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Book of Revelations

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This story is No. 4 in the series "The New Watcher". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Buffy and the Slayers, along with Members of the Angel Institute travel to the United Federation of Planets. Part 4 of the New Watcher Series.

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Chapter 3

Disclaimer: I do not own anything. The Angel Institute and Academy are my own creation.

Federation Space - Earth - South San Francisco

“It’s large,” Scott said looking at the warehouse the Senior Partners own.

“Yes it is, and you can feel the magic in the air,” Aaron replied.

“It’s a good thing it’s away from the majority of the population,” Dana said.

“It’s not as powerful as the Sunnydale hellmouth,” Scott said.

They agreed.

“They’re no other buildings about,” Aaron said looking around.

“That magic field has kept everything and everyone else out,” Jonathan replied.

“Let’s get back to Headquarters and have dinner. Tomorrow is going to be another long day,” Aaron said.


Angel Academy for the Gifted and Talented

“That’s the young woman who visited me in my Chapel Admiral,” Father Desmond said to her while they were having their breakfast in the dining room.

“Are you sure Father?” she asked putting her coffee cup on the saucer.

“Yes I am Admiral,” he answered.

They watched her walk out the dining room with a cup of coffee in her hand and smiled. They both noticed the wedding band she had on ring finger.

“Do you know who she is General?” Father Desmond turned and asked.

“It’s not my place to tell you who she is Father,” he answered. “However, both of you will find out in the meeting this morning.”

More secrets, Janeway thought.


Mrs. Evans’ Conference Room

Present: Mrs. Helen Evans, General Maxwell Alexander, Admiral Kathryn Janeway, Father Joseph Desmond, David Alexander, Eönwë and Angela Súlimo

“Hello Father Desmond,” the young woman said with a bright smile when he entered the conference room.

“Hello,” he replied. “Admiral Janeway this is the young woman who came to see me.” “What is your name child?”

“Angela Súlimo,” she answered shaking both their hands.

After everyone was introduced and took their seats, Eönwë appeared in the room.

“Eönwë,” Father Desmond said, surprised to see the angel standing next to him.

“Hello Father Desmond,” he replied with a smile that lit up the room. “I told you we would see you again,” and walked over to Admiral Janeway and introduced himself and shook her hand.

Everyone saw the expression on the Admiral’s face, who was quite frankly, speechless.

Admiral Kathryn Janeway saw the most beautiful man she’d ever seen and thought he was perfect in every way, and he smiled liked lilacs in her opinion. She also felt the power coming off him which made her teeth and bones ache. The Admiral and Father Desmond watched as Eönwë walked over and sat in the chair next to Angela.

“I’ll begin by telling the two of you the history of the Angel Institute and Academies,” Mrs. Evans said and told them the story.

“This is amazing,” Father Desmond said with an astonished look on his face after she finished telling the story.

“You’re all descendent’s of an angel in heaven? Janeway asked looking at each of them.

“Yes we are Admiral,” Mrs. Evans answered.

“Except the General,” David said.

Janeway looked at General Alexander.

“David is my son and I was married to his mother, who died three years ago,” General Alexander told her.

“He’s your father?” Father Desmond asked looking at David.

“Yes he is Father,” David answered.

“Did you know she had angelic power when you married her?” Father Desmond asked the General.

“No I didn’t,” he answered.

“That’s what we felt when we walked into the building,” Janeway said still reeling from the information she’d just been told, but didn’t show it.

“Angelic power Admiral,” Mrs. Evans replied.

“How did you get to our world?” Janeway asked Angela.

“As you know Admiral, our dimensional walls are weak and Eönwë and I simply walked through on our end,” she answered.

“You can do that?” she asked.

“Yes we can Admiral, and the downside of that is many others can come and go like we do,” Mrs. Evans answered.

“Can everyone here do that?” Janeway asked wide-eyed.

“Only magic wielders, along with a few others and Members of the Angel Institute,” Mrs. Evans answered. “Magic is the only way it can be done.”

“Dimension hopping we call it,” David said with a smile.

Angela told them how she arrived on Arda bring Maglor’s mother and grandfather back to earth, and how she met Eönwë.

“I thought Eönwë came from Heaven,” Father Desmond said with a perplexed look on his face looking at the angel.

“I did Father,” he replied and told his tale. When he finished Father Desmond and Admiral Janeway began asking questions at once, which Eönwë calmly answered.

“You’re married?” Father Desmond asked surprised looking between Eönwë and Angela.

“Yes we are Father Desmond,” Eönwë answered.

“You married an angel?” Janeway asked Angela stunned.

“Yes I did Admiral. My father is an angel in heaven and I married one,” she answered smiling at the two of them.

“Why did that happened?” Father Desmond asked still confused.

“It was the Lord God’s Will,” Eönwë answered.

Father Desmond nodded his head, as if no other explanation was needed.

Admiral Janeway realized then that Father Desmond took many things on Faith. “If was you who told Father Desmond that Armageddon is upon us and our doom was at hand,” Janeway said looking at Angela. “Why?”

“I was sent to pronounce your doom because I’m the Lord’s Herald and Dooms-women on my world,” she answered.

“Why does God need a dooms person?” Father Desmond asked.

“All black magic have dooms attached to them and some use that magic to consort with demons to hurt others. In those instances, I’m sent to pronounce their dooms,” Angela answered.

“The magic practiced here can have consequences beyond our world Admiral – especially when it’s practiced on the hellmouth.”

“Why the hellmouth?” Janeway asked.

“The hellmouth has two energy fields and one is an apocalyptic energy field, which can’t be seen or felt and not even your tri-corder can read it. The second energy field is a supernatural energy field, and that’s where our dimensional walls are weak. The focal point in the hellmouth serves as a portal between earth and hell and effects everyone who lives under it. You can feel the magic in the air – that’s why many children born and raised on the hellmouth become magic wielders, and the majority of them become dark magic wielders. Inexplicable feats of science are also common on the hellmouth and many children who grow up under that energy field excel in science, math, technology, temporal mechanics, robotics, medicine, engineering and many other fields. They can do the damn impossible, even by your standards Admiral,” Mrs. Evans answered.

“The now dead Warren Mears had a genius intellect in the fields of science, technology and robotics, and was also a dark magic wielder. Warren was capable of building highly advanced Androids in a matter of hours or days and no one was the wiser. He also built a small microchip that was capable of slowing down or speeding up time, and created a weapon that could take everything back to it’s base parts...and many other weapons that you and many in your Federation would consider impossible,” Angela told the Admiral.

“What happened to him?” Janeway asked surprised to hear what these children can do.

“The hellmouth ate him up and spat him out,” General Alexander answered. “You’ll be taken to the hellmouth in a few days Admiral so you can scan that energy field. Now you know why you have a tri-corder. Your transporter technology can’t transport through that energy field, nor can any of your weapons penetrate it, or any weapon in existence, no matter how advanced,” General Alexander told her.

“Thank you sir,” she said.

When the lunch bell rang, lunch was served in the conference room and everyone answered the Admiral’s and Father Desmond’s questions.

After the meeting, Eönwë and Angela invited Father Desmond to dine with them at their home that evening and he accepted.

General Alexander dined with Admiral Janeway at a small quaint restaurant not to far from the Academy. They both wore civilian clothing.


“I can see your belief system is being severely challenged Admiral,” General Alexander said, eyeing her over the glass of wine pressed to his lips.

“Yes it is sir,” she replied half-smiling putting her glass of red wine on the table. ”I’m still finding it difficult believing in magic.”

“Magic has always been real Admiral and this earth is steeped in it. You also found out elves are real and not in some fairy tale,” the General replied.

“Yes I did,” she said smiling.

“They’re forces here the Q can’t comprehend – that’s why they stay out of this dimension,” he told her.

Admiral Janeway now knew what frightened the Continuum. “How do you live like this?” she asked.

“Our world has always been like this Admiral. Now you know why they’re slayers, humans with angelic power and others doing what needs to be done to keep everyone safe, including your Federation,” he answered.

“Why not the military?” she asked.

“This task is assigned to them and no one here interferes with them...and only they know how to deal with the things from hell. The slayers and Watchers have diplomatic immunity world-wide and no one ever comments on the humans with angelic power living among us. However, the security apparatus’ world-wide ask them for their help from time-to-time,” he answered.

“Does anyone at the Pentagon know your son has angelic power?” she asked.

“If they do, they’ve ever broached the subject with me. I’m the Military Liaison with the security apparatuses world-wide regarding the supernatural,” he answered. “Even our military doesn’t know what’s happening on the hellmouth. In fact, no one does,” he answered.

“Why don’t they?” she asked.

“As I stated earlier, there’s no technology that can penetrate that energy field and no one is going to send their soldiers into hell. The hellmouth is literally the mouth of hell itself Admiral, and the slayers and others are gifted with power and we’re not,” he answered. General Alexander knew about the Initiative Project. His source showed him the tape of that debacle and he knew good men and resources had been wasted; and the surviving members of the special forces team that participated in that program had either committed suicide or were sent to a military hospital for the insane, and only three are still on active duty. What a waste, he thought. When he found out that those responsible had resigned quietly or died mysteriously, he was not surprised.

Janeway nodded her head.


While Angela was preparing dinner for their guest, Eönwë kept Father Desmond entertained and the Priest wanted to know about their Devil, Melkor, and Eönwë answered his questions.

After dinner, Father Daniels dropped by for coffee and Father Desmond was delighted to hear that Eönwë and Angela were married by a Catholic Priest.


The Watchers’ Council

After breakfast Admiral Janeway and Father Desmond were taken to the Watchers’ Council Headquarters by David Alexander – who magically transported them with a wave of his hand.

“That was different,” Janeway said when they appeared at the front door of the Watchers’ Council.

“Yes it was Admiral,” Father Desmond replied. “Was that magic?”

“Yes it was Father,” David answered smiling at the Priest.

When the door opened they were escorted to Rupert Giles’ office.

“Hello Mr. Giles,” David said when they entered his office.

“Hello David, Admiral, Father,” Giles replied when he got up from his chair and shook their hands. “Right this way.”

Giles and Buffy explained to Admiral Janeway and Father Desmond who the Watchers are and their responsibilities. Giles introduced them to the other Watchers and gave them a tour of the Council Headquarters. When they saw Maglor, he bowed to them and they nodded their heads. Giles showed them their reference materials and the books they used to identify demons; told them how they did their research and answered their questions.

Father Desmond wanted to see what a demon from hell looked liked and Giles obliged. The Priest gasped when he saw the picture of Illyria, the Old One, and Admiral Janeway raised an eyebrow. They peppered him with questions about her powers and resurrection. Giles then showed them the picture of The Beast and explained to them his powers, how he tried to destroy their world and how he died.

Admiral Janeway asked to see a picture of Glory and Giles showed them her picture human in form. He had a suspicion that picture came from the Angel Institute.

“Glory was one of those demons that was truly horrible to look upon in her true form. She was known as ‘The Beast’, ‘That Which Cannot be Named’ and ‘The Abomination’,” Giles told them.

“What would happen if you looked at her in her true form Mr. Giles?” Father Desmond asked.

Giles told them. “They’re some things we’re never meant to see Father.”

“You’re right Mr. Giles,” Father Desmond said.

“When are you going to computerize all this material?” Janeway asked.

“Willow is currently in the process of downloading all Watcher Council files in our computers, but it’s a daunting task, even for her,” Giles answered with a smile.

“Didn’t she grow up on the hellmouth?” she asked.

“Yes she did and she also has a genesis intellect,” Giles answered.

“In what fields?” Janeway asked.

“Science, computers and mathematics,” Giles answered.

“They’re all scientists,” Janeway said looking at the red head across the room.

“Yes they are Admiral,” Giles answered. “I presume that was your field of study?”

“Yes it was Mr. Giles,” she answered smiling.

Admiral Janeway and Father Desmond asked the Watcher’s questions when they approached their stations.


Rupert Giles’ Office

“Why did you become a Watcher Mr. Giles?” Janeway asked and took a sip of her coffee.

“My father and grandfather were Watchers,” he answered after taking a sip of his tea. “It’s a calling I suppose, like the slayer.”

“I was told that you have a Ph.D. in History from Oxford and you speak several languages,” she said.

“Yes I do, and I can speak, read and write in five languages fluently, as most Watcher’s can,” he answered.

“Why?” she asked.

“We have to be able to translate ancient text regarding the supernatural and other matters,” he answered. “Dawn Summers also wants to a Watcher. That’s why she’s studying history, languages and mythology at Oxford, among her other courses; and she too wants a Ph.D. in history.”

“What about her science studies?” she asked.

“She’s also taking Chemistry, which is her forte,” he answered smiling.

Janeway returned the smile. “What about Willow?”

“Willow is currently taking courses, via the computer, from Cambridge University. Her primary field of study are the Computer Sciences. She’s also taking advanced mathematics and physics, along with the other required courses,” he answered.

“Is she now?” Janeway asked smiling.

“She received A’s in her courses last semester, which wasn’t a stretch for her,” he answered and took another sip of his tea.

“Impressive,” Janeway said thinking about the children who grew up on the hellmouth and the many gifts that energy field bestowed on them – which she knew was a double edged sword and wondered how many of them made it out alive.

“When we go to the hellmouth, I’ll introduce you to Alexander Harris, or Xander as everyone calls him. He and Willow grew up together and are best friends. Xander was an average student in high school and wasn’t as smart as the others and didn’t go to college. After high school he took an apprenticeship at a construction company where he learned his trade. It was at that time that his gift from the hellmouth came to the fore. He, nor anyone else knew he was an engineer which was latent and buried deep inside him,” Giles told her.

“He’s an engineer?” Janeway asked who knew something about engineering.

“Yes he is and he’s what you’ll call a builder,” Giles answered.

“Why didn’t it show itself before?” she asked.

“It was the nature of his gift and it didn’t manifest itself until he was taught,” he answered.

“What happened to the other children?” she asked.

“When I first arrived in Sunnydale, what struck me most was the many graveyards for a town of that size and most of those graveyards had children buried in them. Their obituaries read: Gangs killed while on PCP, or children committing suicide by throwing themselves on pit forks,” he answered. “PCP is an hallucinogenic drug and those gangs of children where simply traveling together for protection against things that go bump in the night,” he answered.

“Did the authorities know?” she asked.

“Of course they did, but there was nothing they could do,” he answered.

“How could they not do anything?” she asked in her old Captain’s tone.

“Who were they going to arrest Admiral?” he asked. “All the eyewitness were dead and even if they weren’t, none of the authorities had the power nor the skill to track a demon...and even if they did, they certainly weren’t going to arrest said demon.”

“I see your point,” she said taking another sip of her coffee.


Willow asked the Admiral many questions during lunch and babbled as usual which made Janeway smile. Admiral Janeway asked her about her studies and was impressed with the young woman’s knowledge – and in some ways – Willow reminded her of Icheb. They’re both multi-talented individuals who excel in many fields.

Father Desmond had lunch with Giles and asked him about the study of demonology.

Later that evening, David took them back to the Academy.


Federation Space - Earth

The Advanced Team spent the next morning observing the comings and goings of the Law Offices of Wolfram and Hart; and a few members of the Team infiltrated said Law Offices and found the ‘hot spot’. Later that evening, they observed the comings and goings of the mansion the Senior Partners own. After they had dinner, they showered and changed and went to the Three Aces; and when they arrived, a few members of the Team located the ‘hot spot’ in the cellar while the others listened to a few of the patron’s conversations.

The “owner” was a beautiful woman who appeared to be in her mid-30's, but they knew better. They knew she wasn’t human, but only appeared to be and knew no Federation technology could detect otherwise. They watched her socialize with the VIP’s in the VIP lounge and then later flirt with a few Junior Starfleet Officers who were flattered. They chuckled to themselves when they saw a fresh faced Ensign who was love struck.

An hour later, they left the club and headed back to Headquarters and no one knew they were there.
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