when they walked into the dining hall.

The doctors at her table watched as Father Desmond showed their guests the buffet lunch and waited until they had their plates and showed them to their table.

“What is this place Father?” Sam Madigan asked.

“It's a home and hospital for abused children,” Father Desmond answered. “Some of the doctors in this dining hall are the ones who healed their bodies and the four Child Psychologists on Staff will try to heal their minds.”

“What type of medicine do they practice,” Doctor Davidson asked looking around the dining hall.

“Pediatrics, Emergency Medicine...,” Desmond answered and then excused himself.

During lunch the doctors from the Vermont Institute watched as other doctors came and went and were surprised to see Starfleet Officers walk into the dining hall and helped themselves to the buffet and three of them were Admirals.

“What kind of conference is this?” Doctor Edmond asked with a raised eyebrow.

“We're going to find out after lunch and most of those Starfleet Officers are doctors,” Doctor Jessica Madigan answered.


After lunch everyone gathered in a large conference room which also had round tables that sat six each and there was coffee, tea and water on each table. Everyone stood when the President of the United Federation of Planets entered the room with her bodyguards and took her seat at the long table on the dais. On her right sat the three Admirals from Starfleet an on her left sat the AG Young and then Mr. Xavier, and Doctor's Weber and Edwards.

Madam President welcomed everyone to the conference and told them Doctor Samuel Madigan, his wife, daughter and the other doctors from the Vermont Institute were the guests of honor and she asked them to stand up and introduce themselves, which they did. “Doctor Samuel Madigan will you please tell us about the Vermont Institute?” The Federation President asked.

“Yes I will and thank you Madam President,” he replied and walked up to the podium. Doctor Madigan told the audience the Vermont Institute is a private clinic in Vermont that treats abused children, and adults that were once abused. He told them the story of his great, great grandmother, who was physically and verbally abused as a child by her own mother and was sent to a distant relative in Vermont who made sure she received an education sent to her college. After she graduated from college she married a wealthy man and they had three children; and after he died he left her his entire fortune to her and she decided to set up the Vermont Institute to treat abused children and adults who were once abused as children. Doctor Madigan told them the Vermont Institute has been around for hundreds of years and has helped many abused children and adults.

“Why haven't we heard about the Vermont Institute?” Doctor Paige asked.

“We keep a very low profile and everything is by word of mouth,” Doctor Sam Madigan answered. “Many of the abused adults we're helped were or are Starfleet Officers and enlisted personnel, and Doctor Madigan heard murmurs in the room and continued after the murmurs died down. “Most of our staff graduate from Vermont College and it's Medical and Nursing School nearby and after they graduate they come and work at the Vermont Institute.”

“How was your great, great grandmother abused?” Pulaski asked Madigan.

“My great, great, great grandmother used to whip her with a belt where no one could see her bruises,” he answered.

“She didn't want anyone to know what kind of monster she was,” Doctor Edwards said.

“I found out my great, great, great grandmother was treated the same way by her father, and he was also abused by his father,” Madigan replied.

“And the cycle continued,” Doctor Weber said.

“It was my great, great grandmother who finally broke the cycle and she's wouldn't allow her children's nanny to lay a hand on them,” Doctor Madigan replied and fielded questions from the floor for another half hour.

“Thank you Doctor Madigan,” President James said to him when he took his seat.

“You're welcome Madam President,” he replied.

“The doctors at the castle were sent to treat the abused children from Epsilon, one of colony worlds,” she told Doctor Samuel Madigan and his staff.

“Why were these children sent to this castle?” Jessica Madigan asked.

“The Federation doesn't have have the proper medical system in place to treat these children nor the proper mental health professionals; whereas we do. That's why we were sent,” Doctor Weber answered.

“Starfleet and the Federation have many Counselor's,” Doctor Edmond said.

“Federation and Starfleet Counselor's are not qualified to treat sexually abused children and all the trauma that comes with that, nor the ramifications,” Doctor Edwards answered. “They must have a PhD in Child Psychology or be a Child Psychiatrist.”

“The Federation does have Child Psychiatrists,” Doctor Paige said.

“The reason no child will a every tell those Psychiatrists about there abuse is your children are indoctrinated to believe they live in a paradise and they don't want to upset the apple cart,” Doctor Weber replied.

“You have many damaged children and adults on this earth and they've never had anyone to turn to, and they've carried this burden all their lives,” Doctor Edwards told them.

“How do we get a handle on this?” Admiral Sanchez asked.

“You never will and neither will we,” Doctor Weber answered. “They're always going to be pedophiles and people who abuse children in many other ways. This has been going on since the beginning of time and will go on until the end of time. Human beings are not perfect and we all have flaws and others can see our flaws.”

“But no one here wants to admit that,” Doctor Collins said from the audience.

“I agree,” Doctor Samuel Madigan said. “The children and adults who come to us say the same thing and they don't want to rock the boat.”

“If they do they know the Federation will sweep it under the rug,” Doctor Rosen replied.

“The cats out of the bag and some people are asking questions about Epsilon and what happened there. This will all come out and the milk has been spilled and can't be put back into the bottle,” Xavier said.

“Some of the children on Epsilon want to know what happened to their brothers and sisters that were sent to a better place to live,” Doctor Weber told them.

“We never thought about their brothers and sisters,” Admiral Toddman said.

“Someone did, and they're going to be told the truth Admiral,” Doctor Edwards replied.


“Where are you doctors from?” Doctor Davidson asked.

“They're from another earth doctor and they were sent to heal the children from Epsilon,” President James answered.

“Why and how did they get here?” Doctor Allen Raymond asked.

“They're tell all of you later,” President James answered.

“Yes Madam President,” Raymond said.

“How many years have you practiced medicine?” Doctor Davidson asked.

The doctors from the other earth told them their educational background.

“You're a Psychiatrist Doctor Edwards,” Doctor Jessica Madigan said.

“Yes I am, and as you heard Doctor Rosen is a Child Psychiatrist,” he replied.

“Let's take a half-hour break,” President James said.


“We'll see you back home Giles,” Faith said as she, the slayers, Peter and Edward were ready to depart.

“I'll see you soon,” he replied. “Whistler.”

Whistler snapped his fingers and the slayers returned to their respective homes and Peter Li and Edward Duna returned to the Angel Academy.


The Hellmouth – Cleveland

“Welcome back,” Robin said when Faith appeared in the common room.

“How did it go?” Xander asked.

Faith told them.

“Why were three warlocks sent from our earth?” Robin asked.

“They work for the Powers and they were each assigned to one of the dark magic wielders on that earth, and they defeated them easily. They're also very powerful white magic wielders,” she answered.

Xander nodded his head and thought about his friend Willow.


The Castle

“This is beautiful,” Sanchez said looking around the grounds.

“The children are so small,” Toddman said looking at the children during the break.

“And they've all been abused, either physically, sexually or both,” Sanchez replied.

“I was told to give each of you a padd,” Xavier said to the Admirals when they approached him on the grounds. “Whistler gave them to me before I departed our temporary home.”

The Admirals looked at their padds and saw a picture of Mr. Abbott and one of their Starfleet Officers, and Admiral Rean raised an eyebrow at Mr. Xavier.

“Those two are responsible for the children's broken bones, injuries and the deaths of many children at the Mansion,” Xavier told them.

“Does anyone know why?” Admiral Toddman asked.

“Scroll down your padds Admirals,” Xavier answered and watched as they did so.

“Those sick son-of-bitches,” Sanchez said looking at one of the vids of the Starfleet Officer beating a child senseless and then climaxed; and Mr. Abbott getting angry when a young girl didn't say she loved him and watched him beat her about the face and head.

“Keep scrolling Admirals,” Xavier said.

They did so and saw other Starfleet Officers doing vile things to young children.

“This is disgusting,” Toddman said.

“If their families don't believe you, you can show them those vids,” Xavier told them. “Not all of the patrons of that establishment were killed that night because they had prior engagements, as you well know.”

“And I'm going to bring justice down upon them, and these are my orders,” Angela said walking up to them.

The Admirals nodded their heads.
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