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Book of Revelations

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This story is No. 4 in the series "The New Watcher". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Buffy and the Slayers, along with Members of the Angel Institute travel to the United Federation of Planets. Part 4 of the New Watcher Series.

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Chapter 24

Disclaimer: I do not own anything. The Angel Institute and Academy are my own creation.

The doctors from Starfleet Medical were surprised to learn many Starfleet Officers and Enlisted Personnel had been abused as children and sought counseling at the Vermont Institute because they had no other option.

“We found out today we need Psychiatrist and Psychologists with PhD's to help our own and not Counselors who're not trained to deal with their childhood trauma...and we'll never know how many Starfleet Officers have been abused as children,” Doctor Pulaski said to Doctor Paige during the break.

“I agree with Doctor Pulaski and we now know we have a broken society,” Doctor Crusher said.

“Your society is just like ours, but we acknowledge it and you don't,” Doctor Weber replied. “None of us are perfect and we all have our own problems, but we deal with our problems differently and we all have someone we can talk to. Be it a professional, friend or family member. We also have a law enforcement system in place and if someone is abused or battered they can call the police and the abuser or batterer will be arrested and taken to jail.”

“It's time to return to the conference,” Doctor Bashir said a few minutes later.


The Admirals and others asked more questions about the Vermont Institute and their practice.

“I found out the doctors at the Vermont Institute are trained the same way as the other doctors. By that I mean all the Psychiatrists at the Institute much complete four years of college before they're accepted into Medical School. Their Medical School is also four years and after they graduate they must do a one year internship and then a five year residency in Psychiatry.”

“You do it the same way we do it,” Doctor Edwards said looking at the doctors from the Institute.

“It's become a lost art here, but we kept it and our surgeons also have to do a one year internship after Medical School and then their six year residency and they also learn to use technology,” Jessica Madigan replied.

“You're taught both ways?” Doctor Pulaski asked surprised.

“Yes we are, because we only deal with humans,” Doctor Edmond answered.

“Are you a Pediatrician doctor?” Weber asked.

“Yes I am and I see most of these children have broken bones,” Edmond said.

“They also had internal injuries, brain damage and everything else you can think of,” Doctor Weber replied.

“Did you used technology?” Amy Madigan asked.

“The castle and grounds are a technology free zone and no technology will work here,” Weber answered.

“That's why the children are in casts,” Doctor Davidson said.

“We want their bones to heal properly and a lot of their bones had to be re-broken and reset properly, and in some cases we had to insert rods in their bones,” Doctor Ling replied.

“Some of the children are in full body casts,” President James told them. “Before all of you leave here today, I'm ordering all Starfleet Officers to tour the children's wards to see what that evil did to them.”

“Aye Madam President,” they replied.

The Federation President then adjourned the conference.


“Thank you for seeing me doctors,” Attorney General Young said when she walked into the conference room and took a seat and told them why she wanted to speak to them. “How do I begin my investigation?” she asked.

“Start with their own children and/or family members such as nieces and nephews,” Doctor Rosen answered.

“Most of them are going to be reluctant to talk to you,” Edwards told her.

“Why?” Young asked.

“They're ashamed and they've carried this secret for a long time and they think it's their fault,” Rosen answered. “Also talk to their spouses about their children's behavior.”

The doctors from the Vermont Institute also gave her advice.

“When you're ready, contact us and we'll send someone with you,” Doctor Jessica Madigan said.

“Thank you doctors,” AG Young said.

The doctors from the Vermont Institute asked the other doctors where they came from and why.


Admiral Rean's Office

“You want to see me sir,” Admiral Jellico said when he was escorted into Admiral Rean's conference room and saw Admiral's Sanchez and Toddman.

“Have a seat Ed,” Rean said.

“Aye sir,” he replied and did as he was ordered.

Rean slid a padd to Jellico and told him to read it...and Admiral Edward Jellico looked like he'd seen a ghost and his face fell watching his sins.

“Your only saving grace Ed is that they're no laws against what you did,” Sanchez told him.

“You sick bastard, how could you, how could you?” Toddman shouted at Jellico.

“That was one of the Senior Partners' properties and they recorded everything everyone did in those rooms,” Rean told him.

“You've been doing this a long time Ed and I wonder how many lives you've ruined?” Sanchez asked.

“You have a lot of leave and I suggest you take all of it until we decide what to do with you,” Rean said. “Dismissed.”

“Aye sir,” Jellico said red-faced and walked out of the conference room.


“What do you want?” John Abbott asked with a sneer looking at the three Admirals standing outside his cell.

“We have the ship you contacted and all the information from the computers on-board that vessel,” Sanchez answered.

“The entire crew has also been arrested,” Toddman told him.

John Abbott's mouth hung opened and wondered how they got around the codes on-board that ship and how they found out about that vessel.

“We also have the vids of your comings and goings from the Mansion where the children were held prisoner and the vids of everything you did in those rooms,” Rean told him and watched the expression on his face change to horror.

“That property was owned by the Senior Partners and they recorded everything you did and knew who you were and they had two of their own on-board that vessel,” Sanchez said.

“Those demons were watching your organization the entire time and the whole world is going to know about you Mr. Abbott,” Toddman replied and when he and Admiral's Rean and Sanchez walked out of the brig, they heard Mr. Abbott scream.


“Why am I here Mrs. Súlimo?” Sanchez asked.

“I'm about to bring justice down on the ones who hurt the children,” she answered and then summoned D'Hoffryn.

“Herald, what do you wish?” he asked with a bow when he appeared before her.

“I wish for those who hurt the children to suffer greatly until the day they die,” she answered.

D'Hoffryn snapped his fingers and an invisible light hit the ones who hurt the children. “Your wish is granted,” he said and clapped his hands and disappeared in fire and brimstone.

“That was it?” Admiral Sanchez asked with a raised eyebrow.

“I suggest you visit your two friends,” she said and saw the Admiral nod his head. When Angela returned to her temporary home, it was moved to the castle grounds which no one could see.


“Report doctor,” Rean said when he and Admiral's Sanchez and Toddman walked into the sick bay of the brig and saw Mr. Abbott's body contorted, his eyes open and his mouth twisted in permanent sneer.

“We've tried everything Admirals, but nothing seems to work,” Doctor Amy Dunn replied.

“Is he in pain?” Toddman asked.

“I don't know sir,” she answered looking at the readings on her tri-corder. “On of the guards heard him scream in agony and found him like this.”

“Thank you doctor,” Rean said and the Admirals walked out of sick bay.


“Beam him to the brig's sick bay,” Rean said looking at Admiral Jellico lying on the floor of his home with his eyes opened and his face was white as a sheep and his body was also twisted and contorted.

“Aye sir,” Toddman said and pressed his comm badge.

“Doctor,” Rean said when they walked into sick bay.

“He's in a coma Admiral,” she replied looking at her readings.

“Can you revive him?” Rean asked.

“I'll try,” she answered and the Admirals watched as she did everything in her power to revive the Admiral. “He's not responding sirs.”

“Thank you doctor,” Rean said and gave her her orders.

“Aye sir,” she replied.

“Technology can't undo what D'Hoffryn did and the Admiral and Mr. Abbott will be in coma for the rest of their lives and they'll be in great pain until the day they die,” Angela told them when she appeared in the turbo-lift with the three Admirals.

“Will our doctors be able to relieve their pain?” Toddman asked.

“No they won't Admiral,” she replied and then disappeared.

“Good,” Sanchez said.

Admiral's Rean and Toddman were also glad, but didn't say it out loud.


“Thank you for coming Mr. Sisko,” Robert Xavier said when Jake was shown into his office at the castle and told him why he wanted to see him.


Federation News Service – San Francisco

“What is it Jake?” Nina Clark asked when he walked into her office.

Jake Sisko handed her the padd he had in his hand.

“Where did you get this?” she asked wide-eyed scrolling down the padd.

“From a confidential source,” Jake answered.

“We're going to run this now,” she said.

Jake smiled and told her where he was headed and why and who wanted to be a guest on her show and she gave her blessing.


The face of each person who visited the Mansion were shown on the vids and everyone watched each patron chose a child, walk to a room and then close the door. Needless to say, many were surprised to see the faces of Starfleet Officers, a few Ambassadors and several prominent citizens.

Jake Sisko reported from the burned Mansion after the vids were shown and told the viewers that the pedophiles who were in the Mansion when it burned a few nights ago they also burned to death. A vid was shown of everyone's face who entered the Mansion that night and the audience saw the building catch fire and heard the horrible screams of everyone inside. Jake then walked to a spot on the Mansion grounds which was cordon off, and reported that some of the children committed suicide and others were murdered in the Mansion and told the viewers the men and women they were seeing are digging up the remains of the children.”Why are you here Madam Attorney General?” Jake asked when he walked over to her.

“President James has assigned me the task of investigating this entire matter and no stone will be left unturned,” she answered. “This is a very serious Mr. Sisko and we found out we've had many children defiled in this manner for many years.”

“Will Starfleet be involved in any way Madam Attorney General?” Jake asked.

“No, Mr. Sisko. This is strictly a civilian matter,” she answered.

“We've found one Madam Attorney General,” someone shouted.

“Excuse me Mr. Sisko,” she said and walked over to a grave site.


Federation News Service

“Thank you for coming Doctor Madigan,” Nina Clark said to him.

“Thank you for seeing me Ms. Clark,” Doctor Samuel Madigan replied.

“I understand you're a Child Psychiatrist and an expert in child abuse,” she said.

“Yes I am,” he replied and told her the history of the Vermont Institute. “In fact Ms. Clark, pedophilia has been with us since the beginning of time and will be us until the end. Contrary to what everything thinks, we're never lived in a perfect world and the sexual exploitation of children, along with many other things have been pushed underground. Unfortunately the Federation doesn't have any laws against child abuse.”

“Why did you say we don't live in a perfect world doctor?” she asked.

“The citizens on earth mistook wiping out poverty and disease as a perfect world and our Authorities began telling us we live in paradise and they forgot about human nature and the human condition...and if they were reminded, they turned a blind eye and buried their heads in the sand. They can't turn a blind eye anyone and their heads have come out of the sand. A lot of people know we don't live in a perfect world and we see them everyday and have for hundreds of years,” Doctor Madigan answered.

Nina Clark and Doctor Samuel Madigan talked for another half hour.

The entire brass at Starfleet Headquarters watched the vids, along with everyone else on earth.



“It came to light dad,” Ben said.

“The ones who died in the Mansion deserved everything they got son,” Joe Sisko replied.

Admiral Benjamin Sisko nodded his head.


The Starfleet Press Office issued a statement a hour later saying they were appalled to find out Starfleet Officers were engaged in such depraved behavior and they now know why those Officers haven't reported for duty. Everyone at Starfleet Headquarters found out the vids were shown throughout the entire Federation, including the space docks and space stations. When the Commanding Officers of those installations contacted Headquarters and asked what they saw on the vids were true, they were told it was.


The Castle

Father's Desmond and Daniels and others watched the grisly scene of the remains of the children's bodies being exhumed from the ground.

“Our children from Epsilon,” Doctor Bridges said shaking his head.

“I wonder how many children are buried on those grounds?” Doctor Amy Madigan asked in a sad voice.

“Many,” Doctor Rosen answered.

“Epsilon is where all the children came from – a forgotten Federation colony world. It's that forgotten colony world that turned around and bit the Federation and Starfleet in the ass,” Weber told them.

“Everything has come full circle,” Doctor Edwards said.


An hour later the Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Avali were greeted by Father Desmond and gave them a tour of the castle. The Royal Couple also met the children, who were delighted to meet them and asked them many questions, which they answered. Aral and Maril were heartbroken to see so many damaged children and thought of their own children.

The children were also delighted to receive many gifts from Eönwë, Angela, Buffy, Dawn and Darren; and each child either smiled at Eönwë or gave him a hug, which he returned. The gifts were a complete wardrobe for each child, stuffed animals and toys.


Starfleet Headquarters – The Admiral's Meeting

“Admiral Jellico hasn't reported for duty and he didn't die in the Mansion,” Admiral Mica said. “Do you know what happened to him Admiral Rean?” Mica asked and he too was surprised and disgusted when he saw Jellico's face on the vids entering the Mansion and selecting a child.

“Admiral Jellico is very ill with no hope of recovery and he's in Starfleet Security's sick bay under heavy guard and can't be seen by anyone except the medical staff,” Rean answered.

“How ill is Admiral Jellico?” Admiral Nechayev asked.

“The Wrath of God came down on him and none of you want to know what that looks like,” Sanchez answered.

“Admiral Jellico and a civilian were responsible for the deaths and injuries of the children at the Mansion,” Toddman told them and heard gasps and murmurs in the room and saw a few dropped jaws.

“Do you have proof of that?” Admiral Paris asked.

“Yes we do,” Admiral Rean answered.

“Does the Attorney General also have that information?” Admiral Desmond asked.

“Yes she does and so does President James,” Rean answered.

“Are the children's remains going to be examined at Starfleet Medical?” Ross asked.

“No,” Rean answered. “Their remains are being sent to the Vermont Institute and their Pathologists will determine the cause of their deaths. Starfleet will not be involved in this matter in any way.”


Earlier that morning, Attorney General Mary Young was before a Judge requesting subpoenas to search the homes and offices and to confiscate the computers of everyone involved, and the Judge granted her request. Armed with their subpoenas, the agents of the Attorney General's office began their task.


“Show her in,” Rean said to his aide after she whispered something in his ear.

“Aye sir,” she said and did as she was ordered.

“Admirals,” AG Young said when she was escorted into the room.

The Admiral's acknowledged the Attorney General.

“I have a subpoena to search Admiral's Jellico office and to confiscate his computer. My agents have already taken his computer from his home,” Young said to Rean when she walked up to him.

“The Admiral's computers contain classified Starfleet matters,” Admiral Nechayev said to Young.

“I know Admiral,” Young replied and walked over to Admiral Sanchez and handed him a subpoena. “This subpoena orders you to help me retrieve information from the Admiral's computers that's non-Starfleet related.”

Admiral Sanchez read the padd. “Aye, Madam Attorney General,” he said.

“Dismissed Admiral Sanchez,” Rean told him.

“Aye sir,” he said and walked out of the room with the Attorney General.

“My aide also told me the agents from the Attorney General's Office are also raiding the homes and offices and taking the computers of everyone involved in this disgusting matter – and it's all being shown live on the vids,” Rean told the Admirals.

The gossip spread throughout Starfleet Headquarters when the Attorney General and her agents were escorted by Admiral Sanchez to Admiral's Jellico's office, and the Admiral walked out of his office with his computer and the Attorney General had Admiral Jellico's padds in her hand.

The family members and colleagues of those involved refused to talk to the press.

A good number of people contacted the Vermont Institute and its affiliates world-wide to seek help, including some Starfleet Personnel.


Doctor Malcolm Paige wept in his office while watching the vids of the remains of the children being removed from the ground and realized that could've been him. He too was an abused as a child and suffered physical and verbal abuse from his mother and had to be taken to the clinic by his father to have his bones healed which his mother broke from time to time when he was a little boy. After the fourth time over three years, his father told his mother to leave their home and never return. He's grateful his father spared his younger sister his torment and none of them saw her again after she walked out the door – and his father had their marriage terminated. What Doctor Paige didn't know is his mother found out about the Vermont Institute and got help a few years later.


“I thought we were better than this,” Geordi said angrily after watching the vids.

“Why do you think that Geordi?” Troi asked.

“We're all taught growing up...,” he began.

“That we live in paradise,” Riker said. “My father abandoned me when I was 15 Geordi and for the most part I raised myself. I still feel resentment towards him and always will. I never experienced the paradise you're talking about Geordi and we're finding out neither have many others.”

“Doctor Weber told us our society is just like there's, but the only difference is they acknowledge their flaws and we keep ours hidden,” Crusher told him. “All of our dirty secrets are being exposed for everyone to see and we, as humans, are going to have to come to turns with our own weaknesses and flaws – and we all have them.”


The people near the Mansion were surprised to see the Federation President beam to a spot on the grounds with her security detail. A man greeted the President and they saw her walk with him from site to site and ask him questions. The Federation News Service recorded President James' entire visit from a distance.


The Castle

“How many people will be at the Ball tomorrow evening?” Dora Alexander the chef at the castle asked Father Desmond.

Father Desmond told her.

“That many?” she asked wide-eyed.

“Yes, and the elves from Avali will prepare the food and serve the guests,” Father Desmond answered. “You're also invited and I expected to see you in a formal gown.”

“Where am I going to get a formal gown?” she asked with a raised eyebrow.

“The Lord will provide,” Father Desmond answered with a smile and walked out of the kitchen.


Office of the Federation President

“I want this matter handled very quietly Admirals,” President James told Rean, Sanchez and Toddman after reading her padd. “I also want the ship that was confiscated to be put back together after you're finished tearing her apart and given a registry; and that vessel will be upgraded with the technology Voyager brought back from the Delta Quadrant, and I want the cloak reinstalled. That ship is now a Starfleet Intelligence vessel and I also want Captain Thomas Dennison to be the Commander of that vessel and it'll be Admiral Sanchez's Flagship. That vessel is going to do all the dirty work that needs to be done.”

“Aye Madam President,” they replied.

“What about our treaty with the Romulans regarding the cloaking device Madam President?” Sanchez asked.

“The Romulans are no longer in any position to protest anything,” she answered. “I also want...” she told them.

A half-hour after meeting with the Admirals, President James held a news conference and told the press that what everyone has seen is only the tip of the ice berg. She also told them she'd met with the Federation Council, Starfleet Personnel and the Heads of earth's governments and told them the laws she wants implemented to protect human children on all installations, Federation and colony worlds.


When the Admirals returned to Starfleet Headquarters, Admiral Rean gave the order to arrest Mr. Abbott's associates on earth and to confiscate their computers. With the help of Seven of Nine and Captain Dennison their computer codes were broken and like Mr. Abbott's computers and the computers on the rogue vessel, a treasure trove of information poured out.

“How are our guests?” Rean asked Toddman later in his office.

“They're still in a state of shock,” he answered.

Admiral Rean smiled. “After I spoke with Admiral Janeway I decided to have Seven of Nine temporarily reassigned to Starfleet Intelligence and she'll be given the rank of Lieutenant Commander on-board your Flagship. She's very good at keeping secrets and Admiral Janeway suggested you have an Astrometrics Lab on-board your Flagship and I agreed. Astrometrics has revolutionized Stellar Cartography with the Borg technology Seven of Nine installed on Voyager and Astrometrics will replace Stellar Cartography on all new vessels using that same technology. Seven of Nine will be the Head of Astrometrics on your Flagship and she's also an excellent Engineer, Operations and Tactical Officer. Your Flagship will be the first ship to have all that technology installed and new ships coming off the line will also have the same technology.”

“She's help us tremendously,” Sanchez said agreeing with the choice. “What about the transphasic torpedoes?” he asked.

“Only the Sovereign, Akira and Prometheus class ships will carry those torpedoes,” Rean answered.
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